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Best Deep Dish Pizza Pans in 2022 : Top 10 Model Reveled!

Did you know a single slice of cheese-filled pizza contains around 15 grams of protein?

It’s a great way to up your intake of essential nutrition!

Pizza is actually one of the few foods that can be tailored to fit your every mood. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack or dinner, you can eat pizza for literally any meal of the day.

While pizzas of any style, size or topping combination are mouth-watering, the thick and crispy crust of a deep-dish pizza has managed to own a special soft spot in our hearts.

The heavy crust size, longer baking time and high heat from the oven actually make this pizza healthier than the rest as well!

Want to try making one today at your home?

Instead of calling for delivery every time you crave a treat, let us try to find the best deep dish pizza pan for you that can make pizzas as good as your favorite pizzeria!



Editor's Rating


Chicago Metallic Deep Dish Pizza Pan

5 out of 5

LloydPans Kitchenware Detroit Style Pizza Pan

5 out of 5

Chicago Metallic Professional Perforated

4.5 out of 5

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Deep Dish Pizza Pan

4 out of 5

LloydPans 12x2.25, Pre-Seasoned PSTK

4.5 out of 5

Top 8 Best Deep Dish Pizza Pan Reviews

1. Chicago Metallic Deep Dish Pizza Pan

Want to prepare a meal that's good enough to serve a big family at once?

The 14-inch Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Pan is ready to help you out!

Made from strong carbon steel material, the pan is highly unlikely to form dents or get crooked under high temperatures. With 1.5 inches of depth inside, the 14 inch deep dish pizza pan makes the perfect Chicago-style pizza in the oven within the comfort of your own home.

You can’t ALWAYS get everything done in the perfect manner.

With that in mind, Chicago Metallic presents a silicone-based, early-release coating on top that makes it easy to slide the food off its surface. Ergo, even if you have burnt a bit, the pan is still going to turn out okay!

The Chicago deep dish pizza pan can be cleaned up pretty easily. Although it’s dishwasher-safe, if you want to extend the product’s longevity, handwashing is a better option for you.

As the pan is oven-safe up to 450-Degree Fahrenheit, you can cook a variety of dishes including pies and other baked items.

One point to be noted: you should never use any sort of sharp-edged utensil/knife if you want to keep its surface intact.

Highlighted Features:

  • Being nonstick, it’s easy to slide food off the pan’s surface.
  • Carbon-steel material helps heat up evenly all parts of the dough.
  • You can handwash it or put the pan in the dishwasher to get it cleaned.
  • Featuring a simple design and rigid build, Chicago Metallic lasts for a long time.

2. LloydPans Kitchenware Detroit Style Pizza Pan

Your local pizza shops may meet your hunger pangs.

But there will be days you will be craving for some personalized styles only you could think of(like slathering the pizza dough with Nutella, perhaps?)!

Days like these call for LloydPans Detroit Style Pizza Pan that’s ready to serve you food as good as any commercial pizzeria. Being made of hard-anodized aluminum, this container is good for handling temperatures up to a whopping 700-Degree Fahrenheit.

Ergo, there's a better chance of burning the food before the heat affects this mighty pizza pan!

LloydPans stand out from the crowd of all other brands in this industry. Wondering how?

Whereas most other pizza containers claim to be nonstick, LloydPans actually labeled its pan as “Easy-release”.

The stick-resistant coating on top of its surface help takes off any possible buildup quite easily! The whole thing is PTFE-free and 100% non-toxic.

Colored in deep-black, the pan is rectangular in shape just like the commercial deep dish pizza pans. Measuring 10-inch by 14-inch with a 2.5-inch of depth, this container doesn’t require any pre-seasoning at all.

You can use it for making other baked dishes such as enchiladas, casseroles, bread, roasting meat etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • With this dark-coated pan your cooking time gets shortened.
  • As the container is non-toxic and PTFE-free, you can cook without worry.
  • LloydPans comes pre-seasoned for your convenience.
  • Built with anodized aluminum with DK finish, these pans never get corroded.

3. Chicago Metallic Perforated Mini-Deep Dish Pizza Pan Set

Do you love experimenting with new things?

I mean, come on! Seeing so many easy delicious pizza-making tutorials makes me want to try 4 different pizzas at once to check which one comes out on top!

For home bakers who have similar thoughts, Chicago Metallic has something really brilliant. The 26704 model from this brand offers a set of steel deep dish pizza pan that has 4 different varieties to try from!

Each pan from this package has a 7-inch diameter and is oven-safe up to 450-Degree Fahrenheit. With these mini containers in your kitchen, you get to make personal-size pizzas with customized toppings for everyone in your friend circle.

Do you know what makes a pizza taste exactly like the one you have at a pizzeria?

Crunchy bottom and soft, melted cheese running down the inside of the pan to make it finger-licking delicious!

Thanks to the nonstick surface and perforated holes on the bottom, the 26704 model from Chicago Metallic, you get to enjoy making pizza just like that!

Made from heavy-duty carbon steel, the mini containers are strong and well-built to last for a long time. As the pans all stack neatly on top of each other, you only require a little space for storing them in your kitchen.

Highlighted Features:

  • You get 4 mini-sized containers to make personalized pizzas.
  • As there are perforated holes on the bottom, air and heat get flowed properly.
  • Stackable containers require less space for storage.
  • Built with steel, this product is going to last for a long time if taken care of.
  • Being oven-proof 450-Degree Fahrenheit, it’s safe to use this pan for cooking.

4. Nordic Ware Commercial Deep Dish Pizza Pan

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Deep Dish Pizza Pan

Aluminum utensils are mostly popular for 3 reasons: they are light, rust-free and feature excellent thermal conductivity that cooks food evenly.

Considering these conveniences, more than 15 years ago Nordic Ware came up with pure aluminum bakeware for its customer base. From then till now the products became so popular that the company had to introduce more than 40 styles of aluminum bakeware in its collection!

With a promise to serve you for a lifetime, the Commercial Deep Dish Pizza Pan from Nordic Ware is a great product for anyone who loves easy cleanup.

Made of natural aluminum that is pure and uncoated, the polished and non-porous pan provides you with a naturally nonstick surface that can be hand-washed pretty easily.

In the mood for roasting/cooking savory items for dinner?

This container is the perfect candidate for that!

For savory items like vegetables, it’s recommended to use a little bit of butter or oil to glaze the pan before cooking.

This container is also suitable for silicone baking mats, parchment paper, butter and even flour methods. To keep the pan in its original state, Nordic Ware suggests using wood, nylon or silicone utensils with it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unlike regular pans, Nordic Ware helps keep oil from seeping off the edge.
  • Made from natural aluminum, the product never rusts or corrodes.
  • As it conducts heat evenly you get to enjoy an easy baking experience.
  • Considering the affordable price, the quality is fantastic.

5. LloydPans 12 x 2.25, Pre-Seasoned Cast Aluminum Deep Dish Pan for Pizza Making

LloydPans 12 x 2.25, Pre-Seasoned PSTK

While browsing for Chicago style deep dish pizza pans, you might have found a lot of nonstick pans that promise to give you a hassle-free experience, right?

The thing is, the marketplace is filled with cheap quality nonstick pans that starts to peel right after you cook something in the oven! And these types of surfaces are actually really harmful to your health as well.

With that thought in mind, LloydPans come with a water-based easy-release pizza pan that gives you the benefit of nonstick without containing PTFE or PFOA.

The dark-gray colored container is made of heavy 14-gauge aluminum that can withstand temperature up to 700-Degrees Fahrenheit.

Featuring a Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote finish(PSTK), this pan is completely toxin-free and metal-utensil safe.

The permanent stick-resistant surface doesn’t let the pan chip, peel or flake at any cost. You will require less oil for cooking while using this product.

With 12-inch of diameter and 2.25-inch of depth, the LloydPans is designed in a way so that you can carry them easily.

In fact, you can stack a dozen of these pans on top of each other and store all of them in a convenient place as they don't require much space.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of heavy 14-gauge aluminum, these pans can last for a lifetime.
  • With a special PSTK coating on top, the surface doesn’t peel or flake.
  • You can mound a dozen of these pans for easy transportation.
  • Being oven-proof, LloydPans can withstand heat up to 700-Degrees Fahrenheit.

6. lYonge, 12" Pizza Pan Professional Premium Deep Dish

lYonge, 12" Pizza Pan Professional Premium Deep Dish

Want even golden crust all over your pizza’s edges without burning a little bit?

You will need the best deep dish pizza pan like lYonge 12-inch that can brown the edges as well as the underside, while the pan remains squeaky clean too!

The silicone-based bakeware features an easy-release surface that doesn’t let your food get burned easily. With a height of 1.6-inch on the side, the pan allows you to make the perfect Chicago-style pizza everyone LOVES to devour!

Did you know too much high temperature causes to shorten the lifespan of a pan?

That's why oven-proof cookware has to be really strong to withstand extreme temperatures. With that in mind, the lYonge pizza pan is made of heavy-duty carbon steel material so that it can bear the heat.

To help you make amazing pizzas without worrying about ruining the pan, the product is rated to be oven-safe up to a whopping 450-Degree Fahrenheit.  

A product is considered a good purchase only when it serves you for an expected amount of time. And lYonge is not something that will disappoint you in this case either!

If taken care of properly, the pan will serve you for a long time. For extending the product's lifespan, it's recommended to handwash the pan instead of using the dishwasher.

Also, you shouldn't use any sharp-edged utensils or knives on this pan as that might lead to ruining its upper surface.

Highlighted Features:

  • Featuring a nonstick silicone-based surface, the pan is super-easy to clean.
  • Made of heavy-duty carbon steel, this product lasts for a long time.
  • As it’s oven-proof up to 450-Degree Fahrenheit, you can use the pan for baking.
  • Measuring 12-inch in diameter, lYonge is the perfect size for medium pizzas.

7. Bekith 5-Piece Set Pizza Pans

Bekith Pizza Pans

Till now we have been discussing single pans that are good enough for medium- to large families.

But what about the college student who is living in a dorm?

Surely, he/she wouldn't need such big pans to make a meal for just himself!

For people who live alone or with a roommate, Bekith presents a set of 5 mini pizza pans that are all designed to fit in most toaster ovens.

The sizes include 5-inch, 6-inch, 7-inch, 8-inch and 9-inch pans that come with 1-inch of depth and are suitable for making small-sized pizza, cake, pie and other delicious items.

Made of steel material, the construction of these pans is built in a way to spread heat evenly all over the surface. The heavy-duty body of the pans are scratch-resistant and don’t warp under pressure.

With a nonstick coating on top, the surface provides easy release to food and makes cleanup duty effortless.

Want to get more munch from your pizza crust?

The secret lies in giving the dough enough heat and time to get crispier!

As all pieces from Bekith Pan Sets heat up quickly and are oven-safe up to 500-Degree Fahrenheit, your pizza is going to turn a nice gold color and crispy in a short time!

Highlighted Features:

  • You get to have 5 different-sized pans from this set.
  • Made of heavy-duty construction, the bakeware is scratch-resistant.
  • As it heats up quickly and evenly, the pizza crust gets enough time to get crispy.
  • You can easily hand wash it with warm soapy water or put it in the dishwasher.
  • All pieces from this set fit inside the regular toaster ovens.

8. LloydPans 16x2.25, Pre-Seasoned PSTK

LloydPans 16x2.25, Pre-Seasoned PSTK

Pizza is something that tastes even better when cold! For this reason, some people like to make big pizzas at a time to save time.

The 16-inch LloydPans is a large deep dish pizza pan that can serve up your favorite signature pizza in style! Made of hard-anodized aluminum, the bakeware features excellent durability that lasts for a lifetime if taken care of properly.

With a 16.62-inch top outside dimension and 16-inch top inside dimension, this pan actually takes up quite a bit of space on your countertop.

To compensate for that, the manufacturer has designed these containers in a way that they can be stacked a dozen high for easier transport and storage.

Hate seeing your favorite pan get stained over time?

While most other bakeware on the market isn't metal utensil-safe, LloydPans use a special stick-resistant resistant surface that works well with metal tools. The water-based release coating on top is PTFE-free and therefore, toxin-free as well.

What’s the first thing you do after purchasing a skillet?

Season it, right?

LloydPans takes that task off your hand by seasoning it beforehand with its tuff-kite finish!

Ergo, you just have to load the dough with your favorite toppings, set it in the oven and come back when it's ready to serve you with its delicious aroma, that’s it!

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of 14-gauge aluminum, the pizza container is strong and durable.
  • You can stack these containers on top of each other for storage convenience.
  • With a tuff-kite finish that’s provided, there’s no reason for seasoning this pan.
  • Metal utensils can be used on its surface as the LloydPans is stick-resistant.

Comparison Chart of Top Deep Dish Pizza Pans


(LxWxD) Inches


Temperature Rating


Chicago Metallic 16124


Carbon Steel


Silicone-Based Nonstick.



Heavy-Gauge Aluminum


Stick-Resistant Dark Coating.

Chicago Metallic 26704


Stainless Steel



Nordic Ware







Anodized Aluminum


Water-Based Release Coating.

LYonge, 12" Pan


Carbon Steel










Hard-Anodized Aluminum


Water-Based Release Coating.

Deep Dish Pizza Pan Buying Guide

Deep Dish Pizza Pan Buying Guide

1. Style

There are different types of surfaces available for deep dish pizza pans. Each type of surface plays a significant role in baking the pizza in a proper manner.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles down below:

a. Solid

This is the most common style for deep dish pizza pans. The solid surface works pretty well when you have mixed all the ingredients in the proper ratio and used the right temperature.

However, as there is no nib or holes on the bottom, these types of pans don’t allow air/heat to flow easily.  

Therefore, if you are a bit careless about the dough consistency or heat setting, you might end up with a burnt/undercooked crust instead.

b. Perforated

Perforated pans come with holes on the bottom of the pan’s surface. These holes allow the heat to reach the center of the pizza and cooks it at the same rate as the edges. So, if you are looking for a faster and even cooking style, this one is for you.

c. Nibbed

The pan of this type come with small bumps on the bottom. This style works the same as perforated surfaces and allows the heat to reach pizza evenly. The crust becomes easily crisped in this process.

2. Thickness

Want a crunchy crust to munch on?

You need to choose a pan that features a thin surface for that!

A thin, aluminized steel pan allows the heat to reach the crust more easily and makes it crispier as a result.

People who prefer soft, chewy crust instead, the best deep dish pizza pan for them would be a thick one that’ll help to keep the crust safe from direct heat and moisture.

3. Coating

The coating of the deep dish pizza pan models is made of heat-resistant rigid material like Teflon and Nylon.

When it comes to choosing the material, there are several varieties available on the market:

a. Uncoated

Uncoated pans actually can withstand heat very well because of their light reflective color. However, you need to season it first before using it.

b. Silicon-Glazed

Silicone-glazed pans don’t require any sort of seasoning. As its surface is smooth, the pizza dough slides off it easily without getting stuck or burnt in the bottom.

c. Anodized Hard-Coated

Anodized materials are dark coated. As a result, the pans don’t flake and requires less time to cook properly. These pans are typically corrosion-resistant.

4. Weight And Shape

Depending on your preference, you may choose to use heavyweight/lightweight pans for making pizzas.

Heavyweight pans can withstand heat better and last longer. However, you will need to find an optimal balance in weight that you can hold comfortably.

Some pizza pans are stackable; some are circular while others are rectangular shaped.

You will find small pizza pans that measure about 5-inch as well as 22 inch deep dish pizza pan that can cook an enormous pizza to feed an entire army!

Make sure to look into all these shapes and sizes before deciding which one is easier for you to store in the kitchen.

And if you are searching for something within your budget, then there are plenty of deep dish pizza pans for sale you can choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I Need To Use Deep Dish Pizza Pan With Lid?

Answer: Not necessarily.

Lids on top of containers help in holding heat and moisture inside the pan so that the dough gets proofed faster and the pans can be stacked to save space.

However, if your pan spreads heat evenly on the surface and is designed to be stackable, then you don’t require lids for any extra reason.

2. Are Pizza Pans Dishwasher-Friendly?

Answer: Some pans are labeled as dishwasher-friendly while others aren’t. However, we strongly recommend not using it as the chemicals from the dishwashing liquid may cause the coating of the pans to break down. It’s best to hand-wash them with mild detergents instead.

3. Are Cast Iron Deep Dish Pizza Pans Suitable For Baking?

Answer: You can use cast-iron pans for making pizzas when you don’t have any other option. However, these pans are a hassle to maintain as you have to season EVERY time you want to cook in them for getting your desired result.

4. Do I Need To Preheat My Pan?

Answer: It depends. If you want a nice, golden crust on your pizza with a crispy bottom, then preheating the pan is a must for you. In that case, preheating the pan for 20 minutes is enough to get your job done properly.

Final Word

Pizzas can be your friend who never judges while you binge eat! And who can deny that it’s way better to have a leftover pizza slice rather than have leftover feelings anyway!

While all pizzas are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, deep dish pizzas are something every foodie has a crush on. And if you are reading this article right now, then we are guessing you are a huge fan of deep dish pizza as well.

All the pizza lovers out there, what are you waiting for?

Grab the best deep dish pizza pan from our collection and start making these delicious treats at home!

Be it a mini pizza or a large one for the family dinner, if you have the right pan and ingredients on hand, you have got a tasty meal ready to be served at your fingertips!

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