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Best Omelette Spatula 2022 – Top 11 Model Reviewed!

What could be more enjoyable than the perfect omelet in the morning? When you top it off with some avocado and tomato dressings, you have an incredibly delicious breakfast.

But while visualizing it, you might agree that the preparation process is what defines the final results. A bad spatula, for instance, will yield bad results.

However, with the best omelette spatula, you’re able to efficiently lift and flip your omelets, tortillas, pancakes, eggs, fish fillet, or whatever you’re cooking. Such a tool is high-quality and food-grade, it does not melt or warp, and it protects you from the heat.

If you want to avoid the junk and get a good, easy-to-use omelet spatula, the review below is for you.

Here our top 5 choice.

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Heat Resistance

Editor's Rating


Di Oro Chef Series Flexible Silicone Spatula

Yes Upto 600 (°F)

5 out of 5

OXO Good Grips Silicone Flexible Turner

Yes Upto 600 (°F)

5 out of 5

Joseph Joseph Elevate Egg Spatula

Yes Upto 520 (°F)

4.5 out of 5

Di Oro Elite Series 3-Piece Spatula Set

Yes Upto 600 (°F)

4 out of 5

Calphalon Whisking Fork And Omelette Turner

Calphalon Whisking Fork And Omelette Turner Set

Yes Upto 400 (°F)

4.5 out of 5

Our Top 11 Best Omelet Spatula Picks

1. Di Oro Chef Series Flexible Silicone Omelette Flipper

Di Oro is a producer and seller of cooking utensils, with a huge customer base in the US. As one of the top-rated brands in the sector, its products have even been displayed on shows like America’s Test Kitchen.

When looking for the best omelette spatula, heat resistance is one of the main considerations you have to make.

Because, there’s nothing more frustrating than a flipper that gets too hot during use. Even more annoying and dangerous is a situation whereby your spatula sheds off plastic from the high heat when you’re using it.

With that in mind, Di Oro presents you with a tool that reliably protects your hands from the heat. The handle is made of a highly heat-resistant plastic material. With this unit, which is rated at 600 °F heat resistance, you never have to worry about the parts melting.

A good spatula is one that offers a perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity. Di Oro offers a unit made of pro-grade flexible silicone. The material bends a bit for the purposes of flipping those omelets, but it is perfectly rigid for reliable operation.

Speaking of the material, the construction adheres to food-grade standards. In that regard, the silicone is BPA-free. The spatula even has LFBG certification for being safe for food preparation.

Ever had a situation where the egg white kept sticking to your spatula? It is a rather annoying scenario that makes it hard to have the perfect omelette. But tell you what? With the Di Oro spatula, you never have to worry about that.

The material is 100% non-stick, allowing you to prepare the perfect eggs, burgers, omelettes, or whatever you want to make.

Finally, this is a very easy-to-use product. It is just the right size (11.8 inches long) and there’s a notch at the handle for thumb placement.

Highlighted features:

  • Food safe – BPA-free silicone material with LFGB certification.
  • Heat resistant up to 600 °F – no more melting flippers.
  • Insulating plastic handle that keeps your hands safe from the heat.
  • Non-stick material.
  • Reinforced steel shaft for strength and longevity.
  • A perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Hanging loop for easy storage.

2. OXO Good Grips Silicone Omelette turner

For your home’s everyday-use products, OXO Stores is a brand you can trust. It provides some of the highest-grade items in the niche, going from baking and pastry tools to cocktail shakers and spatulas.

Well, if you’re seeking the perfect omelette turner, you might want to check out the OXO Good Grips Silicone Flexible Turner.

The unique feature of this product is the size of the spatula head. It is 7 inches long and 4 inches wide. That is long a wide head, which is ideal when you’re dealing with longer food items such as omelets and fish fillets.

Making omelets with a spatula is fun. But for you to enjoy the process, the tool you’re using has to be easy to use. Crucially, it has to be able to glide smoothly under the omelet and scoop the food effortlessly. That depends on how it is designed.

One tool I have discovered that is designed for ease of use with regard to that is the OXO turner. It has a thin head that slides easily under the food. And as it is a good size, the unit holds the food comfortably, making way for effortless flipping.

Another great feature is the flexibility. The bending tendency of the spatula further boosts the ease of sliding underneath the food.

You will love the balance between the tool’s flexibility and its firmness. It is not the kind that will bend on its own. Instead, you have to apply a bit of pressure for it to bend as it is a soft but firm utensil.

The head is made of silicone bonded to stainless steel. The silicone is BPA-free and thus safe for use. What’s more, it will not melt under high cooking temperature, as it is greatly heat resistant.

Something else that’s amazing about the silicone head is the non-stick nature.

Lastly, the unit has a plastic-insulated handle. Your hands won’t get scorched when using the tool.

Highlighted features:

  • Adequately large head for the longer foods.
  • Heat-resistant head made of silicone bonded to stainless steel.
  • Soft and flexible but firm enough.
  • The silicone head is non-stick.
  • A thin head that glides easily under the food.
  • Heat-insulated plastic handle.
  • Hanging hole at the handle.
  • Dishwasher safe.

3. Joseph Joseph Elevate Egg Spatula

Joseph Joseph is a top-selling store on Amazon that offers numerous products in the line of utensils, home cleaning, and home storage solutions. If you need top-notch quality and a quick recommendation of a brand that is unlikely to disappoint, Joseph Joseph is it.

The thing that is special about the Joseph Joseph Elevate Egg Spatula is its simplicity. It is a small and lightweight unit with a simple design. That is perhaps, what makes it so affordable.

Yes, if you’re on a budget and a basic design is all you want, then this is the flipper for you.

Thanks to its basic form, the tool can be used for a range of purposes. You can use it to scramble eggs, stir food in the cooking pot, flip eggs and omelets, apply butter to toast, and accomplish a whole range of other food prep tasks.

Let’s dwell a bit on the construction. The head is lengthy, at almost 7 inches. As it is also wide, at close to 3 inches, the head is a perfect size for holding foods such as eggs. With it, flipping food items is a cinch.

Thickness matters when using a spatula. You want something strong but it needs to be able to get beneath the food. Thankfully, this is a thin omelet spatula that goes under your eggs, omelets, and burgers without a struggle.

Comfortable operation also depends on the nature of the handle. With this unit, you have a long plastic handle that is neither too thick nor too thin. It is a good fit and what’s more, it is non-slip.

It’s a good thing to see the construction has safety in mind. In that regard, the silicone head and the plastic handle are BPA-free. The material is also very resistant to heat, with a rating of 520 °F resistance.

Highlighted features:

  • 520°F rating for heat resistance – no melting.
  • Flexible but firm silicone head.
  • Long and wide head, perfect for scooping and turning food.
  • Elegant design that brightens your kitchen.
  • Adequately long and non-slip handle with a hanging hole.
  • Simple design and affordable.

4. Di Oro Elite Series 3-Piece Spatula Set

Di Oro Elite Series 3-Piece Spatula Set

For many home and professional cooks, Di Oro is the game-changer in the cookware sector. This brand produces and sells you well-made utensils that are easy and safe to use.

If you’re seriously looking for the best omelet spatula, the Di Oro Elite Series 3-Piece Spatula Set is a worthy consideration. As the name suggests, the product is a pack of three spatulas. It comes with a wide slotted unit, a narrow, unslotted unit, and a narrow, slotted, and angled spatula.

With the three tools, your needs are well taken care of. You can flip, scrape, fold, sauté, and serve all sorts of foods from eggs and salad to tortillas and omelets. The wide unit is especially handy when dealing with larger foods like barbeque ribs, sausages, chicken wings, and fish fillets.

Ergonomic design is what makes these spatulas so useful. For instance, the handles have a notch, where you can rest your thumb. The notch, coupled with the ideal thickness of the handle makes operating the spatulas a piece of cake.

It can be very frustrating to try and use a spatula that keeps sliding in your hands. But a non-slip handle, such as the one on these three tools, makes the task easy. 

The handles are made of 100 percent silicone. And you know what is even more pleasing?

It is highly heat-resistant, so you don’t ever have to worry about your hands getting burned.

The spatula head, which is also made of 100% silicone, is heat resistant as well, actually to a level of 600 °F. It is not the sort of material to melt under high heat.

The Di Oro Elite Series 3-Piece Spatula Set is not just ergonomically-designed. Made from BPA-free materials, they're safe as well. They come with FDA and LFGB certifications as proof. 

For a fair-priced set of high-quality spatulas, check them out.

Highlighted features:

  • 3 differently-designed spatulas for varied needs.
  • Ultimate heat resistance – up to 600 °F.
  • Innovatively designed handles with a thumb rest.
  • Hanging holes on the handles for stress-free storage.
  • BPA-free silicone construction for quality, safety, and durability.

5. Calphalon Whisking Fork and Omelette Turner Set

Calphalon Whisking Fork and Omelette Turner Set

From bakeware and cutlery to pans and turners, Calphalon Store offers it all when it comes to cookware. It is a reputed brand that sells on Amazon, a perfect choice where a blend of quality and affordability is required.

Do you need something to stir/whisk eggs and broth as well as a good omelette turner? You got to see what the Calphalon Whisking Fork and Omelette Turner Set has to offer.

As the name tells, the product includes a whisking fork and a turner.

What you’ll find most lovable about these is that they’re very well made. Both tools are crafted from nylon. But it is high-grade nylon that is quite tough. Being BPA-free, the material is safe to use for food preparation.

If you're using non-stick pans, you might be concerned about your cooking tools scratching the surface. But realize that the kinds of tools that scratch are the sharp ones. Now that these two are well made and blunt, they will not scratch your pans.

The whisking fork even has beaded tines, which are nicely round to make sure the tool doesn’t scratch your pots at all. Aside from that, the beaded tines offer support when lifting food.

For a spatula to effectively dip into the pan and grab omelets or whatever food you’re making, it needs to be thin and narrow. That’s just the design of the turner that comes with this set.

It is 2 inches or narrower and it is so thin that getting beneath eggs to lift them is such an easy thing.

Highlighted features:

  • 400°F heat resistance.
  • BPA-free nylon for safe food preparation.
  • The material doesn’t get hot, so it doesn’t scorch your hands.
  • Beaded tines for effective whisking and scratch-protection.
  • Narrow and thin spatula – dips and scoops efficiently.

6. Calphalon Nylon 2-Piece Egg and Omelette Tool Set (Curved)

Calphalon Nylon 2-Piece Egg and Omelette Tool Set

Are you a lover of fried eggs and omelets? There are two tools you got to have to render easy the task of making these two delicacies. First, you need a whisking tool. You will use that to beat the eggs into a nice consistency.

Secondly, you’ll need a spatula. This will come in handy for turning the eggs or omelet to make sure they cook evenly.

Why purchase the tools separately when you could just get the Calphalon Nylon 2-Piece Egg and Omelette Tool Set? It presents you with a high-quality whisking tool and spatula at an attractive price.

The first thing I loved about these two is that they’re elegantly constructed. They’re the sort of utensils you’d be proud to have on display in your kitchen. The black and silver color scheme along with the slight curve in their heads looks fantastic.

Apart from adding the aesthetic value, the curve adds to the tools’ ease of use. Firstly, the utensils are flexible. When you combine that with the bent structure of the heads, it becomes incredibly easy to get underneath the food and lift it. This makes the cooking process so convenient.

Another feature that gives great convenience is the size. The spatula is 10.5 inches long and 2 inches wide while the fork is 9.5 inches long and 2 inches wide.

Coupled with the light weight of the tools, the size is perfect for use.

Both the spatula and fork are entirely made of nylon. The material, is, however, high-grade and BPA-free, which means the tools are safe for food preparation. Even the risk of melting is absent as the material is up to 400°F heat resistant.

Finally, these utensils are non-stick and they pose no danger of scratching your pans.

Highlighted features:

  • 2 tools – a spatula and a fork.
  • Good heat resistance – up to 400°F.
  • Thin and curved for easier scooping.
  • Beaded fork for better whisking and scratch protection.
  • Hanging hole for storage.
  • Non-stick and dishwasher-safe.

7. OXO Flip and Fold Silicone Omelet Turner

OXO Flip and Fold Silicone Omelet Turner

Here’s yet another model from the famed OXO brand. The OXO Flip and Fold Silicone Omelet Turner resembles the Joseph Joseph unit we’ve discussed above, albeit with a few variations.

As you can see in the picture, this unit features a basic shape that is like a knife. But the way the head is designed is a display of total ingenuity. It is composed of an inner firm core and an outer silicone part, which extends to the edge.

The inner core provides the firmness needed while the silicone part makes sure there is adequate flexibility. It bends readily, which aids the spatula in sliding down underneath the food to lift it.

As the shape of the unit suggests, you will not move the spatula forward to scoop the food. Instead, you will employ a sideways move.

We use spatulas for a range of needs. Sometimes we’re frying eggs, other times we’re grilling fish or roasting pork. Recognizing the varying needs you may have, OXO offers this spatula in two versatile sizes.

There is a large size, which has a total length of 13 inches, and a smaller one, which is around 11 inches long. The larger one, for instance, is perfect for fish fillet. On the other hand, the smaller one comes in handy when making scrambled eggs.

Tired of seeing your spatulas melt from the high frying pan heat? A well-made unit like the OXO turner, which is also heat resistant, will solve the issue. It is a quality silicone material that stands up to high heat.

The handle is also made of a heat-resistant piece of plastic that keeps your hands safe from the heat. It has a hole, which you can use for hanging your unit in the kitchen.

Highlighted features:

  • A silicone heat that is resistant to high heat.
  • Flexible material for effortless gliding under the food.
  • Non-stick and non-slip for comfortable handling.
  • Two versatile sizes for varied uses – 13 and 11 inches.

8. Norpro Grip-Ez Pancake Spatula

Norpro Grip-Ez Pancake Spatula

When you’re making pancakes and omelets, one of the goals is to make sure the food does not break or fragment. But without a reliable spatula, you might find yourself jaw-clenched every time you want to flip the omelet or pancake.

Well, I am introducing a product that will help you say goodbye to jaw-clenching when turning food in the pan. The Norpro Grip-Ez Pancake Spatula is one of the most effective wide-head turners I have come across.

Let’s talk a little about the construction.

First of all, the handle is 9 inches long. That provides enough space for you to hold the unit and work with it comfortably. The notches on the sides of the handle provide good platforms where you can rest your fingers, making things even easier.

Apart from that, I should say the long distance from the head to the gripping surface keeps your hands safe from the heat and accidental burns. It's a very thoughtful design.

Still, on the size, the head is meant for efficiency. It has a width of 6.5 inches and a depth of 4 inches. That is a size large enough to hold even a few pancakes or omelets and turn them safely without causing any fragmentation.

The wide head is very appropriate when cooking food in a large pan.

What’s amazing about it all is that even though the spatula is big, it is lightweight and easy to operate. That is because instead of being made from metal, it is crafted from nylon.

The material is non-stick, non-slip, and it is also firm and heat resistant up to 400°F.

Highlighted features:

  • Made of a strong but flexible and non-stick nylon material.
  • Has a beveled edge that slides easily underneath the food.
  • An extra-wide head that holds food securely.
  • Heat resistant up to 400°F.
  • Long handle to keep your hands safe from heat and accidents.

9. TENTA EZ Premium Chef Series Spatula

TENTA EZ Premium Chef Series Spatula

Are you in looking for a really big spatula that can hold large-size pancakes, tortillas, omelets, and so on? You just found it – the TENTA EZ Premium Chef Series Spatula. With a 7-inch width and a length of almost 14 inches, it is one of the biggest turners you can find.

Owing to its enormous size, especially that super-wide head, the spatula holds foods so securely that there are no chances of breaking. If you’re tired of seeing your food fragment when turning it in the pan, get this unit.

Safety and health are some of the crucial factors to think about when looking for an omelette flipper. No one wants a unit with plastic pieces that melt from the high heat or a turner with a handle that burns the hands.

It is great to see the manufacturer had these thoughts when designing the unit. The head is made of high-grade nylon with a heat resistance of up to 410°F. Hence, you can be sure that there will not be any melting.

The handle is made of a high-quality plastic material that is also heat resistant. It provides reliable insulation from the heat. Besides, the angled design of the spatula keeps the gripping surface away from the fire, thereby offering more protection from the heat.

Easy cleaning is another important consideration when you’re seeking a good omelette spatula. The manufacturer seems to have given thought to this area too.

First off, the surface is non-stick, so it doesn’t attract debris. Secondly, the spatula is dishwasher-safe and incredibly easy to clean. Even a quick wipe wife a damp towel will do the trick.

Highlighted features:

  • Gigantic size for flipping large food items.
  • Thin and flexible – gets under the food easily.
  • Made of BPA-free materials – adheres to health standards.
  • Heat resistant up to 410°F.
  • Heat-insulated handle with a hanging aperture.

10. Kakamono Silicone Turner Spatula

Kakamono Silicone Turner Spatula

Are you in need of a good omelet spatula for holding lightweight foods such as pancakes and eggs? I’ll walk you through what the Kakamono Silicone Turner Spatula has to offer.

This unit comes in two versatile designs for different needs. There’s a round shovel design and a long shovel design.

The round shovel unit has a total length of 12.2 inches, with the head measuring 6 by 5 inches. If you have a big pan and you need a wide turner that will hold the food well so it doesn’t fragment, this unit will serve you well.

On the other hand, the long head turner has a length of 13.8 inches with the blade measuring 6.75 by 4 inches. As the measurements suggest, it is a long and narrow head that is suitable for narrower pans. Also, scooping longer foods like sausages and fish fillets is more practical using the long head version.

Both spatulas are made with quality and durability in mind. The core is stainless steel, which we all know is a sturdy and lasting material. On top of the core is a silicone cover, which forms the surface of the turners.

For safety, the silicone that is used here is BPA-free. An LFGB certification accompanies the product to show it is safe to use for prepping food.

When using the Kakamono Silicone Turner Spatula, you never have to worry about your turner warping or melting. That is because the material has a 600°F heat resistance.

The ergonomic design of the handle makes using the unit a breeze. For instance, there’s a notch where you’re supposed to rest your thumb for a secure grip. The material of the handle is heat-insulated plastic that keeps you safe from burns. 

Note, this spatula is very flexible, so it might not be very suitable for heavier foods.

Highlighted features:

  • Two versatile designs – round and flathead.
  • Thin and flexible for easy scooping.
  • Heat resistant up to 600°F.
  • Ergonomically designed handle with thumb rest.

11. Tamagoyaki Omelette Turner

Tamagoyaki Omelette Turner

The last item on my list is a simple unit that is easy to use and convenient to grip and store. The Tamagoyaki Omelette Turner is also loved for its affordable price.

When it comes to omelet spatulas, construction is everything. A well-made tool that’s crafted from quality materials will withstand the heat, all while making it easy to grab the food and flip it.

If you’re looking for such a flipper and don’t care too much about complex features, then the Tamagoyaki turner will be a fine choice.

Crafted from 100% silicone, the tool is strong yet flexible enough to get under your food and lift it without a hitch.

It is composed of a firm core and an outer flexible part, an arrangement that makes it possible to have something a good mix of strength and flexibility. For that, you can turn even the heavier foods without the spatula head giving in to pressure.

Seeking a unit with a good surface that the food will not stick to? This is it. The tool has a non-stick surface, which renders two benefits. First off, it makes cleanup easy, and secondly, it makes certain the food comes out intact.

To make things even better with regard to the cleanup, the device is dishwasher-safe.

Heat resistance is yet another fantastic feature. The tool is able to withstand the high heat of up to 450°F, so you don't need to fret about warp or melting.

Lastly, the handle has a non-slip surface for an easy grip and a hanging hole for stress-free storage.

Highlighted features:

  • Food-grade – made of non-toxic, BPA-free silicone.
  • Non-stick surface – leaves food intact food.
  • Non-slip handle for a comfortable grip.
  • Hanging hole – makes the tool convenient to store.

Comparison Table Of Top 11 Omelet Spatula



Size (length x width) (inches)


Heat resistance (°F)


Non-slip & non-stick

Di Oro Chef Series 

Silicone and stainless steel

11.8 by 3





OXO Good 

Silicone and stainless steel

13.4 by 4





Joseph Egg Spatula


12 by 2





Di Oro Elite Series

Silicone and stainless steel

10.6 by 5.9 – wide
12.5 by 2.25 – narrow and long
13 by 2.75 – narrow and longest

Narrow and wide




Calphalon Whisking Fork Turner Set


10 by 2





Calphalon Nylon 2-Piece


10.5 by 2





OXO Flip and Fold


13 by 4,
11 by 3





Norpro Grip


9 by 6.5





TENTA EZ Premium Chef Series Spatula


14.5 by 7





Kakamono Silicone Turner Spatula

Silicone and stainless steel

12.2 by 6
13.8 by 4

Wide and Narrow




Tamagoyaki Omelette Turner


10.5 by 5





Omelette Spatula Buying Guide

Omelette Spatula Buying Guide

As any chef knows, the flip is the real art behind the perfect omelet. But to perform a good flip without tearing your egg or scratching your non-stick cook pan, you need a good omelette turner.

From the review above, you might have picked a few points that define what makes the best omelet spatula. They include:

Flexible but firm

An effective spatula is one that you can get underneath the food without a struggle. It should have a head that slides in effortlessly.

For that to happen, the material of the blade needs to be flexible. That way, it can bend and conform to space underneath the food.

Nonetheless, you don’t want a tool that bends too much, as that would render it impractical when dealing with heavier foods. There has got to be some balance between flexibility and firmness so you can lift lightweight and heavy foods without a problem.

Heat resistant

When cooking omelets, you will likely be dealing with temperatures between 250 and 350 °F. That is a high heat level, so if the material of the spatula is not heat resistant, there will be certain undesirable results.

For example, you might notice the parts melting. This happens a lot with plastic and rubber. Or, the head of the turner might start to warp. Both situations are uncomfortable and of course, unhealthy, which is why heat resistance matters.

Most manufacturers indicate the exact figures of their tools’ heat resistance. For instance, a unit may be rated heat resistant up to 410°F or 500°F, and so on.

Look for a unit with at least 400°F heat resistance, though the higher, the better.

Materials that are heat resistant include stainless steel and 100% silicone. High-grade nylon also resists heat effectively.

Non-stick and non-slip

The last thing you want is a spatula that sticks the food to itself. Such a utensil will make it very difficult to have intact food, as pieces will always get torn off from it.

Seek a spatula that is rated non-stick so your food can come out nicely intact.

Another thing you have got to think about is whether the unit is non-slip. Of course, you don’t want your food to slide off too readily from the spatula. A unit with a non-stick but stable surface that holds the food is desirable.

A Good handle

The ease of use of an omelette flipper has a lot to do with its handle. A well-made handle will make it enjoyable to use the turner but a bad one will give you a hard time.

Firstly, check whether the handle is insulated. It should be a rubber, plastic, nylon, or silicone material that protects your hands from the heat.

Secondly, make sure the handle is non-slip. If your hands keep sliding when holding the handle, that will not give you a very good experience. But a non-slip surface that provides a firm grip will make the tool easy to operate.

I have seen some units with a handle that has a thumb notch. Resting your thumb on the notch gives you a more secure grip.


The material that your spatula is made of determines almost all the factors I’ve talked about. It determines the level of flexibility and firmness, the heat resistance, the stickiness, and of course, how long the unit will last.

There are 4 main materials that omelet spatulas are made of – stainless steel, silicone, nylon, and plastic.

It goes without saying that stainless steel is the most durable option. However, a spatula that is entirely made of stainless steel might not be very flexible and the heat insulation will be poor.

I find that the construction that offers the best of all worlds is where there is an inner core made of stainless steel and an outer shell made of either high-grade nylon or silicone. The handle needs to be covered with an insulating material like silicone, rubber, nylon, or plastic. That way, you can have a strong and durable unit that is flexible and also heat resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will a silicone spatula melt?

Silicone is not the most rigid material, but it has a quite high level of heat resistance of up to 600°F. Considering you’re working with temperatures of up to 350°F while making omelets, a silicone spatula will not melt.

Why does a spatula become sticky?

If you’ve ever used a spatula that became sticky gradually, the problem was probably the thin layer of oil on the tool after use. It is recommended that you clean your spatula immediately after use as leaving the oil layer on eats away the silicone, causing the turner to be sticky.

Are nylon and silicone spatulas safe for your health?

Ordinary silicone and nylon that contain BPA are toxic. However, food-grade silicone and nylon do not contain BPA and are therefore safe for food preparation. You can look for an FDA or LFBG certification to make certain the product meets safety standards.

Some spatulas have holes in the blade. What are the holes for?

The holes in spatulas allow excess oil or water to drain while the food is still being held. When deciding whether or not to get a unit with the holes, think about the sort of food you will be preparing.

If it is intact food like omelets and pancakes, a unit with holes is okay. But if you’ll be using the tool to turn loose foods like scrambled eggs, it’s better to get a unit without the holes.


While making a fabulous omelet depends on choosing the right ingredients, you got to have the right tools. A good omelet spatula is indispensable. With it, you get to turn the omelette and position it in a way that it cooks evenly.

The information in this article should help you choose the best omelette spatula. As mentioned before, you need to look at the material, ideally, a unit with a stainless-steel core and a silicone or nylon shell. The tool ought to be flexible but firm and heat resistant as well.

Luckily for you, all the products in the review above have these qualities. Moreover, they are easy to use and they don’t scratch your non-stick pans, thanks to their high-quality construction.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred unit, be sure to take care of it to help it last. Crucially, wash it after use every time so the oil layer doesn’t eat away the surface.

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