Best Honey Jars

Best Honey Jars : Top 10 Pick For 2022 with Buyer’s Guide

Be it raw, natural, pure, or organic honey, if you store it in the off-the-rack squeeze tubes, it’s going to crystalize at some point.

While it’s possible to restore its liquid state, it might darken and lose some of its aroma and flavor in the process.

Want to keep honey in great condition for the longest time?

You need a good-quality food-grade honey dispenser that’s air-tight and doesn’t contaminate the syrup inside.

Honey doesn’t ferment if the water content there is less than 17.1%. To protect the moisture of the syrup from getting evaporated, it’s important that you use the best honey jar that’s available on the market.

Getting confused on which one to buy? Let’s give you some fabulous options to explore!



Editor's Rating


STUDIO SILVERSMITHS Beehive Crystal Honey Jar

5 out of 5

Hunnibi Honey Dispenser

5 out of 5

Jarware Stainless Steel Honey Container

4.5 out of 5

Mkono Honey Pot Glass Honey Jar with Dipper

4 out of 5

Lawei Honey Jar with Dipper and Lid Glass

4.5 out of 5

Our Recommended 10 Best Honey Jars Reviews in 2022

1. STUDIO SILVERSMITHS Beehive Glass Honey Jar

Have you just bought premium-quality honey for this winter?

It’s time to spend a little bit more to protect your investment by purchasing a proper, air-tight container for that!

With that thought in mind, STUDIO SILVERSMITHS presents a crystal jar that’s both fashionable and functional at the same time.

Measuring 5.25-inch in height and 4.5-inch in diameter, this jar is elegantly designed in a beehive shape. Its perfect size and cute design make it the best honey jar to gift someone in your friends and family.     

Crafted of quality non-lead crystal material, the container is quite thick and nicely-built. The top and bottom parts are separate, which fits securely against one another.

Once the honey is stored inside this container, it shines a warm amber glow through the crystal and makes the whole thing look aesthetic.

Do you know what makes a honey container feel complete?

A wooden spoon to scoop the yummy honey off the jar!

The 6-inch long wooden dipper is strongly-built and fits nicely inside the small 3.5-inch opening of the container.

Besides the good look, you will find the pot to be quite capacious as it can hold approximately 12-ounce of liquid or more inside it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Crafted from crystal, STUDIO SILVERSMITHS jar looks pretty aesthetic.
  • A wooden serving spoon is included in the package.
  • You can use it as a long-term storage container.
  • Considering the price, the glass jar is quite elegant and can be used as a gift.

2. Sweet As Can Bee Ceramic Honey Pot

Sweet As Can Bee Ceramic Honey Pot

The beauty of honeybees is something that’s really mesmerizing. Unless you get stung by one, of course!

Jokes apart, we have found a mini honey pot by Kate Aspen that has super cute honeybees drawn over it!

Accented with black and yellow colors, the bees are illustrated on the base and the lid of the container to make the pot look more meaningful. Once you see the baby bee trailed by the mama bee, you’ll fall in love with its appearance for sure!

Built with ceramic material, the white-colored pot measures about 3-inch in height and 2.75-inch in diameter. The wooden spoon that comes with the jar is shaped to look like the wing of a bee and completes the look of the whole set nicely.

The pot is shaped to resemble the look of a beehive. It comes in a clear, display box that showcases the container inside perfectly. The gift box is decorated with pastel purple, blue and pink flowers at the base.

Along with the flowers, there are 3 bees in the middle where each one of them has tiny pink and blue colored hearts for wings. The package is finished with a bow, sheer organza ribbon and a "For You" tag to bring a smile to the person you are gifting this item!

Highlighted Features

  • You can easily gift this item to your friends as it comes in nice packaging.
  • With a wooden dipper that fits nicely, it’s easier to pour honey from it.
  • If you travel frequently, this jar can be your all-time companion.
  • As it doesn’t take much counter space, this jar is easy to store for future use.

3. Hunnibi Honey Dispenser | Best Honey Dispensers

Want to get honey out of the jar without making a sticky mess?

You say it and we bring the right product for that!

The Hunnibi Honey Dispenser is a no-drip container that makes it easy to pour syrup without even shaking the jar. All you got to do is simply press the release on the handle and let the syrup instantly flow from the bottom to spread on your favorite snack.

Hate seeing your premium honey getting all clumped up after some time?

Let me tell you a secret that the Hunnibi dispenser uses to avoid that!

The product comes with its very own bottom stopper that keeps the container airtight. As the moisture doesn’t get a chance to escape, the syrup inside remains fresh and intact. You can store other liquid contents like maple syrup, sugar or chocolate syrup in this particular jar.

If you ever wanted to gift your friend something that’s both decorative and functional at the same time, then this jar is it!

Shaped into a cheery, smart honeycomb design, this jar is a perfect gift item for someone you love. Strong, light, yet durable, this product will last for a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Highlighted Features

  • Hunnibi jar is capable of holding 1 cup (equivalent to 8-ounce) of liquid.
  • With its honeycomb pattern and fun shape, you can use it as a gift item.
  • As the bottom stopper keeps the jar airtight, honey doesn’t get clumpy.
  • You can use it for a long time as the container is made of durable materials.
  • You can stop pouring liquid instantly by letting go of the release button. 

4. Mkono Honey Jar with Dipper and Lid

Mkono Honey Jar with Dipper and Lid Glass Beehive Honey Pot for Home Kitchen

Of all the sweet honey jars and pots out there, Mkono is probably the simplest looking container available on the market.

The simplicity adds to the container's beauty. Made of high-grade borosilicate glass, the jar has a classic vibe to it. Although the pot isn't airtight as it has an opening to the side, it keeps the honey & honey mustard fresh and makes it easy to pour.

Do you get annoyed when you reach out for honey only to see suddenly it’s over?

It happens to the best of us, to be honest! We don’t keep track every day and suddenly the whole liquid is finished without our notice.

As Mkono jar is constructed of clear glass and transparent, you will always know when to fill it up without even lifting the lid. Made of high-quality material, the pot doesn’t contain any toxic or polluted stuff in it. 

Measuring 5-inch in height and 2.5-inch in diameter, Mkono jar is in such a cute shape that it’s visually appealing while being inexpensive. Whether you want to gift this item to a new homeowner, tea lover or anyone else, it’s going to attract a lot of attention and appreciation for sure!

Highlighted Features

  • As it’s made of crystal, you can easily see the contents inside it.
  • With a 6-inch long dipper, it’s easy to scoop syrup out of it.
  • You can utilize this 9-ounce jar for everyday use.
  • Made of borosilicate glass, it’s quite durable and lasts for a long time.

5. Jarware Stainless Steel Honey Container

Do you have some spare honey bottles lying around?

Meet Jarware Stainless Steel Honey Dipper Lid, which can be used on top of any!

Basically, you can transform any regular mason jar into a honey dipper pot with this dipper lid. It fits most of the standard-size canning jars available on the market.

The recommended size is 16-ounce, but if the opening of the jar fits this lid, you can always make it work for as many ounces as you want!

The 18/8 stainless-steel construction of the lid is quite durable and lasts for a long time. The handle is comfortable to hold on and get honey out of the mason jar quite easily. The Jarware dipper lid is suitable for mouth Ball, Kerr, Kilner, and Anchor Hocking mason jars, etc.

You will find a lot of people who love cooking or getting the table ready for serving foods.

But you know what’s harder to find?

A person who is even okay with doing the dishes!

With that in mind, Jarware stainless-steel lid is made to be top-rack dishwasher-friendly for your convenience. You can also wash it by hand if you want as it’s pretty easy to clean that way as well.

Highlighted Features

  • As Jarware lid is made of quality materials, it doesn't leech or reacts with food.
  • You can insert it on all standard-sized mason jars.
  • All pieces from this set is top-rack dishwasher-friendly.
  • You can hold the dipper comfortably as it’s easy to hold.

6. Mkono Honey Pot for Home Kitchen

Let us introduce you to a honey pot that’s worth every cent of your hard-earned cash and if taken care of properly, last forever! Pretty close, eh?

The Mkono Honey Pot has a practical honey jar with dipper design that combines the lid and dipper together. As the lid and the dipper come in one piece, you can serve with one hand while holding the serving dish on the other.

And you know what's the best part of this particular setting?

The lid with the dipper design makes it possible to utilize every drop of liquid without making any sticky mess anywhere else!

The whole set is made entirely of high-quality glass and therefore, it adds an aesthetic charm to your home. The Mkono jar measures about 6.5-inch in height and 3.75-inch in diameter. An additional dipper comes with the package that around 6.25-inch in height and makes it easy to spread syrup on biscuits or desserts.

Both the jar and the lid are made entirely of glass and therefore, can be easily washed. The glass is quite durable and of great quality considering the reasonable price.

Highlighted Features:

  • As the pot comes with an attached lid and dipper design, it makes less mess.
  • Having entirely made of glass, the jar is easy to wash inside out.
  • You can easily scoop the syrup out of the jar with the included dipper.
  • Made of premium-grade materials, the pot is non-toxic and safe to use.

7. Lawei Honey Storing Jar

We all know that honey doesn’t spoil over time.

While that’s 100% true, honey is quite susceptible to physical and chemical changes after a certain period for sure!

One of the most common signs is that the syrup starts to lose its aroma and color as time passes. To help preserve the original taste and appearance, it’s ideal to store honey in glass jar.

With that thought in mind, Lawei presents a 10-ounce honey pot constructed of classy high borosilicate glass. The jar is transparent and doesn’t contain any odor. To help you add syrup to hot drinks, the Lawei has added a 6-inch dipping stick with its package.

Measuring 5.3-inch in height and 2.5-inch in diameter, this jar is ideal for storing honey, maple syrup, jam, jelly etc. As there's an opening located at the side for holding the dipper, the pot isn't airtight. However, this structure makes it easy for you to refill the jar once it's empty.

Get together or a sudden housewarming party coming up next week?

These types of transparent glass honey jars are the perfect item to gift your loved ones! The classic looking jar with its beautiful honeycomb design attracts people’s attention along with some beautiful compliments as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • With a 10-ounce capacity, the jar can store a good amount of syrup in it.
  • As it's made of high borosilicate glass, it doesn't contain any foul odor inside.
  • You can easily pour into it through its side opening.
  • With the 6-inch long dipper, it’s easy to serve from this jar.
  • As the jar is small in size, it doesn’t take much space on your countertop/table.

8. Youngs Inc Ceramic Jar w/Honey Dip

Looking for some unique honey jars that can blend right in with your modern kitchen décor?

Youngs Inc Ceramic Jar is ready to serve you anytime!

The brand started its journey in the month of October 1988. Since then it has been providing its users with lots of quality giftware, décor items, and other accessories that we need on a daily basis.

The Ceramic Jar with Honey Dip is one of its accent pieces that’s designed to fit in with all styles and kitchen décors.

The sweet, golden honey syrup you love so much is the result of the work of the industrial bees. To make the pot more meaningful, Youngs Ceramic Jar is constructed with a black and yellow honey bee on top of the ceramic lid.

To help you scoop honey out from the bottom, there’s a wooden stick included in the package. The lid of the jar has a cut-out area from where the stick peeks out.

The lid fits in nicely with the bottom part and keeps the freshness of the raw honey intact for the longest time.

Highlighted Features

  • Being a neutral shade of white, Youngs Inc Jar blends in with all décors.
  • With the help of the dipper, you can easily scoop honey from out of it.
  • There’s a unique honeycomb design on the base that sets it apart from.
  • As this jar is a medium-sized one, it looks great on top of a tea bar.

9. KooK Honey Jar with Dipper

Cute. Elegant. And most importantly, functional at its best!

The above line holds true for the KooK Honey Jar that comes with the capacity of 9-ounce of liquids inside. Measuring 5-inch in height and 2.5-inch in diameter, the container is the perfect size for storing honey or syrup.

While other brands love to show off their own designs on the pot, you know what KooK does?

It lets the honey speak for itself!

The clear glass of the jar lets the beautiful color of the honey shines through and make its own unique appearance. Shaped into a bee-hive design, the jar looks both elegant and attractive at the same time.

Looking forward to a house party at your place anytime soon?

With the help of the sleek glass dipper, you can serve from this jar in style!

The lid of the container is shaped in a way so that you can easily lift it up and refill the jar whenever needed. A 6-inch long glass dipper comes with the pot that lets you serve without getting your hands or the table dirty.

As the pot is dishwasher-friendly, you can easily dip it in the dishwasher whenever it’s time to clean it out. However, if someone prefers handwashing instead, that’s also fine as the whole glass container gets cleaned with just a little amount of soap and warm water.

Highlighted Features

  • Classic beehive design of the pot is a nice addition to the table.
  • As it’s dishwasher-friendly, you don’t require much effort while cleaning it.
  • With the surface being transparent, you can see the honey from outside.
  • You can use this product as a gift item as it’s reasonably priced.

10. 1.5 oz Hexagon Mini Glass Honey Jars with Wood Dipper

To celebrate the arrival of the sweet bundle of joy, honey is often considered a wonderful gift item.

You wouldn’t put a baby shower gift in just any ordinary mason jar, would you?

In case you are wondering about purchasing some fancy jars off the shelf, we have a better offer in stock for you!

The Adabocute jar package comes in a bundle of 20 mini glass jars for this type of occasion. If you are looking for the best jars for honey that can be used as gift parcels as well, these hexagonal-shaped cuties are going to steal your heart for sure!   

The 1.5-oz jar is cleverly designed to save space on your countertop. The golden lid on top looks strikingly beautiful with the geometric-shaped bottom. You also get a beautiful wooden dipper to scoop honey out of the container.

All of the components from this manufacturer are strongly built and quite durable. The glass container is made of lead-free materials while the tin lids are BPA-free for safety purposes. The wooden dipper is of food-grade quality and made of 100% natural wood.

As the lid of the container comes with a leak-free iron lid and has soft rubber support around it, the lid seals off nice and tightly. Both the jar and the lid are easy to clean and dishwasher-friendly.

Highlighted Features

  • The sturdy iron lid provides a strong seal for the container.
  • Being hexagonal in shape, it saves space on the countertop.
  • Made of food-grade materials, the wooden dipper is safe to use.
  • Both jar and lid are dishwasher-friendly.

Comparison Chart of Top 10 Honey Jars




Dimension (Height x Diameter)

Closure Type



12 (Approx)



Kate Aspen









Flip Top







Stainless Steel

16 (Recommended)


Canned Lid With Included Dipper




6.5x3.75(bottom diameter)



Borosilicate Glass




Youngs Inc











Wood, Glass




Honey Jars Buying Guide

Honey Jar Buying Guide

Shape And Appearance

There are different shapes and designs available for honey pots.

If you are looking for aesthetic beauty, then you can always go for the ones with beehive patterns or small honeybees drawing all over them.

If you are short on space on your countertop, choose the mini ones or those with a cleverly-shaped bottom that requires less space on the table.


Jars come in different capacity levels as well.

If you travel often and want something that’s small in size, then go for the ones that come with under 5-ounce capacity. The average size of the pots available on the market ranges between 8- to 12-ounce. You can also choose to go for bigger pots if required.


The best jars for honey are constructed in a way to prevent messy drippings while pouring honey from it.

Some models feature a bottom-squeeze pouring system, which is so easy to operate even toddlers can do it!

While other models include wooden a dipping stick to get one serving of honey out of the dispenser at a time.

If the jar you are purchasing has a separate lid and bottom, make sure they fit each other perfectly in order to keep the honey fresh for the longest time.

Ease Of Cleaning

Are you going to handwash the container?

Then, it's a good idea to go for jars that have a wider opening at the mouth.

Pots with detachable lids are easier to clean and maintain. Make sure you can reach the bottom of the container at least with a stick or sponge.

If you don’t prefer handwashing the pots by yourself, look for the ones that are dishwasher-friendly.

People Also Asked (FAQs)

1. Can I Use The Honey Jar For Storing Other Items?

Answer: It actually depends on the jar and you.

Most of the containers can be used for storing honey and maple syrup. However, some of the pots are efficient enough to be used for salad dressings, oil, vinegar, sugar etc.

2. Can I Microwave A Honey Container?

Answer: It depends on what type of material is used to make the container.

However, if you are thinking about microwaving, we strongly suggest you not to. The temperature inside the oven might alter the taste and texture of the honey permanently. Try a hot bath to de-crystalize honey instead.

3. Can I Store Honey In Plastic Container?

Answer: The condition of the honey depends a lot on the container it sits in. Plastic containers, for instance, might cause the honey to oxidize and change its aroma. If you must use, try choosing the food-grade plastic for better results.

4. How To Store Honey Properly?

Answer: To retain the honey's original taste and aroma, make sure it's stored in an airtight glass container. To preserve it well, we recommend keeping the jar away from direct sunlight or heat exposure.

Do not store honey in the freezer. The ideal temperature for keeping preserving honey ranges between 50- to 70-Degree Fahrenheit.

Honey Dispensers

Final Word

Honey has an incredibly long shelf life.

But don’t let this boost your confidence in any way!

If not stored properly, it might lose its color, taste and texture over time. Especially, if it's kept in an unsealed container, there's big possibility water may get into it and spoil it really quick.

To help you preserve honey in the right way, we have tried to feature some of the best honey jars trending on the market right now. Some of these jars will make a lovely gift to your friends and family while the others are so convenient you might want to keep one for yourself!

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