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10 Best Hot Plate for Cast Iron Skillet – Reviews and Buying Guide

Did you know that 2 in 10 Americans live in a condo or an apartment? Moreover, one million Americans live in an RV.

One thing that is common in RVs and small apartments or houses is that space is a major issue.

If you’re in a position where you have to use space sparingly, getting large appliances might be out of the question. But don’t let that weigh you down as there are always options.

For instance, with the best hot plate for cast iron skillet, you get to make your favorite meals and boil water whenever you like. All while saving space.

Hotplates are so compact that you never have to worry about where to operate or store them. Such models are viable not only for small apartments but also RVs and any other situations where size and weight matter.

In this guide, I will introduce to you ten of the top hotplates that work great.

Let’s get started.



Editor's Rating


Elite Gourmet Single Electric Flat Cast Iron Burner

5 out of 5

CUSIMAX Electric Hot Plate, Portable Single Burner

5 out of 5

Elite Gourmet Countertop Double Electric Hot Plate

4.5 out of 5

Techwood Hot Plate Electric Stove Single Burner

4 out of 5

CUSIMAX Double Hot Plate

4.5 out of 5

Top 10 Best Hot Plate for Cast Iron Skillet in 2022

1. Elite Gourmet Single Electric Flat Cast Iron Burner, 1000W

In the fast-paced world we’re living in, lots of families spend little time together. Elite strives to solve this by making quality kitchen tools that speed up food preparation so that you can enjoy more time at the dining table with family and friends.

With over 3 decades of experience in the manufacture of cooking appliances, the brand offers exceptional quality. This is evident in its Elite Gourmet Single Electric Flat Cast Iron Burner.

What makes this unit the best hot plate for cast iron skillet is that it excellently combines speed, ease of use, consistency, and durability. Let’s dig deeper.

Firstly, the electric burner is rated at 1000 watts capacity. That’s a lot of heat output, which allows you to cook food within a shockingly short duration.

On the front right side, a knob is conveniently located. That’s what you use to turn it on.

I was glad to find that the knob also allows you to set your preferred heat level from minimum all the way to maximum. This adjustable heat feature takes into account the fact that different foods need different amounts of heat.

So, the button lets you switch from off, warm, low, medium, and finally, high heat setting.

Do you like going on RV trips? Or is your kitchen space little? I bet it'd be super convenient to have a compact burner that you can move with ease and store away at any time.

If that’s what you need, the Elite Gourmet Single Electric Flat Cast Iron Burner would be a great pick. It measures 9 by 9 inches with a thickness of just 3.25 inches. Such a tiny thing!

The base is cool-touch and it is fitted with non-skid rubber feet for stability.

I love the fact that the manufacturer did not neglect the looks. Features such as the black finish, the silver lining around the hot plate, even the red indicator light at the front left make it so attractive.

Highlighted features:

  • 1000 watts power for speedy cooking.
  • The heat is adjustable from warm, low, medium, and high settings.
  • Heavy-duty – made of cast iron for strength and longevity.
  • The heating plate is flat and easy to clean.
  • Compact and lightweight (3.5 lbs) – portable.
  • Non-skid rubber feet for stability.
  • Come with an indicator light – tells you when it’s on.
  • Compatible with all cookware.

2. CUSIMAX Electric Hot Plate for Cast Iron Skillet

If you want to crank the power even higher, Cusimax now offers you a unit with a power capacity of 1500 watts. That means super-fast cooking speeds.

Cusimax, a Chinese brand, offers some pretty impressive quality when it comes to small home appliances like cooking gadgets. The CUSIMAX Electric Hot Plate is a testament to this. 

Sometimes you want to cook slowly, other times you want to use medium heat, and still, other times you want to cook speedily. The device is built with the consideration of these varying needs.

At the front right side, a beautiful knob is located that is marked with not 3, but 7 heat settings. You go from off and set any heat level you want from very low to very high.

Ever used a burner that was not compatible with some cookware? Perhaps you couldn’t use glass pots or aluminum. Guess what? It is time to say goodbye to that sort of inconvenience. This unit accepts all sorts of cookware from cast iron and glass to aluminum and stainless steel.

Though the unit itself is compact, the heating surface is relatively large, accepting pots with a maximum diameter of 7.1 inches.

If your kitchen is squeezed, chances are that you’re searching for all ways to save space. The Cusimax hot plate is built with a space-saving design. Measuring 11.6 by 7.79 inches, the device is small enough for a little kitchen. It is also practical to take with you on an RV trip.

As the diagram suggests, this is a nice-looking little thing. Its black finish with some silver-finish parts looks fantastic.

Highlighted features:

  • Small and lightweight – perfect for squeezed kitchens and trips.
  • High 1500W power for super-fast cooking.
  • 7 heat settings to meet your cooking needs.
  • Single burner that is compatible with all cookware materials.
  • Stainless steel body that holds up to frequent use.
  • Elegant design and finish.

3. Elite Gourmet Countertop Double Electric Hot Plate

Elite is a lovable brand that offers quality. Earlier, I discussed their single burner unit and now, I will tell you about their double-burner hot plate. Let’s delve in.

Do you often find yourself preparing food in more than one pot?

With a single burner, you have to cook the food in one pot first and then cook the food in the second pot when the first is done.

But that wastes time. Elite is offering you a hot plate that allows you to cook the food in both pots at the same time.

On the left, you have a 7-inch flat cooking plate and on the right, you have a smaller 6-inch plate for the second pot. That means you get to complete preparing meals faster.

To further reduce time wastage, the appliance comes with great power, rated at 1500 watts.

On the front side, the unit has two control knobs, one for each burner. The knobs are located at the far right and the far left for their respective burners.

Something amazing is that the knobs allow variable temperature settings. There are 5 levels from low to max to match your needs.

Apart from the knobs, there are also indicator lights for each burner. Thus, even from far, you can clearly see which burner is switched on.

Thankfully, even though the unit comes with a dual burner, it still fits the class of portable hot plates. The length is 16.5 inches, the width is 9 inches, and the height is only 3 inches. That is a size that works for a small kitchen and also RV trips.

If you’re seeking a portable, easy to clean double-burner hot plate, the Elite Gourmet Countertop Double Electric Hot Plate will be a wonderful selection.

Highlighted features:

  • Powerful unit with a rating of 1500 watts.
  • Dual burners with varying sizes – 7-inch and 6-inch.
  • Separate knob for each burner.
  • Variable temperature control with 5 settings.
  • Indicator light for each burner.
  • Portable, compact and lightweight hot plate.

4. Techwood Hot Plate Electric Stove Single Burner

Are you a tech enthusiast? Techwood has tailored something for you. The Techwood Hot Plate Electric Stove Single Burner is an innovative gadget that comes with features such as touch controls.

First things first, the unit is pretty powerful, with a rating of 1500 watts. It makes cooking faster and convenient.

If you’re living in a dorm or a small apartment, or you happen to be on a caravan or an RV trip, chances are that your kitchen space is tiny. A regular cooker might not be practical, but the Techwood burner will do.

It is a small unit measuring 13 by 12 inches and with a height of only 2 inches. When it comes to saving space, this is a perfect cooking device.

I don’t know about you, but for me, cooking appliances have to look great. One of the major reasons why I chose this burner is that it features stylish looks.

The color scheme is black and silver. The touch control features at the front give the finish an even bright appearance, reminiscent of something techy and complex. When the infrared hot plate is on, it turns red, giving the device a magnificent look.

Speaking of the touch controls, the on/off button is a touch feature. Operating it is easy and convenient. Along that is the timer, which too, is a touch feature.

Forget about having to keep checking if the food is cooked so as to switch off your cooker. With this unit, you just set the time and go about your business. Once the set duration has expired, the unit automatically shuts off. Such convenience!

You can set any time between 1 and 180 minutes.

Highlighted features:

  • Powerful burner – up to 1500 watts.
  • Smart – comes with touch controls for on/off and timer.
  • Adjustable timer – set any duration between 1 and 180 minutes.
  • Stylish modern design.
  • Variable temperature – multiple settings between low and high.
  • Suitable for confined spaces – compact and lightweight.

5. CUSIMAX Double Hot Plate

As stated earlier, Cusimax is a brand that is committed to providing high-quality cookware that speeds up the cooking process. Before, I talked about their single-plate model. Let's now see what the CUSIMAX Double Hot Plate has to offer.

If you’re a busy person, you likely usually have very little time to make meals. Tell you what? This hot plate is what you need to speed up the cooking.

It is a powerful 1800 watts burner that supplies high heat levels and makes the food cook super-fast.

What’s more, the gadget comes with two burners. That means you can cook two pots of food at the same time. You no longer have to wait for one pot to cook to place the next one in the fire.

The first plate has a diameter of 7.4 inches while the second one has a diameter of 6.1 inches. What is most pleasing about the two is that they work with all sorts of cookware from glass and cast iron to aluminum and stainless steel.

How to operate the unit? On the left-hand side, the tool is fitted with two knobs. The knob on the left is for the left plate and the one on the right is for the right plate. You might like this design as it looks organized.

In front of each knob is an indicator light so you know which plate is on.

To switch on any plate, you just turn its knob clockwise. The first turn switches on the heater while further turning increases the heat through the levels from minimum all the way to max.

This adjustable heat setting is truly handy as it takes care of your cooking needs.

Stability is a useful factor when using a hot plate. Cusimax, in recognizing this fact, has fitted the unit with non-skid rubber feet. Hence, it remains stable during operation.

Highlighted features:

  • High power capacity – 1800 watts.
  • Variable temperature from low through various levels to hig.
  • hDouble burner – 7.4-inch and 6.1-inch.
  • Great compatibility – works with glass, iron, aluminum, & stainless cookware.
  • Durable, easy to clean cast iron hot plates.
  • Elegant design.
  • Non-skid rubber feet for stability.

6. Aroma Housewares Single Hot Plate

Gone are the days when you had to pay a fortune to get a high-quality cooker. Aroma Housewares is one of the brands that offer great quality at surprisingly cheap prices.

If you’re on a budget, you’ll be glad to find that the Aroma Housewares Single Hot Plate is a snip. The amazing thing is that even though it is low-priced, the quality is awesome.

First off, the burner supports your need of cooking food quickly. Rated at 1000 watts power capacity, the gadget cooks your food in no time.

Furthermore, the plate features an improved curved design, maximizing the contact with your cookpot. That way, the unit cooks efficiently with minimal energy wastage.

At the front is where the control knob is located. By turning it, you go from off to on and have 4 heat levels to choose from – warm, low, medium, and hot.

Planning to go on a camping trip in your RV? You might agree that taking your main cooker is not practical because of space and perhaps energy needs. But you know why the Aroma Housewares burner will do? It is compact.

This is the sort you unit you can carry with one hand. It will not take up space in your RV and when you’re done cooking, you can store it away in a box or keep it under a table.

The aspect of being small-sized and lightweight means something else. The unit qualifies as a cooker for dorms and small apartments where the kitchen size is miniature.

I love the construction of this little thing. It is made of die-cast metal, which makes it strong and resilient. This is a tool that will hold up to frequent use.

Highlighted features:

  • Small-sized (9.4 by 8.5 by 3.1 inches) – fit for confined spaces.
  • Lightweight and fit for outdoor and RV use.
  • Made of die-cast metal – robust construction for frequent use.
  • Precise temperature control – 4 levels between warm and hot.
  • Flat plat that is easy to clean.

7. SUNAVO Hot Plate Portable Electric Single Burner

If you’re seeking a perfect combination of style and power, the SUNAVO Hot Plate Portable Electric Single Burner is the unit to think about.

Featuring a silver body and a black plate, the unit looks fabulous. The gloss gives it a finished look that is stylish with a touch of modern elegance.

One thing users love about this gadget is that it doesn’t have too much detail. There is sample plain body around the plate. The logo is right at the front but it is not conspicuous.

At the far right-hand side of the front panel is where the control knob is situated. It is shaped well for ease of use and I love the arrow that’s drawn on it as it tells you at which level the knob is set.

A lot of compact hot plates are not efficient. They force the user to wait too long for a simple meal to cook.

In contrast, this unit is built for efficiency. That is evident from its 1500w power capacity. The unit heats up quickly and at the highest temperature setting, the burner can cook incredibly fast.

But we don’t always want to cook fast. Sometimes, we want to cook slowly, such as when steaming veggies. Other times, we want to use medium heat. It is amazing to see that this brand takes into account all these needs.

In that regard, the knob is marked with different levels from min all the way to 5, which is the highest temperature level.

Safety is an immensely crucial factor when dealing with heating tools. In light of that, the unit comes with thermal protection. When the temperature goes too high, such as when the unit is left on for many hours, the unit shuts off automatically.

Highlighted features:

  • Powerful heating capacity – 1500 watts.
  • Elegant design with a perfect glossy finish.
  • Easy to use control knob with a pointer.
  • 5 temperature settings from low to high.
  • Indicator light tells you when the unit is on.
  • Flat heating plate – stain-resistant and easy to clean.

8. Techwood Hot Plate Electric Double Burner

Here comes another great unit from the Techwood brand. The Techwood Hot Plate Electric Double Burner is one of the powerful and elegant yet affordable double-burner units one can find.

Techwood is a brand that cares so much for its customers and I’ll show you why. If you look at the diagram, you’ll see that the unit has handles on both sides – the left and the right.

Unlike other models, which you have to struggle to grab, this one is designed to make carrying a cinch. You just grab the handle or even both handles and go. Easy-peasy.

The looks of this appliance are another thing that attracts buyers and keeps users happy. It features a black finish with some stainless sections.

But the gadget is not just about the looks. It is also top-notch with regard to the build quality. The housing is stainless steel, making it powerful and durable. Obviously, this is a model that will last. Even the handles are made of stainless steel, no wonder they’re so firm.

If you need something that can cook quickly, this unit will do. It comes with a power capacity of 1800 watts.

The beautiful thing is that it places absolute control in your hands, allowing you to choose the heat level that works for you at any time. The knobs, which are conveniently attached at the front, allow you to select your desired heat level between low and high.

As the title suggests, this is a double burner unit, so you can cook with two pots simultaneously. The plate on the left is size 6.1 inches while the one on the right is size 7.4 inches.

For a small-size cooker with handles and non-slip rubber feet, get the Techwood Hot Plate Electric Double Burner.

Highlighted features:

  • 2 burners (7.4 and 6.1-inch) – cook with two skillets simultaneously.
  • 1800 watts power capacity – perfect for speedy cooking.
  • Compact size – 19.8 by 7.9 by 3.9 inches.
  • Lightweight and portable for RV, dorms, caravans, etc.
  • Control knobs are easy to operate – one for each burner.
  • Works with all cookware – copper, aluminum, cast iron, steel, etc.

9. CUKOR Cast-Iron Electric Hot Plate

Next up is a fantastic product from CUKOR. The CUKOR Cast-Iron Electric Hot Plate is a double-plate model, with which you can cook food in two separate skillets at the same time.

With it, you no longer have to wait for the first pot to finish cooking to place the second pot on the burner.

The outstanding thing about it is that even though the unit comes with two burners, it is still pretty compact and portable. The length and width dimensions are 19 by 12 inches and the appliance is just 4 inches high.

Thus, if you’re living in a place where the kitchen space is not large, the unit might be just what you need. I also find it really convenient for RV, camping, and caravans.

It is quite obvious that the manufacturer paid attention to beauty. The gadget features a black finish but at the front, the area around the knobs is colored white in a manner that comes out beautifully.

The arrangement of the plates and the controls is neat and suggestive of adherence to quality.

Apart from the beauty, the construction is also perfect. The body, made of heavy-duty stainless steel, is not only firm but also resistant to rust. As a matter of fact, you can place cookware as heavy as 22 pounds without worry. This fact expands the diversity of items that you can cook with this unit.

The plates themselves are made of cast iron. This quality material heats up fast and loses heat quickly when the heating stops. Moreover, cast iron is strong and durable, and it is easy to clean.

If you don’t want a model that will force you to spend ages waiting for the food to cook, this one is for you. Rated at a high-power output of up to 1800 watts, the appliance cooks food really fast.

Highlighted features:

  • High-power output of 1800 watts – suitable for fast cooking.
  • Two knobs (one for each burner).
  • Variable heat levels from low to high.
  • The knobs have a red dot to indicate the heat level.
  • Stable and slip-resistant feet.
  • Corrosion-resistant cast iron plates.
  • Strong stainless-steel body.

10. Ovente Electric Kitchen Single Hot Plate

The last item on this list is the Ovente Electric Kitchen Single Hot Plate. If you're on a budget, this is a perfect model to consider, as it is unbelievably cheap.

As the title says, this is a single-plate unit. With a size of 9 by 9 inches, it is the ultimate space-saver, the ideal size for someone looking for a cooking device to take to a camping trip or to have in a dorm or an RV.

You can put it in a corner somewhere when cooking and when done, you can effortlessly store it away.

The burner takes a majority of the upper body, so you can still put skillets with that are up to 7.5 inches wide on it.

I take it that even though you need something cheap, you prefer an appliance for the long haul. Albeit inexpensive, this model is built with longevity in mind. Crafted from cast iron, the burner is tough and capable of withstanding heavy skillets.

What I love about the burner is its ability to supply uniform heat throughout its surface. The burner heats up in a few minutes, unlike some models that take too long.

Different foods require varying temperature levels to cook. For instance, meat needs higher heat than say eggs. I love the fact that this tool is built with that in mind. Its knob can be twisted to 5 different heat levels from low to high. You just select the right level for your food.

The metal housing body is strong as well, and greatly resistant to high heat. Unlike the low-quality models out there, it won’t warp or rust.

Highlighted features:

  • Ultimate space-saving design – 9 by 9 inches.
  • 1000 watts power with 5 different heat levels.
  • Lightweight – you can take it anywhere.
  • Cast iron heating plate – durable and resistant to rust.
  • Affordable option – great if you’re on a budget.


Size (length x width x height) (in inches)


Number of plates

Supported pan size (diameter) (inches)


Variable heat setting

Elite Gourmet

10.65 x 9.15 x 3.65






CUSIMAX Electric Hot Plate

13.4 x 10.3 x 4.2






Elite Gourmet Countertop Double Electric Hot Plate

18.5 x 11.5 x 3.65



7 and 6



Techwood Hot Plate 

14.33 x 13.86 x 3.98

Black and stainless steel





CUSIMAX Double Hot Plate

21.1 x 4.1 x 14.6

Black and silver


7.4 and 6.1



Aroma Housewares Single Hot Plate

9.4 x 3.1 x 8.5






SUNAVO Hot Plate

13.54 x 12.32 x 4.09

White and black





Techwood Hot Plate

17 x 7.9 x 3.9






CUKOR Cast-Iron Electric Hot Plate

19.15 x 12.15 x 4.1

Black and white


7.4 and 6.1



Ovente Single Hot Plate

9.7 x 9 x 3






Hot Plate for Cast Iron Skillet Buyer's Guide

Electric hot plates are extremely convenient. When a regular-sized cooker is not an option, a compact-sized hotplate proves to be really handy.

For instance, if you’re a small apartment dweller, or if you’re planning to go on an RV or caravan trip, it is not practical to use a large cooker with you. But a small hotplate, which takes up almost no space is practical.

If you have made up your mind to get the best hot plate for cast iron skillet, the following considerations will help you make the right choice.


Before purchasing a cooking tool, it is always good to answer a few questions. First, how much kitchen space do you have? Secondly, how often will you need to move the tool?

When talking about size, I mean the dimensions of the appliance – length x width x height.

Go for a size that works for your kitchen space. For example, if you have very limited space, such as when living in an RV, a unit like the Ovente Electric Kitchen Single Hot Plate, which measures 9 by 9 inches would be perfect.

But if you can space more space, feel free to get a larger unit.

Another trick is to look at the number of burners. Units with one burner are typically more compact than units with two burners.

If you’ll be needing to move the unit a lot, make sure the model you get is small and lightweight. A hotplate like the Techwood Hot Plate Electric Double Burner, which comes with handles on both sides, is super easy to carry around.

One or two burners?

When shopping, you will realize that there are two major choices – one-burner models and two-burner models.

One-burner models are perfect for someone with very limited space. They’re also cheaper, so if you’re on a budget, they’re the better choice.

However, if you get a one-plate appliance, you can only cook food in one pot at a time.

Two-burner models are a little costlier and they use a bit more space. However, they speed up the cooking as you can put more than one skillet in the fire at a time.


Whenever you’re getting a hotplate, look at the wattage. It is one of the most prominent features displayed on the package or the product description.

Usually, hotplates have a wattage going from 1000 watts to 1800 watts.

1000-watt models don’t use much energy, but they also don’t give much heat. I wouldn’t use these units to roast meat, but for frying eggs, heating water slowly, steaming veggies, and other light cooking tasks, a 1000W unit will work.

1800-watt hotplates, on the other hand, are for both the light and heavy cooking needs. These can go from 0 degrees to over 400 degrees in seconds. You can use them to make an omelet or roast pork by setting the right temperature.


Have you ever come across a run-down cooker or hotplate? When these units get damaged or get attacked by rust, they become quite an eyesore.

When buying, don’t just consider the looks at that time. The important query is, will the beauty last?

The answer to that question boils down to the material the unit is made of. For quality, I’d recommend sticking to stainless steel for the body. Stainless is super strong and resistant to elements. It efficiently resists warping as well as corrosion.

Check the plate material too. Cast iron is the ideal choice as it heats up evenly and it too happens to be strong, standing up to pressure and corrosion elements effectively.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning is a key part of the maintenance process. To make your electric hot plate for cast iron skillet last, you have to make certain it stays free of stains.

Before I tell you about the ease of cleaning, there’s something I got to remind you. Hotplates have two min types of cooking surfaces – flat ones and coil-structure ones.

A flat cooking surface is ideal for this reason – when the food drops on it, you can just wipe it off. But with a coil, cleaning is not so straightforward.

You have to get in between the coil structures to get out the food. Often, you end up forgetting to remove some of the food debris, which ends up accelerating the rusting process and damaging the hotplate.

For ease of cleaning, get a unit with a flat cooking surface.

Heat control

Different meals require varying amounts of heat to cook. For instance, you will not use the same temperature you use for chicken or peas to cook leafy vegetables.

That is where temperature control comes into play. While a model with on/off as the only choices may be super cheap, one with a range of heat levels comes in helpful for cooking a wide range of foods. Some models have as many as 5 to 7 levels going from warm to hot.

Apart from heat control, some units also come with time control. They present to you the convenience of not having to keep checking the food to see if it is cooked.

You just set the time and go about your business, with peace of mind that when the time is done, the unit will just shut off automatically.

People Also Asked (FAQs)

Can I use a hot plate to cook in a cast-iron skillet?

Yes. actually, most hotplates are compatible with almost any skillet material, including aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, glass, and copper.

What do you look for in a hotplate?

When shopping for a hotplate, the first consideration is to check whether it is a one-burner or a two-burner. One-burners use less space while two-burners cook faster as you can cook with more than two pots at the same time.

Beyond that, there are important features to consider, including the heat settings, material, and ease of cleaning.

Can I cook anything on a hot plate?

You can use a hotplate to cook anything that can be cooked on a normal stove, just as long as the unit has the right heat output. Lower-wattage models (like 1000W) can be used for light cooking needs, but for more difficult tasks like roasting beef, they are impractical.

Higher-wattage units (like 1800W), on the other hand, can be used for cooking almost anything from eggs to cereals.

How do I maintain a hot plate?

The trick to making your hotplate last is proper cleaning and correct storage. Be sure to clean spills immediately they happen. And when done cooking store the item in a box somewhere it will be protected from water to keep rust at bay.


The usefulness of a hotplate is undeniable. This wonderful gadget is small and lightweight.

It takes almost no cooking space and it can be moved or place to place. When going on a trip, you can toss it in a box or bag and make your food any time as long as you have access to electricity.

If you live in a confined space, such as a dorm or a small house, the best hot plate for cast iron skillet will come in handy. Moreover, when going for trips, it is a thing you can take with you to make meals and heat water without any stress.

When choosing, be sure to get a unit that's tailored for your needs. Check the wattage, size, weight, heat settings, and other features to make sure the model works for you.

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