Best Cast Iron Griddles

Best Cast Iron Griddles : Top 8 Picks Reviewed For 2022

Very few kitchen appliances are as versatile as a griddle. It can be used in cooking inside, out there in the yard, or in the oven.

You just can't cease to rip benefits off from such a pan. And when that pan is made of cast iron, you know it has reached the peak of versatility!

While most common cooking pans seem to leave breath after a few rigorous use, the best cast iron griddle never gives up. Being made from heavy-duty iron-carbon alloy, the pan can withstand time, heavy use, and fire.

We from Sea Ranch Lodge, are going to be talking about 8 most durable and functional cast iron pans that can simply beat thousands out there. So stay tuned till the end to find out what we have in the pack!



Editor's Rating


Lodge Pre-Seasoned Griddle

5 out of 5

Backcountry Grill/Griddle Combo

5 out of 5

Lodge Reversible Grill/Griddle

4.5 out of 5

Amazon Basics Reversible Grill/Griddle

4 out of 5

Lodge Pro-Logic 12 Inch Square

4.5 out of 5

Our Recommended Best Cast Iron Griddle on The Market in 2021

Our team took a good amount of time in researching what the best options for most users are. We mostly took the durability, color, heat absorption capacity, and brand values into consideration while we listed these 8 products down. So, here's what we found.

1. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Griddle

Our first pick is from the Lodge family. Lodge has been producing cast iron griddles for gas stoves with unbeatable-quality since 1896. That's more than a century of experience of making cast iron appliances by proudly carrying the tag – Made in the USA.

Its pre-seasoned cast iron griddle measures 10.5 inches, which leaves a very wide area for cooking. Thanks to its lowered and leaned sidewalls, you get more cooking space for a 10.5-inch pan.

This makes it a smart choice for every occasion – whether you're cooking in the kitchen or you're burning some beckons outside in the yard with your pals.

What we expect from a cooking pan is optimum heat absorption. There's no way you are going to waste your bucks on something that doesn't retain the heat for a good amount of time. Lodge griddle hits the jackpot right there.

It comes with an unparalleled heat retention system that allows the pan to remain hot for a long time. Plus, it gets heated up in minutes, as well.

That's the very reason you can use this stovetop on all types of cooking surfaces – like the grill, campfire, and even BBQ!

The best part is, you can safely use this appliance in the oven. If your oven is large enough to fit a 10.5-inch pan, then you can rest assured that the griddle is going to be absolutely safe inside. Expect no denting, bending, or damage – a century of expertise for a reason!

Highlighted Features:

  • Wide cooking space of 10.5 inches.
  • Lowered and leaned sidewalls to make room for more cooking
  • Oven safe cast iron.
  • Excellent heat retention and heat up performance.
  • Can be used on all cooking surfaces – indoor and outdoor

2. Backcountry Grill/Griddle Combo | Best Cast Iron Griddle for Gas Stove

What if you can have one single cooking pan that works for grilling and at the same time can be used as a regular cast iron griddle for gas stove? Sounds cool? Well, this is a reality with the Backcountry grill/griddle combo.

All you need to do is simply turn the pan upside down when you're feeling like grilling on it. This pre-seasoned cast iron made pan makes it easy for you to use it wherever you want. Whether it is inside in the kitchen or outside in the yard – this one is compatible with all surfaces.

While using it inside, you can easily put it into the oven without a doubt. It comes with an oven-safe mechanism that protects it from getting damaged from microwaves from the oven. Plus, it even can withstand broiler heat and the environment.

Apart from its durability and versatility, it comes with some mind-blowing features, too. For example, it promotes even heating for cooking. This is very helpful for traditional and regular cooking.

It heats up in a consistent and even fashion that gently spreads the heat over the surface of the pan. This makes sure that the food on it doesn't suddenly get burnt due to overheating.

You can't help but notice the large, oversized handles on both sides of the pan. Although it may look unnecessary, it actually pretty helpful when the griddle is very hot. It leaves plenty of room for your hands to pick it up and safely lift and carry it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pre-seasoned surface for preventing stickiness.
  • Large, oversized handles for easy lifting and carrying.
  • Oven and broiler safe material.
  • Consistent and even heating process.
  • Reversible design with two sides – grill and griddle.

3. Lodge Reversible Cast Iron Griddle for Grill

Another Lodge pan on our hand. This one is also a reversible pan that can be used for both grilling and regular cooking with the griddle side.

Like the previous griddle we have discussed earlier, the reversible one is also quite a performer when it comes to cooking on diverse surfaces. It works tremendously great when you are using it for grilling or BBQ on the outside and for regular cooking in the kitchen.

For using the grilling side, simply turn the pan upside down. Its rugged grilling area is quite wide and perfectly designed for some tasty grilling on the go.

Talking about flipping the pan, it comes with two grip handles on both sides of the griddle. The handles are quite spacious for you to easily sneak your hands in. You can effortlessly lift, carry, or flip the sides of the pan holding the handles without hurting yourself.

The griddle comes with a wide cooking area of 20 by 10.5 inches. It's just the perfect size for cooking regular meals and for party grilling, as well for your family and friends. It has high borders on all the sides of it to prevent any slip off of the ingredients.

Being pre-seasoned, the pan is exceptionally non-sticky. You can expect no food – be it veggies or meat to stick to the pan whatsoever. Try flipping the food once in a while, so you don't miss all the fun!

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with two sides – grill and griddle.
  • Pre-seasoned surface to protect food from sticking.
  • Suitable for use on all surfaces.
  • Comfortable grips on both side for easy flipping.
  • Promotes even and constant heating.

4. AmazonBasics Reversible Grill/Griddle

Amazon Basics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

AmazonBasics have been surprising us with their innovative line of products for a long time. Their kitchen appliance section is also quite rich and fully packed with extremely useful tools. Take the reversible grill/griddle, for example.

This cast-iron made cooking pan is a two-way cooker that comes with a griddle on top and a griller at the bottom. You save yourself some bucks by not buying a separate pan for grilling. Simply flip the pan for grilling time when you want it!

It comes with a wide cooking surface of 20 by 10.4 inches. The borders are pretty helpful in this regard as you can see, the edges are a bit leaned for making more room for food on it. What's surprising is the griller side also comes with a handy height of border, too!

This pre-seasoned cooking pan is readily available to use immediately after you remove it from the pack. Put all your favorite veggies and meat on the surface with a little oil and expect no stickiness from it. Enjoy some nice, freshly cooked meal – every time.

The griddle can withstand oven heat up to a whopping 500-degree F. Unless you are planning to heat up the food more than that, it's absolutely safe to put the griddle inside the oven.

It promotes an even heating method that is pretty much helpful for regular cooking. Once you put it on the fire, it slowly spreads the heat over the surface, allowing you to control the temperature for the meal you're going to cook.

Highlighted Features:

  • Steady and secure hold confirmed by comfortable side handles.
  • Wide cooking space of 20 X 10.4 inches.
  • Oven-safe up to 500-degree F.
  • Raised edges for both sides of the pan.
  • Optimal heat restoration capacity.

5. Lodge Pro-Logic 12 Inch Square Cast Iron Griddle

If you're looking for a simple yet quite durable pan to strengthen your cooking arsenal, say hello to Lodge Pro-Logic 12-inch griddle. It's a medium-sized 12-inch iron griddle made from heavy-duty cast iron material.

Although the 12-inch size may sound a bit smaller compared to larger pieces like 24 inch cast iron griddle, its squared shape gives it a bit of leverage in this case. The actual cooking area is somewhat large enough to cook for a whole family, even if you're frying.

The surface of the griddle is seasoned with oil for a natural finish. It ensures that no food gets stuck to the pan when you're frying with oil. Another good thing with this griddle is its gradual improvement of finish.

While most pans usually get worn out after a long time of use, the Lodge Pro-Logic does the opposite. Its impressive finish gets better with time and regular use. That's a huge advantage you can't just find in any pan.

Its dual-handle system will make it easy for you to hold, lift, and carry the pan around the house. It has a long handlebar on one side and a holder-handle on the other. Using both the handles, it gets easier to lift and relocate the griddle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Square shaped 12-inch griddle.
  • Deep sides measuring around ¾ inches.
  • Oil seasoned finish improves with time and use.
  • Dual-handle carrying holder.
  • Impressive heat retention capacity.

6. Cuisinart CCP-1000 Camping Griddle

You can tell it from the first look of this pan that it's made for cooking your everyday meal – from any part of the day. It's not that you restrict yourself to BBQ only; the Cuisinart CCP-1000 is an all-day cooking pal for you.

Its pre-seasoned smooth surface makes it extremely easy to cook on. There's no possibility of food getting sticky on it while you're cooking or when you're done. The seasoning creates a smooth layer over the surface to make sure it's not tacky at all.

Made of durable cast iron, it's nothing new that the cast iron camping griddle is going to last for a long time. Thanks to the seasoning, the cast iron will improve day by day, as well.

Being a non-sticky cooking appliance, you can save a lot on oil, as well. Use a small amount of oil every time you make a meal and get the same delicious taste you want.

Its 10-inch cooking surface is absolutely ideal for making food for everybody in the house. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, or an evening snack – your cooking partner is here!

The pan is well-designed to retain maximum heat it can hold on. So even if you're done preparing the meal on fire, it will keep the food nice and warm even after.

Two easy-grip elevated top handles on both sides of the griddle make it extremely easy to pick up the pan. The handles are kind of sloped in design, making it more comfortable to hold into your hand without feeling any ache.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pre-seasoned surface makes it a non-stick pan.
  • Requires less oil to cook than usual.
  • Easy to grip handlebars.
  • 10-inch ideal cooking surface.
  • Excellent heat retention system.

7. Broil King 11221 Cast Iron Griddles for Gas Grills

Another reversible cast iron griddle for gas stove on our list is from the house of Broil King. For over a hundred years, Broil King has been producing top-quality kitchen and BBQ appliances. Promising a zero compromise with quality, the 11221 griddle is truly a masterstroke from their production.

The reversible pan is made from highly durable cast iron. It comes with both a regular cooking side and a ribbed side on the opposite part. While the regular flat surface is for traditional cooking, the ribbed surface is dedicated to searing.

So enjoy any type of cooking at any occasion with the Broil King 11221. A simple flip can make it extremely easy for you to make the right meal at the right time!

It comes with an impressive cooking surface. Measuring almost 15-inch by 12.8-inch, the pan is massive. You can home almost any food – be it the veggies, beacons, chicken, or whatnot!

Again, the raised boundary bars are really helpful when you're going for regular cooking. The bars make sure you don't toss the food outside the pan in any way.

The only thing Broil King should have given a second thought is the handlebar.

This one doesn't come with any. It's a bit surprising, but still, you can always use gloves to lift it up anyway.

Having a matte porcelain coating on the flat cast iron griddle is absolutely brilliant. It increases the durability of the cast iron pan and makes sure you can use it decades after you own it!

Highlighted Features:

  • Large cast iron griddle with 15-inch X 12.8-inch surface.
  • Reversible griddle.
  • Matte porcelain coating for better durability.
  • Raised boundary bars.
  • Ribbed griller side can endure extreme heat.

8. Utopia Kitchen Store Grill Griddle for Stove Top

Utopia Kitchen Store Grill Griddle

And finally, we have the reversible cast iron griddle for stove top from Utopia Kitchen Store. There's no way you can overlook the look and design of this griddle. Its stunning black look with a curved finish at the edge makes the pan a 'must buy' item for any cooking lover!

Talking about the design, it is not only mesmerizing but also brilliant, as well. It comes with a slope around the border of the pan that directs the grease to move away from the food. This makes it easy for you to cook non-sticky, non-greasy food with less effort.

Again, its 17-inch X 10-inch cooking surface is another perk you definitely want to spend your bucks on.

Being reversible, all you need to do is just flip the pan to switch your cooking method. The ribbed grilling side is a perfect fit for an instant BBQ experience.

The pan comes with a superior heat retention capacity, as well. Even if you're finished preparing your food, it's going to keep the meal warm and deliciously hot for a long time.

Plus, being pre-seasoned with vegetable oil eliminates the need for further seasoning. Simply take the pan out of the pack and start using it for a non-stick cooking experience!

Highlighted Features:

  • Large cooking surface of 17-inch by 10-inch.
  • Slope design allows grease to move away from the food.
  • Specially designed handlebars for easy grip.
  • Pre-seasoned with vegetable oil.
  • Superior heat-retention system helps keep food warm.

Comparison Chart of Top 6 Cast Iron Griddle


Cooking Area



Lodge Pre-Seasoned Griddle

10.5 inches



Backcountry Grill/Griddle Combo

18 X 10 Inches



Lodge Reversible Grill/Griddle

20 X 10.5 inches



AmazonBasics Reversible Grill/Griddle

20 X 10.4 inches



Lodge Pro-Logic 12 Inch Square Cast Iron Griddle




Cuisinart CCP-1000

10 inches



Cast Iron Griddle Buying Guide

Cast Iron Griddle Buying Guide

So, you're really after the best cast iron griddle, right? If you're not quite sure how to select one from the above list of products we reviewed, here is a quick guide to help you out.

Enameled Or Uncoated

Enameled pans don’t need seasoning at all. The coating puts a barrier between the food and the raw material that makes sure nothing gets stuck to the pan surface. So it gets really easy to cook any type of food on such pan, even the acidic ones, such as tomato.

Some enameled cast iron pan can even be washed in a dishwasher, as well. So washing is not something you need to worry about.

But the thing is, enamels can crack, and it may make way for a sticky experience. But overall, enamel-coating is, in fact, a good way to skip seasoning.

Uncoated cast iron pan, on the other hand, usually comes pre-seasoned to prevent food from sticking. It gets way better if you add more seasoning over it. Some pans may not come as pre-seasoned, but they do bring some kind of seasoning oil with the package to get things going.

The only downfall of an uncoated seasoned cast iron pan is that when you’re cooking acidic food for a long time, the seasoning will break down. Then the food will taste like iron as it will get stuck and mixed with the reactive metal of the iron pan.

Check For Constant Heating

It's important that the cast iron griddle for stove top gets heated up evenly. This allows you to cook regular and traditional food on the stove in an efficient manner. If the temperature hike is unprecedented and sudden, chances are there that you may burn the food instantly.

Pre-Seasoned Is Crucial

Check if the pan surface is pre-seasoned with oil or not. If not, then you would need to season it every time you cook. So if the pan comes pre-seasoned, it means you save a lot of seasoning work, plus you get a nice non-sticky cooking experience.

Is It For All Surface?

For a versatile cast iron griddle for grill, you definitely want it to use on all surfaces, whether it is the oven or stove inside or the griller on the outside yard. So, make sure that the griddle supports diverse cooking surfaces.

Thickness Matters

From a conservative point of view, you can’t help but opt for thick cast iron. This is because the heat retention capacity of a thick pan is quite celebrated for decades. It also allows even heat distribution, as well. The only baggage it comes with is the heavyweight.

If you’re looking for a lightweight cast iron pan, you may lose the efficiency of even heat distribution and proper heat retention. But you’ll get a lighter one for swift portability, as well.

Strong Handle Is Crucial

A strong and sturdy handle is all you need to carry a cast iron pan. Usually, a frypan comes with a straight handle with an additional small round or rectangular one on the other side.

If the pan is a bit smaller, there may be two such helping handles on two opposite sides for easy carry. The heavier the pan, the stronger it should be the handle. It should have a pretty wide and open area for the hands to slide in.

Again, it must have the proper grip for slip-less holding and carry.

Wide Cooking Area Is A Plus

The wider the cooking surface on the pan, the better it is. You are going to spend a lot of bucks on a griddle for cooking only, right. So there's no point in sacrificing the cooking space itself.

So, make sure that the pan comes with a decent wide cooking space so that you can at least make a meal for your whole family.

Overall Size/Weight

Again, size and weight matter. If you’re going for a cast iron cooking pan, it’s definitely going to be on the heavier side, just because of the material. But what you need to keep a sharp eye on is the weight shouldn’t cross the limit.

This means it shouldn’t be so heavy that you can’t even take proper care of it when you’re using it. You should be able to carry it around easily, and the storage you are putting it on should endure its weight, as well.

Plus, the size needs to be considered, as well. As we said earlier, a wide cooking area is a blessing, for sure. But depending on the storage you have, you better do the math of what size is the perfect one for your kitchen.

Check The Heat-Retention

When you're done with cooking, it's natural that the food is going to lose its heat. But if you can manage a cast iron flat griddle with a good heat-retention capacity, it's going to keep the food warm for a long time even if it is not on the stove.

Tips To Clean And Take Care Of Your Cast Iron Griddle

Tips To Clean And Take Care Of Your Cast Iron Griddle

Cleaning Process Of a Griddle

To make sure the griddles last long, here's how to clean!

  • Wash it off immediately after you're done with the cooking.
  • Do not soak it underwater. It may cause rust to form over it.
  • Use warm water with soap to clean the pan. You can use sponge or cleaning gloves.
  • Do not put it in the dishwasher. Although some pans may come with a 'dishwasher safe' tag, still, don't put it in the washer.
  • Use a scrubber to remove the food stuck on the surface.
  • Once done, simply clean it with a cotton towel and dry it. Put it in an open place so that it dries itself further.

Some Tips To Maintain Cast Iron Griddle

  • Cook under low heat to save from damage.
  • Use wooden cooking utensils.
  • Never store food on the pan; it will break down the seasoning.
  • Never drown the pan in water.
  • Never wash in dishwasher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What should you not cook in cast iron?

Ans. You need to avoid cooking acidic food on the cast iron pan. Even if you do, quickly wash the pan after use. The reason why acidic food does harm to the cast iron surface is it breaks the seasoning of it.

This exposes the metal construction and allows the residue to mix with food you're cooking on it – giving it an unhealthy and metallic-tasting output.

Q2. Do you have to season a cast iron griddle?

Ans. If the griddle you are using doesn't come pre-seasoned by the manufacturer, in that case, you need to season it on a regular basis. However, even if the griddle comes pre-seasoned, you can still use oil to season it further.

It will make it much more non-stick than before, giving you a proper hassle-free cooking experience.

Q3. What happens if you don't season a cast iron pan?

Ans. Seasoning allows the pan surface to release food easily and become non-sticky in the cooking process. If you don't season it, you may experience food getting stuck in the cooking area.

Q4. Can I submerge a cast iron griddle underwater?

Ans. No, you can't. When you are using a cast iron in water, it doesn’t harm it generally. But if you choose to submerge it underwater, this will slowly cause rust to form over the surface and destroy the enamel or seasoning the pan had.

So it's a big No. You can't use a cast iron griddle underwater. But some enameled pans do have the provision for washing in a dishwasher, so you must check the compatibility before you do so.

Q5. Can I wash the iron griddle in cold water?

Ans. While washing in cold water for once in a while is not something we would discourage, but doing this regularly is a harmful act. Metals do shrink in a cold environment. When you wash the griddle in cold water, the metal form of the pan will shrink and create micro-holes in the pan.

These holes will eventually lead to larger damage to the pan. So if you’re planning on washing it regularly with cold water – do not do it.

Q6. How long can I keep a cast iron pan on the stove?

Ans. Ideally, a cast iron won’t be hurt, no matter how long you keep it on the heat source. It’s the strength and durability of the pan that makes it pretty enduring to heat and can be kept on the stove for as long as you wish.

But as time passes, the iron pan will get harder to clean and wash. So if you’re keeping it on the stove for hours, make sure you’re cleaning it right after you put it down.

Final Words

Although there are tons of pans, you can get that promise durability; nothing can top the best cast iron griddle. We made sure that you don't have to hanker after countless pans to find the most suitable one for you.

We kept a keen eye on key features like durability, the comfort of use, heat retention, seasoning, etc., to be absolutely sure that the pans we selected are definitely worth your bucks.

If you're still in the mood to explore more, feel free to keep your buying guide bookmarked! It will help you decide the best one, for sure!

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