How To Clean Cotton Candy Machine?

How To Clean Cotton Candy Machine? With Maintenance Tips

It was a long day making candy, but now it’s time to put the machine away. Of course, you’re not going to store it with all that debris, are you? You first got to clean it.

But, you don’t know how to clean cotton candy machine? Don’t worry. We are here to help you.

Well, if there’s one activity that brings a lot of fun and joy, it is using your own cotton candy maker to make candy or candy floss. The machine spins confectionary at high speeds, transforming it into thin, loosely packed strands.

When you put the confection in the machine and hit start, the sugar is liquefied, then spun through little holes. In the process, the sugar is turned back into solid, but this time in the form of slender strands. The buoyant strands are actually mostly made of air, so they can easily be compressed into lumps, which when put in the mouth, melt readily into colossal levels of sweetness.

If you have a floss/cotton candy making machine and want it to last, then maintenance is indispensable. One of the ways of maintaining your gadget is proper cleaning, which is what I will focus on in this article.

Why You Need to Clean the Cotton Candy Maker Regularly?

A candy maker is an electronic device, and like other gadgets, it needs maintenance.

Moreover, through normal use, sugar crusts accumulate on the parts of the machine. Without regular cleaning, the bowl, splash guard, and spinner are gradually soiled.

The accumulated crusts reduce the efficiency of the parts of the candy maker by blocking them and clogging the tiny holes of the device. Moreover, the situation can cause the machine to malfunction.

Another issue you might notice with a dirty machine is that the floss created gradually loses quality.

By cleaning the unit on a regular basis, you prevent the dirt from accumulating and causing these problems.

Regular cleaning helps you keep the machine working normally. It makes sure the floss created remains good quality and the taste stays great as it’s not affected by old sugar. Moreover, it makes the device last longer by preventing premature breakdown.

Step by Step Guideline on How to Clean a Cotton Candy Machine

There are two methods of cleaning. The first is the general/quick cleaning method and the second is the part by part method, which is more involving.

1. Quick Cleaning Process Of Candy Maker

Step 1

Remove the bowl and wash it in warm water. You don’t need detergent, water is enough. Then, run the machine as though you were making candy. This is to get rid of all the leftovers and ensure the sugar is totally gone. By doing this, you’ll be making sure there’s no more sugar on the floss head.

Step 2

Turn the temperature setting to the highest level and let it remain so for about 60 seconds. The high heat level will bake off any sugar that could be remaining.

Step 3

Once the machine does not have any more visible food items, rid the ribbons of the carbon. To do this, first, turn the machine to the highest heat setting for 60 seconds.

Then, get some water in a cup and pour it slowly into the hot bowl of the gadget. This will get rid of any crystals of sugar that might be sticking to it. As you slowly add the water to the machine while it runs, you will see steam getting produced.

Keep doing this for about 30 seconds, then let the machine run for an extra 30 seconds without adding any water in there.

Step 4

Disconnect the machine from the power and let it cool down.

Step 5

Once the machine is cool, use a clean towel to wipe any remaining moisture from the bowl and floss head. Sugar could be remaining on the splashguard or bubble, so wipe them down as well.

2. Candy Machine Part by Part Cleaning Tips

What you’ve done by now is give the machine a general clean up. This is usually sufficient when doing regular cleaning, but once in a while, you got to go a step further and clean the parts individually.

To do that, you have to disassemble the machine.

Step 1 – disassembly

To remove the splashguard, just grab it by its topmost point, twist it to release it from the latches, then lift the unit.

The next part to remove is the stator. This usually has screws around it that attach it to the chassis, which you can remove easily with a screwdriver. Even if the screwdriver slots are clogged with sugar, you can clean that by running the screwdriver through them.

Once the stator is out, it’s time to remove the spinner. At the top, the spinner has a cap attached, which may stick to the band during long durations of operation. So, after removing the screws, gently tap on the spinner cap with a plastic or rubber item to disengage it.

To take out the spinner, you will require a screwdriver or a wrench depending on the design of your machine. Normally, there is either a center bolt going through the spinner or screws situated at the sides. With a tool, removing them should be easy. Ensure that before embarking on removing any parts, the machine is disconnected from the power.

Step 2 – washing the parts

Soak the bowl, stator, and spinner cap in hot water for a minute or so. This will remove any sugar that has encrusted on them. Then, wash them thoroughly. Again, you don’t need detergent, only the water.

Step 3 – cleaning the motor base

The motor base electronic part, so washing it with water would be a bad idea. Just get a clean cloth, dampen it, then use it to wipe down the motor base.

Cotton Candy Machine Maintenance Tips

Cleaning is the most important maintenance routine that you ought to carry out. When you regularly clean your machine, you keep it functioning properly and in good shape so it lasts longer.

Apart from this issue, the other common problem that users face is the machine failing to respond when you turn on the power. In case that happens, try the following fixes:

  • Check the wiring – ensure all the wires are connected tightly.
  • Check the fuse – perhaps the fuse has blown. Unscrew it to make sure it hasn’t.
  • Inspect the motor to make sure it’s not stuck – spray WD40 or any other suitable lubricant on it to free it. Allow the motor to soak then spin it by hand before restarting the device.

Final Words

That is all on how to clean cotton candy machine . I hope this in-depth guide has been helpful. Remember, you ought to clean the machine regularly. After every use, do the general cleaning before storing the unit. As explained above, general cleaning is whereby you do not disconnect the unit.

On the other hand, part by part cleaning is where you disconnect the parts such as the splashguard, bowl, and center spinner and clean them one by one. This specific cleaning should be done at least once or twice per month depending on how frequently you’re using the machine.

I suggest you check your user manual also for the recommended cleaning methods and frequency. That’s because there may be little variations in cleaning that are specific to your machine, such as varying ways of opening the bowl and spinner.

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