Best Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg

5 Best Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg in 2022

Are you someone who enjoys barbeque parties and backyard picnics with your loved ones? Smoking meat may take a long time, and the results are always excellent.

But who wants to wait anxiously that long for the meat to smoke?

Instead of bothering to keep a constant eye on your big green egg, now set it and forget it with the help of a controller.

Since choosing an essential product like that can feel not very easy, we have taken the time to research the best temperature controller for a big green egg for your convenience.

Now you will be able to leave the meat to smoke without a worry!



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Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller

Flame Boss 500-WiFi Controller

5 out of 5

DigiQ BBQ Controller For Big Green Egg

5 out of 5

CyberQ Meat Thermometer and Controller

CyberQ Meat Thermometer and Controller

4.5 out of 5

IQ110 BBQ Regulator Kit

4 out of 5

PartyQ BBQ Big Green Egg Controller

PartyQ BBQ Big Green Egg Controller

4.5 out of 5

5 Best Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg

In our review of the best controllers, you will find products that will correctly regulate your grill’s heat. Therefore, the meat will come out perfectly every single time.

1. Flame Boss 500- Wireless Big Green Egg Temperature Controller

Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller

The primary purpose of getting a controller for your big egg is to ensure that you have no trouble controlling the temperature. If your controller does not come with a user-friendly guide and option, then there is no point in purchasing that product in the first place.

Flam Boss 500-WiFi Controller comes with excellent and top-notch technology. However, such advanced technology does not mean that the product lacks user-friendly features.

It is quite the opposite; this product contains both unparalleled customer support and a simple device configuration.

Interestingly, this device has the latest technology that contains a variable speed blower so that you can precisely manage the temperature. After all, the reason for purchasing a product like the Flame Boss is to have proper control over the temperature.

You can also use voice command control because this product is compatible with Google Home and Alexa.

Furthermore, this product has superior versatility. You can use it with Kamado style charcoal grills, all sizes of Big Green Egg, and all sizes of Vision Grills.

No matter what size of Egg machine you have, it will monitor the temperature correctly. Speaking of monitoring, you can rely on this device because it contains an online dashboard.

If the Flame Boss 500 is off interest to you, have a look at our in depth review.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can precisely control the temperature.
  • Variable-speed blower and voice command system available.
  • Customize alert and alarms for your desired cook time.
  • No hassle of extra software installation.
  • Comes with a WiFi controller and grill adapters.
  • Can support up to three meat probes.

2. DigiQ BBQ Controller For Big Green Egg

While Big Green Egg is an excellent device for slow cooking meat to get that smoky and tenderized taste, making sure the temperature is even during the entire cook time can be a difficult job to do. Fortunately, due to the advancement of technology, you no longer have to worry about that.

DigiQ BBQ Controller is the perfect device for your Big Green Egg. It will ensure an even distribution of temperature throughout the entire cooking time so that you get perfectly grilled meat. Even you can use a thermometer for big green egg to measure the heating temperature perfectly.

This BBQ temperature controller will provide you oven-like precision and keep track of the temperature automatically.

From now on, you can make your outdoor cooking experience better with this product no matter what type of meat you cook.

No more guesswork because you can use the up and down buttons to select your ideal cooking temperature. Aside from monitoring the internal measurements, it will also maintain the temperature at an even rate.

Overall, with the help of this high-tech device, you can now quickly and conveniently manage the cooking time. It contains all the features to ensure high performance.

If you choose this significant green egg temperature controller, you will be able to multi-task without worrying about the meat’s cook.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reliable and high-performance thermometer available.
  • Compatible with a variety of products.
  • No more overcooked meat thanks to the ramp mode.
  • Automatically adjusts the oscillating fan blade.
  • High precision temperature probes.
  • You can maximize the fuel efficiency.
  • Installation process is relatively easier.

3. CyberQ Meat Thermometer and BGE Temp Controller

CyberQ Meat Thermometer and Controller

The main issue with manually checking temperature and making sure that there is even distribution is inconsistency.  You cannot make sure that the meat is cooked correctly every time by the manual method.

Green Egg is a device that slowly processes and smokes the meat; you would have to wait hours and check in on it simultaneously between managing other work.

The solution to this problem is The CyberQ Meat Thermometer and Controller.  This device has a smart digital WiFi controller system that you can use to control the Big Green Egg without any manual interference. Due to digital control, you will get juicy and tender barbeque meat every time.

It will not matter whether you are a professional cook or a beginner because this device will make your outdoor grilling and meat smoking experience ten times better.

You will have no trouble maintaining even and low temperature for hours. The secret to creating delicious and smoky barbeque is this low and slow cooking method.

This device will automatically control the grill like an oven; it will be an excellent additional tool.

Thanks to the smart WiFi technology, you can change the temperature without being near the grill.

You can also analyze your cooking data with the help of a detailed temperature graph. The addition of notes to the graph is also possible so that you can review them later.

Highlighted Features:

  • Automatic lowering of cooking temperature mode available.
  • A digital thermometer probe gives precision.
  • Wires contain a sturdy sheath for protection against heat.
  • You can analyze the cook data.
  • Alexa voice control method is available.

4. IQ110 BBQ Temperature Regulator Kit

Most temperature controllers come with charging features. You will have to ensure that the battery is fully charged correctly before using them. A typical issue with this type of device is a shortage of charge during long time usage.

If you are an avid Big Green Egg user, you sometimes know that the meat may take even eight or more hours to smoke and cook properly.

IQ110 BBQ Regulator Kit comes in handy during such instances because this device can keep your meat cooking on only one load of charcoal for about eight hours.

The cooking temperature needed for this device to run for such a long time is 225oC. Hence, you will get juicy and mouth-watering food every time you use it.

It does not matter whether your barbeque pit requires charcoal or wood fuel in the big green egg because this device can connect to both these types.

The product’s interface contains dials that you can set to regulate the cooking temperature, just like an oven in your kitchen. Therefore, the product is not very difficult to operate.

Additionally, it comes with an adjustable adapter that you can slide into the door track containing a lower vent. As a result, you will not need extra tools to install the device. After you slide it into the lower vent, use the device’s air hose to connect to the adapter, and you will be good to go!

Highlighted Features:

  • Keeps the food in a smoky environment to keep it moist.
  • Can run for eight hours at 225oC.
  • Comes with a kit for the operation from AC power.
  • Optional adapter is available.
  • You can set the dial to regulate the temperature.

5. PartyQ BBQ Big Green Egg Controller

PartyQ BBQ Big Green Egg Controller

If you enjoy multi-tasking, then a significant green egg temperature controller will help you correctly manage your grill. The main problem with barbecuing is the amount of time needed for the meat to cook evenly.

But thanks to the PartyQ BBQ controller, you can now go to work or finish other works, all the while managing the temperature.

Now you can say goodbye to the guesswork as this device comes with precise controlling options. You can attach this device to your grill and get on with your work, as the machine will keep you updated. Furthermore, the installation and attachment process is relatively more straightforward.

If you want to control the temperature, then set it up using the available up and down buttons. These keys contain arrows for a clear indication of whether the temperature will go up or down. With such a feature, you will be able to set the temperature to your desired need.

Furthermore, this device’s proprietary technology will feed the precise amount of oxygen to your charcoal. As a result, you can control and monitor the temperature inside your grill.

With only minimal effort, you can now manage temperature fluctuations to create delicious dishes. Overall, this product will be a good addition without a doubt.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a revolutionary integrated fan.
  • Large digital display provides clear visual.
  • This device will evaluate the temperature.
  • Digital thermometer probe is available.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Internal memory has a power interruption recovery option.

BGE Temperature Controller Comparison Chart


Keeps Food Smoky

Keeps Food Smoky

Cooking Data

Flame Boss




















Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg Buying Guide

As there are many controllers available in the Big Green Egg market, it is only natural that you will get confused as to which one you should purchase. For that reason, we are pointing out some of the primary features this type of controller should contain.


How well the product functions will partly depend on the construction of the controller. There are many types of designs available that all have different features.


The most straightforward type of construction you will see is where only two buttons help maintain the temperature. Such devices do not contain any complicated functions and work straight to the point.

It will be a better option for you if you want user-friendly features and not familiar with advanced technologies.

WiFi Cloud

If you are interested in learning about newer technologies, then controllers with a WiFi option will be great for you. This type of device comes with internal settings that keep track of the temperature level. You can monitor the rate by visualizing the graph of the cooking time as well.


Some devices are challenging to install, and you may need professional help. However, most Big Green Egg controllers come with an adapter that you can use easily.

If you choose a device with such adapters, you can connect them to your smoker’s vent. You may have to close off the vents on the bottom section when you connect the adapter.


One of the biggest concerns with controllers like this is compatibility. Not all devices will come with the appropriate adapter size and model to match your grill.

Therefore, before making any purchase, you will have to check the manual and instructions so that you can check whether the device will be compatible with your Big Green Egg or not. From now on, you can save both money and your precious time.


If you are a professional cook, then the chances are that you own multiple types of grills. Some of them may use different kinds of fuel. While most ones require charcoal as the primary fuel, some grills work best with wood material instead.

As the fuel source is different, it is only natural that not all types of adapters will work on all types of grills.

And for this reason, you need one product that will have enough versatile properties to work with your grill, whether it requires charcoal or wood material. For example, a product like DigiQ BBQ Controller comes with superior versatility.


Now that we have noted almost all the features an excellent temperature controller contains, here is another property that you cannot forget about; the display of the machine. You may be wondering why you need a controller with this feature.

Although you can manage and control the temperature without a display, a visual representation through graphs will come in handy. This type of display feature will allow you to multi-task appropriately without worrying about your food getting ruined.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose the perfect controller for my Big Green Egg?

You have to make sure that the controller you choose is compatible with your grill. Once the compatibility issue is out of the way, look out for some of the controller’s primary features.

For example, features like temperature, price, versatility, and user-friendly options should be your priority. These properties will hopefully help you to choose the proper device for your grill.

How should I install my controller for the grill?

Even though it varies from model to model, here is how you can take care of the necessary steps.

Prepare the installation of the fan where the vent of your grill is at. It may be near the top of the bottom portion, which depends on the grill model.

Then secure or pin the device at the position you like. You can plug in the adapter once that is over.

As soon as you plug in the unit, you will be able to set the temperature to your preferred need. You can also change that temperature easily.

What is the best temperature controller for big green egg?

While there are numerous controllers available, in our opinion, you can go for the PartyQ BBQ Big Green Temperature Controller. This device contains some excellent features like a proper temperature control system, digital thermometer probe, internal memory system, etc.

The most exciting and interesting thing about this device is that you will not have to worry about power shortage damaging the device. It has an internal memory system that resumes the cook when it left off as soon as the power comes back.

Do Big Green Egg controllers come with WiFi options?

Yes, many controllers have WiFi options available. You can connect the controllers to your phone, computer, TV, or even tablet. 

With such an alternative, you can connect the controller to other devices and check the graph of its cooking temperature. Furthermore, you can even set alarms so that you know when the time is up.

How can I control the temperature of my grill?

You can easily control the temperature by using the switches that come with the controller. They will allow you to increase or decrease the temperature depending on your need. At the same time, you can monitor the progress of the graph as you change it.

Final Words

If you like barbecuing, then getting a controller will be an excellent option for you. Unlike conventional grills, the remote-controlled ones will provide you superior features. No longer do you have to stand next to the grill, waiting to check if the food cooked through or not.

However, we understand how frustrating it may feel to pick one from a vast pool of choices. Hopefully, our review of the best temperature controller for big green egg will help you pick out the best, like the Flame Boss 500-WiFi Controller. You can leave it to do the hard work while you enjoy leisure time!

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