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Best Aebleskiver Pan 2022 : Top 8 Reviews by an Expert

Are you bored of eating the same few desserts over and over again?

Do you like pancakes but want a little twist on the traditional method? Then you will love aebleskivers!

It is a dessert from Denmark which tastes like pancakes but looks like meatballs! Aebleskivers can be stuffed with custard cream or a similar sweet filling.

Alternatively, you can keep them hollow inside, which will definitely add to the serving experience.

However, making these hollow or stuffed dessert balls require fitting cookware. This is where aebleskiver pans come in which have a number of circular indentations or molds inside to shape the balls appropriately.

Here we have tried to find the best aebleskiver pan available in the marketplace nowadays.



Editor's Rating


Norpro Nonstick Stuffed Pancake Pan 3113

5 out of 5

Norpro Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan

5 out of 5

Takoyaki Maker by StarBlue

4.5 out of 5

Upstreet Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan

4 out of 5

Health and Home  Nonstick Baking Pan

4.5 out of 5

Top 8 Best Aebleskiver Pan Reviews in 2022

1. Norpro Nonstick Stuffed Pancake Pan 3113

One of the veterans in the cookware industry - Norpro brings you the first aebleskiver pan we are going to discuss.

It comes with seven holes so that you can make seven aebleskivers at a time for each batch. Each of those holes is 0.75 inches or 2 cm deep and 2.25 inches or 5.5 cm in diameter.

While these measurements give you the option to make larger dessert balls than the traditional ones, it also makes them a little less fluffy because of the shallow holes.

So it might be difficult for you to achieve the ideal hollow space inside each ball. However, on the bright side, each will fill you up more than usual!

It is designed to be convenient with an ergonomic handle that is 7.5 inches long. Even when your pan has heated up and started cooking the balls, you can still touch the handle without any worry since it stays cool to the touch.

On the other hand, its body is made from cast aluminum which means the pan should take no time in heating up after you have placed it on the stove.

This is a good option for both amateurs and experts who are foreign to the Danish dish.

That is because it comes with instructions to use the pan and also some innovative recipes to make some other delicious dishes!

Highlighted Features:

  • Each hole is 2.25-inch large in diameter and 0.75-inch deep
  • Built from cast aluminum so that it takes no time to heat up
  • Non-stick surface makes the delicious pieces easy to pick up
  • Ergonomically designed long handle stays cool to touch
  • Comes with recipes and instructions for new cooks

2. Norpro Cast Iron Stuffed Pancake Pan

Another similar aebleskiver pan from Norpro is this model which strays away from the usual circular shape of cookware items.

Unlike most pans, this one comes in a hexagonal shape which should add more versatility to your kitchen utensils. Similar to the previous pan, it also has seven holes which are 0.75 inches deep.

However, these are a bit smaller comparatively. Each hole has a diameter of 2 inches or 5 cm which means the aebleskiver will also be smaller.

If you want to take it out for a picnic or make a dessert for kids, this cast-iron aebleskiver pan can be one of your most suitable options.

It is made to be very sturdy with cast iron construction. Despite the extremely heavy material, it doesn’t weigh too much since the pan is only 11.5 inches long and 6.5 inches wide.

You don’t have to invest too much into it since the pan comes at such an economical price point, this pan can fit right into any tight budget.

One of the downsides is that the resulting aebleskiver may not turn out to be perfect spheres. Because of the shallow holes, each ball can have a flat surface at its bottom.

Highlighted Features:

  • 0.75-inch deep holes are 2 inches in diameter
  • Hexagonal pan with sturdy construction of cast iron
  • Compact size of 11.5-inch length and 6.5-inch width
  • Helps to make flat-bottomed stuffed pancakes
  • Comes with recipes and instructions for guidance

3. Takoyaki Maker by StarBlue

The world being a big global village, it is quite common to find similar cuisines from two completely different parts of the world!

For instance, this pan from StarBlue was primarily designed for Takoyaki - which is a Japanese octopus dish. Since this food is cooked in a similar way, you can use this pan for aebleskiver as well.

If you love efficiency more than anything, you will be glad to find this instead of the usual aebleskiver pans.

That is because it comes with 18 1.5-inch holes which will enable you to make many more stuffed pancakes in one go. 

So you can prepare enough aebleskivers at once and then save them for binging later!

The body of this pan has been built from thick aluminum and HDPE (high-density polyethylene) to make it both sturdy and durable.

Its exterior is heat-resistant while the aluminum inside prevents it from getting bent. As a result, you can continue using it for a long time and keep enjoying the delicious dishes!

Along with its cool-touch housing, the compact lightweight aebleskiver pan also comes with automatic temperature control and non-stick Teflon cooking for easy lifting of the balls. 

As a bonus, you get two Takoyaki pieces for free which will help you to lift the aebleskivers throughout cooking!

Highlighted Features:

  • Primarily meant for Japanese octopus balls called Takoyaki
  • Durable and sturdy body made from thick aluminum and HDPE
  • Has 18 rounded molds to make more aebleskivers in one batch
  • Non-stick Teflon coating for easy removal of the cooked balls
  • Compact and lightweight pan that doesn’t cause strain on hands

4. Upstreet Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan

Those of you who have been looking for more vibrant colors this whole time can finally get some peace of mind with this aebleskiver pan from Upstreet!

It looks pretty similar to all other standard aebleskiver pans except the color of its handle can be changed! You can wrap its original black handle with silicone covers in three vivid colors - red, blue and yellow.

Along with bringing more vibrancy to your kitchen, this handle can also keep you safe from getting burned since it stays cool at all times!

Its removable silicone cover is heat-resistant which means the handle will be safe to touch even when the pan has a scorching temperature.

The pan is built with cast iron to make it as sturdy as possible. Another advantage of this model is its lightweight structure despite the heavy material.

We all know how heavy cast iron can be, but this particular pan weighs only four pounds or two kilograms. So you don’t have to endure any strain on your hands.

You can use it on any cooking surface including induction stovetops, electric tops (glass or ceramic) and electric coil stovetops.

It can be used for a long time since the pan is designed to be scratch-resistant. After each use, you can easily clean it but remember to wipe it soon so that it doesn’t stay wet for too long.

Highlighted Features:

  • Handle covers come in three colors of blue, red and yellow
  • Pan built from cast iron weighs about four pounds
  • Heat-resistant silicone cover keeps it cool and safe
  • Can be used on any cooking surface including glass top
  • Scratch-resistant design is also easy to clean after use

5. Health and Home Multifunction Pan

Are you in search of finding an exciting new set of cookware that provides more than just a pan?

This interesting multifunctional baking maker from Health And Home can surely fit those bills! There are multiple parts to this cookware that will open new doors to your culinary adventures.

It has three interchangeable baking plates to serve different purposes. All of them need to be placed on a unit base and you need to push a button to get the cooking started. So you can easily cook a number of versatile dishes every day with this set.

The first one is an aebleskiver or Takoyaki pan which comes with 24 tiny holes. Each hole is 1.5 inches in diameter and perfect for making some meatballs or stuffed pancakes quickly.

The other two plates are a flat grill tray and a pancake tray with six flat holes. You need to put each on the unit base before cooking.

This set can promote a healthier lifestyle for you since it produces less smoke and needs less oil to cook. You don’t have to struggle with turning or lifting the balls since their surface is non-stick.

It also has intelligent temperature control which helps you to prepare the dishes just right and avoid burning any of them.

Understandably, many deem this as the best aebleskiver pan available since its molds are deep, there are three pan variations and it is very easy to use!

Highlighted Features:

  • Three interchangeable baking plates promotes a variety of dishes
  • Meatball pan can accommodate 24 1.5-inch aebleskivers at once
  • Also includes a flat grill tray and a pancake tray with 6 flat holes
  • Convenient push-button switch and intelligent temperature control
  • Produces less smoke and needs less oil for healthier cooking

6. Happy Sales HSTKP20 Ebelskivers Pan

This aebleskiver pan from Happy Sales makes cooking easy with several useful features including the lightweight structure.

It weighs even less than a pound which means you can happily handle it without causing a strain on either of your hands. There are handles on each side so you have no trouble balancing it.

It measures 11.5 inches in length and 8 inches in width overall. There are 20 molds or holes within which you can use for cooking savory items like meatballs and Takoyaki, or sweet items like aebleskiver.

Each of these holes is 1.5 inches in diameter and 1 inch in depth or height. Because of these measurements, you can enjoy perfectly sized puffy traditional aebleskivers which are not too big, small or flat-bottomed.

The body is made of aluminum alloy - a material well-known for uniform heat distribution.

Above that, there are two layers of Pfluon coating to make the surface non-stick and to make the turning of aebleskivers easier.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 11.5-inch pan comes with 20 aebleskiver molds or holes
  • Each hole is 1.5 inches in diameter and 1 inch in depth or height
  • Its body is made of aluminum alloy which distributes heat evenly
  • Non-stick coating with two layers of Pfluon helps to turn and lift

7. Vinod Appam Patra Paniyaram Aebleskiver Pan

For those who have been looking for a smaller aebleskiver pan, this one measuring only 9.5 inches can be a fitting choice.

Although it was originally meant for making Indian dishes Appam, Patra and Paniyaram, you can surely use it to prepare aebleskiver, Takoyaki or similar meatball-shaped dishes as well.

However, the molds or holes here are a little bigger than usual aebleskiver pans. It is also 1.5 inches deep which means you can put more stuffing in each ball.

This might not be as small as the traditional Danish sweets but can satisfy your hunger more in every bite. You will be able to make 9 balls in every batch with this pan.

It is made of extra-thick 3 mm aluminum so that the heat from your stove can be distributed evenly throughout the pan and cook each aebleskiver to perfection.

Moreover, it has three coats of ceramic to make the surface non-stick and easy to work with. You can save on monthly bills too since it uses less gas.

Highlighted Features:

  • A small 9.5-inch aebleskiver pan that can hold 9 molds
  • Non-stick surface with 3 coats of ceramic for easy turning
  • 3 mm extra thick aluminum for superior heat distribution
  • Uses less gas and thus helps to minimize monthly bills
  • Easy to maintain and clean with warm soapy liquid

8. Norpro Deluxe Munk Aebleskiver Pan

Norpro graces our list again with another 7-hole aebleskiver pan. This one is built from cast iron to make it sturdy and durable.

It weighs a little over two pounds which makes it slightly difficult to carry and handle. However, the material can help with seasoning and keeping food warm for a longer time.

As mentioned before, you can make up to seven aebleskivers with it in one go. Each of these holes measures 2.125 inches or 5.25 cm in diameter and 1 inch or 2.5 cm in depth.

So you can make larger aebleskivers or meatballs with more stuffing inside and thus keep munching on each piece for a longer time!

Even though the pan is made of cast iron, its 4-inch long handle is made of wood. As a result, you can touch it without any worries even when the pan is scorching hot.

After use, you will need to wash it manually and then dry it thoroughly. Remember to never let the pan soak since that can result in rust formation.

Highlighted Features:

  • The circular pan can make up to 7 aebleskivers at a time
  • Each hole is 2.125 inches in diameter and 1 inch in depth
  • Made of cast iron to maintain a sturdy and durable structure
  • 4-inch long wooden handle stays cool to the touch
  • Needs to be manually washed and thoroughly dried

Comparison Chart  for Aebleskiver Pan




Pan Size (inches)

Norpro 3113

2.25 in

Cast Aluminum

9 x 9

Norpro 3114

2 in

Cast Iron

11.5 x 6.5


1.5 in

Aluminum, HDPE

9 x 9


2 in

Cast Iron

13.78 x 8.6

Health & Home

1.5 in


13.58 x 9

Happy Sales

1.5 in

Aluminum Alloy

11.5 x 8


2 in

Thick Aluminum

9.5 x 9.5

Norpro 3115

2.125 in

Cast Iron

16 x 8.5

Aebleskiver Pan Buying Guide

Aebleskiver Pan Buying Guide

In your search for the best aebleskiver pan, you need to consider certain factors no matter what your requirements are. Take a look at the most important considerations you must keep in mind before investing in such a pan-


Material is one of the most important aspects of any cookware. It decides how well each of your dishes will come out. The wrong material can destroy the expected flavor of your mouth-watering recipe.

In the case of aebleskiver pans, most of them are made of either cast iron or aluminum. The cast-iron pans will definitely weigh much heavier than aluminum ones.

However, because of this additional mass, cast iron pans can hold on to the heat longer and keep your fresh aebleskivers warm as well.

Aluminum pans are easier to work with and are more affordable. It is also much less prone to rusting.

On the other hand, cast iron can form rust if it is not seasoned regularly. Although, if maintained properly, cast iron can last longer than aluminum.

Even though aluminum heats up faster, both the materials can distribute that heat evenly throughout the pan. As a result, each piece of aebleskiver gets enough heat and is properly cooked.


Traditionally, the aebleskiver pans have seven holes or molds - the central one surrounded by the other six.

However, there are many variations of such pans in the market which bring in many more holes. It can vary anywhere from 7 to 24 depending on which dish it was originally designed for.

Their diameters can be 1.5-2.5 inches while their height can be as shallow as 0.75 inches or as deep as 1.5 inches.

The deeper it goes, the more stuffing you can put inside. For hollow aebleskivers as well, the depth matters so that you can enjoy a perfectly airy ball every time.


Of course, the handle of your cookware needs to be easily accessible even when the pan is scorching hot. If it also turns as hot as the pan, you cannot maneuver it accurately when needed.

That is why your pan’s handle needs to be made of or be covered with a material that doesn’t conduct heat.

Usually, wood or some variety of plastic is preferred for building this part. If your pan doesn’t have it, invest in a silicone cover to make the handle safe to touch.


Almost all popular aebleskiver pan materials like cast iron and aluminum need to be washed manually. You will not have the option to put it in the dishwasher and call it a day.

Although, comparatively, cleaning the cast iron pans will be more cumbersome since they are heavy and cannot be soaked to prevent rust.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use An Aebleskiver Pan?

You need to start by putting up the aebleskiver pan on the stove and turning up the heat to medium-high.

When it gets hot enough, put some butter into each hole and then fill it up with your batter. Make sure to not fill up all the way since it needs room to expand.

Can I Reheat Aebleskivers?

Yes, you can reheat aebleskivers after storing them in the refrigerator for a while. Reheating them in the oven doesn’t change their flavor or texture.

So you can cook them in multiple batches, store them for later and then binge on a few pieces every now and then.

How Do I Flip An Aebleskiver?

Flipping an aebleskiver takes a bit of skill and may take you a while to get used to it.

When the batter you put into the holes starts to get cooked, you will need to use a chopstick or a pointy spoon to put its tip into that batter, lift up and immediately pull it upwards.

This will flip the batter halfway or fully, forming a perfectly round aebleskiver.

How Often Should I Season A Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan?

An aebleskiver pan needs to be seasoned regularly to maintain its texture and heating ability. If your pan is made of cast iron, you should season it at least four times every year.

Since this is the minimum frequency, you will need to season it even more often if you use it every couple of days.

Final Words

If you have found the best aebleskiver pan for your culinary adventures, be sure to try both stuffed and hollow dessert balls to see which one is more enjoyable to eat!

You can even turn it into a game to see which one of your friends or guests will end up with the hollow ones!

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to only preparing aebleskivers with it. You can utilize its circular molds to prepare meatballs, Japanese Takoyaki or Indian dishes like Appam, Patra and Paniyaram. is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.