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When buying tools and gadgets for your kitchen, it’s difficult not to get side-tracked by some of the more futuristic gadgets that have been introduced to the market recently.

However, investing in unnecessary tools is not only expensive but also takes up a lot of space in your kitchen cabinet that should be occupied by more essential tools you might need.

There are only a handful of essential kitchen tools that you would need to make any type of recipe or even keep your kitchen in the best shape possible. This article will help you decide on essential kitchen gadgets that you will need to take care of most of the cooking in the kitchen.

Top 12 Essential Kitchen Tools List

1. Chef’s Knife

Chef’s Knife

Like any chef will tell you, a quality knife can make or break your performance in the kitchen. A chef’s knife is his best friend, and it can provide you with incredible service for years to come. If you’re planning to invest in a chef’s knife, it’s best to find a specialty kitchen tool’s store for the right carbon plated stainless steel knife.

The sharpness of the blade isn’t the only important determining factor, as the knife must fit comfortably in your hand and provide the right amount of balance when in use. It’s best to equip yourself with how to take good care of the knife before investing, as maintenance is essential if you use it every day.

2. Metal Spatula

Metal Spatula

A quality metal spatula is one of the most vital tools to have at your disposal. Every kitchen has a metal spatula of this kind for any type of cooking on the stove.

You can even use a metal spatula for flipping and serving oven-roasted meats and vegetables. Whether it’s a metal or a sturdy plastic spatula, this tool provides multipurpose applications in the kitchen.

3. Non-Stick Skillet

Non-Stick Skillet

Non-stick skillets are essential for frying greens or scrambling eggs, as the ingredients don’t stick to the pan, and they’re pretty easy to clean. These pans are usually very lightweight and with a ceramic coating that helps the pan be more stable and balanced.

Make sure not to buy non-stick pans that have PFOAs, a type of chemical that’s been proven to be harmful to your health and environment when used for a long time.

4. Kitchen Shears

Kitchen Shears

These are the most common and basic kitchen tools that you’ll need. Kitchen shears are used for a multitude of reasons, from cutting meat and vegetables to opening plastic packaging.

Kitchen shears are mostly used to cut up herbs, trim excess fat from meat, and even break apart a whole chicken. Shears are one of the most multifaceted tools to invest in the kitchen tools list.

This tool is used almost every day in the kitchen, so it is best to invest in one that can be separated into different parts to ease the cleaning process. And this tool will handle both perishable and non-perishable in the kitchen.

5. Cast-Iron Skillet

Cast-Iron Skillet

Cast-iron Skillets are the most multifaceted tools to cook or bake with, as it retains high temperatures for a long time, and it can also evenly distribute the heat when it’s set in the oven.

You can use this for both baking and roasting since it can be used on both the stovetop and the oven. It gives a gorgeous even sear to any roast scallops or streak.

These skillets usually have thick sides and bottoms, which makes them last for decades. And these are also the perfect pans to make peach cobblers and cornbreads.

It’s best to know how to maintain a cast-iron skillet; there are several important rules you should follow to make sure the skillet retains its flavor for as long as possible.

6. Whisk


It’s best to choose a medium-size metal whisk to take care of most recipes that require whisking. A whisk should fit comfortably in your hand and feel balanced when you’re applying it for a long while.

A proper whisk is the most important tool in mixing dry or wet ingredients during baking or even emulsifying a mixture. If you use the whisk often while cooking, it’s also best to invest in a flat whisk as well.

7. Colander


A ceramic or a metal colander is much sturdier than plastic ones. Used mostly to drain pasta and noodles, the colander also has several other uses in the kitchen.

Washing fruits and vegetables become much easier and more hygienic with a colander at your disposal. Although it doesn’t have a multitude of purposes like a lot of other kitchen tools in this list, it’s certainly essential.

8. Cutting Board

Cutting Board

Having a cutting board in your kitchen is just as essential as having knives at your disposal.

A cutting board is not only important to keep your knives sharp and help you evenly cut your produce, but it also helps keep your ingredients fresh and away from any germs that you would collect from other surfaces.

9. Saucepans


Saucepans are perfect for cooking in large batches, usually pasta or different stews. You can simmer and boil in large quantities, which is perfect for family meals.

And you can also invest in smaller saucepans, which will come in handy when you’re planning to make oats or even make individual dishes.

10. Sheet Pan

Sheet Pan

Sheet pans are perfect for baking cookies or roasting wrapped salmon or chicken. It’s best for foods that tend to stick to the pan, making it harder to clean.

So if you plan on using the oven quite often, it’s best to get yourself a sheet pan for easy cleanup.

11. Box Grater

Box Grater

Box graters are a space-saving alternative for a food grater. This handy tool helps you shred almost any produce and on any surface in minutes.

This specific grater, however, is best for grating vegetables, cheese, or even quick frozen butter.

12. Tongs


Tongs are the investment that will last you a lifetime, as you will constantly find new ways to put this tool to use.

It’s not only applicable to flip food on the stovetop, but it also can help you reach into the oven to check on your roast or even help serve during a family meal.

Find the Tools You Need to Become a Pro in the Kitchen! 

Knowing what tools and gadgets you’d need in the kitchen is the first step to help you whip up any delicious meal in minutes!

Follow our list of essential kitchen tools to help you take on any recipes for yourself or to impress your friends and family.

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