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Best Thermometer for Big Green Egg in 2022 [Top 6 Picks]

The people who don’t know about this Kamado style of the grill, are missing out on some fantastic food and cooking experience. Kamado derives from the Japanese language, which means stove.

The Big Green egg is an ancestral form of that grill, enabling you to cook amazing food, but a thermometer is much needed for it. Through this list, you will be able to pick out the best thermometer for big green egg.

You can easily balance the temperature inside the grill so that you get the perfect texture that you’re basically looking for since applying too much heat can ruin it completely.



Editor's Rating


ThermoPro TP20

5 out of 5

Alpha Grillers Instant Read Meat Thermometer

5 out of 5

NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer

4.5 out of 5

Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer

4 out of 5

KAMaster Grill Temperature Gauge

4.5 out of 5

6 Best Thermometer for Big Green Egg

There are many options in the store, but that doesn’t mean that every one of them will provide the performance you’re looking for. We will help you find the one you’re looking for.

1. ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Big Green Egg Remote Thermometer

ThermoPro is one of the most well know thermometers out there. For its unique features and functionalities, it is capable of doing extensive work on your grill so that anything you cook is of top quality.

The best thing about this big green egg dual probe wireless thermometer is the fantastic range. People tend to lean towards wireless functionality since it allows you more flexibility.

While you’re making delicious food, you need to be able to keep your company entertained, and it’s never fun to always linger around the grill to make sure everything is cooking well.

300 feet range allows you to monitor every temperature change on your steak or whatever you are cooking without needing to be there physically.

But a wider range doesn’t mean a lack of accuracy; the probes are designed to make sure the temperature measurement is precise. The dual step-down tip with stainless-steel construction can withstand up to 716 Fahrenheit.

In the case of setting up the device, it’s completely hassle-free. Everything is already pre-setup; you don’t even need to synchronize all the components. You can just unpack and start using.

You might be in outdoor scenarios where it won’t always be daylight, but you don’t have to worry since ThermoPro possesses a large LCD with high-quality back-lit functions.


  • Comes in two different color schemes.
  • Doesn’t require any tedious setup procedure.
  • Pre-synched with all the components.
  • Perfect for low light conditions.
  • Built-in timer function with a flashing notification.


  • Port is not correctly labeled.
  • Grill clip can lack stability sometimes.

2. Alpha Grillers Instant BGE Thermometer

Among all the listed products, this one has to be one of the most exciting egg thermometers. It stands out in several different scenarios, starting from design to functionality.

When we are to describe the design, then the closest resemblance would be to a switch knife. This small and efficient item has a safe flip system that will prevent it from causing any accidents.

It is also relatively hassle-free to use and store since it has a hole at the end that will enable you to hook it on something that establishes easy access.

You might be thinking about the installation process of the device, right? Well, the good news for you is that there isn’t any! You can just utilize it straight out of the box without needing to set it up.

By inserting the thermometer's tip into the grill or roast, you can get an accurate and precise reading within 2-3 seconds. Every detail about the temperature will be displayed on the dial.

After use, you can simply flip it back inside, and the device will automatically switch off which prevents it from wasting power. That is also very advantageous for the longevity of the item.

The device’s temperature range is about 58-degree to 572-degree Fahrenheit, so you can play around with the temperature as much as you need to. That establishes better flexibility when using the device.


  • Has a safety flip system.
  • Easy recalibrating functionality.
  • Waterproof system.
  • Perfect for gifting.
  • Includes an instruction manual.


  • Doesn’t have any wireless capabilities.
  • Not very compatible with sponges.

3. NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Big Green Egg Thermometer

This product is undoubtedly one of the most interesting additions to the list for being the best thermometer for big green egg. It uses some fantastic technology that will help you get the best out of the device.

One of the fascinating factors of this BGE thermometer is the Bluetooth connectivity system. It supports complete wireless connectivity, which means you can control the device straight from your phone.

When you have already inserted the thermometer on your food, it will continuously measure any temperature change. Whenever there’s any notable change in the temperature, it will send a push notification to your phone.

You can use this application on any operating system, and each of them is perfectly optimized so that you get efficient notifications without any delay.

The probes that are included with the device are enhanced with a stainless-steel build so that they can withstand a higher temperature rate. They can handle up to 482 Fahrenheit of temperature.

Another feature that might interest you is the probes’ different functionality; this variant includes two other probes, which can add up to 6 of them, each with different presets that you can use.

The best thing about that is that you can set the required temperature for different recipes to get notifications based on your preference, and the monitoring is also handled keeping that in mind.


  • Multiple probes are included with the packaging.
  • Complete wireless connectivity.
  • Stainless-steel probes.
  • Preset functionality for better customization.
  • Efficient alerting system.


  • Sensors can glitch sometimes.
  • Probes are very easy to lose.

4. Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer

Another interesting addition with complete wireless functionality, but that’s not all that is interesting about this big green egg thermometer.

One of the most convenient components of this device would be the real-time notification system. It is fully capable of giving you notifications about your food and keeping you updated without needing to check it frequently.

You can easily download the highly efficient application that will control all the features of the device, along with providing you time to time updates on the preparation of your roast, grill, anything.

It is relatively easy to set up since it uses the basic Bluetooth functionality, so you won’t need to use any Wi-Fi functions. You can just find your device on your phone and start using its features from the app.

A vital feature of every thermometer is the accuracy in reading; moreover, the probes need to handle a higher rate of heat so that they can get efficient readings whenever they need to.

This variant comes with 6 different probes, which is actually quite useful since you have a spare even if you lose one. So, you always have back up with you whenever you’re using the thermometer.

When it comes to customization, it offers you some freedom using the app on your phone, making this the best wireless thermometer for big green egg.


  • There are 11 different temperature presets.
  • App is easy to navigate.
  • Highest temperature rate is 572 Fahrenheit.
  • Completely battery-powered.
  • Real-time notifications.


  • Notification delay is not customizable.
  • Doesn’t have auto power off system.

5. KAMaster Grill Temperature Gauge

This product is basically a traditional approach to thermometers; without using any fancy technology, it uses simple gauge functionality. But the best part about that is the accuracy.

While using a fundamental build formation, this is a robust device since it can handle high-temperature rates without damaging itself. The stainless-steel build is the reason behind such integrity.

Since the device uses manual methods for reading the temperature, it ensures that you get a highly accurate temperature reading. So, you can make sure if everything is being cooked properly.

Another thing that typically attracts people is the easy setup system of the product. You don’t need any wireless connectivity along with any other notification system for it.

Using its easy-to-read screen, you can read every temperature change your food is going through. It also has proper markings on the body so that you can check the condition of the food.

One of the biggest problems in most probes is that probes are too short for most cooking work, so due to this having an extra-long big green egg temperature probe, you won’t mistakenly come in contact with your food.

Another thing that makes this one of the most efficient products is the clipping system so that while grilling, it doesn’t slip off from the meat. It will stay in position as long you need it to.


  • Waterproof device.
  • Prevents fogging within the screen.
  • Perfect for any grill model.
  • High-temperature tolerance.
  • Extra-long probe.


  • Indicating needles are prone to freezing.
  • Temperature reading is not customizable.

6. Big Green Egg Dual Probe Wireless Thermometer

Big Green Egg Dual Probe Wireless Thermometer

This is another big green egg remote thermometer, which is perfect for spontaneous cooking and balancing the food’s temperature that you’re cooking.

Several marvelous things are going on with this product, one of them would be the dual probe system. That allows you to get a clearer reading, and also, you can use them individually.

You don’t need to be close by to get a proper reading from the product since you can just insert it into your food, and it will continuously determine the temperature of the items.

Another convenient thing about this device is the clipping system that helps you keep the product attached to the meat’s surface so that it doesn’t slip off during grilling.

That is an essential feature since that can cause the reading to fluctuate. Therefore you need to keep it balanced so that you get a better reading out of the device.

Due to the inclusion of the LCD screen, you can overview the condition of the food you’re cooking. You can easily select several different presents to get the temperature you desire based on the food items.

It will also notify you from time to time whether the grilling is done or if it has reached the required temperature. Everything is controlled by the device, perfect for your convenience while using a temperature controller for big green egg.


  • Battery-powered.
  • Great range while active.
  • Dual probes.
  • Aesthetic design.
  • Customizable remote control.


  • Functionalities can be hard to understand.
  • Fabric webbing gets blacks while smoking.

Comparison Table of  Thermometer for Big Green Egg


Temperature Range


Special feature



32° - 572° F


Taste customization


Alpha Grillers

-58° - 572°F


Folding design



Up to 482° F


Remote alerts


Tenergy Solis

32° - 572° F

32° - 572° F

Six different probes



150° - 900° F

150° - 900° F

150° - 900° F


Big Green Egg ET734

32° - 572° F


Remote system


Thermometer for Big Green Egg Buying Guide

Thermometer for Big Green Egg Buying Guide

When you intend to buy a good thermometer for your grill, you need something that will have all the features that you require. We will guide you through those features so that you can make an informed decision:

Wireless Function

One of the most essential features nowadays would be the wireless functionality of the device. That feature can come in several different variations, each of them has its uses, but it’s your preference is what matters.

One of the most common types would be the wireless connection that includes a remote that you can carry up to a distance. You can easily use all the functionalities available for the device using that remote.

Another function involves the use of an application on your mobile phone, most of the devices use Bluetooth connectivity, but there are other options out there too. This one gives you a little more customizability.

Therefore, if you prefer something that will allow you to customize whatever you’re making further, then this is definitely the one you should go for. But if the application glitches, it won’t be as efficient.


Temperature accuracy is very vital factor for BGE thermometer.

Grilling, roasting, or anything of the sort requires proper temperature control if you want to enhance the flavor. So, it’s very important to notice even the slightest of changes.

Therefore, whenever you buy a thermometer, make sure that they are able to measure the temperature appropriately and enable you to get the best taste out of your food.

Proper Indicators

Sometimes you might overlook this, but this is actually quite important since if you can’t read the settings or judge the temperature changes, what’s the thermometer’s use altogether?

There are products that go traditional with their indicators, but the best thing about that is that they can be quite accurate. Therefore, you can definitely go with those, but they will not indicate any extra information.

In the case of digital indicators, they are perfect for smoking since they are fully capable of indicating an accurate condition of the meat. If you want that, you can definitely lean towards those.


You might be thinking, what kind of preset can a thermometer have? Well, that’s the interesting part. Some of the devices that are available have complete smart functionality.

You can set different functions to them, and you can change those functions anytime you want. One of those functions is the presets, you can set any temperature preset on the device, and it will notify you based on that.


It’s very important for users to have proper instructions on the features of the thermometer since, without that, you won’t really be able to get the full potential of the product.

Therefore, along with the simplicity of the functionalities, they need to be indicated so that you can customize and understand them properly. So, make sure the thermometer you’re buying has that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Wi-Fi to get the wireless connectivity?

You don’t need any wireless connectivity to get the device connected to your mobile phone since the products use Bluetooth functionality that helps you connect sync with the device without needing to connect to any external sources.

Will I get notifications when my food is done?

Most of the smart thermometers will be connected with your phone; therefore, through the application, you will get push notifications whenever the foodyou’re cooking or grilling reaches a specific temperature, you will be timely notified.

With I have multiple probes, or do I need to buy them separately?

It entirely depends on the type of unit you’re using, but most of the products include multiple probes, so you won’t need to buy them separately. Also, in some instances, you can use them all together to get a better reading.

Does the preset setting really work?

It definitely does work since different food items have different temperature requirements. You can exactly cook every one of them in the same settings. Therefore the preset will allow you to set the temperature based on the food you’re cooking.

Can I set a customized delay system on the notification?

When you’re using the app of the product to get push notifications on your food, then you can definitely customize the delay of the notification. You can set it at the desired time, and the application will keep notifying you based on that.

Can the probes handle temperatures more than 350 Fahrenheit?

The probes are made from stainless steel, so they are capable of handling heat ranging from 32 to 572 Fahrenheit, so they can definitely handle that kind of heat. Also, they were designed to withstand that kind of temperature and still operate perfectly.

Final Words

Reading through this article, you can already realize that there are few features that you should lean towards when buying the product.

One of them should be the remote control system that ThermoPro has. But if you’re favoring something that will be easier to carry around and use, you can definitely try the Alpha Griller.

Hence, looking through these options will help you find the best thermometer for big green egg and each of them will give you a noteworthy performance.

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