Different people envision different vacations, and different vacations have different purposes. Whether you are looking for the excitement of the city, or  trying to get away from it all with a vacation in the wilderness of Alaska, most people have one goal in mind when it comes time to get away from the everyday…and that goal is relaxation.

Sea Ranch California is arguably one of the most relaxing places in the country. The photos speak a thousand words: our location near both redwoods and ocean, away from the stresses of everyday life, are good for the spirit. But don’t just take our word for it.

A recent large-scale study says that nature walks are linked to improved mental health. Not only that, but another study also found that being outdoors led to increased creativity. A third study found that participants who spent time outdoors every day at age 70 showed fewer complaints of aching bones or sleep problems, among other health-related problems, at age 77 than those who did not head outside each day. Finally: it’s been proven that being near the ocean can make you calmer and more creative.

In a nutshell, Sea Ranch’s natural seclusion is good for your mind and your body. Science proves it! Allowing nature and the sounds and smells of the ocean has nothing but positive effects. And studies also show that taking vacations away from technology is shown to have positive effects as well.

When you’re ready to relax—truly relax—come to Sea Ranch California. We’ll be here waiting.