Best Grill Brush for Traeger

Best Grill Brush for Traeger : Top 8 Picks by An Expert

Imagine you had a blast at the barbeque party last night. You had burgers and chickens, had a couple of drinks. You may call it a perfect night.

However, after waking up in the morning, you see your traeger grill is too dirty. You know you have to clean. 

The question is, "how?"

With the perfect grill brush, you can easily and comfortably clean off the excess foods or dirt from your desired grill.

To make things easier for you, we're going to dive into the reviews of the best grill brush for treager and what factors to consider before buying one. Let's jump right into it!



Editor's Rating


Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush

5 out of 5

GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper

5 out of 5

Weetiee Grill Brush and Scraper Bristle Free

4.5 out of 5

Traeger Pellet Grills BAC537

4 out of 5

Weber 6494 12-Inch 3-Sided Grill Brush

4.5 out of 5

Our Recommended Best Grill Brush for Traeger

1. Kona Safe/Clean Traeger Grill Brush

Having issues with bristles in your grilled food?

Kona clean grill brush brings you the ultimate brush to clean off any hair or metals on your grill traeger. Hence, you don't have to worry about metal bristles falling into your food.

Kona 360 CLEAN grill brush, the previous model, didn't develop the "no-bristle" feature. Thus, this model is a perfect alternative to the previous one.

This brush won't melt into the water. You can put this traeger grill brush into the water for a positive outcome. The brush will clean the hot grill thoroughly.

The model comes with hard materials that will not crook or flex during usage. Due to this feature, it gives you 125% more longevity than other traditional grill brushes.

The standard handle gives you the safety you need. Your hands won't get burned from the heat as the handle is at the perfect length.

Sometimes, this brush won't get into the corners of the grill grates. This can be hectic for some. You have to follow specific instructions to use this unit.

However, this model comes with 5 year warranty. Therefore, if you encounter problems with using this brush, you can get help from the manufacturers anytime.

Highlighted Features

  • Cleans off bristles to prevent hair or metal falling into your food
  • Features water resistance so that you can clean the grill traeger for positive results
  • Comes with a perfect length handle to ensure safety
  • Includes hard and rigid materials to confirm 125% more longevity

2. GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper

To clean your grill traeger faster, this model is the perfect one for you as it has enough lateral flex to clean the stains and wastes off smoother and 5 times quicker than any other conventional brush. Thus, it saves you from extra time and effort.

GRILLART comes with a 360-degree brush to clean every area and corner of the grill. Additionally, it can get the debris and junk off from each stroke.

The 18" brush handle is well-built and robust. This handle can help you to clean effortlessly. It comes with stainless steel ring for you to hold on to while using. Thus, it is considered the best grill brush for traeger.

Speaking of stainless steel, this unit is made of high-standard steel to make the brush stronger and durable. The brush won't rust or flex for a more extended period.

On the other side of the coin, the price is higher than other grill brushes. But it's worth the money because of its great features.

Thanks to a premium quality metal scraper feature, this brush won't scratch your desired grates. Thus, you don't have to worry about the brush damaging your grill. It ensures the safety of your grill grate.

Highlighted Features

  • Features 360-degree brush to reach every corner of your grill
  • Comes with a premium quality 18" brush handle to help you clean effortlessly
  • Includes high-quality scraper that won't leave marks or spots
  • Enough lateral flex to clean off 5 times faster and smoother

3. Weetiee Traeger Grill Cleaner

Worried about your grill brush won't clean the corners of your grates?

Your worry is over as this model comes with an updated helix and wide scraper that is flexible to reach even the hardest places of your grate. Thus, forget about the brushes, which just cleans off the front part.

Further, the updated helix is strong and 3 times more durable. You can be assured that this one will be long-lasting.

The wide scraper feature makes it simpler to clean the grate in a short period. Thus, you can save both your effort and time with this brush.

This one is different from the nylon grill brush that melts with the bristles. Guaranteed 100% bristle-free gives you a chance to eat your barbeques without any troubles.

This grill brush comes with a lifetime guarantee; hence you can get the required help if needed.

The model doesn't come with instruction. You may have to watch how to use it online. The brush is water-resistant to clean the brush by dipping it into the water.

The metal handle comes with a better grip to prevent your hands from danger or accident. This strong handle features an 18-inch length for easier usage.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with an updated helix to reach the "hard to clean" corners
  • Features wide scraper to clean the grill quicker
  • 100% bristle free material so that you won't get metals in your food
  • Includes metal handle to help you grip the brush comfortably

4. Traeger Pellet Grills BAC537 BBQ Cleaning Brush

Do you want to own a grill brush that will last long?

This Traeger model comes with built-in stainless steel materials for longevity. Thus, you don't have to worry about buying another one after a few months.

This unit is created with top-level quality materials to last longer and more robust. This one is used for cooler grill grates. You should make sure that your grill is cooled down before using this model.

Due to the nylon grill brush feature, it helps to remove the debris, waste, and burnt stuff off from the grates. Additionally, it won't ruin your grades or leave a spot on the grate.

Although the brush has steel bristles on one side, it won't fall off on your barbeque. Hence, this brush has the feature of bristle-free.

However, the brush is not designed to use for warm or heated grills. This is a downside as all grill brushes should be able to handle the heat of the grill. You should be careful while using this one.

If you want a grill brush that gets the job done perfectly by cleaning the dirt and waste off the grate, this one can be an excellent option for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes built-in stainless steel matters to ensure longevity
  • Used for cooled grill grates
  • Features nylon brush to clean the burnt off grates and not ruin it
  • Bristles won't fall in your food to make cleaning easier for you

5. Weber 6494 Traeger Grill Cleaner

You may wonder that it'd be better to have a grill brush with multiple sides. You can efficiently operate with either shorter or longer sides whenever you prefer.

Fear not. As Weber comes with 3 sided grill brush that has both wide and short sides. The wide side is used for cleaning the huge surfaces on the grill grate without giving too much effort.

The shorter brush is designed to clean off the edges and corners. If there are wastes or debris between the grates, you can easily clean this by the shorter side.

The bristle is made with strong stainless steel to not fall off during usage. Thus, this makes the cleaning grill part safe.

The handle is designed for effectiveness and efficiency to use and control it comfortably and thoroughly.

However, the handle is short at length compared to other grill brushes. Hence, you have to be careful while cleaning the heated grill grates. Other features are unique to overcome the short-handle problem.

If you decide to purchase this one, make sure the grill model fits with this traeger grill cleaner. You can put your model number for certainty.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 3 sided brush to clean all the parts of your grill grate
  • Short handle is designed to remove food debris and wastes from between the grates
  • Bristle is made of stainless steel so that it won't fall off during cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle lets you control the brush easily

6. Traeger Grills BAC454 Wooden Scape Grill Scraper

Do you want to have a scraper to clean off all types of Traeger grills?

Then look no further. This model of Trager is perfect to use for all series grills, including 20, 22, 30, 34, 840, and 1300 series.

The scraper is created with solid wood to ensure durability and be strong after several uses. The hardwood helps to remove the excess food from the grill grates.

Additionally, the handle is made of classic rosewood so that you can tightly and easily hold on to the scraper. You can fit this one into the corners of grill grids to scrape off any waste.

This one comes with a leather loop. Thanks to this feature, you can hang this scrapper.

This wooden scraper does the job perfectly by not putting a scratch or mark on the surface. This feature differs this model from other traditional brushes.

You may have to clean the grill grates with water or a towel after wiping them with the scraper as the scraper may leave some waste on to the grill.

This brush can be used even when the grill is heated and warm. Thus, you don't have to worry about the scraper being damaged in the heat.

Highlighted Feature

  • Perfect to use for all traeger grill models
  • Made of solid wood to help with the excess food that come off
  • Comes with a rosewood handle for better grip
  • Doesn't put a scratch or mark onto the surface

7. BBQ-AID Barbecue Grill Brush and Scraper

Do you want to gift your friends a grill brush? Wondering what brand you should give?

BBQ-AID gives you the superior and attractive designed grill brush. Further, it includes a high-quality function for you to use thoroughly. Thus, it can be an excellent gift for your close ones.

This model includes a 15-inch handle length for your hand to prevent heat. The handle is neither too short nor too long. Hence, the size of the handle helps you to clean effortlessly.

Speaking of cleaning, this brush allows you to wipe off the burnt food stuck in your grill. It performs quickly and faster as well.

Thanks to the full stainless steel feature, this model is durable. This one is created from flexible and rigid materials as well.

If your brush head is ruined, you need not worry, as it comes with the option to replace the brush heads and scrappers.

The scraper part is somewhat short for that to penetrate in between the grates. Hence, it can be hectic to clean the wastes in the corners.

This doesn't include wire bristles or handles. Hence, you can be sure about the safety of your food.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed as a superior and attractive brush for you to gift to closed ones
  • Comes with 15-inch handle to prevent you from heat
  • Ability to last long due to the full covered stainless steel
  • Includes the option to replace the brush heads if the previous one is damaged

8. CHARGON BBQ Stainless Steel Ultimate Grill

For a round cooking grill grate, this unit is the optimum option for you. Chargon comes with a U-shaped tip to clean off every part of your grate.

The u-shaped tip is pointy with contoured sides. Hence, you won't have to fear your hands being burnt while cleaning the hot grates. It permits you to experience a safe and easier cleaning.

This features superior stainless steel construction to ensure that the tool is built to last for a longer period.

The handle is covered with high-quality rosewood to give you an excellent grip. You can easily hold and use this one. Additionally, it includes four rivets to make sure the handle won't fall off during usage.

This doesn't include wire bristles. This can put you off being worried as your food will be free of any type of bristles.

It requires much more time to clean off your grate compared to other brushes. Thus, you may have to put a lot of time and effort into this one.

However, safety must be the priority to buy a cleaning tool. Even though this model takes time, you'll be certain that your food won't get contaminated.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes U-shaped tip to clean off every corner of the grate
  • Made with stainless steel to give the tool durability
  • Doesn't include wire bristles so that your food won't get contaminated
  • Involves rosewood handle for a comfortable grip

Compression Chart of Top Traeger Grill Cleaning Brush



Item dimensions (in inches)

Handle Material




Stainless Steel


Dark Knight Black







Traeger Pellet Grills BAC537 BBQ



Stainless Steel

Weber 6494



Stainless Steel

Traeger Grills BAC454












Grill Brush for Traeger Buying Guide

Grill Brush for Traeger

Suppose you decided to buy a grill brush. But don't make impulsive decisions. Because you should be sure of the factors or attribute you need from the brushes.

Here, we're helping you to make a decision quicker by giving the factors to consider while buying the grill brush for your desired traeger.

Bristle free

A grill traeger is for cooking the food. Hence, safety must be the priority to buy a cleaning brush for the traeger.

If the brush includes wire bristles, the bristles can fall into the food you're making. Eating the contaminated food can make you and your close ones sick. To prevent these accidents, you must buy a grill brush that is safer to use.

Thus, purchasing a grill brush that won't include any wire or bristles is the best grill brush for traegers.

Moreover, you can buy the bristle ones after making sure that the hair won't fall off your food.

Handle material

What the brushes are made of is an important thing to know while purchasing a grill brush. There are numerous choices in the market, such as stainless steel, metal, wood, and nylon.

You can buy the stainless steel ones as it's tough and durable. Metal brushes come with strong materials but with bristles.

You can comfortably hold the wooden brush with a tight grip. This will help you to clean the grates properly.

The choice is up to you whether you will prefer steel, wood, metal, or other types of material.

Handle Length

You should clean your grill grates after every cooking. Hence, the grates will be hot as usual. You have to make sure to clean the grates without injuring your hand. You have to hold the handle of the brush to do so.

If the handle is too small, your hands can get burnt while cleaning. If it's too large, you can't clean the residue off comfortably. This will be an unpleasant experience for you.

Hence, the perfect handle length is necessary to consider before buying a brush. 15-18 inches is the ideal length for a grill brush.


To clean the waste or debris off from the corners of the grate, the brush may not help all the time. If the grill brush has a built-in scraper, this scrapper can help to clean the residue.

Some of the grill brushes include sharp scraper in their tips or heads. You can remove the residue from the hard-to-reach places with this integrated scraper before brushing. Hence, it will give you a fantastic cleaning experience.

You can consider buying a brush with a scraper to help you clean the grill thoroughly and comfortably.


It's hectic to buy a grill brush after some time over and over again. If you own a brush that lasts for a long time, you don't have to worry anymore.

There are grill brushes made of solid and rigid materials which will not be damaged easily. You can simply use it frequently without worrying.

Durability and functionality can be the factors while choosing the perfect grill brush. You can also buy brushes that give a warranty. You can easily repair it then if the brush gets injured.

Heat Resistant

You already know that a grill grate must be cleaned after every cooking. Thus, the grates will remain hot when you decide to brush.

The brushes should be heat-resistant, or else they can get damaged while cleaning the heated grills.

There are grills in the market that state they can't be used in high temperatures. You have to cool down the grill before using these brushes.

Therefore, look over the features and instructions of the grill brushes before deciding to buy one.

Also read: How to season traeger grill.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Traeger grill and a regular grill?

A regular grill uses natural gas or charcoal to keep the grill warm. In contrast, a Traeger grill burns compressed wood, which makes wood pellets. This can make the stove heated.

A Traeger grill can adjust the heat to help you set a particular temperature. A regular grill is unable to adjust the temperature.

When should you brush your grill?

You should brush your grill after every usage. This will help your grill to last long. After every cooking, you should brush the grates to get rid of any debris or dirt.

Brushing or scraping the grill is necessary after each use. Deep cleansing for your grill is needed once a year.

Should you clean your grill brush?

If you don't clean your brush, the bristles can fall off, and you can be injured. Afterward, the brush can be harmful to use.

Thus, it's necessary to clean your brush once or twice a month. How many times you have to clean the brush depends on your usage. You can clean the brush with warm water.

What can you use instead of a grill brush?

You can use a ball of aluminum foil if you can't afford to purchase a grill brush. After cooking, you can place a sheet of aluminum foil over the grates and clean it off with a ball of foil.

Another alternative can be to use half of the onion. If you put the half onion on your grill after cooking, the grates will start to lose the bits or debris of food.

Are grill brushes dangerous?

Whether the grill brushes are dangerous or not depends on the type of brush. If it is a wire bristle brush, it can fall off your food. If you eat the food, it can have a crucial impact on your stomach or body.

It's safe to use a grill brush made of stainless steel bristle because the bristles are strong enough to not fall into the grate or food.

Final Words

Whether you want to have a small get-together or a party in your home, you can cook your food in traegers.

To maintain the traeger, you must properly clean it after each use. Thus, buying a grill brush is necessary if you own a grill grate.

We have covered up the constructive reviews of the best grill brush for traeger. We also stated the factors to consider before purchasing a grill brush.

At the end of the day, it's your decision to make. Be sure of the functions and safety options the grill brush offers.

Happy cleaning and cooking! is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.