Best Fish Grilling Basket

Best Fish Grilling Basket : Top 10 Model Reveled for 2022

Do you love fishing? If you do, you probably look for an opportunity to go fishing with your family on the weekends.

It’s fun to fill the bucket with whichever fish catch the bait.  And, if you’re lucky enough to catch a big-sized swordfish, it’s time for a barbeque party!

You’ve got the charcoal grill, tables, and utensils organized in the backyard. As you’re about to place the grill mat on the charcoal grill, you felt that the mat wouldn’t withstand the weight of the fish and wished you could have used something better instead.

You’re on the right track! What you need for grilling your long-awaited catch is a fish grilling basket!

A fish grilling basket is specifically made for grilling fish, but you can use other items as well. It comes in different shapes and sizes to accommodate various types of fish.

However, finding the best fish grilling basket can be a challenge due to a lot of options. But, no worries, because we’ve got you covered!



Editor's Rating


AIZOAM Portable Barbecue Grilling Basket

5 out of 5

Weber 6471 grill basket for fish

5 out of 5

ACMETOP Portable BBQ Grill Basket

4.5 out of 5

ORDORA Portable Fish Grill Basket

4 out of 5

Char-Broil Non-Stick Grill Basket

4.5 out of 5

Benefit Of Using Grill Basket For Fish

Grill baskets for fish have more advantages than other options. Unlike a grill mat, for example, grill baskets let you grill fish of any size. Not only that, the addition of a handle allows you to flip the fish safely while keeping your hands away from the blazing hot grate.

Some grill baskets resemble the shape of a fish, and they are designed for grilling one whole fish at a time. Other grill baskets are rectangular, and they allow you to grill 3 to 4 fillets or medium-sized fish at once. Both types of grill baskets come with a lid to secure the fish in place as you flip it.

Another reason why you should consider using a grill basket for fish, is it delivers char and the exact smoky flavor a barbecued fish should have.

After all, you would want perfectly grilled catch, and when you invest in a quality grill basket, there’s no room for disappointment!

Top 10 Best Fish Grilling Basket Reviews 2022

1. AIZOAM Portable Fish Basket for Grilling

If you’re a seafood lover looking for an alternative to skewers, you’ll definitely love this seafood grill basket by Aizoam.

This rectangular grill basket has a surface area large enough to hold fillets, medium-sized fish, and other seafood.

Since you’ll be needing side dishes for the barbecue party, you can also use the basket for grilling burgers and vegetables.

Every batch of food will be sufficient for up to three people, so you can save some time.

An important feature every grill basket should have is the locking mechanism. Luckily, this one has a lockable lid that keeps food in place as you turn the basket over.

Its wooden handle lets you hold it comfortably as you’re grilling while protecting you from the blazing hot grate.

Constructed with stainless steel grade 430, the grill basket offers excellent corrosion resistance.

Not only that, but it withstands several uses, so you won’t be disappointed about the grill basket breaking apart. 

If you are going for a picnic or camping, you can take this item with you because it’s lightweight.

After a tiring day of grilling seafood in the backyard, you wouldn’t have the energy to do some vigorous scrubbing.

But, there’s no need to worry because the grease and bits will come off easily when you gently brush the mesh with dish soap!

Highlighted Features:

  • Features a locking mechanism that secures food in place
  • The large grilling basket can accommodate food for up to 3 people
  • The mesh can be washed easily using dish soap
  • You can easily carry it for picnic or camping
  • Comes with a sauce brush and bamboo skewers

2. Weber 6471 Fish Basket

For your large gas or charcoal grill, this large fish basket by Weber will be a perfect combination!

The Weber 6471 fish basket lets you grill batches of food, including tilapia fillets, whole branzino, asparagus, chicken, and steaks. Since the holes between the wires are a bit large, this basket is ideal for grilling large-sized food.

Compared to the previous grill basket, this one has a flexible mesh made of stainless steel.

That means, when you place food having a thickness of about an inch on the basket, the mesh will conform to its shape without squishing or breaking it.

Furthermore, you can lock the lid to prevent food from falling out of the basket.

Since the wires are thin, placing them directly onto the grate can cause the food to become burnt.

No worries though, the basket has side braces that keep food from getting into contact with the hot grate.

If you don’t mind about the absence of a long handle, this is for you! This one features small handles on both sides, which you can hold with your gloves or mittens on.

Because of such handles, you can hide the basket inside the grill perfectly!

One thing worth noting, this basket has an overlapping design, so if you use a sponge for cleaning it, a part of it might cling to the wires.

So, it is recommended to use a good dish cleaning brush. You can also put the basket into the dishwasher if you don’t want to hand wash.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can use it to grill large batches of food
  • Flexible stainless steel wire conforms to the shape of the food
  • It is dishwasher-safe
  • The lid can be locked to secure food in place
  • Elevated design keeps food from getting into contact with hot grate

3. ACMETOP Portable BBQ Fish Grilling Basket

A versatile BBQ fish basket you’ll want to have for the big BBQ party is this one by Acmetop.

With this grill basket, you are free to grill any type of food- fillets, steaks, shrimp, chicken wings, vegetables, you name it! It comes with a large surface area so you can grill in large batches to save time. Besides, it works perfectly with any type of grill, whether it is a gas grill or an infrared grill.

When it comes to the material, the basket is made of stainless steel grade 304. An advantage of this grade is that it is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and corrosion.

Since you’ll be cooking on a blazing hot grill, you need to protect your hands from accidentally touching the grate. Luckily, this basket comes with a wooden handle long enough to work as a hand extension. You can detach it and put it inside the grill basket when you’re done with grilling!

Flipping food is a necessity while you’re grilling or otherwise, one side of the food will not be properly cooked. To ensure the food doesn’t fall as you flip the basket, the lid can’t be locked tightly.

What’s more, this grill basket comes with a sauce brush, grill mat, and a pouch for carrying the basket wherever you go!

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be used on any type of grill
  • The wooden handle is detachable and it resists heat
  • Features a lockable lid to secure food in place
  • Includes a grill mat and a sauce brush
  • Comes with a pouch for easy storage

4. ORDORA Portable Fish Grill Basket

For some neat grilling of different types of food, there’s no better alternative than the Ordora portable fish grill basket.

Concerning neat grilling, this grill basket features dividers that let you place three different types of food separately.

Besides fish fillets, you can grill potatoes and chicken wings without mixing them all. Or, if you want to grill a whole fish or chicken, you can easily do that by taking out the dividers!

Just like the previous grill basket, this one is also made of stainless steel grade 304. So, there’s no need to worry about the grid giving up when exposed to extreme temperatures. It won’t corrode over time as well!

Regardless of the size of the food you’re grilling, the grids will handle them perfectly and evenly distribute heat throughout the food. You don’t have to worry about those cherry tomatoes falling in between the grates!

Like all stainless steel grill baskets should have, this one has a wooden handle that allows you to flip the basket easily.

Since it is detachable, you can detach it and store it inside the basket when not in use. Also, you can lock the lid to ensure the food doesn’t come out while you’re flipping the basket.

Regardless of the type of grill you own, you can comfortably place this grill basket on it. It is designed to go with almost any type of grills, including porcelain grills.

Highlighted Features:

  • Detachable wooden handle allows you to flip the basket easily
  • Can used on any type of grill
  • It has a locking mechanism for keeping the food in place
  • Features dividers for grilling 3 different types of food
  • It is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion

5. Char-Broil Non-Stick Seafood Grill Basket

If you think a smaller-sized grill basket will do for outdoor activities, you can go for the Char-Broil non-stick grill basket!

This basket provides a non-stick surface for any type of food you grill- fries, beans, asparagus, chicken, fillets, and also medium-sized fish.

The crosshatch design of the basket prevents smaller foods from escaping through the grid and also leaves sear marks that make the dish look appealing.

A lockable lid is a must-have in every grill basket, and this one is no exception. When you place food in the basket and lock the lid, the food will be tightly secured into place. This makes it easier for you to flip the basket without worrying about the food falling out.

Although this grill basket doesn’t have a single handle, it has insulated handles on both sides.

This allows you to hide the basket under the hood without any handle sticking out. When lifting or flipping the basket, you will need to wear thick mittens in order to prevent hand injury.

Since the basket is non-stick, you can rest assured cleanup won’t be a hassle as it is with most grill baskets. Not only that, but also it will last several uses!

Highlighted Features:

  • It has insulated handles on both sides
  • The lock secures food tightly into place
  • Crosshatch design prevents small-sized foods from falling
  • Non-stick surface allows easy cleanup
  • You will need to wear thick mittens when handling the hot grill basket

6. WolfWise Portable BBQ Fish Basket

WolfWise Portable Grilling Basket

Refilling a grill basket so often can be time-consuming. To save some time, you can choose the WolfWise portable grilling basket.

This grill basket has a larger surface area compared to the previous grill baskets. It can accommodate steaks, fillets, chicken, and other foods to be served for about four people.

It won’t be an issue if you need to grill small shrimps or beans because the grids are small enough to prevent food from falling through!

Speaking of falling food, this basket features a lid that you can lock to keep the food secure. You can easily flip food by holding the wooden handle, and it won’t come out!

Like the Aizoam fish grill basket, this one is also made of stainless steel grade 430.

Regardless of how often you love to hold a BBQ party, this grill basket will meet your requirements without giving up easily. Plus, you can throw it into the dishwasher after you’ve finished grilling.

The best grill basket for fish should be versatile, or otherwise, it will be a waste of your hard-earned money if the basket isn’t compatible with your BBQ grill.

Thankfully, this one goes perfectly with different types of grills, like infrared, porcelain, and charcoal.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with different types of grills
  • The lid has a locking mechanism to keep food secure
  • The wooden handle is detachable
  • The grids are small enough to grill smaller foods
  • You can put it into the dishwasher

7. Penobon Fish Basket for Grilling

The Penobon fish grilling basket is designed to give you the ultimate grilling experience.

This grill basket allows you to prepare different types of food, including fillets, chops, medium-sized fish, and chicken wings.

If you want to grill smaller-sized foods, like shrimps and beans, you can easily do that because the grids are small enough to prevent foods from falling through. It also ensures every food becomes properly cooked from both sides.

Apart from that, the grill basket has a lid that you can lock safely. Doing so prevents food from coming out when you’re flipping the basket.

There’s a long insulated handle as well so that you can comfortably hold it and flip the basket.

Since the basket is constructed of stainless steel grade 430, it is sturdy and won’t cause corrosion over time.

Whenever you crave grilled tuna or chicken, you can take out the basket and start grilling without worry about it getting damaged!

In order to prevent food from getting stuck to the grids, you need to grease both the basket and the food.

But, you don’t need to get a separate basting brush, because this basket comes with one! Not only that, but you can carry both the basket and the brush by putting them in the included storage bag.

Highlighted Features:

  • The grids are small enough to prevent food from falling
  • The lock ensures food remains inside the grill basket
  • It is resistant to rust and corrosion
  • The handle is comfortable to hold
  • Includes a basting brush and a storage bag

8. Outset QC70 Grill Basket

The longest fish grill cage in the list, measuring 26 inches is no other than this one by Outset QC70.

This fish grill basket resembles that of a fish, and because of the design, a whole tuna, salmon, or snapper can fit inside.

However, it is not limited to fish only, but you can also use it to grill burgers, steaks, chicken wings- anything you want to prepare for a barbecue party!

Unlike all the other grilling baskets in this list, the QC70 is constructed of chrome steel. Although chrome steel is less durable than stainless steel, it is highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

Not only that, but every time you clean the grill basket, it will become shiny as new. If you aren’t grilling that often, you can consider getting this.

Whenever you need to flip food, you can do so comfortably by holding the rosewood handle.

The long handle remains cool, and it prevents your hands from accidentally touching the grill basket.

Despite its unique design, the grill basket does come with a lockable lid. So, when you’re grilling your favorite catch, you can rest assured the fish won’t come out of its place!

Highlighted Features:

  • Chrome steel basket retains its shine and resists corrosion
  • You can comfortably hold the rosewood handle while flipping food
  • The lid is lockable for securing food
  • The grids have small gaps so food will not fall into the grate
  • Can also be used for grilling other types of food

9. Qualitech Basket for BBQ Grill

Qualitech Grill Basket

If you’re looking for a grill basket that you can use to grill different foods at once, you can take a look at the Qualitech grill basket!

Like the Ordora grill basket, this one has compartments that allow you to place three different types of food without mixing them all.

Also, you can remove the compartments when you want to grill a whole fish or a chicken. The basket is big enough to hold food for about six people!

It doesn’t matter whether you have a gas grill or a charcoal grill. This basket is versatile, and so it will smoothly work on any type of grill.

For comfortable holding and easy flipping of food, the grill basket features a wooden handle that you can detach when you’re not grilling.

It is long enough to protect your hand from the hot grill. Additionally, you can wear the included grill gloves for extra protection!

If you’re worried about the basket losing its beauty, you don’t need to! It is constructed of stainless steel grade 430, which offers sturdiness as well as rust-resistant properties.

Since hand washing can be a pain after hours of grilling food, you can put the grill basket into the dishwasher, and it will come sparkling clean!

Highlighted Features

  • You can place three different foods separately
  • Accommodates food for up to 6 people
  • You can detach the wooden handle when you’re not grilling
  • The grill basket is sturdy and it will not rust
  • You can put the grill basket into the dishwasher

10. GrillPro 21015

Another fish grate you might want to add to your barbecue necessities is the GrillPro 21015.

This fish basket lets you grill a whole 16-inch tuna, salmon, or other fish. You can also use it to grill steaks and chicken.

It is made of wire, but you can rest assured the food won’t tear apart once you start grilling.

That’s because the non-stick surface keeps the food intact and it also lets you get rid of grease and bits easily!

What’s good about this thing, the basket conforms to fish having different thicknesses. You can adjust the height of the top lid to fit the thickness of your preferred fish. The maximum height the top lid can reach is two inches.

Instead of a wooden handle, this basket features a grip handle that is soft enough to prevent your hands from aching.

Not only that, but its length will keep your hands safe from the hot grill. When you’re done with grilling and need to store the basket inside the cabinet, you can take remove the handle!

Moreover, you can hold the handle and flip the basket without worrying about the food falling out. Once you put food inside the basket, you can lock it to keep it secure.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can adjust the height of the top lid to fit food of different thicknesses
  • Foods will not stick to the wire
  • The grip handle is soft to allow you to hold it comfortably
  • Features locking mechanism to prevent food from getting out of the basket
  • A whole fish measuring about 16 inches can fit inside the basket

Top 10 Fish Basket for Grilling Comparison Chart



Cooking Surface (inches)

Specialty Feature


Stainless steel

12.6 x 8.6

Lockable grate


Stainless steel




Stainless steel

12.6 x 8.6

Foldable handle


Stainless steel

12 x 9.5 x 1.2

Detachable handle


Stainless steel

11 x 10 x 2.3

Locking lid


Stainless steel

17 x 10.2 x 1.4

Lockable grate


Stainless steel

12.99 x 8.66



Chrome steel


Locking mechanism


Stainless steel

13.5 x 8.5 x .78



Non-stick wire


Detachable handle

How to Pick Right Fish Basket for Grilling?

Fish Grilling Basket

1. Material

If you’re in search for the best fish basket for grilling, first thing to make sure is it’s constructed of premium-quality materials.

Most grill baskets you’ll find in the market are made of stainless steel, but some are made of other materials such as chrome steel, copper, and aluminum.

Apart from that, you need to ensure the material is sturdy and withstands extreme temperatures. It is recommended to choose a grill basket having thicker wires instead of thinner ones. If the material is non-stick, it is a plus because you can cook and clean easily.

2. Dimensions

Another crucial factor you need to consider is the dimensions of the grill basket. It is always a good idea to choose an extra-large fish grill basket, so that along with fish, you can place potatoes or other vegetables for side dishes.

Of course, the basket needs to fit your barbecue grill too! To determine whether your chosen grill basket will fit in the grill, you need to measure the grill from one side to the other both horizontally and vertically.

Also, measure the distance between the grates and the lid to ensure the lid can be closed properly while the grilling basket is inside.

3. Hole Size

The last thing you want is small-sized fish or vegetables falling through the large holes of the grilling basket.

To prevent that from happening, make sure to choose a fish grilling basket having small holes. If your fish recipe requires juices, you can also preserve them in this type of basket.

4. Handle

This is another essential factor to consider since you’ll be working with fire. Your safety comes first, so whichever grill basket you choose, make sure it has a handle or two for easy flipping of fish and transferring it to a plate.

Grill baskets either have a long single handle or two shorter handles on both sides. You need to choose the one depending on personal preference.

5. Locking Mechanism

If you’re worried about hot juices or food bits splattering on you, you might want to look for a fish grilling basket with a lockable lid. Not only does it protect you from splatters but also keeps the fish in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I Use A Grill Basket For Fish?

It is a good idea to use a fish grilling basket instead of other options. A grill basket allows you to grill a whole fish or fillets without leaving any of the sides undercooked.

Also, it lets you cook instantly and offers ease of flipping with the handle.

2. How Do You Keep Fish From Sticking To The Grill Basket?

When using a grill basket, you need to ensure the basket does not have any residue that would attract the fish flesh and tear it away.

Also, you can grease both the grill and the fish beforehand using vegetable, peanut, or other high heat oil.

Another tip you can follow to prevent fish from sticking is allowing the basket to reach a very high temperature before placing the fish on it.

3. What Fish Should Not Be Grilled?

Not all fish can withstand the extreme heat required for grilling. This is because those fish that are delicate tend to break apart easily when exposed to high flames.

Some of the examples of fish you should avoid grilling include flounder, cod, sole, and tilapia. 

4. How Do You Grill A Whole Fish?

If you want to grill a whole fish, the first thing you need to do is remove the scales, gills, and guts. Next, you need to wipe the fish dry in order to prevent sticking in the grill.

Then, add seasonings the fish of your choice inside the cavity and cover the outside with a generous amount of high heat oil.

Once fish preparation is done, you need to grease the grill and preheat it. Place the whole fish on the grill and leave it as is for a few minutes depending on its thickness.

Flip the fish carefully when one side is cooked. When both sides turn crispy and charred, remove the fish from the grill.

5. How Do I Clean A Fish Grilling Basket?

Most fish grilling baskets are dishwasher-safe. For those that are not, you need to clean them with warm water, dish soap, and a mild degreaser.

Make sure to use a non-abrasive sponge for cleaning, otherwise the grill surface might get damaged.

Final Word

That big-sized fish you’ve caught after a long while needs to be perfectly barbecued, or otherwise, your efforts will go in vain.

And to achieve satisfying results, know that there’s no better alternative than the best fish grilling basket.

The above list we’ve made contains our top picks that have gone through in-depth research and testing.

Each of the baskets is safe to use, and it ensures you get to enjoy the most out of your grilled fish.

So, next time when you catch a big fish again or purchase fish from the supermarket, you know what you need!

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