Best Gasket for Big Green Egg

Best Gasket for Big Green Egg : Top 6 Recommended For 2022

The Big Green Egg or BGE has been a part of many lives throughout the world. Its kamado-style ceramic charcoal-grilled food is something praiseworthy.

Suppose you own one of these versatile cooking units and have been an avid fan for many years.

Why should you not! It can grill, bake, or even smoke whatever dish you place in there.

However, all these foods and charcoal use cause the gasket around the lids greasy or discolored. Some are in desperate need of replacement due to inferior quality material.

So how will you find the best gasket for big green egg all by yourself? You are not alone in this, for we will show you the shortcut.

Let us have a look.



Editor's Rating


LAVA LOCK Cook Chamber Gaskets

5 out of 5

KAMaster Wire Mesh Gasket Kit

5 out of 5

Gold Standard High Heat Gasket

4.5 out of 5


4 out of 5

Aura High Temp Peel and Stick Gasket

4.5 out of 5

6 Best Replacement Gasket for Big Green Egg 

Are you ready to jump onto the products and maybe take some pointers from our brief buying guide?

It will help you compare and acquire the right-sized gasket for your BGE.

1. LAVA LOCK Cook Chamber Gaskets for BGE

LAVA LOCK Cook Chamber Gaskets

Do you want to replace your old charred and dirty gasket with a new one? What better way to do it than the best big green egg gasket by Lava Lock?

Whether you are new at this or not, the easy-peasy product with high-end quality will impress you for many years. It has the Nomex material with other blended resources.

Who does not love the quick and efficient way to set up a unit? Similarly, the self-adhesive feature allows the user to simply peel-and-apply on the rim. The pressure-sensitive glue can endure the raised temperature.

What you will experience in return is a superb performing kit, which will not peel, melt, or loosen with time.

Plus, the fifteen-foot length with reasonable dimensions makes it an ideal choice for the overall areas that require a gasket.  

This is a large bge gasket for all sorts of cooking chambers by Big Green Egg. So it does not matter even if the rims are small; you can always store away the rest for future use.

Its versatile compatibility makes it one of the most favored products in the market these days. Moreover, think about the high heat bearing material that perfectly seals the interior.

There is no chance of smoke seeping out from around the edges. You get the perfect brisket out of the cooker while the gasket does its job at keeping the smoke well-trapped.

Highlighted Features:

  • High temp gasket for better resilience
  • Long-lasting Nomex material
  • Self-stick pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • 15-foot long for full rims coverage
  • Suitable for all-sized BGE

2. KAMaster Wire Mesh Gasket Seal for Big Green Egg

KAMaster Wire Mesh Gasket Kit

KAMaster is a renowned name many experienced grillers are familiar with. It has a very simple explanation - quality over cost.

Now, if you want to go for a heavy-duty shockproof unit, this fiberglass gasket for big green egg is the perfect way to begin the journey. Of course, you must apply it per instruction for a better outcome.

It is no big deal, honestly, just a simple peel and sticks self-adhesive film that connects the gasket to the rims.

So how long is it?

Although the maker insists it fits both XL and L sized BGE or Kamado Joe, we think the twelve-foot length is not cut out for extra-large Green Eggs.

However, the thing is quite apt for both the upper and lower dome of the large-sized cookers.

The fiberglass material consists of thermal insulation strong enough to ensure proper sealing when you close the upper dome.

Additionally, the wire mesh construction inside the product makes it all the more robust and durable.

From excellent temperature regulation to the non-melting and anti-scratching quality, it sure takes place as the best seal for big green egg. 

We admit that it might cost a bit more than you intend to spend, but the premium-grade make is worth it.

It will last for many years without the risk of leaks, burns, or quick wearing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built-in adhesive backing for mess-free installation
  • High-temp gasket for melt or burn resistance
  • Shockproof and hollow design
  • High-end wire mesh integration for heavyweight and long life
  • 12-inch long ideal for L size BGE

3. Gold Standard High Heat Big Green Egg Chimney Gasket

Gold Standard High Heat Gasket

Are you searching for an exclusive blend of materials that can resist heat as high as possible? Sometimes just sealing the dome rims is not sufficient to regulate the temperature correctly.

Therefore, the Gold Standard includes a big green egg chimney gasket to secure the device further. It is not every day that one can acquire this much within a reasonable price.

Moreover, the top and bottom rims will get the perfect sealing amount without having to buy extra. This can be an exceptional replacement to the old-school OEM ones. But what makes it worth buying besides the low-cost budget?

The reason we have added it to our list is because of the high-temperature fiber materials. It consists of American Kevlar and Nomex for resisting the melts or burns caused by the sudden flares.

In case you do not know, firefighters widely use these fibers to protect themselves from extreme heat and flame. Can you already feel the resilience power it comprises?

Plus, the peel and stick adhesive layer makes it rather an easy task for beginners. It is an ideal choice for all the 20-22-inch ceramic Kamado-style cookers.

This is why many have regarded it as the best gasket for big green egg for the overall design and long-lasting quality. So buy it with confidence!      

Highlighted Features:

  • 12-inch gasket for L size BGE
  • Peel and stick adhesive for quick setup
  • A genuine blend of Nomex and Kevlar fibers for heat resilience
  • Thicker height for proper sealing
  • Includes a chimney gasket



We know that how some OEM gaskets act as an irritating piece of impracticality. It ultimately discourages a rookie to learn how to use the cooker - and an experienced to avoid it altogether.

What if there was an easy solution to this issue? The Total Control, hence, brings you the best replacement gasket for big green egg. It is efficient and easy to install.

Furthermore, you will achieve the perfect kind of grilling control, whether a beginner or not. You can say goodbye to the fast-wearing, old charred gaskets that have been nothing but a headache.

It can withstand high-temperature heat better than many other pricey comparable units. This is why it has become a favorite to most grillers with a BGE in their backyard.

The long-lasting quality material ensures you do not waste time and effort on yearly replacements. Besides, it is about fifteen-inch long to make sure the thing fits the ceramic cooker rims of both top and bottom.

As a result, you can install it to the XL or L sized BGE that has been leaking smoke and delivering terrible brisket taste. It is self-stick, which is the ultimate solution to a hassle-free setup.

All in all, it might not seem all high and mighty with its packaging, it is still one of the ideal gaskets to own. You will not be disappointed.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with XL/L BGE and Primo Grills
  • Flameproof material to prevent melting at high-heat
  • 15-foot long to cover both dome rims
  • Self-stick adhesive that sits well after installing
  • Easy-to-read instruction

5. Aura High Temp Peel and Stick Gasket for Bge

Aura High Temp Peel and Stick Gasket

We have another winner that can replace the factory gasket without compromising the sealing quality. This product by Aura is durable enough to last pretty long and versatile for various ceramic cookers.

Thanks to its incredible built-in adhesive peel and stick design, the unit is easy to work with. You will not have to mess with chemicals or spray adhesive for a simple gasket installation.

This saves you from a lot of effort and mess, all at an affordable cost. The Aura uses felt as the sealing material that is well-known for the effective functionality with little effort.

There will hardly be any misalignment, melting, or absorption issue regarding the product. Thus, you can relax and enjoy some good quality grilling/smoking activity on a sunny afternoon.

If you are looking for a high-quality felt gasket without spending much, this can be the perfect selection.

Remember that it will only suit a large-sized BGE. Any bigger than that will require more than one of Aura’s gasket package.

Overall, it is long enough to ensure full upper and lower dome coverage. Do not forget to peel only a little and continue on as you stick it on the rims. This helps a firm setting even after months of use.

You can now stabilize the temperature control back to its original state. All you have to do is trust the product.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-temp resisting felt material
  • Ideal for L-size BGE, Kamado Joe, and more
  • Fits both upper and lower dome
  • Self-adhesive backing for straightforward installing
  • 14.1-inch long

6. Big Green Egg Nomex Gasket

Big Green Egg Nomex Gasket

The review section remains incomplete if we do not add the stock gasket by the Big Green Egg. So here comes the harsh truth that many consumers have related based on their experiences. 

First of all, it is made from Nomex fibers for heavy-duty flame resistance. It will give you access to maximum smoking efficiency with less charcoal use. And here’s a good post If you’re interested in right charcoal for the big green egg need to use.

While many already have the built-in gasket during the BGE purchase, it often deteriorates soon.

This is why if you are someone who likes to continue using the same model, this item will do the trick.

Keep in mind that it does not have the self-stick backing. Therefore, you will have to take the long way for installing it.

You must clean the rims with acetone or rubbing alcohol for a smooth surface. Next, spray the adhesive and then press down the gasket after a careful direction. Do not stretch the thing, though.

The only problem with this product is the possibility of loosening if not cured properly. There is ample material to fit both top and bottom rims. However, what we do not like is its short lifespan.

This means you will eventually have to go ahead and get another one of these after a couple of years.

On the other hand, it depends on how well you maintain the cooker. Proper usage of it could lead to extended life!

Highlighted Features:

  • Nomex fiber material for high-temperature resistance
  • Ideal for L sized BGE
  • Requires adhesive spray to install
  • Easy comprehending instruction for the beginners
  • 24-hour curing duration

Comparison Chart for Big Green Egg Gaskets




BGE Compatibility


LAVA LOCK  Gaskets


7/8 x 1/8



KAMaster Wire Mesh Gasket Kit


1 x 1/4



Gold Standard High Heat Gasket


7/8 x 1/8





1 x 1/8



Aura High Temp Peel and Stick 





Best Gasket for Big Green Egg Buying Guide

Gasket for Big Green Egg Buying Guide

If you plan to replace the gasket on your own but have no clue or whatsoever about how to do it, what to get, etc. — let us tell you one thing first. Try following our little guide to gain further knowledge, you will be halfway there!


The material is what keeps the gasket from deterioration ahead of time. It ought to be resistant to heat up to around 600˚F; otherwise, you will just be buying a hopeless item that burns without sealing the edge.

There are a few common big green egg gasket materials that you can easily avail, such as Nomex, Kevlar, fiberglass, etc.

You will often see the Nomex and Kevlar combo in some while others incorporate them separately. They are both aramid fiber, best used in firefighting fabrics with high-end quality.

Fiberglass is another heat resilient component that at times offers wire mesh inside. It assists in proper sealing; thus, eliminates early wear and discolor due to smoke escape.

Of course, there are other blended materials to go for, like felt, but always look towards the super resisting ones for long-term use.


Any high temp gasket for BGE should offer at least fifteen to sixteen inches of length to ensure all-round coverage. If you buy the smaller size, remember to measure the diameter of your BGE and buy accordingly.

The green cooker comes in many sizes, which means the gasket size relies upon your proper measuring for the right find.


Most factory gaskets will require you to buy additional glue for the task. It is not only messy but also time-consuming. The best way to get out of this sort of hassle is to go directly for the self-stick products.

All you will have to do is remove the protective paper layer, and voila!

Tips To Replace Big Green Egg Gasket

Is this your first time replacing the gasket? Let us give you a precise version of the lengthy process. Get your gloves ready!

Step 1:

Check the size of your BGE, then purchase the gasket of that measure.

Step 2:

Remove the upper dome carefully and use a paint tool to scrape off the old gasket with caution. You can remove any leftover with a stiff wire brush and acetone on the diameter surface.

Step 3:

Once the region is smooth and clear, ready your purchased BGE gasket by removing the paper layer a little.

Step 4:

Place it on the rim; it is better to start from the back. Slowly peel, tug slightly, and continue pressing on until it covers the whole area. Follow the same steps for the dome, and you are good to go!  

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQS - Gasket for Big Green Egg

How often should I replace the Big Green Egg gasket?

It depends on how high you set the temperature for cooking. This temperature controller for big green egg post has some additional tips when you cooked something by using big green egg. Some materials cannot handle extreme heat; thus, smoke seeps out. On the other hand, a good quality model will last for many years, eliminating annual replacements.

Is acetone necessary for final cleanup?

Yes, it will remove the leftover wires and old adhesive from the rim. Avoiding doing so will make the new gasket placing a challenging job.

The thing might not even last long if the surrounding rim edge is not properly cleaned and smoothened.

How long does the gasket last?

If you leave the dome open more than necessary, the flares might cause burns to the gasket. This could shorten the lifespan exceedingly. So the real answer relies on how well you maintain the Green Egg – hence, the sealing.

How much heat can a gasket withstand?

A high temp gasket can withstand heat up to 625˚F. The minimum target should be around 500˚F and no less. Any lower than this temperature will fail to deliver the heat resilience you seek.

At what point will the gasket melt?

The gasket – whichever material it is – will melt at around 1100˚F, so always pay attention when cooking at high-temperature. Besides, regular cooking at the elevated heat can lead to quick blackening and burning.

Final Words

Buying the best gasket for big green egg is not really an intricate business so long you know what to get. Hopefully, our article was helpful enough to give you practical ideas.

After all, the better the product, the greater the performance your favorite BGE will deliver. Happy grilling!

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