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8 Best Cake Turntables In 2022 – Start Decorating Cakes Like A Pro

If you love decorating cakes, you might want to look into rotating cake stands. They come in all different varieties. You could get away with just a Lazy Susan, which isn't technically a cake decorating turntable, but it is something a lot of people might have at home.

If you are thinking about going professional, you will need the best cake turntable. The normal PME ones will be enough for a beginner cake maker. Further down the line, you might want to upgrade, and this is where we come in.

For those of you that are interested in cake painting or detailed decorative work on cakes, there are some tilting turntables. Don't worry; they are perfectly safe.

On a side note, if you are thinking about running a cake making business and doing lots of detailed work, perhaps start with a professional cake turntable. It will be well worth it in the long run.



Editor's Rating


Kootek 11 Inch Rotating Cake Turntable

5 out of 5

Kootek Aluminium Alloy Revolving Cake Stand

5 out of 5

Wilton Cake Decorating Supplies Set

4.5 out of 5

35PCs Cake Turntable and Leveler

4 out of 5

Wilton Trim-N-Turn Ultra

Wilton Trim-N-Turn Ultra Cake Decorating Turntable

4.5 out of 5

What Are The Benefits Of Using Cake Stand Or Cake Turntable?

Turntables can get really expensive, but you don't need to get the most expensive one if you are just starting out. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you need a high-end decorating turntable.

You can get by with a beginner-friendly plastic model. However, if you are already using one, there are a lot of benefits of using a better, more professional-grade revolving cake stand.

  • It will make the whole cake decorating process much easier and faster.
  • You can frost the cake more easily.
  • It allows you to decorate the cake without you having to move around.
  • You can let the turntable do all the icing work for you.
  • These turntables also double as a cake stand.

Best Cake Turntable To Buy In 2022 : Definitive Guideline

Make your cake decorating life much easier with a rotating cake stand. Here is a shortlist of turntables to get you started.

1. Kootek Beginner Cake Turntable Kit

Starting off our list with a really simple cake turntable from Kootek. It is 11-inch in diameter and comes with two icing spatulas, one icing smoother, and one decorating comb.

This kit is perfect for beginner cakemakers that are just starting out with decorating cakes. It rotates smoothly and has a really flat surface.

It turns using a rollerball system and rotates either clockwise or counterclockwise. This platform is perfect for both right-handed and left-handed decorators.

Functionality wise, I think this is the perfect cake turntable kit for beginners. It's also widely used in a lot of cake decorating classes.

This plastic cake turntable won't turn as smooth as a professional metal cake turntable would, but that's not a bad thing. This instead can be an advantage if you are a beginner cake decorator because sometimes, when you are starting out, you don't want your turntable to be spinning like crazy.  

You would much prefer to have a little bit more control, and this is what this turntable can offer you. It is a lightweight decorating table that has a non-slip base for extra stability. As for the accessories, the stainless-steel spatulas are perfect for spreading the crumb layer smoothly and evenly.

Highlighted Features

  • Steel ball bearing for smooth rotation.
  • Rotates both left and right.
  • Durable plastic base and platform.
  • It comes with icing spatulas, icing smoother & decorating comb.

2. Kootek Aluminum Cake Turntable 12" - Quietest Cake Turntable

This aluminum cake turntable is smooth, sturdy, and looks a lot nicer than plastic cake stands. It also turns really quiet. The ball bearings are amazing and don't make any sound while turning. For the price, this is the quietest cake turntable on the market. Go with this one instead of those cheap plastic stands.

As opposed to wobbly, plastic models, this one is a great-looking turntable with a solid base. There is also a non-skid rubberized bottom that makes it very stable and also very easy to work with. The base of this stand is constructed using heavy-duty aluminum alloy. There is also a bit of weight to it.

This extra weight prevents the stand from moving and allows for excellent stability on countertops. In addition to that, you will find rubber feet and a non-slip surface that help keep the cake in place as well as the stand. As for the accessories, icing smoother and decorating combs.

Keep in mind that this is a complete cake decorating kit; this means you are actually getting a lot of accessories. First of all, you will get a stainless-steel cake server/cutter, 12.7-inch angled icing spatula as well as a silicone icing spatula. Even the decorating combs and high-quality and made using stainless-steel.

Highlighted Features

  • Soundless, smooth & professional cake turntable.
  • Stainless-steel decorating combs.
  • Two icing spatulas and a cake server/cutter.
  • Non-slip silicone bottom and non-sliding surface.

3. Wilton Cake Decorating Supplies Set

This cake turntable set from Wilton really stands out from the crowd with its colorful accents and unique design. It's made using durable plastic and has a bunch of features that make it the best rotating cake stand on a budget. The Tilt-N-Turn cake turntable will make every cake decorating job go very smoothly. 

Whether you are a professional cake decorator or a beginner, you will surely find the features of this turntable really useful. It comes in a complete set that gives you all the essential tools you will need to successfully design special occasion cakes. When you are a cake decorator, it is always wedding cake season.

The platform is about 12 inches in diameter and has a non-slip pad on the top for the cake to sit on. This prevents the cake from slipping when you are decorating.

The rotation speed isn't that much on this turntable. However, it is very smooth and gives you perfect control when you are decorating.

You can also lock the turntable in place and prevent is from rotating. This feature allows it to double as a cake stand.

As for the tilting function, there 18 tilting settings so that you can precisely decorate your cakes. Since it tilts at 18 different angles, there is no need for you to move from where you are standing.

Highlighted Features

  • 18 different tilting angles for easy and precise decorating.
  • Ability to lock the turntable in place.
  • Durable plastic build and doesn't wobble.
  • Smooth rotation and easy to clean.

4. RFAQK Rotating Cake Stand with Non Slip Pad

If you are a complete beginner and don't have a single item for baking cakes, it's a good idea to start with a complete cake decorating supplies kit. It's just so that you can get the hang of the whole process. And this 35-pieces set is the perfect item to start with. It even includes a free E-book on cake baking.

Let's start with the biggest item on this set, which is the turntable. The RFAQK turntable stand is made from premium quality BPA free, FDA approved, and food-grade plastic.

At the bottom, it has a non-slip rubber silicone ring for better stability. This anti-slip bottom is needed for your peace of mind.

This plastic is non-sticky and also dishwasher safe. As for its rotation, you can rotate it both counterclockwise and clockwise.

The ball bearings are well hidden and placed in a way that allows for smooth 360-degree rotation. It is also easy to clean as you can remove the top cake platform.

Now, along with its 11-inch cake turntable plate, you will also get seven icing tips, two 11-inch spatulas, one cake slicer, and leveler, twenty disposable bags, and a free E-book.

That's a lot of stuff. Even if you are somewhat of a pro at cake decorating, you will be surprised at the quality of the accessories at this price.

Highlighted Features

  • A complete cake decorating set.
  • Good quality cake slicer.
  • Smooth turntable with anti-slip bottom.
  • E-book contains a lot of valuable information for beginners.

5. Wilton Trim-N-Turn Ultra Cake Decorating Turntable

Wilton Trim-N-Turn Ultra Cake

Up next, we have a pretty basic decorating turntable from Wilton. Now, when you are decorating a cake, it's not possible to climb over the countertop to reach the other end.

This is where you will need a rotating cake table so that you can comfortably stand in one place and move the desired part of the cake to you.

The Trim-N-Turn Ultra spins in both directions and has a locking switch to prevent it from spinning. It has a beautiful green and white color combination, and when locked in place, you can use it as a cake stand. The plastic used in the making of this table is durable and BPA free.

It's also food-grade plastic, so you won't have to worry about any health hazards. The table is slightly raised and has non-slip rubber pads underneath.

The base is also made using plastic but contains non-slip pads for easy turning. The small lever underneath to platform locks the table in place.

When you want the cake to be steady, you simply pull the lever, and the table will stop rotating. This allows you to decorate and ice the cake with better precision without you having to change positions constantly. You can also take this table apart for easy cleaning.

Highlighted Features

  • Ability to lock its rotation.
  • Durable plastic body and base.
  • Large 12-inch diameter turntable.
  • Non-slip base for easy turning.

6. Foreversmooth Cake Turntable Stand By Cakes Of Eden

Cakes of Eden is a brand that specializes in making useful accessories for cake bakers and decorators. The ForeverSmooth has a 12-inch diameter and has a height of 3.5-inch. It's a durable cake stand that turns smooth even with heavy multi-tiered cakes on top. It also comes in a beautiful looking gift box.

In the box, you will find an offset spatula, four-sided icing combs, a cake level, a 12-inch cake board, and the turntable itself. The table also features a wide non-slip base that makes it very easy to rotate. The turntable rotates both left and right in a smooth motion.

Thanks to the patent-pending durable ball bearings, this table turns quietly and smoothly. The rotating brake is easy to access, and with one click of a button, the rotation stops and locks the table in place. As for the accessories, you are getting some high-quality cake decorating items.

In short, this is a great decorating set at an unbeatable price. The ability to spin your cakes on a turntable effortlessly is a must when you are frosting and decorating your cake.

If you don't plan on buying this set for yourself, you can always buy this as a gift for someone that loves decorating cakes.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes in a beautiful gift box.
  • High-quality cake decorating set.
  • 14.5-inches long offset spatula.
  • Comes with an additional cake board.

7. NaGaWood 13-inch Wooden Cake Turntable

Wood Cake Stand Acacia – 13 inch Cake

Get in touch with nature when decorating cakes with a wooden turntable from NaGaWood. This revolving cake turntable is made using 100% heavy-duty Acacia wood that is completely food safe and eco-friendly. This is a top-quality wood with a smooth finish. This makes it perfect for weddings, parties, and restaurants.

Underneath the table is a non-slip rubber foot that makes it very easy to turn. Even the base of this turntable is made using top-quality acacia wood.

On the top, there is a non-slip surface that prevents the cake from slipping away. In addition to its excellent stability, it also features smooth bearing.

This 13-inch revolving cake stand comes with a lot of useful supplies for decorating cakes. You will get decorating combs, icing smothers, icing spatulas, and more.

As for the dimensions of the spatulas, they are longer than industry standards. This is a good thing for bakers that want more control.

The decorating stand has a height of 2.5-inch with a 13-inch diameter platform. This stand is sturdy and stable enough for both large and small cakes.

You can also use it as a cake display stand and serve your guests with it. This makes it very easy to showcase different patterns of cakes and cupcakes.

Highlighted Features

  • Detachable base makes it easy to clean.
  • Wooden base with silicone rubber grip.
  • Smooth bearing and non-slip surface.
  • Made using food-safe and eco-friendly acacia wood.

8. Ateco Cast Iron Cake stand

If you are ready for the next level cake stand, this one definitely is a good option for you. The reason number one why it is amazing is that it has a cast iron base.

This means it is super sturdy and durable. You can put a very heavy cake on top and won't have to worry about it tipping over or wobble while you are frosting.

It spins very smoothly. So, when you are filling or frosting your cake, you can leave your angled spatula in a spot and let your turntable do the rest of the work.

Another cool feature of this cake stand is that the top detaches from the base easily, which is perfect if you have a storage space issue.

Probably my favorite feature of this cake decorating turntable is that it comes with a removable non-slip pad.

This helps prevent the cake from moving and sliding around while you are frosting and filling it. It is also super easy to clean. Since the top detaches from the base, you can easily wash it by hand.

You can also wash the non-slip pad as well. All you have to do is rinse it and let it air dry. Last but not least, you can actually double this turntable as a cake stand.

Just remove the non-slip pad, place your beautiful cake on top, and you have got yourself the best revolving cake stand on the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Spins very smooth and also very quiet.
  • Solid and durable cast iron base.
  • Removable and washable non-slip pad.
  • It doubles as a revolving cake stand.

Cake Turntable Buyer's Guide For Beginners

Cake Turntables buying guide info

The first time I went to buy a turntable, it was kind of a big step for me because there are so many options.

All of a sudden, you are investing money into this bigger tool you need as a cake decorator. It is really hard to choose which one to buy just based on a picture.

It is really hard to choose a product without being able to see its functionality, and the pros and cons of it, without being able to see how it works and how it spins.

Most of the rotating cake stands might look similar at first glance, but there are certain features that make them different from one another.

If you are looking for the perfect model to start decorating cakes, you will need to look at some specific features.

So, I'm putting up a list of criteria that you can follow when you are buying a cake decorating turntable for the first time.


For a beginner, plastic can be an excellent choice of material for a cake turntable. It's affordable, lightweight, and also easy to clean.

The best part about them is that they won't rust no matter how long you use them. You can put them straight to the dishwasher, thanks to their detachable design.

If you want easy cleaning, low-maintenance, inexpensive turntable for decorating cakes, plastic is the go-to material. However, don't go too cheap, or else you will end up with a flimsy table.

There are plastic cake turntables that are sturdy, but they don't come close to the ones that are made using cast iron and aluminum.

When you are decorating heavy/large cakes, there is a good chance that plastic made tables will just slide across the counter. You don't want that happening to you.

Build Quality

For commercial purposes, you will need something sturdier. Preferably, a commercial cake turntable. This type of product has a solid build quality and will give you a professional-grade decorating tool vibe.

These durable and heavy turntables won't slide around and will stay firmly on your countertop. For larger cakes, this type of table is absolutely necessary. You won't have to worry about them breaking or cracking even after years of use.

However, there is one downside, and that is rust. Keep them clean. You can't just throw them into the dishwasher. The bearings and the surface should be cleaned following proper protocols if you want to avoid rust.


Most first-time cake bakers tend to forget about the height aspect. You don't want to spend hours in a position and put a strain on your shoulder and back. If you want to ease the strain, the height of the turntable should be above 2.5-inch.

Assuming you would put the turntable on the countertop. Measure the length of the countertop and find a product that is a good height to match that—maintaining a good posture while frosting cake is necessary.

To help you with that, the height of the pedestal should be enough so that you won't need to bend over while decorating cakes. Also, if you plan on using the turntable as a cake display stand, a short turntable won't work.

Also, don't go for the tallest turntable out there. You don't want the cake to topple over while serving it to the guests. Pick the right one considering your needs.

Non-Slip Grips

To keep the cake from sliding, the top platform should have some kind of non-slip surface. Some turntables come with a removable non-slip pad that can also be used as a cake plate.

As for the bottom of the base, there should be adequate rubber pads or non-slip material to keep the table in place while you decorate.

To keep the board still, a non-slip base helps a lot if you plan on using an additional cake board underneath your cake. However, if you don't intend to use a cake board, a platform with a rough, non-slip surface should suffice.

Keep in mind that if the surface is too rough, it might ruin the delicate cake bottom. Heavier turntables don't move around much. However, plastic tables are prone to sliding unless there are rubber grips on the base.

A simple slide during the decorating process is enough to ruin your whole days' worth of work.

Adjustments & Locking Mechanism

When you are decorating a certain place on the cake, you want the turntable to remain still. This is possible if the table you have has a locking mechanism. There are units out there that come with this feature.

Underneath the platform, there is a small lever that you pull to prevent the tabletop from spinning. There are times when you don't want the table to turn. It's good for displaying your artwork to the guests or while you are doing detailed work.

However, there is a catch. This type of turntable is slightly expensive, and this mechanism isn't very reliable. Often times, the levers break. For example, the Tilt-N-Turn model has this feature.

In addition, there are turntables that you can tilt. Now, this might look scary but let me assure you; they are perfectly safe. If you are the type of cake decorator that does a top of top work, a tilting base can make your work a whole lot easier.

It will make your decorating process more comfortable and also allow you to get all the details correctly. This type of tilting table has a solid base with a non-slip platform to keep the cake still and prevent slippage.

More features mean extra expense, and there is a good chance that the locking mechanism and hinges might fail. Eventually, these joints will wear out, and if you are just starting your cake decorating hobby, it is not necessary to invest in one right away.

➥ Size

By size, I'm referring to the diameter of the platform. The ideal size of a turntable platform is 12-inch. For most bakers, this should be good enough unless you are making a large cake that goes beyond this range.

A good idea is to buy a turntable that can accommodate the entire cake while leaving extra space for you to grab the plate and rotate the platform. Some surfaces have markings on them that lets you put smaller sized cakes easily.

➥ Accessories

Finally, let's talk about accessories. You will notice that most of the products on this list come as a set. The sets include decorating and smoothing items like combs, spatulas, cake printers and even cake levelers.

How To Clean And Maintain Your Cake Turntable?

Cake turntables do need care and maintenance from time to time. After multiple uses, one thing you will notice with these cake turntables is that they start to get a little bit sticky and don't turn quite as well as they used to. As you go around, they also start to get bumpy.

A quick fix that can help that is just taking apart the cake stand and clean all the parts and pieces. You can also grease the ball bearings. That's how you maintain a cake turntable.

As for the cleaning, don't just throw them into the dishwasher. These tables will get damaged beyond repair. What you can do instead is use a damp cloth to wipe the platform. You can use a mild detergent to clean the outer surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does a cake turntable last?

It depends on the usage. If you are a professional cake baker/decorator and use a cheap grade plastic made turntable, it won't last very long. You will need a professional grade turntable.

On the other hand, even the top-of-the-line models won't last long if you don't take care of them. These products need maintenance. If you want to make your turntable last long and keep them in their prime shape, follow proper cleaning protocol.

2. Should I go for wooden turntables or aluminum?

Aluminum made turntables are by far the most reliable and durable. However, some cake decorators prefer a more natural touch.

This is where wooden turntables shine the most. They perform well, look gorgeous, and last longer. On top of that, you won't have to worry about rust.

However, they are way more expensive than aluminum and not ideal for daily use. The finish might wear off, and you will need to frequently condition them using a food-safe wood conditioner.

3. Does cake turntables make noise while spinning?

While some do, but it is barely audible. There are some turntables that feature smooth ball bearings that allow for ultra-smooth rotation while being completely noiseless.

However, some units will tend to make noise later on. This can be fixed by cleaning the ball bearings and applying a small amount of grease.

4. Can I use anything else besides a cake turntable?

Yes. Instead of a traditional turntable, you can go with a lazy Susan. It is shorter and less expensive and also considered the best substitute for a cake revolving stand.

5. Is it absolutely necessary to use a cake rotating stand?

Unless you don't want even frosting, you can pretty much decorate your cakes on any plate. However, for detailed work and frosting, there is no better alternative than a cake turntable.

Final Words

We all do crazy stuff when it comes to icing evenly. You can either remain completely still like a robot or you can let the tools do all the hard work. The best cake turntable is something that can ease the whole process.

As I've said before, you don't need to spend crazy money to get the best one. Even plastic made turntables can do a good job if you bake cakes that have only two to three layers.

Just remember to look at the build quality and rotation speed. Get an affordable unit and start icing those cakes.

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