Best Pan for Pancakes

Best Pan for Pancakes in 2022 | Top 10 Picks by An Expert

Pancakes are as American as it gets. Quick, Easy, and Tasty. Everything you need to make your mornings perfect.

Most people love it because you can easily make it tasty just by getting the ratios of the ingredients right. You don't need much cooking skill. But that is only true when you have the best pan for pancakes.

Without the right pan, you can end up either gluing the batter onto the pan or burning the pancakes. You might also don't want to wrestle with a bulky pan to make those simple breakfasts.

Don't ruin your day!

We have the market leading pancake pans of every type here. Pick one from them or take the help of our guide to make your choice.



Editor's Rating


Nordic Ware Silver Pancake Pan

5 out of 5

Norpro Nonstick Stuffed Pancake Pan

5 out of 5

Goodful Aluminum Square Griddle Pan

4.5 out of 5

GOTHAM STEEL Nonstick Double Pan

4 out of 5

Cook N Home 10.25'' Crepe Pancake Pan

4.5 out of 5

The Benefits of Using the Correct Pan

Benefits of Using the Correct Pan

Heavy-bottomed cast iron skillets can be used to make pancakes. Some also use heavy frying pans. You can be confused about what pan to use for pancakes. Let us tell one thing; these pans aren't ideal for making pancakes.

The cooking surface of iron skillets isn't that smooth. So, food particles easily stick to it. You need to use a generous amount of oil or butter for cooking food on it. Heavy-bottomed pans also take longer to heat up.

So, pans specially made for frying pancakes are the ideal choice here. These pans are often thinner and made of cast aluminum.

As a result, they conduct heat quickly and heat up the pan faster. These pans are also flatter than traditional frying pans. So, there will be no hotspot on the pan to burn certain spots of your pancake.

Some pancake pans have designed molds so that you can bring variation to your dining table. The nonstick coating of pancake pans is crucial to have a good flip without the trouble of sticking.

These pans usually have a long plastic or rubber handle to resist the heat. You can comfortably hold the pan while making pancakes or crepes.

Reviews of the 10 Best Pan for Pancakes 2022

Let's introduce you to some of the top pancake pans available in 2021. Check our detailed review to know how these pans perform and make your daily life easier.

1. Nordic Ware Scandinavian Silver Pancake Pan

Forget cooking pancakes one at a time. Nordic Ware pancake pan allows you to cook 7 pancakes at the same time to cope with your busy life.

This heavy-bottomed pan for making pancakes is made of cast aluminum. As a result, heat will be evenly distributed throughout the pan to give your pancakes the desired golden brown color.

The inside of the pan is coated with non-stick material. So, flipping pancakes will be effortless. No matter what pancake recipe you use, every pancake will come out perfectly cooked.

Make sure you don't use a hard scrubber to wash the pan. Otherwise, the non-stick coating can be damaged. As this is a flat pan, you can use it on an induction cooker too.

An ergonomic handle is firmly attached to the pan. So, you can easily handle the pan while cooking. The handle is also sturdy enough to withstand the hassles of daily cooking.

You can make 3-inch pancakes with this pan. The size may seem small, but the number of pancakes at one go compensates for that. Making healthy pancake recipes for your family is now easier than ever with the best pancake pan from Nordic Ware.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-bottomed cast aluminum construction
  • Even heat distribution
  • Longer lasting non-stick interior
  • Cooks seven pancakes simultaneously
  • Sturdy and ergonomic handle

2. Norpro Nonstick Aebleskiver Pancake Pan

This pancake frying pan from Norpro is for making pancakes with any twist you can imagine. The rounded slots allow you to use different fillings or topping in your favorite pancake recipe.

Non stick pan for pancakes is mostly made of cast aluminum, and this pan is no exception. The light-bodied pan gets hot quickly as aluminum is a good heat conductor. And the heat gets evenly spread for even cooking.

There are seven dips on this pan for making pancakes. These dips are about 2.75 inches deep so that you can fill your pancake with your favorite filling. You can use both sweet and savory filling or toppings in your pancakes without any problem.

The ergonomic handle is seven and a half inches long, so your hands stay far away from the heat. And the hard plastic handle will never burn your palm while cooking.

We love how lightweight the pan is even after being so thick. Though the bottom part is hollow, the round edge of this pan gives it a stable base to use on any type of cooker.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can make stuffed pancakes, that too seven at once
  • Quick heat up and even heat distribution
  • Long, ergonomic, heatproof handle design
  • Durable construction

3. Goodful Aluminum Non-Stick Square Griddle Pan

Tired of eating those same round pancakes for years? Take this square flat frying pan for pancakes and make any design of your choice to turn eating into fun for your kids.

The bottom of this pancake skillet is made of aluminum. Because of those large aluminum rings at the bottom, the skillet heats up quickly and evenly. So, you get evenly colored pancakes no matter where you put the pancake batter.

As there is no dip on this 11-inch pan, you can be as creative as you want. The top of the pan is double-coated with PFOA-free non-stick material. And the pan comes with a large nylon spatula to turn pancakes effortlessly.

This low-profile pan doesn't only cook perfect pancakes; it adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen. The long handle is coated with heatproof plastic, and it feels soft to the touch. You can easily slide the pan into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Due to the low profile design, the pan will take less storage space. Though this square griddle pan is heavier than most other pans for cooking pancakes, you can use this durable pan for years.

Highlighted Features

  • Slim and low profile design
  • Large surface area
  • PFOA-free nonstick top
  • Long riveted handle

4. GOTHAM STEEL Nonstick Omelets Pancake Pan

If there were anything like World Strong Pan Championship, this tough pan from GOTHAM STEEL would be at the top. And that aqua blue color is so soothing! Cooking pancakes will be more fun than ever with this nonstick pan.

The core of this pan is made of high-grade aluminum. Then comes the triple-layer ceramic coating with a combination of diamond and titanium, two of the world's strongest materials.

As a result, the pan is very durable. It won't get scratched so easily even after using metal utensils. The most interesting part is its double-dome design. So, you don't even need to use a spatula to flip pancakes.

You can simply flip the whole pan with one hand. As the cooking surface is coated with reinforced ceramic, pancakes or other food will easily slide off the pan.

Both the handles are covered with heat-resistant rubber. So, handling the pan is very convenient even when the pan is extremely hot. As the pan has a bit of depth, you can use it for cooking other foods too like dosa. The nonstick coating is free from harmful chemicals like PFOA.

It's dishwasher safe, hazard-free, durable, and beautiful to meet your pancake craving for years.

Highlighted Features:

  • Double dome design
  • Tripple layer nonstick ceramic coating
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Scratchproof cooking surface
  • Can be sued for a variety of cooking

5. Cook N Home Nonstick Heavy Crepe Pancake Pan

Want a sleek yet sturdy pancake fry pan? Cook N Home brings this large griddle pan to cook pancakes or crepes of your choice with the least hassle. No funky design, no dazzling colors. Just a simple and effective pan in plain black.

This pan is made of heavy-gauge aluminum, like most other pancake skillets. Aluminum transfers heat faster, so the pan will be ready in just a few moments. The pan is more than 10 inches in diameter, so you can cook either a large pancake or several small pancakes, whatever you wish.

Both the top and the bottom surface of the pan is completely flat. The bottom part has no coating, but the top layer is coated with nonstick materials to make your cooking easier. You can easily flip your pancakes or crepes with a spatula even when there is no butter or oil on the pan.

As no food sticks to the pan, cleaning is also very easy. It's also dishwasher safe. But don't use the pan in an oven. The long handle is riveted with the pan. Unlike many other pans, those rivets are also in black to give the pan a seamless look.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large cooking surface
  • Flat top and bottom
  • Thick metal construction
  • Slim and lightweight

6. Emoji Non-stick Smiley Face Pancake Griddle Pan

Looking for a twist in your boring old pancakes. This nonstick griddle pan has 7 emoji faces that can make your morning a lot better. If you have kids at home, this is the choice for you because it has everything else you want in a pancake pan.

This aluminum pan is 10 inches in diameter. You can make 7 emoji pancakes at a time, but they will be small in size. The bottom of the pan is hollow. And each slot has a circular pattern at the bottom for even heat distribution.

The handle is an extended part of the pan with a heat-resistant coating. It's also contoured on the edges for a comfortable grip. A hole is punched at the end of the handle so that you can hang it on the wall hook after use.

Due to the durable PTFE-free nonstick coating, each pancake will come out smoothly. Moreover, the smiley prints also make flipping easier. The thick pan weighs a bit more than flat pancake pans, but that's what makes them more durable than other pans in the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Seven emoji designs to make beautiful pancakes
  • Cast aluminum build
  • Long, contoured handle
  • No sticking and easy cleaning

7. ESLITE LIFE Nonstick Flat Pancake Skillet

Have you ever seen such an aesthetically pleasing griddle pan for pancakes? We haven't seen either. This sleek 11-inch pan is not only perfect for cooking pancakes, but you can also cook a lot of other recipes.

The base of this pan is made of heavy-gauge cast aluminum. As a result, the pan is highly resilient to breaking. Both the top and the bottom surfaces are completely flat for even cooking. As a result, you won't burn your pancakes here and there.

Can we just take a moment to praise the beautiful granite exterior of the pan? This nonstick coating is so effective that you can pull out perfect pancakes, crepes, or other similar dishes every time.

Also, the nonstick coating is free from PFOA and other hazardous chemicals; you will be eating healthier. Then comes the amazing Bakelite handle that resembles dark wood.

The handle is slightly tilted upward for better ergonomics. Slightly rounded edges of the handle will let you hold the heavy 11-inch pan comfortably, even when cooking a lot of pancakes.

From material to size, from beauty to price, this is the best skillet for pancakes in all terms. A must-have item in a modern kitchen.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large, flat cooking surface
  • Textured nonstick coating with
  • Made of heavy-gauge aluminum
  • Sleek and aesthetic design
  • Ergonomic handle

8. FRUITEAM Nonstick Griddle Pan

Bored of seeing a black pancake cooking pan in your kitchen? Bring a fresh vibe in the kitchen with this mint blue multi pancake pan from FRUITEAM. It has a beautifully textured top layer for making seven pancakes at a time.

This pan has an aluminum alloy construction that makes the pan highly durable. Over the core, PFOA-free nonstick coating prevents your pancakes from sticking to the pan. So, there will be no hassle of scraping the food residue and damaging the pan.

The whole pan is about 10.5 inches in diameter. But the pancakes you can make on this pan will be just over 3 inches in diameter. Though this griddle is thinner than most of its competitors, it weighs a bit more.

But that extra weight won't be uncomfortable due to the curved Bakelite handle. The handle isn't riveted to the pan, so no food residue will be stuck in crevices. If you look closely, there is a small dip to place your thumb so that you get a firm grip of the pan.

Thinking about such small things and going that extra mile is what makes this pan stand out.

Highlighted Features:

  • Textured nonstick coating
  • No warping even on high heat
  • Excellent and even heat conduction
  • Simple and ergonomic handle design
  • Stain-resistant cooking surface for easy cleaning

9. EZJOB Pancake Pan for Kids

Mini Pancakes Maker - Animal Pancake Maker

Froom goofy cats to cute dinosaurs, cook pancakes in different designs for your kids with this mini pancake pan. One thing for sure, your kids will be more attracted to their breakfasts than ever.

EZJOB pancake frying pan is made of cast aluminum. It's 10 inches in diameter and houses 7 pancake molds. So, you can cook breakfast faster for your school-going kids.

A double layer coating complements the aluminum base for easy flipping. The nonstick coating is free from PFOA and other hazardous chemicals to keep your food healthy.

You can use this versatile pan on different cooktops. But this wouldn't be the best choice for induction cookers. When cooking pancakes on this pan, keep an eye on the flame as extremely overheating the pan can damage the top coating.

The beefy pan incorporates a heat-resistant handle that stretches enough for you to hold it safely. As there are no rivets on the handle, the overall look of the pan is elevated to give it a modern touch.

Remember, you shouldn't use any metal utensils on this pan. Nylon or Silicone utensils will work fine and protect the nonstick coating of the pan.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multiple pancakes with animal designs
  • Sturdy aluminum base
  • Durable nonstick coating
  • Easy flipping with no food residue
  • PFOA free

10. Cainfy Nonstick Pancake Pan for Pancakes

If you don't like those 3-inch pancakes, try this pancake pan to make larger pancakes or crepes to satisfy your palette. It measures almost the same as regular pancake pans but has 4 wells to cook 4-inch pancakes.

The pan looks slim from the sides as it is only half an inch thick. Cast aluminum is common in pancake pans, and this pan has the same. Aluminum is a great heat conductor to heat up the pan faster. But keep a close eye because this pan can heat up quickly. Never smoke the pan to make it last longer.

It has a patterned bottom that can sit on almost any cooktop. So, you can place the pan on induction cookers without worrying much. The pan is also safe to slide into an oven or dishwasher.

For hassle-free cooking, the top surface has a 3-layer ceramic coating. There will be no harmful chemicals in the coating so that you can cook food safely for yourself and your family.

The pan kind of looks like iron skillets, but your pancakes will come off very easily. Don't use any harsh utensils or scrubbers. It will undermine the longevity of the pan.

The Bakelite handle perfectly matches the look and is heat-resistant. Cainfy is the best pan to cook pancakes if you want something sleek, durable, and affordable at the same time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cook larger pancakes
  • Thick bottom prevents pancakes from burning
  • Heavy-duty build with aluminum
  • Tripple layer nonstick ceramic coating

Pan For Pancakes Comparison Chart

Product Name





Nordic Ware Silver Pancake Pan

10.25 inches

Multiple pancake wells



Norpro Nonstick Pan

9 inches

Multiple pancake wells



Goodful Square Griddle Pan

11 inches

Flat Pan



GOTHAM Nonstick Double Pan

11 inches

Double Dome


Stainless Steel

Cook N Home 10.25-Inch Pancake Pan

10.25 inches

Flat Pan



Emoji Smiley Face Pan

10 inches

Multiple pancakes with emoji



ESLITE LIFE Flat Pancake Skillet

11 inches

Flat Pan



FRUITEAM Griddle Pan

10 inches

Multiple pancake wells



EZJOB Pancake Pan for Kids

10 inches

Multiple pancakes with animal design



Cainfy Nonstick Pancake Pan

10.5 inches

Multiple pancake wells



Factors To Consider Before Getting Yourself the Pan For Pancakes

Pancake pan reviews

A pancake pan is as crucial as the right batter to make pancakes. You can easily get overwhelmed with hundreds of pancake pans out there. This section will help choose the best pans for pancakes by focusing on several key factors.


Pancake pans come in different materials like cast iron, stainless steel, or cast aluminum. Among them, cast aluminum pans are most common for making pancakes.

As aluminum is a good conductor of heat, these pans get heated easily and evenly. And even cooking is better cooking. Stainless steel pans are also good for making pancakes.

Cast iron skillets are the least used as these pans are quite heavy. And these pans need to be seasoned to cook food like pancakes or crepes easily. On the other hand, aluminum pans are lightweight and durable.

Nonstick Coating

To create a perfect cooking surface, most modern pancake pans have a durable nonstick coating over an aluminum base. You can cook pancakes or similar recipes on these pans with little or no oil.

But the nonstick coating should be free from PFOA and other harmful chemicals. Otherwise, these chemicals can get infused into your foods to affect your health. So, it is a must to avoid PFOA, PTFE, or other hazardous chemicals.

Some pans have multiple layers of coating that make the nonstick characteristic a lot more durable. You should also check whether you can use metal utensils on the pan.

Most pans with nonstick coating aren't safe with metal utensils. The coating can easily get scratched or damaged if you use hard utensils or scrubbers.


The width of the pan is the diameter. This tells you the size of the pan. A smaller family with one or two kids will not require a large pan. Smaller pans are easy to handle and also cost less.

But if you have a large family or a party going on in your house, you will need to spend more in the kitchen with smaller pans. Taking a large skillet might help in such cases.

But if you have a small kitchen, storing large pans creates inconvenience. 10 or 11-inch pans are most common. When you go for an outdoor party or camping, taking a smaller pan will be a good choice because they are very lightweight and take less space.


Some pancake pans come with multiple slots to make several pancakes at a time. This might speed up the cooking and be helpful if you are in a hurry. But these pans are often only limited to frying pancakes, that too of a smaller size.

If you want to add variation to your pancakes, a large flat pan might be a good choice. You can make pancakes of your desired size on these pans. Plus, you can use the same pan for cooking crepes, omelets, and other recipes. So, you don't need to invest in a separate pan saving you money and storage space in your kitchen.

Having a multi pancake pan with design might be amusing occasionally, but you must have an all-purpose pan that is also good with pancakes.

Ergonomic Handle

If you cook pancakes frequently or for a large family, you need to use the pan for a long time. Pancake pans get hot quickly. If the handle isn't heat resistant, it will be quite impossible for you to hold the pan.

Most pans come with a plastic or rubber handle that stays cool to the touch. These handles are heat resistant, so you can easily hold the pan. An ergonomically designed handle will be comfortable for your hands.

Top 5 Pan Brands on The Market

Getting a pancake pan from a renowned brand helps you in several ways. These brands emphasize the quality of their pans to ensure they sustain on the market. Before you head to buy a pancake griddle, take a closer look at the top 5 pan brands on the market so that you come back with a good pan.

Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware is a family-owned business based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They have started their journey in 1946 and still making innovative kitchenware in the same place.


Norpro is one of the leading brands in the cookware industry. They were inaugurated in 1973 and continuously delivered premium kitchenware that shows their craftsmanship.

Gotham Steel

From frying pans to skillets, from saucepans to bakeware, Gotham Steel produces some of the finest cookware in the market. They have hundreds of cookware in their product lineup to meet all your kitchen needs.


This brand has been manufacturing cookware and household products for several decades. With their attention to the smallest details and reliable craftsmanship, you can depend on the quality of their products.


Calphalon, a USA-based cookware manufacturer, provides some serious kitchenware. No matter what the product is, you will always get this brand's high-quality material and innovative design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gather all the questions you have in mind regarding the best pan to make pancakes. Check the following questions and see whether you get your desired answer.

1. Is stainless steel pan good for pancakes?

Though nonstick pans are most commonly used for making pancakes, you can still use a stainless steel pan. Some might think that removing pancakes from a stainless steel pan can be tough.

But steel pans will automatically release the pancakes once the attached side is cooked properly.

2. Is cast iron pan good for pancakes?

Cast iron skillets are heavier than aluminum and steel pans. Due to the thicker bottom, they need a lot of time to heat up properly.

Once heated, you will get a great texture on your pancakes. But keep an eye on the heat as you can easily burn your pancakes.

3. How to prevent pancakes from sticking to a cast iron pan?

Cast iron pans need to be seasoned so that pancakes don't stick to the pan. You can lightly brush the pan with a neutral oil and heat up the pan to the optimum level. After that, put your pancake batter on the pan and wait for the bottom side to be cooked. Then you can easily flip the pancake with a spatula.

4. What is the best oil to cook pancakes?

Any oil of your choice can be used to cook pancakes. But using neutral oils will help to keep the genuine flavor of the pancake. Canola oil can be a great option as it is healthier and more neutral than any other cooking oil.

5. Should I cook pancakes on high heat or low heat?

Cooking pancakes is simple and delicate at the same time. This might sound controversial, but you always need to watch the temperature to get the right color on your pancakes.

Keep the flame at medium-high to get fluffy pancakes. If the temperature is too low, your pancakes can toughen. If the temperature is too high, you'll be burning them.

Final Thoughts

That was everything one needs to know about buying the best pan for pancakes. Before ending the article, I want to remind you one last time that think about your cooking conditions. Don't just buy the one with the most features. Consider the small things like the weight and shape of the pan.

How often are you gonna be cooking? How fast do you need your breakfast ready? How much storage do you have in your kitchen?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself before picking a pancake pan. is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.