10 Best Griddle Spatulas in 2022 : Reviews & Buying Guide

If a knife is a culinary companion to a chef, a spatula is, then, the best buddy of every griller. This utensil will turn you into a master in no time when lifting or turning over hefty burger meats.

Now, how do you find the best griddle spatula for the task?

It is a simple question with a delicate responsibility. There is not a day that goes by without the use of this kitchenware.

You can see that the significance of this small item can change your life substantially – cooking-wise, of course! As a result, you need to grab one that says eternal service.

We are not exaggerating! Whether it is a complicated dish or a fried egg to remove from heat, the griddle spatula must synchronize with your skill.

So shall we have a look at the list and a quick guide for easy purchase?



Editor's Rating


Anmarko Metal Spatula Set, 2 Pieces

5 out of 5

Rivexy Multipurpose Griddle Accessories Kit, 5 Pieces

5 out of 5

Blackstone 1542 Griddle Accessory Tool Kit

4.5 out of 5

HOMENOTE Griddle Accessories Kit

4 out of 5


4.5 out of 5

10 Best Griddle Spatula Reviews in 2022

The spatulas come in various shapes and sizes but generally handle the same functions; flip or separate food from pan/grill. While we only recommend what we have found best, the rest is up to you. Good luck!

1. Anmarko Metal Spatula Set, 2 Pieces

Anmarko Metal Spatula Set, 2 Pieces

Are you ready for our first product because it is the best spatula for griddle! The Anmarko set of two at this rate is an impressive duo that every griller should own.

If you are worried about the arm hair getting dangerously close to the grill, the long-bodied design will eliminate such risk. Plus, it comes with a compact scraper to clean off those greasy pieces of stuff stuck on the griddle.

Not only do you get an ideal round-headed spatula, but you also achieve a tool to maintain excessive fat sticking to the cooking surface. Both items have a thick-enough blade with beveled edges.

The three-sided edges ensure no harm to your favorite saucepan or a flat griddle. It further assists you to flip the foods easily like a pro. The edges are moderately sharp to work as a cutter.

Therefore, set your home kitchen with perfectly heavy-duty utensils for everyday use. The food-safe stainless steel, along with the ergonomic wooden handle, provides secured maneuver at all times.

While the thick blade maintains long-term durability, the handle with stainless steel rivets explains firm and non-slip grips. If you run a business where the use of spatulas and scrapers is necessary, this can be your ultimate choice.

We highly recommend it for professional cooks to the enthusiast grillers out there!

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-reactive, food-safe stainless steel construction.
  • Wooden handle with 2 rivets & a hanging hole.
  • 1/25-inch blade thickness to carry hefty foods.
  • Beveled edges for swift operation.
  • Includes a griddle spatula and a scraper.

2. Rivexy Multipurpose Griddle Accessories Kit, 5 Pieces

Rivexy Multipurpose Griddle Accessories Kit, 5 Pieces

If you are all about a whole set than the individual utensil purchase, here is one of the options you can opt for.

The kit by the Rivexy contains two types of griddle spatulas and scrapers/turners. It also offers a dough scraper and cutter tool. In short, you are getting an awesome deal for the kitchen utensils.

They will create some memorable grilling experience when with friends and family. Everybody would want to participate in the griddle handling task once they see these accessories.

Now let us focus mainly on the spatulas since they are our biggest concern. Do not worry; the whole package is from professional-grade stainless steel that will not oxidize or break.

While one has a solid design, the other offers a slotted surface to manage greasy food. Plus, the plastic handles are situated in a way that your hands will not be in harm’s way. They do not absorb moisture or oil as well.

So what is the reason for our concern when everything seems flawless? It is the secure bond where the blade and the handle meets. Yeah, it can snap anytime - that is the downside of this whole package.    

This is why many customers had to remove a star from their once-liked kit and move on. But this can be a great selection for the beginners who like to experiment before finally settling into something permanent. 

Highlighted Features:

  • 5-piece grilling utensil kit.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction.
  • Includes a perforated spatula for better drainage.
  • Lengthy and wide size for convenience.
  • Ergonomic, non-slip plastic handles.

3. Blackstone 1542 Griddle Grill Spatula

Blackstone 1542 Griddle Accessory Tool Kit

Our next item is the Blackstone griddle spatula set are good to use a Blackstone griddle. It is not only resourceful but also sturdy for long time use. The kit consists of two fine-tip bottles, a scraper/chopper, and two oversized spatulas.

It is a must-have package for all the newbies out there. Besides, the whole thing is quite appealing in the design to wrap as a gift!

Back to the product now, the long and wide structure sure has the advantage when dealing with many grilled items.

One of the spatulas offers unique perforation that represents the brand signature. We frankly think it is pretty cool, though it might not work too well during liquid drainage.

From the chopper to the huge spatulas one thing is certain — each is made from solid stainless steel. Hence, you can forget about corrosion, chemical leaks, or even chipping during flipping foods.

The rough textured plastic handles play another big part in keeping the overall pieces in shape. They are excellent in eliminating any slip-ups when lifting a slice of burger meat.

So, next time you invite some fellows for a grill night, do not hesitate to perform some techniques! Even the scraper comes in handy as a chopper for many consumers.

Finally, the premium fine-tipped plastic bottles are something to behold. You can use them to add condiments like oils, water, etc. Everything will be within your reach.

All in all, this is a superb kit for any backyard griller who likes to up the game. 

Highlighted Features:

  • 5-piece accessories for griddle, cooking, and cleaning.
  • Includes a signature perforated spatula.
  • Commercial-grade stainless steel and other composites for durability.
  • High-end, black plastic handles to avoid burns and slips.
  • Fine-tipped bottles for measured oil/water discharge.

4. HOMENOTE Griddle Accessories Kit, 7 Pieces

HOMENOTE Griddle Accessories Kit, 7 Pieces

If you are someone who likes to have it all at one go, then this 7-piece griddle spatula set will save all the hassles. Do you want a regular-sized and an oversized spatula?

Well, the HOMENOTE has them both.

Are you missing a chopper, aka scraper, or lacking a squeezing bottle? Relax and simply get this package, for it has got them all!

Moreover, the whole thing comes in a carrying storage bag that you can take wherever the grilling event is.

So whether you are a professional or someone with a backyard griddle, this can be just as ideal a choice as the previous product. What we loved about this one is that there are two of each long and short set.

Therefore, be free to choose whichever fits your agenda and create the best of flipping/turning tricks. The smaller ones have beveled edges to ensure easy slide in and cuts.

On the other hand, the bigger units offer rounded width that is often favorable to use even on large pans. You are also getting a chopper and two squeeze bottles with fine tips for various operations.

To conclude, if you are an avid enthusiast or a gourmet restaurant owner, this can be a perfect kit for you. Besides, the handles are highly ergonomic for anybody to feel comfortable.

Highlighted Features:

  • 7-piece exclusive griddle tools with a storage bag.
  • Premium-grade thick stainless steel build.
  • Heat-resisting plastic handles with hanging holes.
  • Multipurpose spatulas with slotted and non-slotted options.
  • Includes 2 squeeze bottles for liquid condiments.

5. MANNKITCHEN Spatula for Griddle


Now let us move away from the sets for a moment and admire the single MÄNNKITCHEN spatula for a moment. Have you ever seen a flawless tool for flat griddle tops?

Here is one unit that can make your day brighter merely by its heft and balanced maneuver. It has precise beveled edges that can scrape or lift delicate food items effortlessly.

You can rest assured of moving your grip to awkward angles for a good flip and turn. The blade is made from hardened 420 stainless steel that eliminates flex. As a result, the user can handle the tough-scraping tasks with ease.

The weighty feel is awesome for pressing on the burgers as they sizzle and sear. If you can already smell the smoky, grilled meat, then you have all the rights to purchase this model and set to work.

Even the handle speaks elegance with every hold. The hardwood wooden grip enhances the comfort as you work. Plus, it is heat resistant and will hardly absorb moisture if you maintain it well.

This means that it is better for hand-wash only; you cannot put it in the dishwasher and expect the handle to carry on its sturdy, moisture-free hold.

What is more interesting, the tool can smoothen a cast iron pan or skillets if you apply the spatula daily.

Of course, it will not happen in a week or two. If you continue cooking and using the utensil, you will eventually see the outcome after six to a couple of years.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction.
  • Beveled edge with precision for even food removal.
  • Single piece hardwood handle with 2 rivets for secure grip.
  • Thick blade for hefty operations.
  • Resists rust and corrosion.

6. ROMANTICIST Professional Griddle Spatula

ROMANTICIST Professional Griddle Accessories Kit

Some say that the more you get in a set, the better the deal is. If you are a believer in such a notion, here is a griddle accessory kit by ROMANTICIST at a reasonable cost.

The package contains two spatulas – one with a slotted surface. It also comes with a flipper, scraper, chopper, wavy cutter, and two squeeze bottles. As you can see, it is the ultimate toolset for any griller.

Although the number of utensils is in favor of continence, there still remains the question of durability. Despite the stainless steel build, the users have complained of corrosion after several months of use.

We do not want such a product to ruin your get-together moments. No matter how useful each piece of the unit seems, if the blade cannot hold on to the durability, there is no point.

However, we give credits to the wooden handles that offer superb ergonomic feels. So you will not even have to worry about slippage when managing the flips. Remember that these are not suitable for the dishwasher.

Thus, you will have to go back to the traditional lemon and water soaking cleanup for a longer lifespan.

Now, you are going to love the squirt bottles, though. They are handy and work amazingly alongside the rest of the pieces.

Highlighted Features:

  • 8-piece package grilling tool.
  • Stainless steel utensil for food safety.
  • Includes a slotted spatula and a wavy cutting tool.
  • 2-riveted sturdy handles from solid wood.
  • Comes with 2 bottles for measured liquid pouring.

7. New Star Foodservice 38309 Grill Scraper

New Star Foodservice 38309 Grill Scraper

If you want a scraper that works like a spatula, this is your stop. It can minimize the inclusion of several grilling tools during the prepping.

Is the utensil reliable for such tasks? Our answer will always be the same regarding the product – yes.

This scraper is exceptionally powerful no matter who handles it. From grilling meat cuts to the griddle scraping, there is nothing it will not do.

The extra-wide head with the sharp edges provides additional food removing facility without even trying too hard. It is inexpensive and extremely dependable in the kitchen as well.

You can own it in either dark plastic or wooden handle. We think the wooden one with secured riveted comprises more robustness. It will not slip out of your grip no matter how you hold it.

As a result, anyone can make use of it with ease. The New Star Foodservice, however, has one drawback. If you consider implementing it on the frying pans, the sharp corner edges might scrape off the pan surface.

It does not affect much on the griddle top, but it is unavoidable under any circumstance.

Other than that, you will love the feel of the weight when working with it. And all the credit goes to the premium-grade stainless steel craftsmanship. Remember that it is not dishwasher-safe!

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction.
  • 4-inch wide head for easy maneuver.
  • Solid wood handle with 3 rivets.
  • Hand wash effortless maintenance.
  • Commercial quality for versatile professional use.

8. Cuisinart CGS-509 Griddle Spatula Set, 5 Pieces

Cuisinart CGS-509 Griddle Spatula Set, 5 Pieces

We are back with the set again, and this time it is by the well-known Cuisinart. This brand has been a familiar name to many customers who love the kitchenware it makes.

Each piece is large and wide enough to carry out substantial amounts of food when needed. Needless to say, the spatulas, therefore, are very convenient to work with.

You get a chopper, a couple of large spatulas, and turners within this kit. So, it is like a whole package for starting a food shop/restaurant. Each tool offers thin and sharp edges to perform excellently.

This is why you can use them for flipping, turning, cutting as well as chopping right on the griddle top. While one of the spatulas contains both wavy perforation and serrated edge, the other is standard.

It allows you to serve/flip various kinds of food items limitlessly. One can only expect such high performing tools to have a longer life expectancy. Unfortunately, it is an utter disappointment to see the pieces come apart.

Despite the stainless steel build for durability, the part where the handle meets the blade is not sturdy enough. Even the black plastic grip seems flimsier than other products.

So if you want a low budgeted spatula set for your griddle, this can be a good choice but try not to put too much hope on it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multipurpose use 5-piece set.
  • Includes a perforated and serrated large spatula.
  • Beveled edges for easy removal and food cuts.
  • Plastic handle with rough texture.
  • Stainless steel construction to resist corrosion.

9. Royal Home Extra-Large Wide Spatula Turner

Royal Home Extra-Large Wide Spatula Turner

Are you a professional cook? Do you own a grill in your backyard and hoping for a quality turner? Look nowhere, for we have found the best griddle spatula for the purpose.

It does not matter the size of your griddle surface; the large and ultra-wide spatula with a round shape will meet all the requirements. This is like the essential utensil you never had until you have found it.

The oversized roundness lets the blade lift an entire mid-sized pizza, pancakes, crepes, etc., without any difficulty. You can go big with this giant turner, and it will not even flex awkwardly!

It is made from premium-grade stainless steel that ensures rust-free operation for as long as you want. The thick blade makes sure the surface is capable of carrying any hefty food.

The handle, on the other hand, is another impressive feature. It allows you to carry the jumbo items without dropping them. And it is crafted from sturdy wood and has two rivets to prevent fracture.

The best part is that the massive spatula is quite versatile when it comes to multitudes of operations. From peeling, scraping, turning to flip, you name it! Although we would steer clear from scraping with this tool.

Since the edges have no beveled blade, some might find it difficult to slide underneath the delicate foods. All in all, you will not regret adding to your grilling utensil.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extra-large round spatula.
  • Constructed from stainless steel.
  • Rust and corrosion-free materials.
  • Wooden handle with 2 rivets.
  • Handle situated in a position to avoid heat in hand.

10. HaSteel Metal Griddle Spatula Set, 2 Pieces

HaSteel Metal Griddle Spatula Set, 2 Pieces

Here is the best grill spatula for all kinds of grillers, cooks, chefs out there who demand flawless performance at all times. There are two of these tools to ensure unlimited grilling during the season.

Whether it is for personal or professional use, the high-end build and incredible sturdiness make it an ideal choice for all. Each spatula has beveled heads thin enough to cut meats or lift the meals with ease.

What is more, the slots in every utensil are bigger than other comparable products. This lets the fatty foods completely drain liquids/oils, all the while preventing them from slipping.

Although the handles are designed like wooden materials, they are built from ABS plastic. You can rely on them for heavy-duty lifting tasks as they have three rivets for a secured grip.

Moreover, it has a bonus feature that almost no other brands have thought of. You will find a bottle opener right between the handle and blade.

It is so convenient that the user can enjoy ultimate grilling fun with guests and friends while appreciating a drink or two.

Plus, the serrated edge on one side is another advantage for the grillers to cut up meats right on the griddle top.

Surely, there is no way one should ignore a multi-use toolset like this one. It will make things a lot easier for any grilling events.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality and durable stainless steel build.
  • Long slotted blade surface.
  • Beveled heads with a one-sided serrated edge.
  • Includes a bottle opener.
  • Sturdy ABS plastic handle with 3 rivets.

Comparison Chart for Griddle Spatula





Our Rating


Stainless Steel

2 Rivets

Beveled edges for quick flip & cut



Stainless Steel


Multi-Use convenience


Blackstone 1542

Stainless Steel


Oversized for professional use



Stainless Steel


Beveled edges for quick flip & cut



Hardened Stainless Steel

2 Rivets

Beveled edges for quick flip & cut/ Cool to touch handle



Stainless Steel

2 Rivets

Multi-Use convenience


New Star Foodservice 38309

Stainless Steel

3 Rivets

Slanted Edge to remove stuck food



Stainless Steel


Beveled edges for quick flip & cut/ Perforated


Royal Home

Stainless Steel

2 Rivets

XL size to remove large foods; e.g. cake, pizza, pancakes, etc



Stainless Steel

ABS Plastic/
3 Rivets

Bottle opener/ Serrated blade/ Slotted surface/ Beveled edge


Spatula for Griddle Buying Guide

Griddle Spatula Buying Guide

What if you got the iconic product but ended up disliking it after a few mishaps? Let us save you some legwork and give you several heads up before buying.


The only thing you ought to keep in mind regarding the construction of the best griddle spatulas – stainless steel!

It should be your one-and-only preferred option, no matter how many other materials with the appealing designs you come across.

Spatula Length

Frankly, this feature relies on the grill size. In general terms, however, a short length is sufficient for pans.

You cannot use an extra-length grill spatula in the kitchen where pans/saucepans have limited space. If you are thinking about using it for this purpose, try looking for a mid-sized.

Of course, it is entirely different for a griller or food truck owner. Just know that larger spatulas will have longer handles.

Head Size

What is the head of a spatula? The overall blade width determines whether it is good enough for small items or large/delicate dishes.

Let us say, for instance, you are cooking fish cuts. It is soft and loosens or breaks easily if not flipping carefully. 

This is when you will need a wider head size. It will cover the whole area and will not break the soft foods.

Now, if you aim to apply the tool only for grilling burgers, long but wide heads will come in handy for the individual flipping process. So consider the necessities first to choose better options.


Wooden handles are great and classic to look at. However, they are not always convenient in terms of durability. They build up moisture over time if not dried properly after cleaning.

Rubber handles are pretty effective as long as it is large enough to avoid heat. They boast an excellent anti-slip grip, which will not twist off and dump all the food on the ground. Avoid metal ones at all costs as they are not heat-resilient.


Some griddle spatulas come with various shapes of slots or holes. This design prevents grease build-up on the blade; thus, eliminates food slippage. It is ideal for regular fatty food frying purposes.

Blade Thickness

What if you choose a thin-bladed spatula for lifting the grilled meats, and then the worst thing happens? That is right — the blade should be thick enough to handle the food weight.

That does not mean it should be too dense to even slide under the items!

Additional Features

As you continue searching for the thick, durable griddle spatula for the ultimate food arranging techniques, have you thought of the bonus functionalities?

Most thick blades offer surrounding beveled edges for a quick slide in, lift, and flip operation. This feature even allows you to cut meats, eggs, fish right on the pan surface.

It is a useful function for the food cart/truck business owners who provide variations of street foods.

There is also the serrated blade feature on some of the products. It offers ample cutting options like burger buns, grilled meat, etc. And if you are lucky enough, a few of the spatulas even come with an integrated bottle opener!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Griddle Spatulas

What is the safest spatula?

Although there are many varieties in the market, stainless steel has the most vote regarding longevity. Wooden and plastic ones are not for versatile use. They are okay for indoor kitchens but are susceptible to breaking or melting.

What spatula do chefs use?

Different professionals have various opinions and preferences. However, the most common one that rules out multiple tools use is often called a fish spatula.

It is exceptionally thin and angled just right to slide under food items nimbly. May that is a delicate fish fillet or a pancake, its flexibility gives the chefs better access to carry out many tasks.

Why do spatulas have slots?

The slots or perforations are the deserving but often overlooked features by many users. This utensil with such an aspect can help drain the excess oil from the blade.

Perforations come in various styles, yet they deliver the same task. They can handle any moist food while the small holes on the blade work as the liquid drainage system. 

Are the griddle spatula and the turner the same thing?

No. A griddle spatula is a utensil widely used in a kitchen for flipping or cutting food items. It has a flat metallic surface with a long, attached handle.

A turner, on the contrary, is used to turn or serve the solid dishes. The surface is often non-metal and best for pancake flips.

Can you use a griddle spatula on a nonstick frying pan?

Yes, however, do not exert much force while slipping it under the food. The nonstick pans have a protective layer on the surface that can get scratched during the process. In this case, it is better to get a spatula that has rounded ends.

How do I clean a greasy spatula?

The easy way is the quick soaking into the bubbly soap water. Make sure the water is hot. It will help lift the grease off the blade surface and edges. Next, take a rough sponge and wipe clean the residues.

If the grease is too hard on the spatula, you can try out the combination of warm water, baking soda, and lemon. 

Make sure to use the right amount of soda for proper abrasion. The lemon will act as a disinfectant to cut grease stuck on the edges.

Both solutions will require you to marinate the spatulas for some time before wiping them clean.


The Final Word on Griddle Spatula

If you do not have the best griddle spatula yet, now is the time to add one to your utensil kit. It will reveal how easier it gets to move the food around. You can even arrange meats on the grill using only a hand and the magic tool!

Has your favorite spatula made it to our list?

Never forget to go for what fits your requirements. You will come to appreciate the style and quality, then. Cheers!

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