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5 Best Julienne Slicer Reviews 2022 with Buying Guide

Trying to create thin, even slices using just a knife is difficult. But a mandolin/julienne slicer takes all the struggle out of it. This versatile tool comes with a range of blades that make different types of cuts. What it offers you are speed and uniformity.

With the best julienne slicer, you’re able to cut your fruits and vegetables faster and get cuts that are a lot more uniform than what you’d get with a knife. Moreover, you can make decorative cuts such as waves, waffles, and spirals, which would be hard to obtain with knives.

Some mandolins are adjustable, allowing you to set the thickness of the slices. With this amazing feature, you can come up with all sorts of slice thicknesses, and thus create varying food textures.

If you’re shopping for the right julienne slicer, the following reviews of the market’s top-rated products should point you in the right direction.

Here is our top 5 choice.



Editor's Rating


Mueller V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline

5 out of 5

Prepworks Adjust-A-Slice And Julienne Mandoline

5 out of 5

Prep Naturals Mandoline Food Slicer With Julienne Grater And Spiralizer

4.5 out of 5

Sunkuka Julienne Peeler Slicer With Cleaning Brush

4 out of 5

Gramercy Adjustable Stainless Steel Mandoline

4.5 out of 5

Our Best Julienne Slicer in 2022

1. Mueller V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline

Mueller is a brand that has invested heavily in food prep solutions. This Austria-based venture offers some of the most popular cookware, one of which is the Mueller V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline.

If you’re looking for the best julienne slicer, you will definitely have made the right choice to pick the Mueller V-Pro. It is made of sharp and durable stainless blades housed in the sturdiest plastic casing a mandolin can have. The tool operates faultlessly, cleans easily, and stores conveniently. Let’s jump into the specific features and benefits.

First off, this unit comes with everything you need for your home slicing needs. In the package, there is a range of blades for varying purposes. There is a slicer blade, a wavy blade, a shredder, a coarse blade, and a grater.

All of these blades are very well made and V-shaped for efficiency.

If you’ve used many slicers in the past, especially budget units, you might know that the market is filled with gimmicky but flimsy models. But you know what makes a model truly efficient and durable? The construction.

Recognizing this fact, Mueller provides you with a good unit that works and lasts. Each of the five blades of the tool is made of German-engineered 420-grade stainless steel.

These blades come sharp and they cut with the efficiency of surgical tools. Moreover, they’re not the sort of tools to go dull or rust. Instead, they stay sharp and last without ever rusting as long as you clean and store them correctly.

The blades are adjustable from 1 to 9 mm, with extra-fine precision of 1mm. There are knobs at the sides to make adjustments a breeze.

For protection from the blades, a carriage is included.

The housing is ABS plastic. It is BPA-free and absolutely non-toxic, and hence safe for food prep. The tool even has LFGB certification as a mark of quality.

Lastly, this is a really stable unit with strong legs. Unlike many other models, it doesn’t move a lot on the counter.

Highlighted features:

  • 5 different blades for varying cutting needs.
  • Blades are sharp and made of German-engineered stainless steel for sturdiness.
  • ABS plastic housing for strength and durability.
  • BPA-free and non-toxic for safety – has LFGB certification.
  • A collapsible unit that is easy to store.
  • Comes with containers for storing the blades securely.
  • Strong and stable legs.

2. Prepworks Adjust-A-Slice and Julienne Mandoline

For more than 40 years now, Progressive International has been at the forefront of innovating kitchen tools. The brand’s creations feature thoughtful designs that make food preparation a piece of cake.

If you’re looking for a good kitchen cutting appliance, the Prepworks Adjust-A-Slice and Julienne Mandoline would be a perfect pick. As the name implies, this tool includes an adjustable shaver for fruits and veggies as well as a julienne mandoline for those matchstick shapes.

This tool is a bit different from what I’ve discussed above for one reason. As you can see in the picture, it is not the sort of slicer that you place on a tabletop.

Instead, it’s meant to be held in the hand during operation. That means you can use it to add items directly into your salad or even to the cookpot.

If there’s one thing I really love about this unit, it is the looks. The gadget features an elegant design and good colors that go with any kitchen décor.

Amazingly, the tool is not just beautiful. It is also sturdy. Made of stainless steel blades, it is tough and resilient against degradation, so you can use it for many years. You’ll love how it is resistant to rust.

The casing around the blade is ABS plastic, so you can bet it is tough and durable. I particularly like the handle, which is non-slip but comfortable to hold.

As the tool is largely plastic, the weight is little. Certainly, holding the tool is not exhausting.

Adjustability is a huge plus of this machine. A slide button is conveniently placed near the handle, so you can operate it with your thumb as you slice. The button has three levels, allowing you to slice thin, medium, or thick.

Lastly, switching the julienne feature on and off is a cinch. A knob is positioned at the side, which you flip to expose or hide the blades.

Highlighted features:

  • Quality-made from ABS plastic and stainless steel.
  • Well-sized non-slip handle.
  • Three julienne slicing thicknesses – thin, medium, and thick.
  • Slide button for switching the thickness levels..
  • Side knob for switching the julienne feature on/off.
  • Lightweight for convenient fatigue-free operation.

3. Prep Naturals Vegetable Julienne Slicer

The Prep Naturals is a rather special brand. Instead of focusing on a wide range of products, it concentrates on only 2 lines – food storage and food preparation. If you need good food storing containers, meal prep bags, or mandolin slicers, Prep Naturals won’t disappoint you.

As the name suggests, the Prep Naturals Mandoline Food Slicer with Julienne Grater and Spiralizer is a comprehensive unit. It comes to solve virtually all your fruit and vegetable grating and slicing needs. To help you understand what I am talking about, I will talk a bit about the design.

The product features an innovative design that helps you do everything on a compact unit.

In that regard, there's the mainframe to which you can attach any of the three blades that are included. The blades do either grating, straight cutting, or julienne cutting.

The best vegetable julienne slicer not only cuts efficiently but also considers safety. In that sense, Prep Naturals has included a lot of safety mechanisms to protect you from accidents while using its mandolin.

Firstly, there is a safety hat, to which you can attach the veggies and fruits while slicing them. The part is easy to use and it keeps your fingers a good distance away from the blades.

Secondly, you get a free protective glove. While using it, you’re not worried about your fingers running over the blade as the glove is cut-resistant.

Do you love vegetable spirals? There are lots of ways to eat spiralized veggies by the way. If you’re looking for the right tool to make veggie spirals, the spiralizer that comes with this mandolin will suffice. It comes with three settings, so you can create thin spirals, medium spirals, or ribbons. Setting the right size is as easy as pressing a button.

The julienne slicer is also adjustable. A slide button is conveniently placed at the front to help you choose easily between various cutting and slicing sizes.

Highlighted features:

  • Compact but serves many functions – slicing, julienne, grating, spiraling.
  • Built with safety in mind – comes with safety carrier and hand glove.
  • Adjustable cutting and slicing – a slide button changes the setting.
  • 3 spiral sizes from thin to ribbon – press buttons are included.
  • Comes with a clear container attached to the mandolin – it is removable.
  • Can be fully disassembled for easy washing and storing.

4. Sunkuka Julienne Peeler Slicer with Cleaning Brush

Sunkuka Julienne Peeler Slicer with Cleaning Brush

Sunkuka Kitchen Accessories promises and delivers on two things – quality and safety. But there’s something else that makes the brand a favorite to many – affordability.

For instance, the Sunkuka Julienne Peeler Slicer with Cleaning Brush goes for just over ten bucks. Yet, it is a handy and versatile tool that can solve lots of culinary cutting needs.

If you need a handheld vegetable peeler and cutter, this is a product you might want to have a look at. As the picture suggests, it is a compact gadget that you can easily hold in one hand.

The design is quite innovative. The front part forms the cutting zone while the back forms the holding area. The gripping surface is about 5 inches long and 3.4 inches in diameter.

As it is just the right size and thickness, and non-slip as well, getting a firm grip is a piece of cake. The aspect of being non-slip and comfortable to hold serves another purpose also – it is a safety feature, protecting your hands from sliding to the blades.

At the far end of the handle, a small hook is attached. This comes in helpful for storing the gadget.

Entirely, the unit is made of stainless steel. That gives it a lot of strength and resilience against elements like rust. As a matter of fact, this is a gadget you can use for a lifetime.

There are two kinds of blades on the tool – peelers and slicers. The slicer is on one side while the peeler is one both sides. Thus, you can either peel and slice to create juliennes or you can utilize the peel function alone.

Lastly, this utensil is crafted with ease of cleaning in mind. The stainless-steel body is very resistant to debris. The only part where food gets stuck is at the teeth, but with the included brush, removal is a cinch.

Highlighted features:

  • Properly-sized for one-handed operation.
  • Non-slip steel handle for a secure grip.
  • Made of stainless steel – tough and durable.
  • 2 types of blades for slicing and peeling.
  • Free brush for clearing debris stuck at the handle.

5. Gramercy Adjustable Stainless Steel Julienne Grater

Gramercy Adjustable Stainless Steel Julienne Grater

A lot of slicers out there pose a considerable risk to your fingers. As they have an exposed blade that can easily cut you, operation and cleaning are a headache. You have to be extra careful every time you use or clean such units.

But the Gramercy Adjustable Stainless Steel Mandoline features an innovative design that changes all that.

In that regard, the mandolin comes with an exclusive blade guard, which keeps the blade hidden and minimizes the chances of accidents. Amazingly, even with the guard, the slicer still cuts efficiently.

Aside from that, the unit comes with other features to farther protect you from the sharp blade. For instance, there is a safety carrier. By using this to run the food over the blade, you stay a good distance away, safe from the risk of getting cut. You will love how easy it is to attach the food to the carrier.

In addition to all that, you get two safety gloves when you purchase this product. When you’re not using the carrier, the gloves ensure you don’t end up with a sliced skin in case you contact the blade.

As said, the blade is extremely sharp. It cuts efficiently, making it possible to finish tasks swiftly and without having to use much elbow grease.

You will love the level of adjustability that comes with this cutter. With the dial knob, which is conveniently located at the side, you get to vary the slicing thickness between 1 mm and 9 mm. The same knob also helps you set your preferred julienne thickness between 4.5 mm and 9 mm.

The beautiful thing about it all is that everything is built into the device. You don’t have to keep changing parts to get the right cuts.

For ease of use, the device comes with a strong retractable support leg. You can also place a bowl underneath the slicer so your cut pieces fall in there.

Highlighted features:

  • 4CR15 stainless steel – no rusting, dulling, or degradation.
  • Attractive design – stainless steel enclosed in black plastic accents.
  • Adjustable slicing blade – between 1 and 9 mm.
  • Adjustable julienne cutter – 4.5 and 9 mm.
  • Stress-free adjustability with a side-located dial.
  • Easy-to-operate safety carrier.
  • Free safety gloves.
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean – free cleaning brush.

Comparison Table of Julienne Slicer



Types of cutters


Safety carrier


Mueller V-Pro Multi Blade 


Wavy blade
Coarse shredder




Prepworks Adjust-A-Slice






Prep Naturals Mandoline Food Slicer






Sunkuka Julienne Peeler






Gramercy Adjustable Stainless Steel Mandoline Cutter






What Features to Look at Before Buying a Julienne Slicer?

What Features to Look at Before Buying a Julienne Slicer?

A mandolin/julienne slicer is one of the most useful kitchen tools. With one, you get to say goodbye to the inconvenience of using a knife to peel, slice, julienne, or cut veggie and fruits. As long as the tool is good, safety and efficiency are guaranteed.

However, as with any other product, you can purchase a good or bad unit. To get the best julienne slicer to your needs, be sure to make the following considerations.

Material & Build Quality

A julienne slicer has to be able to cut efficiently, withstand pressure, and resist rust, dulling, and other forms of degradation. Hence, sturdiness is a must.

Mostly, these tools are made of metal, but that is not what matters. What is important is that the unit is made of stainless steel. That is because stainless steel is strong and durable. It resists rust very effectively as well.

Note, not everything needs to be stainless steel, but just the blades. The handle and the housing can be made of plastic. Go for the units whose plastic is ABS for the sake of sturdiness. Also, it’s advisable to get units with BPA-free plastic for safety.


You don't want to imagine the amount of pain you will endure when your fingers get sliced. It is one of the reasons why people go for mandolin slicers in the first place instead of using knives.

But still, different mandolin models have different levels of safety. For instance, Gramercy Adjustable Stainless Steel Mandoline, which is last on the review above, has various safety features you won’t find in many other slicers.

Its blade is covered with a plastic guard to keep the blade hidden. This arrangement provides lots of safety in case you accidentally run your fingers across the blade’s area. And, it makes it safer to clean the gadget.

If you’re serious about safety, check the positioning of the blades. They should be well concealed without reducing the cutting efficiency. A guard would definitely come in handy.

Secondly, check whether the unit comes with a safety carrier. That’s a little device that holds the food for you. Rather than using your hand to hold the food when running it across the blade, the device does it for you, thereby keeping you protected from the blade.

Lastly, check whether protective gloves are included. If they’re good, they should be cut resistant to keep you safe in the event that your hand runs over the cutting edge.

Cutting Efficiency

Having a slicer that barely cuts is a very frustrating situation. It can render the work harder than instead of easier. Therefore, one critical question to ask before getting a slicer is whether it cuts easily.

The blade is what determines the cutting efficiency. Firstly, it ought to be made of stainless steel, so that it is strong and resilient against pressure. Unlike other metals, quality stainless steel will not bend. It will remain firm.

Secondly, the cutting edge needs to come already sharpened so you can use it out of the box.


Ever had to ransack your kitchen cabinet looking for the right knives to cut your veggies in different thicknesses and shapes? It is quite inconvenient, don’t you agree?

But a nice, adjustable mandolin slicer changes all that.

Look for a gadget that comes with the feature of adjustability. It should have a dial or buttons to set different thicknesses. The models in the review above, for instance, come with these features to help you set your preferred thickness.

The Gramercy Adjustable Stainless Steel Mandoline (in the review above), for instance, allows you to vary the size of the slices from 1 to 9 mm with a dial and the julienne size between 4.5 mm and 9 mm. it offers you maximum versatility and convenience.


There are various types of cutters in the market, based on the function. There are those models that:

  • Slice
  • Grate
  • Create juliennes
  • Spiralize food

Still, some models serve all functions from slicing and grating to creating matchsticks/juliennes to spiralizing food.

Think about the tasks you want to be able to take care of with the tool before buying it. Also, consider your budget. An all-in-one tool like the Prep Naturals Mandoline Food Slicer with Julienne Grater and Spiralizer (in the review) will, of course, be costlier than a more specialized unit.

Again, keep in mind that handheld units like the Prepworks Adjust-A-Slice and Julienne Mandoline serve fewer functions. Bulkier models with legs or those that are attached to a container serve more functions. 

Safety Tips for Using Julienne Slicer

Safety Tips for Using Julienne Slicer

It is undeniable that a mandolin comes with tremendous benefits. Crucially, you get to enjoy speed and uniformity when slicing, shredding, or grating veggies and fruits. With this versatile tool, your kitchen cutting needs are well taken care of.

Moreover, a julienne slicer offers more safety in comparison.

But, remember a mandolin is still a cutting tool. Without due care and diligence, you'll find out what it feels like to be a tomato or a cucumber, which I imagine you don't want to.

Beforehand, be sure to learn how to use a mandolin correctly.

The following safety tips will help you avoid accidents when using a julienne slicer.

Wear that glove

Unless you’re using a safety carrier, a protective glove is vital to use. In case you accidentally run your fingers over the blade, you won’t get sliced.

Thankfully, some mandolins, such as the Gramercy Adjustable Stainless Steel Mandoline (in the review above) come with a safety glove. If your unit doesn’t come with the glove, be sure to purchase one separately. The glove should be cut resistant.

It’s not a must to wear it one on both hands. You could just wear it only on the hand you use to run the food over the blade.

Use the safety carrier

Some folks call it a finger guard, others call it a safety hat, and still, others call it a safety carrier. All these terms refer to the same item, a small gadget that holds the food for you.

The purpose of a safety carrier is to prevent your hands from coming into direct contact with the blade. Hence, it greatly minimizes the chances of an accidental cut.

Don’t put your hand in the soapy water

Most julienne slicers can be safely washed in the sink. Often, people add soap in the sink to clean more effectively.

But there's a mistake that some folks learn the hard way – putting a hand in the soapy water. You see, soapy clear is unclear, and you don’t really know what part of the slicer you’ll hold. If you hold the cutting edge, chances are that you’ll be cut. Remember, the part is extremely sharp.

Keep them out of reach of children

Mandolins and kids – that is a rather scary sentence just to say it. Kids, especially those that are very young don’t know how to take safety precautions with cutting tools. The best way to protect them is to keep your mandolin out of their reach.

Don’t force it

Different mandolins have varying capabilities. Some can cut anything, including meat, while others can only cut the soft veggies and fruits. Generally, the small handheld units have a limited range of items they can handle, while the bigger ones can handle a wider array of items.

If you try a food item and see that the slicer is not being able to cut it without a struggle, it’s best to just put it away and try a bigger slicer.

Alternatively, you can use a different tool. Meat, for instance, is best cut using a meat shredder. Don’t worry about the size or price, there are lots of cheap, compact models that you can purchase and use in your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a julienne slicer?

While you can use a julienne slicer to slice almost anything including meat and cheese, the tool is usually used to cut fruits and vegetables. If you love making salads, French fries, gratins, and vegetable spirals, you will find a julienne slicer incredibly useful.

Are all mandolins the same?

Mandolins vary greatly by their sizes, shapes, what they’re made of, and so on. But mostly, we sort mandolins based on what they can do. While some models can only accomplish one or two tasks, such as slicing and grating, others can accomplish more wide-ranging tasks, from peeling and slicing to grating and julienning.

When looking for the right unit, be sure to check what feature the unit has and what functions it can serve.

Can I use a julienne slicer to cut cheese?

Actually, it is often a lot easier to use a julienne slicer than a regular cheese grater to shred cheese. However, you will find it is more practical to work with harder cheese than soft cheese.

How do I use a julienne slicer to shred cabbage?

First, you will want to cut the cabbage into 4 quarters. Then, use a knife to remove the hard cores of the quarters. You can later use the cores to make cabbage juice by blending.

After that, wear a protective glove and run each of the quarters through the blade. But if you can use a safety carrier to run the cabbage, you don’t really need a protective glove.

Final Word

If you’ve decided it is time to say goodbye to knives for your fruit and vegetable slicing needs, go ahead and obtain the best julienne slicer.

With the tool, you will cut quicker and more effectively. The cuts will be more uniform and with features such as adjustable blades, you won’t need to stock a whole bunch of knives for different slice thicknesses or deal with unevenly cut slices.

When making up your mind on which model to get, be sure to consider your needs. Do you need a model you will have to place on a counter or over a bowl or one with a handle that you can hold with one hand? Also, do you need extra features such as the spiralizer? Whatever type works for you, there is a favorable choice in the review above.

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