Char Griller vs Oklahoma Joe

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Getting a grill or smoker is quite a difficult task. Because there are a lot of cooking enthusiasts in the world now, the number of options that you have to choose from keeps on increasing day by day.

Two of the most popular options right now are the Oklahoma Joe and the Char-Griller. Anyone who likes to throw on a decent barbecue loves both of these grills.

As buying both these is not an option for everyone, you need to know which one works better for what. What is the difference between Oklahoma Joe vs. Char Griller?

While these grillers work amazing for talking and cooking meat, they do have a few key differences. Let’s find out what they are.

About Oklahoma Joe

Joe Davidson had initially designed 12 meat smokers in 1987. He had compiled a total of $2,000 for this project. After days of dedication and innovative building, all meat smokers sold out in the 1987 Oklahoma State Fair.

He started receiving more orders from meat smokers and therefore started his journey of building an empire.

The brand has been around for quite some time now! People still love the meat smokers and grills from Oklahoma Joe.

Advantages of Oklahoma Joe

If you ask someone who cooks meat on the regular, the table often recommends an Oklahoma Joe. But why is that? What benefits does this griller have to offer?

High-Quality Grates

Most of the grills by Oklahoma Joe are made with a porcelain-coated grate. These grates are also made with cast iron.

That is a crucial feature that sets this model apart from the others. No matter how high the heat is, the grates will never get worn out.

Easy Cleaning

On the inside of the smoker box, you will find an ash door. That is at a level with the bottom of the device to catch all of the ash. It collects all of the debris for you to clean out later on.


The exterior of the grillers and smokers is often painted with high-temperature resistant paint. It is vital on a cooker or griller of any sort. Unlike any of the other grillers in the market, this one will not chip.

You also get spring metal handles that allow ease of portability. There are very old reviews of the unit, of having very sturdy bolts and nuts all over. Even the storage rack underneath the device is quite durable and will last you a few years for sure.

Dual Vents

The Oklahoma Joe comes with not one but two vents behind the gas side. It allows more oxygen to get inside, which helps the flame burn more vigorously. The feature can help cook your meat faster.

Tool Bar

At the front of the device, you will find a rack that helps you hang towels. This toolbar can come in handy when your grilling on the machine. It’s a small detail, but it’s what makes it different from all the other grills in the market.

Disadvantages of Oklahoma Joe

No product is perfect. Here are some of the disadvantages that come with using an Oklahoma Joe.

Smaller Rack

Oklahoma Joe grillers and smokers come with a plate underneath the charcoal rack. The tray or plate is placed directly underneath the rack. But compared to other models in the market, this rack is a bit smaller than its chamber.

About Char Griller

Char-Griller is owned by the Georgia brother and sister duo. They make quality grillers, meat smokers, and accessories.

They have been around for a few years now but do not date as far back as Oklahoma Joe.

Advantages of Char Griller

A Char griller can cook meat relatively evenly. That is a reason why people love the device. Let’s look at a few other reasons which make this griller more special.


The grates on the unit are constructed out of cast iron. These also have a porcelain coating that increases their durability.

The griller is made with 14-gauge steel, and it will last you quite a few years. It does not need frequent maintenance and can therefore be a very cost-effective option.

Easy to Clean

The asteroid underneath the device slides out easily. It collects all of the discarded spilled food, the burnt bits, and the ash for you to clean out easily later on.

Ash drawers on the Char-Griller have air damper holes. You will have to slide the drawer out to let more air in because there are four petal-shaped air damper holes on the drawer.

Well Sized Charcoal Rack

The charcoal rack that you get on Char-Grillers is only a few inches smaller than the main chamber; so, space for the charcoal rack is not an issue.

Dual Chimney

The device has not one but two chimneys over the gas side to increase ventilation. This allows more oxygen to flow through.

Disadvantages of Char Griller

There are a few cons to using a char griller. We think you should know about these before you make your purchase.

Parts Aren’t Easy to Replace

If the thermometer on the device breaks accidentally, it’s not easy to replace. You won’t be able to add thermometers from other brands onto a Char-Griller. It has to be of the same brand.

Also, the gas flame shields placed on the hook-like shelf have to be replaced with the same brand products. Therefore, you have to be very careful not to break any of the attachments of the device, as it can take you a while to replace them successfully.

Bolts Not Durable

The material used to build the griller is quite durable. But the nuts and bolts that have been used on the unit are not of the highest quality. This can sometimes prove to cause difficulty when it comes to product longevity.

Comparison: Differences Between Char Griller and Oklahoma Joe

Differences Between Char Griller and Oklahoma Joe

Which one should you go for when it comes to choosing between the two? These have unique features that draw in a lot of customers. But here are a few features that set these grillers apart.

Ease of Replacement

Oklahoma Joe gives you the ease of replacing parts. You can use a thermometer from any brand for the device in case the initial one breaks.

But for char grillers, you have to invest in a thermometer especially made by the brand. Char-grillers are not too good at accepting parts from other brands.

Charcoal Rack

The charcoal rack on the Oklahoma Joe is significantly smaller than the Char Griller. This can sometimes cause a bit of trouble when it comes to space.


Both the Oklahoma Joe and Char-Griller have been made with high-quality material. They have durable steel construction.

But what sets them apart is the nuts and bolts. The Oklahoma Joe has better quality nuts and bolts, which helps keep the device together for a longer time. On the other hand, the Char-Griller has low quality, or as some users have stated, loose nuts and bolts, making the griller a little bit less durable.

Ash Drawer

Char-Griller has an ash drawer that you can pull out. This ash door also comes with four-petal hole air dampers. The tray is placed at a slightly elevated position from the bottom. It also comes with a removable rack.

The benefits that these removable racks offer are better heat protection and much more efficient cleaning.

The Oklahoma Joe has a simpler ash collector, which is an easy clean-out and very basic.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You choose?

Both the Oklahoma Joe and the Char-Griller are incredible for cooking and smoking meat. They have been around for a while and can give you evenly cooked meals.

But when compared, both the machines have a few differences. When it comes to durability, the Oklahoma Joe is the clear winner. Not only is it made with high-quality materials, but even the nuts and bolts used to put the material together are impeccable.

Therefore, the machine will require lower levels of maintenance and will surely last you a long time. The Oklahoma Joe also comes with dual vents that increase the level of oxygen.

Char Grillers have a larger charcoal rack and a more modern and easy-to-use ash drawer. It also has dual chimneys. But the unit falls short when it comes to durability.

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing between char griller vs. Oklahoma Joe, we would suggest that you go with the latter. Oklahoma Joe has been around for quite some time now and has a lot of authentic user reviews. The benefit of better durability makes this a clear winner for us.