Best Portable Butane Stove

Best Portable Butane Stove in 2022

If you're going on an overnight trip to the mountains, or camping at the seaside, you'll need a piece of sustainable cooking equipment that can provide you with hot drinks and meals throughout the entire experience.

A portable butane stove is a cooking device designed to be handy for such purpose. Not only this, but you can also utilize it for emergency purposes. But since there are a lot of products in the market, it is quite challenging to determine which one is the best portable butane stove for you.

In this review, we are going to discuss the leading models along with other information concerning the cooking equipment mentioned.



Editor's Rating


Coleman Portable Butane Stove

5 out of 5

Gas One GS-3400P Dual Fuel Portable Gas Stove

5 out of 5

Iwatani 35FW Butane Stove

4.5 out of 5

Coleman Triton 2 Propane Stove

4 out of 5

Gas ONE GS-1000 Portable Butane Gas Stove

4.5 out of 5

Benefits of Using Butane Stove

Owning a butane stove has a lot of benefits when it comes to camping. With its lightweight, portable, and compact construction, you can effortlessly pack and bring it anywhere with you. Here are more reasons why you should have one:

Less Hassle

Cooking food on site is no longer a hassle because it can evenly distribute the flame. It is also highly adjustable, allowing you to keep your food warm by setting it to a simmer or turn up the heat to boil water much faster. Even when the weather is windy, or the environment is wet, you can easily ignite its fire for use.

More Affordable and Less Toxic

Butane fuel is much more affordable and less toxic compared to propane. Although its flame is not as hot as the latter's, it is more cost-efficient. It can burn up to 12 percent more effectively than propane.


If you're worried that butane canisters will take up much space in your RV's pantry or cabinet, well, don't be. Since it mostly comes in 8-ounce containers, you can stack them with ease.

Flexible, Ideal for Both Indoors and Outdoors

You can also use these stoves indoors. If a power outage occurs, it comes in handy because you can still cook even without electricity. But keep in mind that it needs proper ventilation to ensure your safety since it is highly flammable.

Our Recommended Top 10 Best Portable Butane Stove

For your convenience and to avoid confusion, we have narrowed down the options to eleven top-notch butane stoves.

1. Coleman Portable Butane Burner

Make your on-the-go cooking experience more comfortable than ever with this portable butane stove from Coleman.

This product is perfect for any camping adventure. It only weighs 4.2 pounds and can be easily transported as it includes a sturdy carry case. Without any complicated steps, you can set it up quickly upon any outdoor tabletop.

What's impressive about this butane stove is its InstaStart ignition feature, enabling you to ignite the fire immediately without needing to use a match. Its single burner allows you to utilize cookware of up to 10 inches and can provide you 7,650 BTUs (British Thermal Unit) of cooking power.

You can cook your food with ease because the heat is readily adjustable, thanks to its rotating dial that allows precise control of temperature. The brand made sure to keep the base large to give you enough stability, and as a result, you can stir food efficiently.

Its porcelain-coated grate is durable and easy to clean. Additionally, you can enjoy its sleek look for several years because its aluminum burner is rust-proof. One container of an 8.8-ounce butane gas cylinder can last for about 1.25 hours if used at high heat, which is more than enough to fulfill your cooking needs.

As for the product's downsides, it doesn't do well in windy conditions because it has no windscreen for protection. Overall, the Coleman portable butane stove is a well-made product, the perfect partner for camping cookouts!

Highlighted Features:

  • InstaStart ignition.
  • Accommodates a 10-inch cookware.
  • Cooking power totals to 7,650 BTUs.
  • Large base for stability.
  • Adjustable burner.
  • Rust-proof aluminum burner.
  • Easy-to-clean porcelain-coated grate.
  • Includes a carry case.

2. Gas One GS-3400P Dual Fuel Lightweight Gas Burner

Get to enjoy life outdoors with this dual fuel gas stove from Gas One, a reliable product that will surely guarantee satisfaction.

One of the notable features of this unit is its compatibility with both types of fuel, butane and propane. It can effectively operate on a single 8-ounce butane cartridge or a 16.4-ounce propane cylinder.

You can enjoy camping and backpacking more because this unit only weighs 3.1 pounds, which means you don't have to struggle carrying it in your bag for several hours.

Lighting a gas stove using a match or lighter can sometimes be bothersome. The good news is this product features a piezoelectric ignition, in which you can access the flame easily without needing to use such a tool/device.

To avoid slipping and for additional support, the brand made sure to integrate non-slip rubber legs as part of its construction. With this, you can stir and flip without any hassle. It also allows you to cook your food fast as it offers an adequate amount of output at 8,000 BTUs.

Butane is a highly flammable gas that can cause potential harm and accidents, which is why this product has safety features.

When it detects an irregular flow of gas, it automatically shuts off. Additionally, it has a built-in cartridge ejection system that rejects the butane canister whenever unusual gas pressure is recognized.

Coming to its setbacks, it may need an additional windbreak feature to withstand a powerful breeze. Also, the canister is quite hard to lock in place. But still, choose to fuel your thirst for the outdoors with Gas One portable gas stove, a well-made product that is worthy of your trust.

Highlighted Features:

  • Butane and propane-compatible.
  • Non-slip rubber legs.
  • Piezoelectric ignition.
  • Sensor cartridge ejection system.
  • Automatic shut-off safety feature.
  • Easy-to-use adjustable heat dial.
  • Provides an output of 8,000 BTUs.

3. Iwatani 35FW Butane Stove

Are you looking for high-power cooking equipment? Then this product is for you. The Iwatani butane stove will impress you with its capabilities, without a doubt.

When it comes to cooking outdoors, the wind is one of your worst enemies since it can put the flame off in an instant. Luckily, this unit has a built-in double windbreaker feature that keeps the fire burning even when a breeze passes by.

Durable materials make up its construction. The brand used solid brass for its burner and aluminum for its body structure. With this, be assured that it will remain sturdy and reliable for several years.

The best thing about this butane stove is that you can cook a wide variety of food because it can deliver up to 15,000 BTUs per hour. It also uses piezoelectric ignition to eliminate the use of lighters and matches for your convenience.

This product offers a lot of safety features to ensure your security while cooking. It automatically shuts off and extinguishes fire once it detects that the pressure in the canister is increasing to unsafe levels. And it also has a magnetic lock system for added safety and ease of connection.

However, there are some issues regarding this model. It has no manual lever to detach the canister from the stove. Also, its piping can potentially get clogged upon further use.

Nevertheless, it is still an excellent product suitable for demanding needs, so make outdoor cooking a breeze with Iwatani’s stove.

Highlighted Features:

  • Aluminum-made construction.
  • A high-power 15,000 BTU stove.
  • Magnetic locking system for safety and ease of connection.
  • Automatic safety stop.
  • Ignition is piezoelectric.
  • Built-in double windbreaker.
  • Carry case included.

4. Coleman Triton 2 Propane Stove

Coleman Triton 2 Propane Stove

Upgrade your outdoor cooking experience with this Triton 2 propane stove, a product that surely deserves to be recognized.

This model has two separate burners that can be independently adjusted using the easily accessible dial. Both of them are capable of cooking with 11,000 BTUs of power each, which results in 22,000 BTUs in total.

It also features a unique cooking surface that can accommodate a 10-inch pan and a 12-inch pan at the same time; impressive, right? With this, you can surely make outdoor meals in no time.

The weather outside is certainly unpredictable, but don't worry because it cannot hinder your camping experience because of its PerfectFlow pressure control technology. It works by keeping the heat constant and steady, even when exposed to extreme conditions.

Not only this, but it also has WindBlock panels that help prevent the wind breeze from putting out the flame. Additionally, these blockages adjust if ever you need to use larger cookware.

Cleaning this stove is not a hassle. You can remove its chrome-plated grate for a quick and easy cleanup. Also, it has a heavy-duty latch that keeps the lid secure until you need to use the product again.

As for the drawbacks, its adjustable dials are less sensitive and not that durable compared to other models. There's definitely a lot more to love than hate about this product. Give Coleman propane stove a chance to make every moment count.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wind block panels to shield off the wind.
  • Accommodates various pan sizes.
  • PerfectFlow technology for efficiency and consistent performance.
  • Chrome-plated grate cleans easily.
  • Two independently adjustable burners.
  • Total cooking power of 22,000 BTUs (11,000 per burner).

5. Gas ONE GS-1000 Lightweight Butane Stove

Gas ONE GS-1000 Lightweight Butane Stove

The next product on this list is from one of the most trusted butane stove brands in the market, GS-1000 butane gas stove is here to impress you with its premium performance.

At a weight of 3.1 pounds, you can enjoy cooking, anytime, anywhere. You can easily transport it as it comes with a durable carrying case, making it ideal for camping, as a home emergency kit, etc. If you're a first-time user of a butane stove, you have nothing to worry about because it is easy to use.

There's no more hassle when it comes to ignition because this model has a piezo-type electric starter, which promotes convenience since you no longer have to use a match or lighter to ignite the fire.

The brand claims that this model is the most fuel-efficient butane stove in the market because, at 7,650 BTU, you can boil water quickly compared to its competitors. Also, while giving you a clean and efficient burn, it operates quietly.

Of course, the brand made sure to equip this model with an automatic shut-off feature and a built-in cartridge ejection system. Aside from this, it has a safety lever that helps ensure that the placement of the canister is correctly set. This mechanism locks it securely to avoid any leakage.

However, according to some users, the burner is quite weak in producing flame even though it is fuel-efficient. Still, with its features, the GS-1000 portable butane gas from Gas ONE is indeed one of the best butane stoves in the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • 7,650 BTU heat output.
  • Claims to be the most fuel-efficient butane stove.
  • Portable and easy to use, operates quietly.
  • Piezo-type electric starter.
  • Automatic safety shut-off feature.
  • Built-in cartridge ejection system.
  • Safety lever to prevent leakage.

6. Gas One GS-3900P New Dual Fuel Portable Burner

Gas One GS-3900P New Dual Fuel Portable Burner

Gas ONE has never failed in producing high-quality products to fulfill your cooking needs. The GS-3900P dual-fuel portable stove will level up your camping experience, for sure.

It only weighs 4.2 pounds, which is considerably light, perfect for backpacking, camping, and even emergencies. The package includes a carrying case that allows you to transport it easily from one place to another. And because it’s compatible with butane and propane, you can choose the fuel that suits your preference.

You can now light the fire with ease because this model has piezoelectric ignition that eliminates the need for using matches and lighters. This product has a BTU rating of 15,000. With this, you can efficiently cook any meal for you and your companions.

Its thermal conductive plate keeps the heating ability of the butane fuel cartridge constant and stable. It also helps eliminate left-over fuels.

As always, the brand never forgets to add the non-slip rubber legs, automatic shut-off feature, and the cartridge ejection system to its products. In addition to this, the stove has four heavy-duty blockers for protection against the wind.

There are only a few negative remarks about this model. One is that its case is not as durable as expected. Also, the cooking area cannot fit large cookware. Nonetheless, the GS-3900P dual-fuel portable stove is a well-made product with excellent value for money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Number of BTUs is at 15,000.
  • Compatible with butane and propane.
  • Uses piezoelectric ignition.
  • Cartridge ejection system.
  • Automatic shut-off feature.
  • Thermal conductive plate.
  • Four heavy-duty wind blockers.

7. Camplux Dual Fuel Camping Stove

Camplux Dual Fuel Camping Stove

Enjoy your family time with the Camplux camping stove, your ideal partner for saving time and effort as you make delicious food outdoors.

Travel to your favorite camping spot with ease because this unit only weighs 3.53 pounds. To provide additional convenience, the brand made sure to include a carry case along with the main product.

One of its notable features is that it is butane and propane compatible. It operates using either an 8-ounce butane canister or a 16.4-ounce propane tank. A single container of butane can burn up to 2 hours of continuous use at high heat, not bad, right? With this, you can cook more efficiently and effectively.

JK-5310 provides adequate power at 7,200 BTUs per hour to fulfill your cooking needs. Aside from this, you no longer have to wait for a long time because it heats up in just 5 seconds. Also, there are no tools required to ignite the fire because it uses piezoelectric ignition.

Cooking during a windy day can potentially extinguish the flame; luckily, it has windshields for protection. To ensure your safety, it has a built-in canister ejection system and an overpressure protection device.

One common complaint regarding this model is it's not that durable, and some users even experienced leakage. But still, this dual fuel camping stove from Camplux deserves to be recognized as one of the best portable butane stoves made.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heat output reaches to 7,200 BTU per hour.
  • Piezoelectric ignition.
  • Easy to clean and operate.
  • Dual fuel design.
  • Equipped with safety protection.
  • Anti-wind design.

8. Gas One GS-2000 Dual Fuel Double Portable Stove

Gas One GS-2000 Dual Fuel Double Portable Stove

Are you looking for a compact stove that is capable of cooking two meals at the same time? Look no further because the Gas One GS-2000 stove is the perfect addition to your family picnic or camping trip.

This unit's construction is stainless steel-made that can effectively hold the weight of your cookware while being used. Cleaning is not a problem because you can wipe the surface quickly without much hassle.

You have access to two burners that provides up to 8,000 BTU each, which totals 16,000 BTUs. With this, you can cook more efficiently. Thanks to its dual-fuel feature, you can either choose an 8-ounce butane canister or a 16.4 propane tank for operation.

Matches and lighters are no longer needed to start the flame because it uses piezoelectric ignition, promoting convenience. Also, whenever it detects an irregular flow or pressure of the gas, it automatically shuts off to prevent accidents. In addition to this, it also comes with a built-in cartridge ejection system.

As for the downsides, it may not be suitable for backpacking because it weighs 10 pounds, which is quite heavy to carry. Aside from this, its auto-ignition feature may not work effectively, requiring you to do it manually.

Own a unit of Gas One's GS-2000 stove because you will surely not be disappointed with its performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual fuel function.
  • Heat output reaches up to 16,000 BTUs, 8,000 each burner.
  • Automatic ignition.
  • Auto safety shut off feature.
  • Built-in cartridge ejection system.

9. Camp Chef Butane Single Burner Stove

Camp Chef Butane Single Burner Stove

Get to cook hot meals anytime, anywhere with Camp Chef's single burner stove. You will certainly enjoy the outdoors more with this as your cooking partner.

Its lightweight and compact construction makes it ideal for overnight trips and even during emergencies. The product weighs at only 5 pounds, which is considerably light for travel.

For additional convenience, the brand made sure to include a durable carry case. With this, you can bring the stove from one place to another with ease.

Keep your lighters and matches at home because this model automatically starts flame, thanks to its piezoelectric ignition feature. It has a total heat output of 8,000 BTUs, allowing you to cook a variety of food or boil water efficiently. Also, its heat controller takes inspiration from appliances at home for easy adjustments.

When it comes to cleaning, you don't have to tend to the product much often since it is low maintenance. You can clean its porcelain drip tray quickly and easily.

Some users are quite disappointed by the product's quality. It is not as durable as they've expected. Nonetheless, Camp Chef's burner stove is a good option if you're shopping with a tight budget and want an adequate level of performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Total heat output is at 8,000 BTUs.
  • Matchless ignition.
  • Has an easy-cleanup porcelain drip tray.
  • Lightweight and compact construction.
  • Storage case included.

10. Gas One GS-8300 Foldable Portable Stove

Gas One GS-8300 Foldable Portable Stove

To conclude the list, we have a unique and versatile product from Gas One. The GS-8300 foldable portable stove will surely keep you happy and content for several years.

Yes, you've read it right; this model has a foldable construction. Because of this unique design, you can store its parts easily without taking up too much space. With portability, convenience, and versatility in mind, the brand specially made it for backpackers and campers.

Its weight is only at 4 pounds, and it’s just about the size of a 32-ounce water bottle. But, do not underestimate its capability to perform your cooking needs. It can reach up to 8,000 BTUs of heating power.

You can automatically access flame because it utilizes piezoelectric ignition, which eliminates the need for using tools. In addition to this, it has a long-lasting push and turn knob that helps prevent accidents. And of course, it has an automatic shut off feature just like the other models under the brand.

This Spyder stove has a durable brass burner head, coated with an easy-to-clean enamel finish. There are also ventilation holes as part of its construction to avoid overheating, keeping you safe at all times. It has engraved grooves that effectively support cast iron pots, and kettles more effectively.

According to some users, its auto-ignition didn't work. Others also find it a little heavy for backpacking. But without a doubt, the GS-8300 will surely enhance your overall outdoor experience with your friends or family.

Highlighted Features: 

  • Gives off power up to 8,000 BTUs.
  • Portable and convenient.
  • Auto-ignition feature.
  • Automatic safety shut off feature.
  • Foldable body structure.
  • Built-in push and turn knob.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Butane Stove

Product Name

Total BTU

Number of Burners

Weight (lbs.)

Dual Fuel






Gas One GS-3400P





Iwatani 35FW





Coleman Triton 2





Gas One GS-1000





Gas One GS-3900P





Camplux Dual Fuel Camping Stove





Gas One GS-2000





Camp Chef





Gas One GS-8300





Portable Butane Stove Buying Guide

In order to determine the right butane stove for your personal use, here are some of the aspects you need to analyze before purchasing.

British Thermal Unit (BTU) Output

The first thing you should consider when choosing a butane stove is its BTU rating. Here's what you should always remember, the higher it is, the faster the stove heats. It also serves as an indication of how long the flame will last.

If you have to cook for a prolonged time using high heat, choose a stove that is higher in BTU. For less demanding cooking needs, you can opt for a product with a lower BTU number. As recommended, a butane stove with 7,000 BTUs is more than enough to get the job done.

Safety Features

Most butane stoves possess safety features to avoid explosions and accidents. It would be best if you'll choose a unit that has an automatic shut-off system to prevent such situations.

Manufacturers integrate pressure sensors into their products to detect if there's too much fuel traveling through the line. When this happens, the stove automatically shuts down.

Since gas leaks are a common issue when it comes to owning a butane stove, there are also safety features to avoid this from occurring. Look for a product that possesses this feature for additional protection.

Quality of Construction

You should select a product that has a durable construction since you'll probably be utilizing a butane stove outdoors. Exposure to varying temperatures and external factors can cause rust, corrosion, and scratches to its structure.

Most brands apply a tough coating to ensure that their products will be free from such damages. Also, make sure to select a stove with an easy-to-clean surface for convenience.

Number of Burners

Butane stoves can either have a single burner or a double burner. With this, you can freely choose which kind is the best butane burner, suitable for your need.

Units with single burners are very easy to setup. And they are usually more lightweight, compact, and portable. However, it can only accommodate one cookware at a time.

On the other hand, stoves with double burner designs are more versatile and convenient because you can cook two things at the same time. These are much suitable for use in RV or campervan cooking.

Efficiency of Fuel

Always opt for a product that can benefit you in the long run. A butane stove with long-lasting flame durations is more efficient in using fuel. Also, make sure that the unit you prefer is capable of preventing the breeze or air currents from diminishing the BTU output.

Top 4 Butane Stove Brands on the Market

Here we have provided some of the necessary information regarding the top four butane brands in the market today.

Gas One

Affordable and reliable products are what Gas One aims to provide. And because they pay attention to the littlest details when it comes to their creations, no wonder why most of the butane stoves that dominate the market are from this company.

More than anything else, they give their full effort and ability to serve the community.


Coleman is one of the leading brands when it comes to producing top-notch butane stoves. It all started from gas-powered lanterns to camping stoves, until finally, they have designed various outdoor necessities such as sleeping bags, tents, and a lot more.

For 120 years, the company continued to innovate and improve their products, so do not hesitate to trust and rely on them.

Iwatani Corporation of America

For the past 30 years, Iwatani never failed when it came to providing premium-quality cooking products, ceramics, industrial gases, chemicals, metals, electronics, etc. With constant product development and market research, their butane stoves only get more reliable and better over time.


CAMPLUX Outdoor designs its products based on three key elements, innovation, energy-saving, and portability. It is truly evident in the quality and performance of their butane stoves that these are its core. With this, it only guarantees happiness and satisfaction to the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use a butane stove indoors?

Butane is colorless and extremely flammable. This gas produces carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide when burned. To answer the question, yes, it is safe to use a butane stove indoors as long as there is proper ventilation.

Should I use butane or propane for BBQ?

It is a matter of preference. But just to compare, butane can give about 12 percent more energy compared to propane even if the same gas volume was burned. This is one of the reasons why butane is popularly used in BBQs.

How long can one butane canister last?

A regular 8 oz. butane canister can last for up to 4 hours at a simmer and burn for about 2 hours if used at high heat.

Can butane gas explode?

Because it is a highly pressurized and flammable gas, butane can explode if used in a wrong manner and if it's exposed to immense heat.

Are butane and propane regulators the same?

Compared to a butane cylinder, propane gas cylinders contain higher pressure. So, it is important to remember that their regulators are not interchangeable because of the different connections and design pressures.

Final Words

Butane stoves are indeed necessary when it comes to engaging ourselves with the outdoors. Hopefully, now that you have enough knowledge regarding the leading products in the market and the factors you need to consider before buying best portable butane stove, you are able to make a confident and sure decision.

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