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Best Beeswax Candles in 2023: Top 10 Picks By an Expert

Why we love about Beeswax candles is it’s pretty easy to detect. They smell unique, radiate a sun-like glow, and offer a plethora of different designs and craftsmanship.
They are the "prima donna" of the world of candles.

However, like any other product in the market, there is a huge difference between the best beeswax candles and there are mediocre ones.

And this guide is designed to teach you how to make a perfect distinction between these two types. Give this a read and you'll know we're not making false promises here. 



Editor's Rating


Bluecorn Beeswax 100%

5 out of 5

Candle by the Hour 80-Hour Candle

5 out of 5

UCO 12-Hour Natural Beeswax Candles

4.5 out of 5

Root Candles Honeycomb

4 out of 5

XIANGZHU 7 Pair 100% Pure Beeswax

4.5 out of 5

Our Recommended 10 Best Beeswax Candles in 2022

1. Bluecorn, 100% Pure Raw Beeswax Candle

If you love candles and buying in bulks, this product is a jackpot. Handmade from pure beeswax, this set of 24 candles have all the features desired in beeswax scented candles.

Each candle has a diameter of 1.5-inches and offers a total burning time of 5 hours. They radiate a sophisticated scent of honey. Every single piece is crafted by hand in Blucorn's own factory.

The candles maintain an organic production process from start to finish. They are colored using pollen powder and scented with the honey extract. The molding cup is slowly filled in by hand until the solution reaches its top edge. Thus, you get the maximum amount of wax, resulting in an extended burning time.

Using transparent holding cups accentuates the lemon yellow color of the wax. The company uses cotton paper for the wick, which is free of lead to ensure health safety. The wicks are also centered by hand for providing an optimal burning line.

Also, you'll save a ton due to buying in a bulk.

These candles don't contain any allergy-inducers or toxic chemicals. The recyclable holding cups preserve nature. And, due to the candles' raw material, negative ions are released that purifies the air of your atmosphere.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product doesn't contain any allergy inducers, toxic chemicals, or lead.
  • Buying in bulk is sure to save you a good amount of money.
  • The manufacturer maintains an organic production from start to finish.
  • Every candle is hand-poured and hand-wicked to ensure quality and care.
  • The candles come in recyclable and reusable containers.

2. Candle by the Hour, Yellow Natural Long Burning Beeswax Candle (20559BGL)

Even if we put all other fantastic aspects of this product aside, just the casing style alone is enough to convince you for purchasing the 20559BGL.

The 13.5-inch long candle offers an impressive burning time of 80 hours. That's why the product is considered a prominent choice when it comes to choosing long burning beeswax candles.

It sits on a four-legged copper plate. The candle's wax is designed in a spiral shape and surrounded by a transparent cylinder made of high-quality glass. A metal stand runs through the wax and ends in a beautiful wick holder. The look manages to merge modernism with a vintage taste.

The candle is safe for your health as no paraffin is used in the production. It is dripless and equipped with a feature that automatically puts out the fire.

Candle by the Hour uses a clip for this purpose. Thus, the probability of candle induced fire hazards is greatly diminished.

You can use it in the kitchen to balance out unpleasant smells. And due to the candle's all-natural production, you won't be worried about your foods getting affected by toxins. By using pure beeswax as raw material, it'll disperse negative ions in the air.

This will purify your atmosphere of allergenic and unhealthy particles. So, if you have a dust allergy or suffer from asthma, this product will help to reduce those issues.

Highlighted Features:

  • The candle merges modernism with a vintage taste.
  • If you have dust allergy or asthma, it can help reduce the symptoms.
  • Portrays a truly innovative and aesthetic wick holder.
  • For safety, it has an integrated clip to automatically extinguish a burning wick.
  • Offers an impressive 80 hours of burning time.

3. UCO, Yellow Natural Beeswax Scented Candles

This product brings you back to the simplicity of natural beeswax candles while maintaining a high standard of quality.

The package is a bulk deal, which makes it an economical win. It provides nine pieces of 3.5-inch long candles. Each candle can burn seamlessly for up to 15 hours.

Organically, the candles are flawlessly produced. They use pure beeswax that's not mixed with contaminants like petroleum-based paraffin.

The company tracks the product at its origin level. On the Texas farm, from which the wax is collected, the beekeepers maintain their hive without using any trap or poisonous chemicals. So, UCO gets the highest quality waxes every time.

The wicks are made of organic cotton and free of lead. Their "braided" production style and proper sizing allow the candles to sustain a synchronous height of the flame. The wicks also extend the burning time by minimizing waste of wax, such as limiting soot and dripping.

These features added with a high melting point offer you candles that burn clean with little to no residue. The candles emit subtle traces of smoke and fill the room with a natural beeswax aroma.

The candles are architectured to be used with a variety of Lanterns produced by the manufacturer. Thus, they can become a powerful tool for outdoor camping as a safe alternative to bonfires and indoors during a power blackout.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product can be a safe alternative to bonfires while camping outdoors.
  • Due to a high melting point, over-dripping and soot formation is minimized.
  • A braided production style and proper sizing make the wicks perform better.
  • Each candle's wick enhances burning time by minimizing the waste of wax.
  • The candles are designed to emit little smoke that's aesthetic but not unhealthy.

4. Root, Large Drizzling Honey Beeswax Blend Candle 8870251

Root is a household name in the industry and the 8870251 is a perfect example of why that is so.

The candle has a pleasing symmetrical dimension. It's placed in a thick glass cup with a honeycomb-patterned cover and provides a total burn period of 70 hours.

The manufacturer merges the finest techniques from both the 20th and 21st-century for production. As a result, the hand-crafting process is mixed with automated scenting to provide you one of the best beeswax candles in the market.

Each candle is molded by hand, using a mixture of pure beeswax and other organic waxes.
The blend is then soaked in an essential oil-induced fragrance to radiate a natural pallet of scents.

The manufacturer uses rare essential oils, such as Bergamot Sicilian and Neroli with fresh nectar from Acacia petals to saturate the fragrance's main ingredient: Manuka honey.

Even the organic cotton wick is made from scratch by the company, using natural fibers.

The measures taken to assure the product's quality is impressive. These include burning a thousand candles per day for checking burn time, the strength of flame, fragrance dispersion, etc. A color matching process is done on a regular basis between batches as well.

The wax is paraffin-free, the wick is free of lead, and the entire production conforms to ASTM standards. Thus, you get a no-smoke, soot less candle that's comfortable to be around and safe for your health.

Highlighted Features:

  • The handcrafted candle uses a mixture of pure beeswax and organic waxes.
  • Root burns a thousand candles per day for quality maintenance.
  • To ensure your safety, the entire production conforms to ASTM standards.
  • Rare essential oils and fresh Acacia nectar is used to saturate the fragrance.
  • It has a pleasing symmetrical dimension that's easy on the eye.

5. XIANGZHU, Handmade Pure Beeswax Taper Candles (Pair of 7)

If you don't know where to find beeswax candles that serve as a perfect gift for happy occasions, we may have found just the product for you.

Each 8.85-inch candle provides a burning period of three and a half hours. These are pillar candles, which increases their quality from container candles.

You get 7 pairs of them. Each pair is wrapped with an off-white paper and a beautiful two-fold knot. The color range of the pair truly shows variability, as you get bright colors like orange, green, pink, and yellow as well as romantic colors like white, blue, and red.

The candles have a tapered shape, meaning they have wide bases that slowly narrow into aesthetic conical heads. Also, the honeycomb pattern carved into the beeswax surface shows the intricate level of artistry that goes into the production.

The product is made from pure beeswax and free of any toxic or artificial contaminants. The manufacturer uses lead-free wick as well. The candles don't produce any smoke and provide a dripless burning.

The natural, stress releasing smell they emit is perfect for special intimate dinners. The thoughtful mixture of color and the unique packaging makes them a tasteful, prestigious gift for any occasion.

These ecologically clean candles are designed to absorb disturbing smokes like smokes of cigarettes. However, since they are pillar candles, you should always use a lantern or chandelier to avoid fire hazards.

Highlighted Features:

  • The color range throughout the pairs truly shows a tasteful variety.
  • Being pillar candles, they use completely pure beeswax as the main material.
  • They are designed to absorb disturbing smells like smokes of cigarettes.
  • The mixture of colors and unique packaging makes for a tasteful gift to give.
  • These candles are tapered and honeycomb carved to project a unique outlook.

6. Candle by the Hour, Yellow Natural Beeswax 20641B

It's a different spin on Candle by the Hour's 20559BGL model. It doesn't have a glass container like the model previously mentioned on the list. Instead, it has a more intricately designed wax part. The holder starts with a four-legged plate at the base, moves through the wax, and ends in a similar shape as the 20559BGL.

If you desire a glamorous design, this will definitely fit your agenda. It releases a honey-like scent that's truly relaxing.

Thus, you can use it for a fancy dinner to create an ambiance of peace. Or, place it in your bath for taking a long, stress releasing soak.

The candle provides an impressive 80 hours of burning time.

Apart from aesthetic and stress-reducing effects, it can also be a natural air purifier. As many studies have shown, beeswax candles disarm harmful air particles, such as mold, dust, mildew, etc. So, if you suffer from dust allergy or asthma, this candle will help you breathe more easily.

It provides a soft, sun-like light that's different from the artificial light emitted by electronic light sources. It's paraffin-free since the eco-friendly production doesn't use petroleum-based elements. When placed correctly it doesn't drip or create soot.

The manufacturer has also placed a self-extinguish feature using an innovative clip that's integrated into the design. Thus, you can rest easy, free from the worry of a candle-caused fire incident.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a feature that uses an integrated clip for self-extinguishing.
  • It has a fabulous spiral design that's complemented with a unique wick holder.
  • This product can help people that suffer from dust allergies and asthma.
  • Emits a honey-like scent that's truly relaxing and perfect for releasing stress.
  • The candle has an all-natural production which makes it ecofriendly.

7. Hyoola, Golden Yellow Beeswax Taper Candle (Pack of 12) H11260

The H11260 from Hyoola is unanimously praised for its sleek, tapered candles and futuristic minimal packaging.

Each 9-inch candle has a wholesome diameter of 0.63-inches. This allows the candles to easily fit in most standard-sized containers, lanterns, and chandeliers. Each candle will also offer you a burning period of 5 hours.

The production is kept organic from start to finish. There is no paraffin, preservatives, and artificial chemical in the wax. It doesn't even use any candle fillers to increase the size.

Thus, the product you get is a hundred percent natural beeswax that's not substituted by any other substances. The bright yellow color is also a telltale sign of the candles' quality.

The handcrafted candles precede other beeswax candles in terms of efficacy and longevity. The wicks are braided from pure cotton with a thick structure. Thus, it can easily draw up liquefied wax to the top for providing a constantly bright yet controlled burning.

If you are fond of unscented candles, this product's natural aroma definitely makes it one of the best smelling beeswax candles. The candles have a tapered shape. This choice of design makes properly centering the wick easy.

So, they can provide a controlled burning, a stable flame height, and use the wax efficiently through slow-burning to reduce dripping, smoke, and soot production.

These 12 packs of candles can also be spread out sufficiently while hosting a candlelight dinner with a large number of guests.

Highlighted Features:

  • They use pure cotton wicks, clean of lead, and metal components.
  • A "slow-burning" feature is added by using thick, braided wicks.
  • The zero-filler production and slow-burning eliminates any wastage of wax.
  • With this 12 pack product, you can host largescale candlelight dinners.
  • The bright yellow texture indicates a high level of purity of the beeswax. 

8. Bluecorn Beeswax, Pure Raw Beeswax Pillar Candle AX-AY-ABHI-58238

We were trying to think of Bluecorn candles that disappointed us, and failed to find one. This product in discussion makes us believe that taking up such a search was a mistake, to begin with.

The 4 and a-half-inch long candle has a quaint diameter of 2-inches. It provides you a total burning time of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The handcrafted candles are produced in the company's native factory under direct and strict supervision. They use completely uncontaminated beeswax for production.

The solution is solidified and scented through essential oils and natural honey extract. Then it's colored by organic pollen powder.

However, the game-changer in this product is their "light filtration" technology added with manufactured synchronicity between the wick and the wax.

Most pillar candles aren't manufactured by a truly thorough filtration process, which leaves wick-clogging particles behind. These particles can create a variety of obstacles in terms of a clean and consistent burn by constantly clogging up the wick.

But, through the company's light filtration technology all the intruding particles are taken out while preserving the candles' organic qualities.

These include their sweet honey aroma and the flush yellow color of pure beeswax. So, these candles don't suffer from burning issues like inconsistent flame height, over-dripping, soot-formation, tunneling, etc.

They release negative ions that attract harmful airborne particles and bind them. These particles then become too heavy to float and fall down, cleansing the air in the process for you to breathe easily. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Equipped with light filtration to stop issues like dripping and tunneling.
  • Each candle is custom matched with a wick for a smooth burn.
  • Despite using extreme filtration, the candles retain their aroma and color.
  • Uses "negative ion release" to purify the atmosphere.
  • They are produced in the company's own factory under strict quality control.

9. Galanta & Co., Plum Purple UnBeelievable Pure Beeswax Taper Candle (Pack of 2)

Are you searching for a pair of exquisite pillar candles to arrange a perfect romantic dinner? Then look no further. These tapered candles by Beeswax will provide you exactly that.

The 10-inch long candles have a total burning period of 4 hours and 30 minutes. They fit perfectly into 0.65-inch candle holders.

These candles are made, designed, and rolled by hand. The hexagonal shapes are carved perfectly unto the candles' plum purplish body. These attributes joined with a perfect tapered shape imbues these candles with a high level of craftsmanship.

The candles seem to emit a subtle honey-like aroma mixed with hints of different fruits. The honey-smell resembles more like the honey in its nectar form. Thus, the candles radiate a truly unique and pleasant flavor.

They are dyed to give more depth and shine to the color. They also use purely recyclable packaging to ensure biosafety. It's also equipped with a self-extinguishing feature where the flame automatically slows down and eventually turns off once it reaches the level of the wax.

Like any pure beeswax candles, these candles also emit negative ion to cleanse the air. So, if you're suffering from breathing issues these candles can lend a hand of relief.

Highlighted Features:

  • The candles are made, designed, and rolled by hand.
  • They have hexagonal carvings that stand out from their unique purple texture.
  • Radiates a unique honey-like smell mixed with hints of different fruits.
  • By emitting negative ions, purifies the air and helps with breathing difficulties.
  • Perfect to set the mood for intimate romantic dinners, such as anniversaries. 

10. Lumpy Bumpy Stumpy Beeswax Candle

This 4.8-inch long candle is definitely one of the most uniquely designed products on the list.
It has a width of 2-inches. It's purposefully crafted to resemble an old tree with branches looming down. Thus, it'll surely add a mystic flavor to your décor.

The candle offers a total burning period of 45 hours. However, the recommended burning time in one stretch is a maximum of 3 hours.

Gammy's is a small-scale business, run by a family. Thus, a lot of personal care goes into making every candle. They use the purest quality beeswax for production and pours the solution by hand to ensure that the candles provide a slow burn.

It radiates the natural beeswax smell mixed with a subtle aroma of honey. Since it's a pillar candle that doesn't come with any container, you should use a metal plate with heat resistance for placing it to ensure safety.

The manufacturer recommends trimming the wick by 0.25-inches to get a proper flame height and a consistent clean burning.

It doesn't have an integrated self-extinguishing feature. So, we recommend using metal forceps with a rubber top to dip the wick into the melted area for turning off the flame.

The trick is to dip the burning wick while keeping the middle part apart from the wax which will create an oval shape. This way you can easily relight the candle when necessary.

Highlighted Features:

  • The candle is hand-poured to provide a slow-burning feature.
  • It has a truly interesting shape that can provide a mystical vibe to any décor.
  • It provides a total burning period of 45 hours.
  • Since it's made by a family, a lot of personal care goes into the production.
  • You need to trim the wick by 0.25-inches to get a proper flame height.

Beeswax Candles Buying Guides

Beeswax Candles Buying Guides

Quality Of The Beeswax

You should look for a purely natural beeswax that comes from a high-quality source. For example, beeswax harvested from a firm that doesn't use any chemical process, traps, and abusive tactics to extract the wax.

Also, ensure the essential oils used to harden the wax are from natural and rare sources. This will provide you a more sophisticated bouquet of scents.

Production Of The Wick

Choose wicks that have a pure cotton core. It's better to choose a candle that is weaved in a braided style.

You can choose from a variety of braided styles, like spiral, circle, square, etc.
Also, ensure they are placed perfectly in the center through a craftily placed glue.

The length ratio of the wax should be compatible with the wick. Thus, you'll get a perfect flame height, no wastage of wax, and less dripping and soot production. 

Self-extinguishing Features

It's important to choose beeswax candles that have the most important safety feature when it comes to flame/fire producing products. And that feature is a self-extinguishing mechanism.

A popular use of beeswax candles is in the bedroom. Because it creates a soothing ambiance that helps you to fall asleep. Therefore, without a self-extinguish feature, you may run into a potential fire hazard without even knowing it.

Manufacturers use different methods to achieve this feature, such as the material and architecture of the container, using an integrated self-extinguisher clip, etc.

Design Of The Wax, Casing, And Wick Holder

Often a big motivation behind buying beeswax candles is their aesthetic value.

a) Pillar Candles: So, in terms of pillar candles, it's important to choose candles that have exquisitely engraved wax surfaces.

Some pillar candles are molded in unique shapes such as a spiral or a tapered shape. Some have detailed engraving on their wax surfaces, which takes an enormous level of skill to pull off and beautifies them on a high artistic level.

b) Container Candles: If you are planning to purchase container candles then a unique casing and an extraordinary wick holder is what you need to look for.

So, we recommend purchasing uniquely designed jars, made from high-quality raw substances (e.g. glass, metal, etc. that have high heat tolerance). It's better to not use plastic containers as they can become deformed or may catch fire on certain occasions.

The wick holder's design can be minimal yet not dull, or exquisite that emits a sense of artistic grandeur. It depends on your taste and the occasion you plan to use the candle on. 

Burning Period

This is an important yet somewhat nuanced issue. You can go for candles with lengthy burning periods, ranging from 30 to 80 hours.
However, if you love other aspects of the candle, such as the design and overall outlook, choosing one with a 3 to 5 hour burning period is perfectly fine. If you are buying in pairs, the burning times tend to be shorter as well.
Thus, there's no definitive answer. It depends on multiple factors, such as your intention of use, personal preference over different aspects, etc. 

Sophistication Of Scent

Some of you may love the pure natural aroma of beeswax. In that case, choose an unscented candle.
But, maybe, you prefer a bouquet of scents.

That means, preferring candles that release a creative and subtle interplay between different yet synonymous aromas. In this case, you should go for candles that are scented using modern technologies and premium essential oils. 

Health Value

A well-known fact about beeswax candles that's supported by multiple studies is its air purification ability.

It can disarm harmful air pollutants like dust, mold, mildew, debris, and various allergens. Thus, if you have polluted air-related issues, such as dust allergy, breathing problems, coughing, contaminated lung, seasonal allergy caused by pollen, etc. buying these candles can help out a lot.
So, purchase candles that have this purification feature at a high level. 


Beeswax candles are by definition biosafe. Their production doesn't include chemicals that contaminate the atmosphere when emitted, such as petroleum-based paraffin and other artificial preservatives.
However, we still recommend checking the product details or ask the seller for certainty. 

Smoke, Dripping, And Soot Formation

Generally, most of us prefer smokeless candles. Though some also like hints of smoke to set up a particular vibe.

However, if you purchase a candle that releases a lot of smoke, it can become a disturbing feature.

Also, over dripping candles will create a mess and soot formation can create problems regarding cleanliness, your health, preservation of the atmosphere.

So, ensure that your candle or candles have smokeless, dripless, and soot elimination features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Are Beeswax Candles Different From Regular Wax Candles?

Answer: Beeswax candles are not produced with artificial chemicals like petroleum-based paraffin and conservatives. They are made from natural beeswax collected directly from a beehive. 

Unlike regular wax candles, which use chemical fragrant agents, beeswax candles use natural essential oils for hardening and creating aromas.

Thus, they are far healthier for you and preserve nature better. 

2. What Are The Main Benefits Of Buying Beeswax Candles?

Answer: They are not harmful to your health or the atmosphere around you. They emit a soft and natural sun-like light that's hard to find in other lighting sources.

They can deliver both a purely unique beeswax scent and a bouquet of aroma that helps to set a certain mood for different occasions.

They provide a higher safety rate than regular candles and offer far extended burning times.

3. Can Beeswax Candles Provide Real Health Benefits?

Answer: Yes. The best beeswax candles in the market can genuinely help to improve your health.
They neutralize airborne pollutants, such as dust, allergens (e. g. Pollen), cigarette smoke, etc. This way it can help you with dust or seasonal allergies as well as asthma and other breathing issues.

Its scent can significantly reduce stress and therefore reduces stress hormones like cortisol. It can also help people with insomnia as its fragrance is known to induce a tranquil, sleep-friendly state.

4. How Are Beeswax Candles Produced?


First, wax is collected from a beehive.

Then, the liquid wax is heated and churned (some manufacturers use more advanced techniques) to turn the wax into a thick lump.

Then, essential oils are mixed to the solution for fragrance and further solidifying.
Finally, the wax is allowed time to retain its final solid form.

If it's a pillar candle, this process requires the involvement of more steps. But, for a container candle, the wax is usually filled according to the shape of the casing. After that, the wick is carefully placed in the center.

However, this is a basic description. Most beeswax candle production requires a highly sophisticated manufacturing process. 

5. Should I Choose A Scented Or Unscented Candle?

Answer: This is purely a matter of personal preference. If you prefer the natural smell of beeswax, choosing unscented candles is the way to go.

On the other hand, for lovers of a sophisticated bouquet of aroma, there are many beeswax candles for sale out there. 

However, for scented candles, make sure that you like the combination beforehand to avoid post-purchase regret. 

6. Is It Safe To Use These Candles While I'm Sleeping Or Taking A Bath?

Answer: Yes, but there are some conditions to be followed. You need to make sure the candle is equipped with some sort of self-extinguisher. This can be a specially designed container, an integrated clip, using a lantern or chandelier, etc. 

Also, buy candles that are produced from quality waxes and shaped with care, so that they melt evenly in a precise manner and auto extinguishes after the burning stretch is over.

Final Word

At this point, there's no need to preach why searching for and purchasing the best beeswax candles from the market is a damn good idea.

However, that idea being good depends highly upon how much information, advice, and tactics you've been able to absorb from this guide.

Because if you have, your chances of making a purchase that's not personally perfect for you are slim to none. 

So, go over what we presented here again if you need to. And hopefully, you'll be able to buy beeswax candles that'll be cherished and loved till they burn out.

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