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Want to create an insanely gorgeous “Instagram cake” that’s worthy of taking a snap?

Wafer paper can be the ticket to express your creativity in that!

From making wildflowers and collages to creating delicate wings on edible butterflies, wafer papers are great for cake, cupcake and frosted cookie decorations.    

Don’t want to settle for the generic designs found on the internet?

You can actually run these papers through an edible printer and make jaw-dropping unique 3-D designs that’ll leave the guests totally impressed!

Rice papers can be found in 6 different bright colors and white as well. You can choose to work with either one of them for creating both background and the centerpiece decoration.

To help you make personalized designs that are as much a treat for the eyes as the mouth, we have gathered here some collections for you to explore.



Editor's Rating


Rectangle Wafer Paper Pack

5 out of 5

O-Grade Edible Wafer Paper

5 out of 5

White 8.5" x 11" by MeganJDesigns

4.5 out of 5

CARE FAST OBLATE [Disc Type] - Wafer Paper

4 out of 5

Paper2eat Wafer Paper Sheets

4.5 out of 5

Our Recommended Top 8 Wafer Sheet Reviews

1. Oasis Supply 100 Piece Paper | Best Edible Paper

Want wings that can take you to the sky?

While humans can’t fly, we certainly can make beautiful edible butterflies that look realistic enough to spread their wings and fly!

To help you make such majestic birthday/wedding cake toppers, Oasis Supply presents a pack of 100 Piece Edible Rectangle Wafer Paper.

These papers are flexible, durable and light enough to look like actual feathers when you make wings out of it!

The 8x11-inch papers are rectangle-shaped and come in a package of 100 sheets. The O-grade letter papers are made of natural ingredients like potato starch, vegetable oil and water. 

Although these sheets are commonly used for cake toppers, you can use it as a canvas for food doodler pens as well. The slightly translucent white wafer papers help create bright and bold colors right in front of your very eyes.

As printed images look god on this sheet, Oasis can easily be a baker’s first choice if he/she loves molding thin shapes that blend perfectly with decorative cakes!

The look is satisfactory. Granted.

But what if your client is diabetic and wants a sugar-free birthday cake instead?

While a lot of other sheets available on the market are flavored, Oasis Supply wafer papers are completely flavorless and sugar-free

Ergo, you get the chance to personalize your cakes and earn the client's full satisfaction with this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • This 8x11-inch sheet has the perfect size for molding and cutting.
  • Flavorless and sugar-free for diabetic persons.
  • Flexible and therefore can hold up shapes nicely.
  • Made of natural ingredients.

2. O-Grade Edible Wafer Paper, Rectangle Rice Paper for Cake & Food Decorations

Dressing up a layered birthday/holiday cake is kinda fun and challenging at the same time!

To make the challenging part a little bit easier, Oasis Supply comes with O-grade edible sheets that are easy to work with and don’t tear like the cheap ones. As the sheets are close to transparent, you can actually trace your design on this pretty easily.

What's your favorite approach to decking up a cake?

Printing on it with a food coloring pen or creating edible 3-D figures that look realistic enough to give it a second glance?

Apparently, the Oasis Supply O-grade Edible Wafer Paper is capable of doing them all!

The high-quality materials used for making this product makes it super comfortable and resistant at the same time. As a result, it is capable of handling pressure more than the regular rice papers available on the market.

The package consists of 100 single-ply sheets that are semi-translucent. Each of these sheets come with 0.22-millimeter of width.

As Oasis Supply papers are all sugar and lactose-free, you can eat good and stay healthy while making cakes with this!

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality composition of this sheet makes it easy to work with.
  • Its 8x11-inch size is ideal for molding and shaping.
  • Being sugar and lactose-free, these sheets can be considered as healthy treats.
  • With 0.22-inch width, they are longer and wider than other options.

3. Wafer Paper 100 count White 8.5" x 11" by MeganJDesigns

A party feels pretty complete without colorful cakes and cookies, doesn’t it?

To complete the look of a western-style party, MeganJDesigns comes with a pack of 100 sheets of rectangular-shaped wafer papers.

Created with edible ingredients, these sheets are made to delight your eyes as well as your palate at the same time!

Color, paint or cut, the possibilities with these edible sheets are pretty much endless. Available in 8.5x11-inch size, these white rectangular papers can be used in making a variety of stunning cake, cupcake and cookie decorations.

Want to play it cool by making a crisp white cake with some fun doodles on it?

As the MeganJDesigns sheets are perfect for printing with edible ink, you’ll enjoy making fun illustrations and creative messages across these sheets!

Made from natural ingredients like potato starch, vegetable oil and water, the wafer papers are healthy treats that work well for almost all groups of people.

There are 2 sides of each sheet: Smooth and Textured. The print should be done across the smooth side. Make sure to put the smooth side down while putting it through your printer.  

Highlighted Features:

  • MeganJDesigns sheets are manufactured in the Netherlands.
  • You can draw on these edible papers with ink or run them through a printer.
  • These sheets are easy to work with and mold into desired shapes.
  • Ingredients that are used for making this product are all 100% natural.

4. CARE FAST OBLATE [Disc Type] - Wafer Paper

You know what hurts more than a bad breakup?

The horrible taste of medications that lingers even after you tried to swallow it in one go!

With that being said, let us introduce CARE FAST OBLATE Wafer Paper, which is a disc-type sheet that’s used to wrap up these powdered medications tastefully!

The thing with pills or any other medications is that they are mostly bitter in taste. But when you wrap the powder supplements in this paper, the odd taste goes away just like that! 

The CARE-FAST pack comes in a pack of 400 pieces of sheets. These sheets are all circular and have about 3.5 inches in diameter. Each film is thin and is made from non-GMO potato starch, vegetable oil and soybean lecithin.

While other brands may provide you with thicker/thinner discs, chances are, you’ll find some differences in every pack if you buy regularly.

With OBLATE, each and every single sheet is identical. The pieces are quite easy to separate and are stored in a plastic snap-shut container to last for a long time.

Highlighted Features:

  • It’s used as a flavorless wrapper for powdered medication.
  • All sheets are identical and easy to store.
  • You won’t have any trouble separating the discs as they don’t curl at the end.
  • Compared to other brands on the market, its price range is reasonable.

5. Paper2eat Wafer Paper Sheets

Did you know allergy often starts with soy-based infant formula that might even get carried into your adulthood?

To combat such situations Paper2eat presents wafer paper that’s gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and 100% vegan to help you make tasty treats for vegetarians!

Made of natural ingredients, these wafer sheets come in standard A4 small pack. One packet contains about 25 pieces of sheets that are each about 0.27-millimeter in thickness.

Along with the right thickness, Paper2eat also offers the option to mold it into any shape you want as it’s super-flexible.

The edible sheets are thin, textured and sugar-less at the same time. Ergo, you can easily use it for making diabetic desserts as well.  

Want to run your wafer paper through an edible printer and have fun illustrating mindless doddles on top of your cookies?

Paper2eat is the perfect candidate for that sort of thing as well! You can run these sheets through any common edible printer to express your creativity. In addition, these sheets are also safe for manual food-grade coloring purposes.

Nothing is worth its value if it’s spoiled or not stored properly, right?

To help you keep these wafer sheets fresh as long as possible, all pieces come in a separate bag that is resealable for future use.

Highlighted Features:

  • 8.27x11.69-inch sheets are a standard size for creating designs on baked goods.
  • Edible sheets are non-textured and sugar-free.
  • All ingredients are free to form soy, nut and dairy.
  • You can use food-grade color on these sheets.
  • Includes separate bags to keep them fresh.

6. Edible Rice and Wafer Paper

Looking for a styling sheet that can hold up your image PE.R.F.E.C.T.L.Y. in buttercream?

Meet Edible Rice Paper by Bakers Pantry that is designed to make colors POP on all types of cakes/desserts!

The 8x11-inch sized sheet is 25% heavier than the other kinds sold by the same manufacturer. For this particular reason, the pictures come out great when printed on top of this sheet.

Made of potato starch and vegetable oil, this product is all natural and good for health. The slightly translucent sheet can be run through an edible printer to make customized designs and decorations.

You can also use a food-grade marker to write birthday wishes or send a heartfelt message across the cake.

These 8x11-inch sheets come in a 100 pack within a reasonable price tag. As it blends in with the cake and can be trimmed, you’ll have an easy time while printing any sort of images on it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Being 25% heavier, Bakers Pantry wafer paper prints images in better ways.
  • These sheets are a bit translucent and textured.
  • You can use a food-grade marker on it.
  • Within a reasonable price tag, you’ll get a pack of 100 sheets.

7. Oasis Supply Edible Rectangle Wafer Paper

Is the traditional wafer paper too thin for your liking?

A lot of people prefer to work with thick cardstock-type wafer sheets to make their design stand out from the crowd. And if you are one of them, you’ll LOVE Oasis Supply Edible Rectangle Wafer Paper as they are a lot thicker than the typical ones you work with!

This stiff wafer sheet measures around 0.60-millimeter in thickness. The DD-grade paper comes in standard A4 size, which is about 8x11 inches. The double-ply sheet acts as a great medium for printing as it absorbs ink pretty well.

Did you know it’s a bit hard to work with icing sheets for baking, especially when you run it through your printer?


In fact, these sheets tend to get stuck to the printer a lot!

Unlike that, Oasis Supply’s sheets are super-flexible and can easily be shaped into beautiful flowers, roses, butterflies and other creative decorations.

As they are thicker, they are really convenient for printing various patterns on your cakes or cookies as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Oasis sheets absorb ink really quickly.
  • As all ingredients are natural, you can use it for making healthy treats.
  • With 0.60-millimeter of thickness, it’s thicker than the standard ones.
  • Unlike icing sheets, Oasis products don’t get stuck inside a printer.
  • You will find the price reasonable considering its good quality.

8. O’Creme Edible Wafer Paper O-Grade

Done with using the average rice sheets available on the market and want to have a taste of something extra-prime?

Let’s give you a glance at the O’Creme Edible Wafer Paper that's a premium quality, 100% edible, and biodegradable as well!

The O-grade rice sheets from Holland is of good quality that's bound to give you leverage over the typical ones available on the market.

While you can use the whole 8x11-inch sheet to wrap around a cake, you can cut into smaller pieces and use them accordingly.

How does it feel to have customized things made just for you/your loved ones?

Along with making unique designs, you can also stick the O’Creme wafer paper on top of a homemade chocolate-covered cookie with a little help from corn syrup.

Ergo, you can send a good wish or romantic message to your dear ones in this way. Yep, you are welcome!

The O-quality sheets come in a pack of 10 and are resistant to heat and freezing. They are all vegetarian, sugar-free, gluten- and allergen-free. To preserve its shelf life, it's best to store it at room temperature in a dry, flat surface.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can use it as a whole or cut it into smaller pieces.
  • O’Creme sheets are edible, vegetarian and sugar-free.
  • As it’s bio-degradable, you can use it as much as you want for your need.
  • It’s ideal for printing images, logo or drawing purposes.

Comparison Chart for Wafer Papers





Sheets Per Pack

Extra Features

Oasis Supply BC WFS-0811 100 ct

8x11 Rectangular


Sugar-free, Lightweight.

Oasis Supply R-AWFO811







Easy To Handle.


Circle (3.5 inches in diameter)


Wraps Powdered Medication.




Made Of Allergy-free ingredients.

Bakers Pantry



Heavy and Image-friendly.

Oasis Supply DD-Grade








Wafer Paper Buying Guide

Color And Texture

Wafer paper may come in different colors and textures. According to your need and budget, you have to find a suitable one from the market.

When buying in bulk quantities, make sure all the pieces are of the same color to ensure harmony in your designs. Even the slightest color change will catch your attention otherwise.

As for the texture, it's best to find a smooth and unblemished surface that's easy to print and work with.


You can find wafer papers of varying thicknesses available on the market.

Generally, the thickness range starts from 0.3-millimeter and goes as much as 0.7-millimeter in some cases. The thinner sheets are used for intricate details whereas the thicker ones help stand up cake topper as they are a bit stiffer.

Depending on what type of decorations you are interested in, you may choose the right amount of thickness for your sheets.


Do you prefer flavorful decorations?

Or a mild, flavorless one is good enough for your work?

Depending on your requirement you may purchase flavorless or mildly-scented wafer papers available on the market.

Typically, the standard ones are made of potato starch, vegetable oil and water. However, the premium quality ones are made of potato starch, oil and Maltodextrin to help them preserve for a long time.  


1. How Do I Store Wafer Paper At Home?

Answer: It's best to store these sheets on a flat surface so that they don't bend or tear apart. Also, keep them away from heat and sunlight as extreme temperatures may distort its shape and make it harder to work with.

2. What Type Of Cake Topping Is Suitable For Wafer Paper?

Answer: Wafer sheets are most suitable for being used on top of dry frosting. You can it as a wrapper for cookies as well. However, it's a good idea to avoid fresh cream for this purpose as the rice sheets don't do well when they come in contact with moisture.

3. How Long Does Rice Sheets Last?

Answer: If kept in a secure air-tight container, rice sheets can last for quite some time. On average, you can expect these papers to last for 2-3 years if it's stored somewhere dry. However, we recommend using the printed sheets within 6 months as they may begin to change the color at some point.

4. What Should I Do If My Wafer Paper Starts Curling After Printing?

Answer: It mostly depends on the density of your printout. If it’s too high, then the sheets will start curling. To flatten it properly, allow the ink to dry and then put a small book on top of it for some time.


There’s a reason why wafer paper is such a popular choice among bakers.

Wafer paper (Or otherwise known as Rice paper) has the ability to hold their shape really well when used as cake toppers, flowers, feathers, etc.

So, any time professionals want to add some drama to their dessert decoration, they give the wafer papers a try and get ready to see the magic unfold!

Hopefully, our article has given you inspirations for your project and add the extra “WOW factor” to your design that makes you want to try the next recipe as well.

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