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The Grill Dilemma: How to Pick Between a Blackstone vs Gas Grill

Grilling is one of the most popular ways to cook during the summer months. Nothing beats gathering outside with family and friends around the grill, basking in the sizzle of burgers, or enjoying a juicy ribeye steak. But often, an age-old debate arises: which grill type reigns supreme—Blackstone vs gas grill?

Whether you're considering investing in your first outdoor cooking appliance or replacing an old model, picking between a gas grill and a Blackstone grill can be overwhelming. To help you choose wisely the next time you cook up some hot food, we'll examine the advantages and disadvantages of both in this blog post.

Blackstone vs Gas Grill: What's The Difference?

Blackstone vs Gas Grill Difference

The Blackstone grill has a flat surface and is a multipurpose cooking appliance. Through its innovative design, grilling is just one of many new culinary possibilities. It is ideal for delicate meals like shellfish and breakfast items because of the griddle's equal dispersion of heat and its ability to produce consistent results.

You can cook several things at once without worrying about flare-ups, thanks to the large cooking surface. People who like to experiment with different dishes, flavors, and textures will like the Blackstone grill.

The gas grill, on the other hand, is a well-liked option for outdoor cooking because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Equipped with grill grates placed over burners, gas grills rely on propane tanks or natural gas to quickly heat up and create iconic grill marks on meats and vegetables. Many people find the peculiar smokey flavor that the direct flame gives to be appealing.

With the help of burner adjustments, gas grills let you precisely manage the heat for your cooking. They're favored by individuals seeking convenience without sacrificing the traditional grilled taste.

When comparing the Blackstone grill to the gas grill, the decision depends on your personal cooking preferences and goals. The Blackstone grill is a fantastic choice for people who enjoy a wide variety of cuisines since it provides a big and flat cooking surface. 

It may be used to cook a range of foods that are challenging to cook on a traditional grate because of its versatility.

On the other hand, the gas grill excels at quickly and efficiently delivering that classic grilled taste. "Traditionalists" favor it because of its ease of use and control over direct heat.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Blackstone vs Gas Grill

vegetables cooking in the griller

Grill Style: Direct Heat or Indirect Heat Cooking?

Choosing between a Blackstone grill and a gas grill often comes down to your preferred grilling style. Blackstone grills excel at direct heat cooking, thanks to their flat griddle surface. They provide even and consistent cooking throughout, making them ideal for dishes like stir-fries and pancakes that require uniform searing.

On the other hand, gas grills with traditional grates are perfect for achieving those classic grill marks and infusing a smoky flavor. Consider which style aligns better with your cooking repertoire and the flavors you want to create.

Grill Size & Capacity

Size matters when choosing a grill, especially when considering how much food you'll be cooking. Blackstone grills are appropriate for larger gatherings since they frequently have a larger cooking area. A Blackstone grill's large cooking area can be a wise choice if you frequently host cookouts or have a large family.

On the other hand, gas grills are available in a variety of sizes to meet different purposes. Consider the number of people you usually cook for and whether you have enough outdoor space to accommodate your chosen grill's dimensions.

Portability & Storage

Storage and mobility are crucial considerations when it comes to grills. Blackstone grills are often designed with portability in mind, especially the tabletop models. For camping, tailgating, or smaller outdoor locations, they are ideal.

Gas grills, while they come in different sizes, can also be portable with options like compact cart-style models. Think about how frequently you'll be moving your grill and whether you need a more permanent setup or the flexibility to take your grilling adventures on the road.

Maintenance and Cleanup Comparison

Let's face it: nobody enjoys cleaning up after grilling, but it's a necessary task. Blackstone grills, with their flat griddle surface, may require a bit more effort when it comes to cleaning. The even surface can accumulate debris and demands thorough attention.

Gas grills, which usually have grates, can also gather grease and food particles, but they have an advantage: many gas grills come with systems that help channel grease away from the burners, making cleaning a simpler process. Consider how much time and effort you're willing to invest in keeping your chosen grill clean and well-maintained.

Budget Considerations: Which One Is Worth Your Money?

gas grill

Comparing Prices

Blackstone grills, which are known for their versatile flat griddle surfaces, typically start at around $200 for smaller models. Larger and more feature-rich options can go up to around $500 or even higher.

On the other hand, gas grills usually range from $300 for entry-level models to over $1000 for high-end versions, depending on their size, materials, and added features.

Initial Cost vs Long-Term Savings

While the initial cost is crucial, taking a long-term perspective is equally important. Blackstone grills are typically more affordable up front, making them a sensible choice for people who wish to try griddling.

However, gas grills offer better fuel efficiency in the long run. With proper maintenance, they provide efficient and consistent grilling, potentially saving you money on fuel costs over time.

Budgeting for Accessories and Add-Ons

Remember that your budget doesn't stop at the grill itself. Think about possible add-ons and accessories you may want. Both Blackstone and gas grills offer accessories such as grill covers, utensils, and specialized cooking attachments. When budgeting for these extras, keep in mind your needs and available funds because the cost of these accessories can add up!

Recipe Options: Blackstone Griddle vs Gas Grill

Choosing between a Blackstone griddle and a gas grill entails more than just selecting equipment; it reflects your culinary aspirations. Deliberate on the dishes that resonate with your taste and style.

Dishes to Consider:

On the Blackstone Griddle:

  1. Fluffy Pancakes with Maple Syrup
  2. Sizzling Vegetable Stir-Fry
  3. Seafood Medley with Perfectly Seared Scallops
  4. Cheesy Quesadillas with Crispy Tortillas
  5. Sweet and Savory Teriyaki Chicken Skewers
  6. Mediterranean-Style Griddled Flatbreads
  7. Caramelized Onions and Peppers for Sandwiches
  8. Crispy Bacon and Hash Browns
  9. Colorful Veggie Stir-Fry with Tofu
  10. Sesame-Crusted Ahi Tuna Steaks
  11. Griddled French Toast with Fresh Berries
  12. Sautéed Shrimp and Garlic Butter

On the Gas Grill:

  1. Juicy Grilled Burgers with Melted Cheese
  2. Seared Ribeye Steak with Charred Edges
  3. Classic BBQ Chicken with Smoky Flavors
  4. Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with Balsamic Glaze
  5. Grilled Corn on the Cob with Butter and Herbs
  6. Herb-Marinated Grilled Lamb Chops
  7. Grilled Pineapple with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar
  8. Smoky BBQ Ribs with Homemade Sauce
  9. Grilled Salmon Fillets with Lemon Dill Butter
  10. Charred Asparagus Spears with Parmesan
  11. BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches
  12. Herb-Marinated Grilled Chicken Breasts

Is a Blackstone Grill Better Than a Gas Grill?

Shrimp on a flat grill

When deciding between a Blackstone grill and a gas grill, it all comes down to personal cooking preferences. The distinctive flat-top cooking surface of the Blackstone grill makes it ideal for a variety of dishes, from hearty breakfasts to flavorful stir-fries. When making recipes that call for constant doneness, its equal heat dispersion ensures consistent cooking.

The gas grill, on the other hand, offers a more conventional grilling experience, replete with grill marks and that traditional smoky taste. With the ability to create different temperature zones, you can simultaneously cook different foods to perfection. Moreover, gas grills are known for their quick preheating time, allowing you to start grilling sooner.

The decision between a Blackstone grill and a gas grill ultimately comes down to whether you like the adaptability of an even cooking flat-top surface more than you like the nostalgic appeal of traditional grilling. 

The Blackstone grill's distinctive features, such as its capacity to masterfully handle a variety of foods and guarantee consistent results, might well make it the superior choice for your culinary undertakings.

Are Steaks Better on a Grill or Blackstone?

Using a traditional grill gives you that classic smoky flavor and a charred exterior that steak lovers adore. The interplay between the steak and the grates, as well as the open flames, transports you back to the days of traditional outdoor cooking. For those who appreciate the classic outdoor flavor that grilling embodies, this technique is ideal.

The Blackstone griddle, on the other hand, gives grilled steaks a fresh perspective. It offers a level cooking surface, ensuring even heat distribution and enabling the steak to be perfectly seared. You'll have a steak that rivals the quality of professional cooking thanks to the delicious caramelized crust that captures succulence and taste.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your culinary aspirations and the experience you desire. If you have a fondness for the traditional smokiness and char of outdoor grilling, the traditional grill is the way to go. However, if you crave the precise searing of a professional, the Blackstone griddle emerges as the winner.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, whether you decide to go with a Blackstone or gas grill largely depends on your own preferences and needs. If you need quick cooking times and easy cleanup, a gas grill is the way to go. But if you want convenience and portability, Blackstone grills are unbeatable. 

Whichever type of grill you choose, we hope that this post gave you some insight into the pros and cons of Blackstone vs gas grills so that you can make an informed decision.

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