How to Keep Pancakes Warm

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Many of you have probably already heard the phrase ‘cooking is an art’, and it truly is a form of art with which you can express your feelings and creativity. There are many elements and aspects that go into cooking, even when all you’re doing is making pancakes for the family on a Sunday morning.

Pancakes are food for the heart, which are extremely easy to make. Mix up a few things, and tadaa, it is complete. So the tough part isn’t making the pancakes, rather the difficult part is keeping the pancakes warm. Stick with me if you want to know how to keep pancakes warm.

Best Way to Keep Pancakes Warm For Long Time?

How to Keep Pancakes Warm

Here’s the entire process in detail for you.

1. Keep Pancakes Warm Using Aluminum Foil

Pancakes Aluminum Foil wrapping

One of the easiest ways is to use aluminum foil. You can place your freshly baked pancakes on a platter or a bowl, and then wrap them in an aluminum foil. However, sometimes the steam emitting from the pancakes can cause some issues.

As the steam has no way to escape, it condensates and makes the cakes soggy. So, considering the risk, this method isn’t the best way to keep your pancakes warm.

2. Using Pancake Warmer

Pancake Warmer

Now, it’s a method that’s not very well-known and certainly not my favorite. I’ll tell you why later.A pancake warmer is a bowl-type pottery that is meant to allow the cakes to retain heat without turning them soggy.However, it’s not very good at its job, and most of the time, the pancakes fail to remain warm. And that’s why I do not prefer a pancake warmer.

Things that you should take care for keep pancake warm.

1. Use the Right Ingredients

Whenever you’re making something, it is very important to make sure you are using the right and the best quality ingredients. Otherwise, you will see that the end product will not look, taste, and smell the same. And we do not simply eat our food; we also tend to smell and see it before we put it in our mouth.

Make sure you use the right quantity of egg, salt, sugar and flour in your mixture, as chances are your batter might end up being too runny or too thick, both are undesirable results, you want something in the middle.

So you should use a good mixer that will be batter to mix all your ingredients perfectly. Your pancake will come out differently, and the process of keeping it warm will be different as well.

And we should try to use measuring tools while cooking. This keeps everything in check and tasting good!

2. Keep an Eye on the Stove and the Cooking Time

Follow Cooking Time

Just as you should be mindful of what you are putting in the pancakes, you also have to keep a close eye on the flame you have had going on in your stove and how long you’re putting it on the heat. How the pancake is cooked will also end up having an effect on how warm it is going to stay.

Make sure to put it on medium heat and wait till you see bubbles at the top, then you know you can flip the pancakes. It’s really that easy.

3. Always Serve Frist One


When you are making a large batch of pancakes for your whole family, chances are some of the ones you made, in the beginning, are going to lose all their warmth by the time you are done making the last ones. Whoever eats those pancakes are not going to enjoy them as much as those who get the warm and freshly made ones.

So, your task here is to make sure everyone ends up having the same experience, and the pancakes are satisfying for all. For this, you need to keep them warm and soft!

You need to make sure to heat them in your oven; this will help keep your pancakes warm till you have prepared the rest and are ready to serve them on your table. All you really need to do is place them on a tray and leave them in an oven at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit or 93 degrees Celsius.

The temperature is just enough to make sure the pancakes inside are warm but is not high enough to actually overcook them. You just have to be a bit mindful that you have left the pancakes inside. If it is left inside for too long, then they might end up being a bit overcooked.

And finally, by the time you are done flipping the last pancake, all the ones you made before are still as hot as they would be if you just took them off the stovetop.

4. Don’t Layer the Pancakes

Don't Layer the Pancakes

Just like you should avoid microwave ovens for heating up the pancakes you made, the same way you must avoid stacking the pancakes on top one another when you put them inside the oven for keeping them warm.

What this will do is ruin the texture of your pancakes. When they are stacked on top of the other, they will lose the fluff and become very flat. That is not what you are looking for from your pancakes. So, single layers only!


The process of keeping your pancakes warm is not very difficult, you just need to remember what needs to be done at what time, and you will end up serving some warm, soft and delicious pancakes with some maple syrup to your friends and family.

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