Tappecue vs. FireBoard Meat Thermometers

Tappecue vs. FireBoard: Which Meat Thermometers Should Use?

Grilling is something that Americans love to do. No matter what the occasion, people love to throw a barbecue. Even if it's not for an event, having a grill at home can be superb for cooking meats or charring vegetables quickly.

If you want to cook meat to perfection, you need a meat thermometer for sure. It is a tool that a lot of people think that they can skip on. But having a meat thermometer results in perfectly cooked meat every single time.

Today, we will take a comprehensive look at Tappecue vs. Fireboard meat thermometers, two of the most leading thermometers for cooking meat in the market.

While both of these thermometers are amazing at showing the inside temperature, thermometers have a few pros and cons. Let's get to know the products in-depth so that we can make the right purchasing decision.

About Tappecue

About Tappecue

Tappecue was founded and created in 2013. It's wildly known as the major thermometer of the future. It was built in Kansas, the city that lives and breathes grilling.

They make very tech-savvy meat thermometers that you can connect to wifi. The new and improved, fun features that they add to their thermometers make this product a fan favorite.

Advantages of Tappecue Meat Thermometer

Advantages of Tappecue Meat Thermometer

This technically advanced Tappecue meat thermometer sounds like a dream to have. Let's look at the advantages that users get from this product.

Ability to Connect the Device to Google

You can connect the thermometer via wifi to your phone or Google Assistant. That means that you're going to operate a thermometer using voice commands!

The thermometer can be connected to your phone, allowing you to monitor the changes using your mobile device. You could be standing far away from the grill, but still, keep an eye on your meat.

That is quite a convenient feature to have, especially if you're throwing a party. This way, you can socialize with your guests while keeping an eye on the food simultaneously.

Records Data

If you're a beginner at cooking meat, this thermometer can be very helpful for you. It stores information about previous temperature settings.

Therefore, when you're cooking another batch of meat and have forgotten what temperature the meat should reach when it's done, you can check the recorded data and work accordingly.

This is amazing because if a batch of meat or burgers has turned out well, you can look back at what temperature the meat was cooked at so that you can make the same mouth-watering batch again.

Also, the readings that you get on these thermometers are highly accurate!

Rechargeable Battery

The battery life on these thermometers lasts for about 20 hours with one charge. You can also use these thermometers in a power-saving mode.

There is almost no maintenance for these thermometers. If the battery stops working, you can replace them easily, and the thermometer is brand new again!

Disadvantages of Tappecue Meat Thermometer

The Tappecue meat thermometer with wifi connectivity is a fantastic tool. But unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to using this technologically advanced thermometer.

Touch Screen

The thermometer is operated using a touch screen. Now, when we are cooking on the grill, we don't have the cleanest hands. There's always some sauce or meat residue on our hands.

Touching the screen to operate its features can be a bit difficult when your hands are dirty. With many technological devices, the touch screen doesn't work correctly if your hands are wet. So, you need to make sure that you have a cleaning towel handy when using the thermometer.

Battery Charging

If you ever forget to charge the thermometer before cooking your meat, you might get into some trouble. Or if you have suddenly decided that you want to throw a barbecue, and you haven't charged your thermometer, the product might not work at a time of need.

So it would help if you made sure that the thermometer is well charged at all times. Keeping track of how much it's charged can be a bit difficult, though.


Tappecue offers a lot of incredible fun features in its thermometers. But these fun features come with a price.

The thermometers are priced at a very high range. Not everyone will be able to afford these.

About Fireboard

About Fireboard

Fireboard was also created in Kansas City. It was founded by two friends, Ted and Steve.

This is also a thermometer that is very technologically advanced. The grilling enthusiasts decided to make a thermometer that would allow easy monitoring of cooking.

These thermometers allow you to socialize without being stuck at the grill at your gatherings.

Advantages of Fireboard Meat Thermometer

Advantages of Fireboard Meat Thermometer

Fireboard is also a technologically advanced meat thermometer. What are some of the advantages that we get with this product? Let's find out.

Ease of Use

Just because the product is technologically advanced doesn't mean that it's hard to operate. Fireboard allows a straightforward and quick setup.

You can connect the thermometer to wifi, or a device very easily, even if you are not so tech-savvy.

Comes with External Probes

The fireboard meat thermometer is different from its competitors because it comes with a variety of six separate external probes.

Given the price that this thermometer is available at, this feature is quite impressive!

Disadvantages of Fireboard Meat Thermometer

To understand the product properly, we need to look at the disadvantages of the thermometer as well. Here are some of the cons that you might want to know.

Requires Wifi Connect

The thermometer needs to be connected to a wifi connection for it to work correctly. If you don't have a proper wifi connection, the thermometer won't give you accurate readings.

As most of us grill outside our house, the wifi connection there might not be too strong. That can sometimes create a problem because of the delayed readings.

Too Technology Advanced

Some users prefer using a good old traditional thermometer over the technologically advanced ones. You have to understand the product thoroughly before you start using it. There are many options and settings on the screen that might confuse you when you're cooking.

That is why many users prefer a traditional thermometer taken to the meat and gets the reading off rather than these complicated tech-heavy ones.

Comparison; Difference between Tappecue and Fireboard Meat Thermometer

Both of these thermometers are pretty similar in the way that they work. They're both technologically advanced and require wifi to operate. But when it comes to buying one, which one should you choose?

Let's compare a few factors to extract the better option.


A significant difference between the two products is that Tapeccue comes with four probes while the Fireboard Meat Thermometer comes with six.

The fireboard meat thermometer is a better option to go for when you're cooking a lot of dishes at the same time.


Tappecue comes with a touchscreen-based operation system, while the fireboard doesn't.

Now, this is a subjective matter, as some people like using thermometers with touch screens while others don't.

Fun Features

You can connect the Tappecue meat thermometer with your Google Assistant to operate the device using voice commands. Also, the product has a fun guest mode feature. This allows your guests to participate in the cooking process as well.

Unfortunately, you don't get these fun features in the fireboard meat thermometer.

Final Verdict

Both of these meat thermometers are pretty similar. That is why deciding between the two can be a bit difficult.

If you throw barbecue parties quite often, you should invest in the Fireboard meat thermometer. This thermometer lets you monitor a lot of temperatures at the same time with six probes.

On the other hand, the Tappecue meat thermometer is a great overall option, with its Google Assistant connectivity, guest mode feature, touch screen, and distance monitoring.

If you were to ask us to choose between Fireboard vs. Tappecue meat thermometer, we would go with the latter option. Both of these thermometers are pretty expensive; why not invest in one that gives us a few extra fun features?

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