How Long Does Cotton Candy Last?

How Long Does Cotton Candy Last?

What is the first thing that catches your attention at a carnival?

Ferris Wheel, Sword Swallowers and Deep-fried Twinkies?

All of these carnival treats are awesome. But still, my heart won’t be at peace until I find a big bag of fluffy clouds that melts like a snowflake as soon as I put a piece in my mouth!

Can you guess the delish item I am talking about?

The fluff ball of airy treats that most kids force their parents to buy (Caution: it’s too sweet!) are called “Cotton Candy”.

Depending on which country you live in, you may also know this treat by the name of Candy Floss (England), Fairy Floss (Australia, Finland) or Suikerspin if you are from Netherland.

As much as the fluff of candy floss tempts us too often, sometimes, we open the bag only to reveal some rock-hard sugar ball instead.

Yes, the fluffy clouds that you love so much have a shelf life, which after a certain time, becomes lumpy and not-so-much edible anymore!

Want to know how long does cotton candy last and the ways to preserve it for a longer time?

Let’s dig in!

What Are The Ingredients Of Cotton Candy?

Cotton candy looks like spidery webs that comprise of sugar confectionery.

The candy is super-light, airy and looks like cotton wool. The fibrous texture of the candy makes it suitable for birthday parties, amusement parks and carnival festivals.

The main ingredients of candy floss include sugar, corn syrup, water, salt, raspberry extract, pink food for coloring(optional) and of course, lollipop sticks on top to make it look mouth-watering!

The candy is available in different flavors like banana, chocolate, bubble gum, vanilla etc.

How Long Does Cotton Candy Last In A Bag?

That’s a trick question, to be honest!

Cotton candy can go for a very long time without going bad as it has enough sugar content in it to keep it in perfect shape.

That being said, the shelf life of this sweet depends on what type of packaging you are using, how well-protected it is etc.

Let’s give you some scenarios that explain the whole thing in a nutshell:


1. Regular Plastic Container

Thick plastic containers are really good options to preserve your candy floss. If left unopened, the candy will last for 5-10 weeks quite easily.

As the plastic container’s lid is replaceable, you can change the lid once opened and refasten it properly for storing it for a long time.

Requirement: To preserve candy at this condition, it should be kept at room temperature. Make sure the box is stored in a dry place to protect it from getting damaged by humidity.

2. Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are made from metalized polyester that’s often used as a thermal insulator.

You can store the floss in this bag if remain unopened. As this is a more economical and user-friendly option, small business owners can use this bag for storage purposes.

Requirement: Do NOT keep the Mylar bad under direct sunlight as it might shrink in that way. To keep the candy fluffy, it’s recommended to eat the whole thing in a few hours after breaking the seal.

3. Plastic Bags

If you aren’t purchasing candy in a bulk quantity, then the individual pieces most probably come packed in a single plastic bag.

When left sealed, the candy should last between 2-3 weeks. If the bag is thick and sealed properly, the fairy floss should have all the flavors intact in it. However, as you can’t reseal the packet once opened, the candy is more likely to shrink a bit after a few hours.

Requirement: The plastic bags should be stored at room temperature. Wherever you place these bags, make sure they don’t get in touch with humidity. For this reason, it’s better to store it on top of a countertop than inside a freezer.

Can Cotton Candy Go Bad?

Cotton candy doesn’t have any expiration date to its name.

As the main ingredient of this item is sugar, it can last for several years without changing its flavor.

However, the prime focus of this candy is its fluffiness which gets deflated over time. To preserve the fluff for the longest time, follow the instruction down below:

How To Preserve Cotton Candy For Longer?

The best way to preserve cotton candy is to keep it in an air-tight container as much as possible. For this purpose, you can use a reusable Ziplock bag that keeps the moisture out.

Follow the steps to keep your cotton candy intact for a long time-

  • Transfer the candy to a Ziplock bag without squishing its shape.
  • Remove the excess air from the bag.
  • Place the sealed bag into an air-tight plastic container and lock.
  • Store the container in a cool, dark place to get the desired result.

Final Words

The first cotton candy was invented in 1904 at the St. Louis World Fair.

And since then the sugar floss kept getting more popular day by day!

As it’s a delicious treat worth eating on special occasions, we reckon you might want to have it ready to go for carnivals, kid’s birthday party or even casual afternoon snacking.

Hopefully, our article has given you enough information on how long does cotton candy last and what types of packaging and temperature works best for them.

Now the next time you bring home a fluff ball from the carnival, it’s gonna stay fresh and give you the nostalgic taste without deflating even a bit hopefully!

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