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Meet The Author

Tamara J. Sims

Execute Chef

As a seasoned kitchen and food writer, Tamara has a remarkable ability to weave words together, transporting readers to the heart of the culinary world. Tamara’s articles are written with an engaging blend of insightful commentary, honesty, and real-world examples based on personal experiences. She has the ability to captivate seasoned food enthusiasts and novice cooks alike.

From a young age, Tamara embarked on a culinary adventure, working in various restaurants and immersing herself in diverse cultures. These hands-on experiences give Tamara the valuable insights she hopes to pass on to readers.

Beyond her writing, Tamara strives to connect people through the world of food, culture, and cooking. With an extensive background in the kitchen, and a passion for storytelling, Tamara is driven to educate her readers and inspire a whole new generation of aspiring chefs.

Meet The Author

Colleen K. Thomas

Food blogger

Colleen has always loved two things - cooking and writing. Being a food blogger seemed to be a natural fit, and Colleen now shares her passion with the world. From informative “how-to” articles to no-nonsense product reviews, Colleen takes pride in providing her readers with top-notch content focusing on all things food, cooking, and culture.

Colleen has spent years experimenting with new flavors and exploring cultural influences on food. With a diverse background and insatiable curiosity, Colleen is constantly discovering new things to learn and write about. Readers will feel at home with her familiar style and effortless knowledge, as Colleen strives to provide evergreen content that gives people a reason to come back.