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Best Pancake Spatula – Top 8 Model Reviewed & Buying Guide 2021

The science behind culinary art involves plenty of tricks and secrets. In fact, preparing the perfect cuisine requires a great deal of investigation. Many may assume a spatula is just a turner. However, that’s not the case.

As it happens, the versatility of a spatula determines several aspects while making pancakes or anything you plan to rustle up in your kitchen.

It turns out, finding the best pancake spatula not only aids in flipping your pancakes effortlessly but also helps with icing on baked goods.

And then there is the whole puzzle about getting the ideal spatula for non-stick cookware.

There is nothing as satisfying as flipping your omelets or pancakes early in the morning effortlessly. Let’s be honest; flawless tossing is a guilty pleasure to all.



Editor's Rating


HIC Harold Import Co. Dexter-Russell Pancake Turner

5 out of 5

Norpro Grip-EZ Flexible Pancake Spatula

5 out of 5

Professional Spatula Set 

4.5 out of 5

Chef Craft Select Stainless Steel Turner/Spatula

4 out of 5

EZ Premium Chef Series Round Flexible Large Spatula

4.5 out of 5

Our Recommended Best Spatula for Pancakes

How do you spot the best pick among the multitude of options available? Without a doubt, this search is no easy duty. Not to forget, everyone is a slave to laziness and procrastination. As a result, the tedious task is incomplete, and you get whatever comes first.

However, in the process, you do not attain the best product. For this reason, this article draws multiple top-rated pancake spatulas to curb your hassle.

1. HIC Harold Import Co. Pancake Turner

What is more rewarding than acquiring a product from the brand you trust? In the case of this option, the manufacturer’s centuries-old experience ensures a worthwhile outcome.

Witnessing the evolution of tossing pancakes and incorporating durable elements in the formation is what this company stands for. 

Most importantly, the subtle and intricate quality framework guarantees that you can hand down the turner to future generations, where they can lavish upon optimal flipping ability. Such criterion is hard to find in this era as most kitchenware is susceptible to rust and rupture over time.

Subsequently, the size of a pancake spatula is critical. On the one hand, a small spatula may increase the possibility of sustaining skin damage, while on the other hand, a large turner is hard to handle. This option has a dimension of 4-inch-by-2.5-inch, which is the ideal size of a spatula pancake turner.

Stainless steel is by far the most affordable yet sturdy choice for any product. The combination of carbon and chromium gives this particular product corrosion resistance along with the requisite toughness.

If anything, the high impact resistance property protects the spatula from sustaining irreversible damage.

Did you ever encounter the fateful repercussion of a broken spatula?

Even the best spatula for flipping pancakes eventually detach from the handle, which renders the product useless.

Predominantly, to avoid such situations, the makers incorporate two rooted rivets that fasten the walnut handle firmly with the remaining part of the spatula.

Highlighted Features:

  • Construction material is stainless steel
  • Two tightly fixed rivets
  • Highly durable
  • Size is 4-inch by 2.5-inch
  • Stylish looking spatula

2. Norpro Grip-EZ Flexible Pancake Spatula

Versatility is a major component while purchasing any product, even more so in the case of spatulas. Perhaps, a turner, which is superb for tossing pancakes, is not competent for other purposes such as applying frost on the cake. In that event, you need an all-purpose spatula that works for all tasks.

However, this option maintains all that with the addition of several more features. Consequently, the production company heavily emphasizes the satisfaction of users.

And for that reason, they ensure high-quality construction and cutting edge technology and innovation for utter convenience and user-friendliness.

Aside from durability, this best pancake spatula consists of a large and wide surface area for ease, proficiency, and comfort. In fact, the turner's size is 13.25-inch x 6.25-inch x 5-inch, which clearly showcases the broadness of the spatula.

On the other hand, the turner's framework composition encompasses stainless steel. This feature exhibits resistance to rusting and mechanical damage.

Fundamentally, the nylon top construction material not only protects the spatula from abrasion but also highlights high tenacity and compressive strength.

Unlike any other options, this brand focuses on reducing your stress and strain on your wrists.

This measure's accomplishment comes from Grip-EZ Santoprene tang's inclusion that ensures ergonomic grip with maximum stability and comfort.

More significantly, the spatula has a temperature resistance up to 410˚F.

Highlighted Features:

  • Resistant to corrosion, wear, and tear
  • High tensile strength due to nylon head formation material
  • Temperature resistance till 410˚F
  • Measurement of size is 13.25-inch-6.25-inch-5-inch
  • Firm grip due to ergonomic design

3. Anmarko Store Professional Stainless Steel Pancake Turner

What is better than buying one spatula? Nothing is better than purchasing a collection of items that allows you to do multiple tasks conveniently.

As it happens, the set in question provides you with one pancake turner, one grill turner, and a cleaning accessory known as a griddle scraper. Versatility is the topmost priority of the brand.

Primarily, this option is exemplary for those of you working in a restaurant. For any culinary artist, this professional-grade and top-of-the-line quality collection maintain exceptional functionality.

Not only that, but you can also efficiently use these best spatula for pancakes in your kitchen with maximum effectiveness.

On another note, the metal part of all the items incorporates stainless steel as the building block. Stainless steel has an incredible strength to weight advantage without disregarding properties such as high corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and high heat resistance.

Most importantly, the manufacturers keep the heavy-duty performance aspect in mind.

With the benefit of minimal dust and dirt accumulation on the metal surface, this long-lasting turner contains a width of only 0.25-inches. Concerning the handle, the grip on the wooden tang is remarkably comfortable and diminishes any chances of hand fatigue.

SIMILARLY, the rivets' incorporation ensures a secured and stable handle that can undergo daily usage without breaking apart. The beveled-edge of the spatula inclined downwards gives you the liberty to properly flip a pancake without any struggle.

Highlighted Features

  • Pancake flipper has a width of 0.25-inch
  • Stainless steel composition
  • Includes three cookware for convenience
  • Ergonomic and robust handle for comfort
  • Quick and easy flips due to beveled-edge

4. Chef Craft Select Stainless Spatula for Pancakes

The high-end spatula's satisfactory caliber depends on the creators' motive to deliver the users with comprehensive features and attributes. This specific pancake turner maintains a lightweight construction with an increased length for convenience and comfort in contrast to other choices.

Essentially, the composition material of any product holds the most significance. Regarding this particular pancake flipper, stainless steel's inclusion prevents moisture damage and supplies increased strength and durability.

Simultaneously, the plastic handle bestows support to your wrist and promotes agility.

While many of you tend to sustain blisters from damage associated with fire, however, this pancake turner keeps an extended distance from the pan for your safety.

The long 13-inch length of large pancake spatula eliminates the possibility of experiencing injuries affiliated with burns.

Subsequently, the longer length also imparts steadiness and stability. Moreover, the attenuated and slanted edges see to it that the spatula readily inserts itself under the pancake for successful flips.

Besides, the circular loop at the end of the handle lets you hang the spatula for easy storage.

Furthermore, compromise is not an option for this brand, as it includes the safe dishwasher tag.

This feature means that you will efficiently withstand the damage associated with high temperature and detergents during cleaning.

Without maintaining welding at various isolated points, the spatula's construction ensures a thorough and complete formation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Plastic handle promotes comfort
  • comprises of dishwasher-safe tag
  • Thin edges for easy and effortless flipping
  • Resists moisture damage with increased longevity
  • Incorporates an extended length of 13-inch

5. TENTA Kitchen Grip-EZ Premium Flexible Large Turner

Safety and protection from a hazard is the ultimate goal of this manufacturing company. As more and more people are becoming aware of the consequences of environmental degradation, many of you are opting for BPA-free products, just like this one in particular.

Additionally, after undergoing safety assessment, the nylon used in the structure is of outstanding quality that set the seal on water and abrasion resistance.

Elementally, the temperature resistance of the spatula goes up to 410°F. Above all, nylon turners, cleaned easily with warm water, are ideal for non-stick pans.

Apart from that, the head of the pancake spatula is wafer-thin with a generous amount of wideness. This attribute suggests that the flipper bents effortlessly and reaches underneath the pancake for flexile tossing and turning.

The measurement of this pancake spatula large consists of 14.5-inch by 6.3-inch, which has a unique circular shape excellent for omelets and pancakes along with tortilla and roti.

Furthermore, the plastic handle inclined slightly above maintains comfort at any cost. As a result, termination of hand fatigue is prevalent.

Among the abundance of exclusive properties, the ergonomic handle design with a 3.15-inch distance from the mouth of the spatula keeps your hand out of the pan’s reach.

As a consequence, you will not burn your skin and retain a safe distance from the pan. Your food will no longer crumple into pieces.

Highlighted Features:

  • Exhibits heat resistance up to 410°F
  • Super-thin and wide spatula head
  • Allows smooth flipping
  • Comfortable handle design with 3.15-inch distance
  • Confirms water and damage resistant

6. KitchenVIA Wide Spatula Turner

Pancakes are an essential part of daily life. Often, you are in a hurry in the morning. And in such dire moments, a suitable spatula saves plenty of time.

Even more crucial is a multi-purpose turner that allows you to flip more than one item, including quesadillas, crepes, bread, burger patties, and lasagna.

In the competitive market of the spatula, this brand stands out the most through its convenient framework. Chiefly, the beveled top end of this best pancake turner embodies a smooth glide action during flipping.

The dishwasher-safe design prevents damage sustained from high heat and prolonged exposure to water.

Accordingly, a broad surface blade will certify trouble-free execution. Considering this criterion, the producers present a vast surface area of 4-inch for further control while turning the food. With a steady hand, you can slide the leveled spatula weightlessly.

Heat resistant properties are a vital aspect in regards to comfort during usage. As for this cookware, the handle’s structure incorporates high-temperature resistance. Therefore, when you hold on to the handle, the handle will resist any heat transfer through conduction.

Moreover, the design of the handle stops it from sliding off your grip. All the more so, the inclusion of an anti-sticking layer over the metal surface of the spatula’s blade stands firm against scratch and scrape damage.

The metal factor further adds to the controllability and flexibility element of the pancake turner.

Highlighted Features

  • Spacious surface area of 4-inch
  • Non-stick metal surface
  • Slightly slanted edge for manageability
  • Multi-purpose spatula
  • Heat and slide resistant grip

7. Aschef 3in1 Stainless Steel Spatula Set for Flipping Pancakes

Your food habit is the primary source of sustenance for you. Hence, one must make sure to obtain all the health benefits adequately. With that in mind, this brand, famous for its slotted design, includes three all-purpose spatulas that clear away the residual oil and grease in your food.

Subsequently, the stainless steel blade perseveres in the face of rust and impact damage. These premium-quality pancake turners consist of a thin edge and let you turn over food in your kitchen stove, backyard-grilling session, and during baking.

The tang is as essential as any other part of a spatula’s framework. In fact, the manufacturers integrate ABS plastic in the handle for greater stiffness and strength in the grip. Moreover, the rubberized handle also maintains cleanliness through the prevention of rust and misshaping.

If you purchase this option, you will find a big slotted spatula with a length of 13.4-inches and a width of 3.1-inches.

This particular turner is supreme for omelets, patties, steak, and meat. On the other hand, the package also contains a fish spatula with the dimension of 13-inch by 2.8-inch.

This fish turner is ultra-thin and, as the title suggests, is ideal for fishes as well as meat. The flexibility aspect bodes well with the user, as it is easier to slide through the food. Regarding the scraper, the length is 11.4-inches, while the width is 1.9-inches.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes three cookware for multiple purposes
  • Slotted design comes with health advantages
  • ABS plastic handle
  • Rubberized grip eliminates rust
  • Stainless steel blade ensures strength and durability

8. Leonyo Store Metal Spatula Turner Set of 2

Have you ever had the misfortune of flipping a large fish and breaking the fishbone in the process? This phenomenon is quite natural if you do not own a good spatula. For this reason, this brand encompasses an exclusive fish turner that you cannot say no to.

Furthermore, considering the construction material, this metal pancake turner includes stainless steel, which highlights the water-resistance and aversion to mechanical damage.

Also, the tightly secured wooden handle fixed by three rivets promotes maximum manageability through a controlled grip.

Following that, the fish turner's ultra-thin, slanted edge gives you the liberty for stable and orderly flips. More significantly, the spatula is bent to some degree to slither under the fish or pancake. This superior-quality set of two flippers showcases suitability like no other option.

As a matter of fact, the gaps between the blades enhance health advantages by getting rid of excess grease. On account of blade thickness, the stainless steel material measures up to 1.5mm.

For further stability and comfort, the makers assure you with a grip handle that does not consist of any rough edges or ridges.

Concerning the cleaning dilemma, both the spatula is easily hand-washable as the composition elements are not adhesive to food and waste particles.

Moreover, the inclusion of S-shaped hooks helps for easy storage. Subsequently, one spatula is 12.4-inch in length, while the other is 11-inch.

Highlighted Features

  • Blade thickness is 1.5mm
  • User-friendly cleaning due to non-sticky layer
  • Wooden tang fixed tightly using three rivets
  • Slotted blade removes additional oil
  • Includes S-shaped hooks for storage

Comparison Table of Top 8 Pancake Turner



Slotted/Not Slotted

Temperature Resistance

HIC Harold

4" x 2.5"


Not provided ( Stainless steel construction, high resistance)


13.25" x 6.25" x 5"




4" x 8"


Not given but very high

Chef Craft

1.5" x 3" x 13"


Extremely high for stainless steel

Tenta Tenta

14.5” x 6.3”




4” x 4.5”


Unknown but intense resistance


13.4" x 3.1"
13" x 2.8"


Stainless steel assembly, withstands high

Pancake Spatula Buying Guide

Pancake Spatula Buying Guide

While some of you take spatula for granted, however, a suitable pancake turner's necessity is undeniable. In purchasing specific kitchenware to your preference, you need a thorough guide to refer to for knowledge about designated features and attributes.

So let's jump to the most crucial segment, without further ado.

Construction Material

There are numerous materials available for the composition of pancake turners. However, the formation elements depend on the type of cooking you do. For example, if you cook on a grill more often, then you need a metal spatula, specifically stainless steel.

Regarding grilling, the heat-resistive property of metal turners is essential. In fact, a metal spatula promotes maximum durability. Therefore, whenever you toss your pancake, there is no probability of breaking your cookware.

On the other hand, you need to tread carefully around a plastic spatula. Technological innovations have come up with ways to enhance the high-temperature resistance of plastic-based turners. Nevertheless, plastic construction material tends to melt more readily than metal.

What's interesting about plastic kitchenware is that it comes at a cost-effective budget, and the initial investment is minimal.

High-Temperature Resistance

As mentioned before, the heat resistance property of any kitchenware is the most crucial aspect.

Playing with fire is only possible if your object is fireproof. However, it is almost impossible to find a 100% fireproof spatula, but you can obtain maximum resistance if you are cautious.

The metal spatula is by far the safest option considering the ability to hold out against high temperatures.

Most importantly, you will no longer worry about your turner melting or catching on fire if you opt for a metal choice.

Ergonomic Edge and Design

There is no point in purchasing a product that does not slide smoothly underneath the pancake you are making. If anything, it is futile to buy something that does not correctly flip food, resulting in crumbles. Hence, for these reasons, you need inventive and efficient features that assist in flipping.

Consequently, spatula blades with slanted or beveled edges promote convenience while flipping and slide readily into the food.

Besides, an ultra-thin blade provides much more controlled movement than a thick and sturdy surface. Moreover, a slotted surface dispenses of extra grease.

Spatula Head Size

The size of the spatula is vital. You will realize your omelets break in half due to the reduced surface area to volume ratio if you ignore this criterion.

Hence, a vast and broad surface accommodates adequate food for proper flipping and diminishes the possibility of a food disaster.

Dishwasher Safety

If you think your best spatula for pancakes does not exhibit a dishwasher safety tag, then you are in for a series of difficulties. For instance, cleaning will become a hassle.

Maintaining safety precautions and preventing damage from prolonged exposure to warm water is only possible if your kitchenware is dishwasher safe.

Anti-Adhesive Property

Imagine handling spatulas that stick to all greasy and fatty food. This phenomenon results in difficult outcomes while tossing and turning the meals using the product.

At times like this, you may require the assistance of an anti-stick and slip-resistant spatula that smoothly and effortlessly guides you through meal preparation.

Ergonomic Handle

We do not really notice some features like the grip and handle as long as the overall rating and attributes of the product are top-notch. Hence, most of us end up with a strained wrist and fatigue after cooking an extensive meal for the family.

An insulated and non-skid spatula is the dream of all customers. Not only will the spatula protect you against intense heat, but it will also allow you to have a strong grip by avoiding uncomplicated situations.

Pancake Turner vs Spatula

One may think spatula and pancake turners are the same cookware. In fact, without close inspection, there are no visible differences between the two kitchen tools.

However, the application of spatula is wide and diverse, while a pancake turner is merely used for flipping and turning pancakes.

The usage of spatula differs from person to person. Some use it to spread frosting over cakes; others use it for scraping or lifting food items.

Nevertheless, a spatula can perform a wide range of tasks compared to a pancake turner. Put merely, spatulas are multi-purpose equipment used for multiple jobs.

A pancake turner is more reliable for turning patties, fillets, or tortillas. The process of lifting or tossing food is significant for uniform and even cooking on both sides of the food.

As a result, you will get a delicious outcome that is savory to all. Even more so, a spatula with several holes or slots in it is also known as turners.

Tips to Keep Clean Your Pancake Spatula

Tips to Keep Clean Your Pancake Spatula

Cleaning spatula is as crucial as any other kitchen task. If not cleaned properly, the germs and dirt accumulate, leaving behind an array of adhesive junk that comprises adverse effects.

Use Disinfectant

It is highly recommended to clean all your utensils after using them on food items if you do not want bacteria to spread to your meals. More significantly, flipping raw food with a pancake spatula means you are prone to sustain contamination.

Besides, to curb this issue, you must sterilize with warm water or use anti-bacterial agents that thoroughly eliminate bacteria and germs present on the spatula's surface.

Run with Hot Water

For this reason, you require a turner, which is dishwasher safe for rigorous and extensive cleaning. This feature makes certain the kitchen tools do not sustain damage from long subjection to high heat and cleanser.

As for the spatula, after washing with hot water and antiseptic soap, use a clean and dry cloth to remove the residual moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is nylon pancake turner safe to use?

Despite nylon maintaining a strong and tough exterior, there are still complications regarding nylon's heat-resistant properties. Unluckily, most nylon kitchenware is vulnerable to melting or fraying due to prolonged exposure to fire.

In fact, nylon consists of an adhesive exterior that may stick to food items. Therefore, unless the brand offers features that guarantee resistance to heat and showcase innovative attributes, your spatula is at risk.

What is the point of slots in spatula?

Slotted spatulas are a savior for those of you making greasy food daily. The slots help remove the excess oil and moisture that account for maximum health benefits.

Can you use a turner for frosting?

You can use a spatula for frosting but not a turner. A turner with slots will not allow you to spread the icing all over your baked food.

What happens if your wooden handle has ridges?

Unfortunately, if your pancake turner contains rough edges all over the handle, then your control over your grip will falter. As a result, you will have an uneventful experience while navigating your food with the turner.

Can I use plastic spatula on grill?

Absolutely not; using a cheap and poor-quality plastic spatula is not only hazardous but also nonsensical. Plastic spatula tends to melt quickly, and grills give off more heat than other forms of cooking.

Final Word

We have an exceptional liking towards a certain product, namely Anmarko Stainless Steel Pancake Turner.

In fact, we can rightfully speak on behalf of this multi-purpose option that there is no compromise on versatility.

Moreover, the beveled edge sets the record straight by providing unrivaled flexibility during functionality. We guarantee the pancakes will come out like they were done by a professional.

On the quest to find the best pancake spatula, this article brings forth the best pick available, keeping users' convenience in mind. There is no doubt you are on the verge of deciding your ultimate choice and enjoy the benefits that come along with it.

So, let's make haste and bring you the product you deserve.

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