Flame Boss 500 Review

Flame Boss 500 Review | Worth It?

If you want to take your BBQ game up a notch or want better control of your grill or smoker, the Flame Boss 500 Wi-Fi smoker controller kit is just the thing for you.

The temperature controller will help you become a more skilled pit master by helping you control the temperature of your smoker and grill. The meat seems to get too hot or too cold all the time while you are smoking.

Normally, you need to spend the whole day around the house smoker. Every once in a while, small adjustments need to be made in the vents for them to remain at a consistent temperature.

This is where the Flame Boss 500 comes into play. The great thing about this device is that it controls the temperature so closely, usually within a few degrees. Especially helpful when using a Kamado-style cooker to cook low and slow.

The controller works well if you want to cook slowly over a long period of time. What we want to do in this Flame Boss 500 review is to really find out if it really is worth the price.

A Hands-On Look

Smoking meat and fish or meat have never been so easy. With Flame Boss, you can create mouthwatering dishes without the hassle of caring for your smoker 24/7. The starter kit includes everything you need. This removes any uncertainty that comes from smoking.

Having a quality temperature controller like this one will help you avoid ruining your cooking in front of your neighbors. Okay, so what exactly are we talking about?

Imagine yourself being able to relax while an assistant monitors virtually every aspect of your smoking session. I can't think of a better description than "cruise control for your smoker," which is the product's description.

Monitoring the temperature is not the only thing you can do with it. The Flame Boss 500-WiFi maintains a stable temperature inside the smoker. It is also possible to adjust the temperature according to your preferences.

Flame Boss 500-Wifi Smoker Controller Review

Flame Boss 500 Wifi Smoker Controller Review

Flame Boss 500 WiFi Smoker Controller enables you to do more than manage your fire with its WiFi technology.

This device is the perfect solution for those who like to set their kamado to run and then go about their business while it cooks. The FB500 allows you to go about your daily routine knowing that everything is going according to schedule.

How Does Flame Boss 500 Work?

How Does Flame Boss 500 Work

Using a variable-speed blower that connects directly into your grill's air vent, Flame Boss 500 controls the temperature in your smoker. A pit probe and meat probe are included with the kit. Three meat probes can be monitored with the FB500.

It is necessary to purchase additional meat probes if you need to monitor more than one meat. The high-temperature meat probe communicates with the Flame Boss, as does the high-temperature pit probe. When this happens, the blower adjusts airflow according to the temperature.

This will ensure that your desired temperature is maintained throughout your cooking process. Using the Flame Boss app, you can control all of this from at work, inside your home, or at the store, whatever your location may be.

Flame Boss 500 automatically maintains the temperature you need. Maintain a rock-steady temperature in your smoker by continually altering the airflow inside it.

What’s Included?

Let’s go ahead and see what you will get with your purchase. Just to keep it short, you will get a complete kit with everything included.

When you open the box, you will see the main Wi-Fi temperature controller, meat probes, a blower fan, probe cord organizers, grill adapters, and the rest of the cables.

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Flame Boss 500 Features

Flame Boss 500 Features

Smoked meat lovers will appreciate this product as it is specifically designed to satisfy their needs. Almost every style of smoker can be automated with the Flame Boss 500, which includes temperature monitoring as well.

You already know that by now. But it has some other nifty little features that make it stand out from its competitors. Let’s check them out.

Innovative Design

Whenever you want your smoker to run at a particular temperature, Flame Boss's variable-speed blower runs at the right speed.

Your food can be easily cooked precisely using patented temperature probes and the Flame Boss app. After your food has been cooked, Flame Boss can keep it warm and alert you when it is ready.

Variable Speed Blower

It increases the heat. It decreases the heat. It's just a matter of lighting the fire and adjusting the control. Imagine it like using cruise control on your smoker.

The variable speed produces precisely controlled temperatures unlike anything else on the market. Air intake can be regulated and controlled with this device. The blower can be activated when necessary.


A large 4-line backlit LCD display is built into this temperature controller. For increased legibility, the screen has a large 1" x 2.5" LCD with large font read-outs. There's not much more to say about this green backlit LCD monitor.

Its bright light allows you to read, even in pitch black. That's perfect for checking it overnight while smoking. As for the ports, there are six of them. It's much easier to navigate the menus if the screen is larger and has four lines.

For precise control, additional buttons are available. Despite not being weatherproof, the main control unit remains operational despite adverse weather conditions.


Flame Boss 500 has only four buttons on the front face. All the settings can be controlled and even the lines can be switched with a few buttons. The majority of these controls will be handled via the mobile app.

The Flame Boss mobile app for iOS and Android can control everything from Wi-Fi setup to pit temperature settings. You can even set an alarm for desired cook time and internal meat temperature. Get notified when your cook temperature is too high or low, or when your cook is finished.

Build Quality

It has nothing flashy about its appearance, but why should there? There are more 'industrial-looking controllers on the market, but it seems to work just fine and does everything it's supposed to, and I rather like its looks.

It is secured by a magnetic base. Its plastic housing seems to be sufficiently sturdy. However, I believe that a fall from a height will cause cracks.

Ease Of Use

You can easily set up your smoker's actual controller. Your choice of the smoker and which version you purchase will affect the process. Both are quick and easy, however.

As soon as you have the device set up, it becomes incredibly simple to use. There is a lot of information and options available on the mobile app and web browser, just as you would expect.

Flame Boss 500 is without a doubt an easy-to-use device. Getting the Wi-Fi to work with the product is the most difficult part. Depending on your router, this can be somewhat problematic.

Nevertheless, you shouldn't have any difficulties following the instructions should you follow them closely.

Accuracy & Speed

Temperatures appear to be updated/refreshed every 1 second when it comes to the speed of reading. You can use this for determining the internal temperature of meat or for measuring the temperature in a smoker.  As far as its accuracy goes, it is excellent.


For an effortless, hands-free cooking experience, use Flame Boss in tandem with your Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices! With a voice command, you can check your meat and pit temperatures, and alter desired settings. It also fits a wide variety of Kamado-style charcoal smokers and grills.

App Connectivity

You can monitor and control your smoke session with the Flame Boss 500 app, which is a fantastic feature. This allows you to check and adjust settings on your controllers all from your smartphone, no matter where you are as long as you have internet access.


The Flame Boss 500 comes with four different alarms. One for each of the temperature probes and meat probes. There's also one for measuring the pit's temperature.

If the temperature in your smoker reaches too high or too low an alarm will sound when the ambient temperature strays too far above or below the target temperature you set. It's probably a good idea to check out what's happening on that alarm if you hear it.

It is possible to set individual meat alarms for each probe, and there are three meat alarm options to choose from. As soon as your food reaches the target, the alarms go off and the temperature gets adjusted to prevent further cooking.


There is a variable countdown timer you can set from 0 to 24 hours in 15-second increments, and you can set it for any amount of time you like. As long as we cook to temperature, a timer isn't the most important feature, but it is still useful to have.


In the box, you get two probes - one to measure pit temperature and the other for measuring meat temperature. In order to use the additional meat probe ports, you will need to purchase two more probes separately.

A small alligator clip is on the end of the pit probe so it can easily be clipped on the cooking grate. Meat thermometers are slim probes with a small hook where they attach to the cables.

Modes Of Operation

Flame Boss 500 can be connected with your mobile app in three different ways. If you don't have a router, you can use a direct connection. In this mode, you will not be able to access history or account pages.

The second option is local connect, which is perfect for users without internet access who use a router. You will not be able to view account histories or the history of your account if you choose this option.

The last method is cloud-connected, which we recommend as long as you have internet access on both your phone and controller simultaneously. You can manage all the controllers you connect to through this mode. The history of your cooks is also accessible through this mode.

What I Liked About It

You can mount the bracket magnetically wherever you prefer. The design appears professional and functional without trying to be overly fashionable.

This app shows the current meat and smoker temperatures and the temperature you want, as well as the fan output level, on a large, easy-to-read display.

An intuitive and well-designed app for free download. Registration and set-up are simple. If you don't find your confirmation email in your spam folder, check your spam folder.

Things That Could Be Improved

Their only option for improvement would be to make their controller waterproof. If they could make it even water-resistant, then that would make a real difference.

Final Words

It is a great device all around. You just have to set it up and it will keep the set temperature until the smoker runs out of fuel. By using this, you can cook for several hours without checking the BBQ every so often. I highly recommend it.

And that concludes our article on the Flame Boss 500 review. Also, if you own a Flame Boss probe, the 500 is backward compatible, so if you already own one, you can keep using it.

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