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Best Fine Mesh Strainer- Top 12 Picks For 2022

When it comes to cooking and kitchen, a mesh strainer is as indispensable as a stove.

Whether you want to make yourself a nice cup of tea at the end of the day, serve your guests with delicious cocktails, or cook pasta for a big family dinner, you will find yourself reaching for this tool over and again.

However, due to a lack of proper knowledge about the nuances of this ingenious kitchen tool, many of us get tricked into buying a low-quality product, believing it’s the best mesh strainer in the market.

To save you from making such regrettable purchases, we’ve created this short and sweet guide. It delivers all the necessary facts directly and without fluff, making you an expert buyer of mesh strainers in no time.

So, let’s begin!



Editor's Rating


Cuisinart, Silver Mesh Strainers (Set of 3) CTG-00-3MS

5 out of 5

Bellemain, Fine Mesh Strainers TRTAZ11A (Set of 3)

5 out of 5

IPOW, Fine Mesh Strainer (Set of 3)

4.5 out of 5

Yummy Kitchenware, Fine Mesh Strainer for Quinoa

4 out of 5

U.S. Kitchen Supply, Over The Sink Fine Mesh Strainer Basket

4.5 out of 5

Our Top 12 Best Fine Mesh Strainer Reviewed

1. Cuisinart, Silver Mesh Strainers (Set of 3) CTG-00-3MS

This product provides a package that has all the qualities to be the only strainer set you’ll need in your kitchen.

The package contains 3 strainers of different sizes. The first one is 7.875-inch, then comes the middle one that’s measured to be 5.5-inch, and finally, the third one is 3.125-inch to sift loose tea leaves, lemon pulps, melon seeds, etc.

Each strainer is made entirely from high-strength stainless steel.

They use a closed-loop and u-shaped handle that’s long enough to prevent the transfer of heat.  Thus, it saves your hands from burns and blisters. It’s ergonomic design and sturdy build makes it impervious to bending and breaking even when it's carrying heavyweight materials.

The colander is attached to the handle through metal welding, which ensures a firm attachment and enhanced structural strength. It has a thickened frame that is sloped downward for ease of use. It also has a hanging hook at its middle-front point for convenient storage.

The handle and the hook’s endpoint (the part that connects to the colander) is slightly curved. This further increases the strength of attachment and makes each strainer highly durable.

The dishwasher safe strainers have a modern, minimal look and perform superiorly at sifting any wet or dry element. The stainless steel mesh has an intricately precise pattern, which can block the smallest food elements like quinoa, dried tea leaves, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product contains 3 different sized strainers to serve multiple purposes.
  • For blocking the transfer of heat, the handle’s length is increased.
  • A hook is installed to balance the strainer anywhere and for easy storage.
  • The handle and hook endpoints are curved for increased attachment strength.
  • The thickened colander frame is sloped downward for ease of use.

2. Bellemain, Super Fine Mesh Strainers TRTAZ11A (Set of 3)

If you’re the type of person who wants to eat their cake and have it too, this is the product you’re looking for.

The package provides you a set of 3 kitchen strainers that have all the necessary features without sacrificing quality in any area.

The biggest one has a dimension of (15.2 X 7.5 X 3)-inches and is a perfect tool to strain large quantities of pasta or spaghetti. The middle one offers a medium size dimension, measuring at (13.4 X 5.5 X 2.2)-inches. It’s precise enough to strain small items like quinoa or for spreading powdered toppings over a cake or doughnut. The smallest one provides a dimension of (8.8 X 3.4 X 1.8)-inches and is used to strain dried tea leaves and churn crushed coffee beans.

The company employs its “NEV-R BREAK” technology, using 18-gauge stainless steel to create the infrastructure. Thus, the strainers offer high impact resistance and protection against rust, corrosion, and scratches. Due to the structural strength, they won’t bend or break easily.

The colander has a polished and thickened frame. It’s connected to the mesh using a tight metal seal. Thus, bits of food won’t get stuck around its edges. The manufacturer used a dual-rivet attachment to connect the colander with the handle.

Each strainer has a u-shaped handle with a large rubber padding. This not only blocks the transfer of heat to save your hand from burns but also provides a comfortable user experience. The u-shaped handle’s rear end can be used as a hanging hook as well.

The stainless steel mesh has a massive temperature tolerance up to a 100-degree Celsius. The mesh is woven in a twill-weave design, which makes them extremely strong without increasing their weight.

Highlighted Features:

  • Each of the 3 strainers serves a different purpose due to their different sizes.
  • Rubber padding is added to the handle for offering protection against heat.
  • The handle connects to the colander using dual rivets for a strong attachment.
  • Each strainer provides a temperature tolerance up to a 100-degree Celsius.
  • The strainers are made from 18-gauge steel, using “NEV-R BREAK” technology.

3. IPOW, Very Fine Mesh Strainer (Set of 3) IP01115

IPOW uses corrosion-resistant stainless steel along with a dual-rod build to design a product with solid infrastructure leading to increased durability.

Each strainer is made from premium-grade raw materials.

The product offers a flexible dimension range. That means you can strain big portions of food with the 7-inch wide strainer, or use the 5.12-inch wide one to rinse quinoa and rise. For extremely precise straining of tiny elements like dried green tea or matcha leaves, you’ll also have access to a 2.75-inch wide and 1.25-inch deep strainer.

The strainers use close-loop handles, curved in a U shape. Each handle is thickened and elongated to slow down the transfer of heat (from the colander). Thus, you can safely strain hot rice or spaghetti without burning your hands and from a safe distance.

It has a curved endpoint welded into the colander’s edge for a secure attachment. This feature added with the thick body and increased length, allows the handle to prevent getting bent or broken due to heavy load.

Each colander has an extended, thick edge, offering you multiple carrying options. You can carry the strainer laterally using only the edge or perpendicularly using the handle.

It’s also equipped with a hanging hook that provides easy storage and in conjunction with the handle allows you to balance the strainer anywhere (e.g. on the sink). The internal steel ring at its top edge lets you put bowls and pans over it in a balanced manner.

Mesh nets are woven in a concave position, hanging from the rim/internal edge of the colander, which provides maximized use of space. They are designed in a crisscross square pattern with each gap measuring at a 0.6-millimeter diameter. Thus, you can expect ultra-fine filtration from these strainers. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The strainers use stainless steel and a dual-rod build for infrastructural strength.
  • Woven in a concave position, the mesh nets provide maximized use of space.
  • Made with 0.6-millimeter diameter gaps, each mesh net offers perfect filtration.
  • The colander’s steel ring lets you put bowls/pans over it in a balanced manner.
  • A wide dimension range lets you pick the perfect sized strainer for a certain task.

4. Yummy Kitchenware, Fine Mesh Strainer for Quinoa 647358391970

Despite being super lightweight (0.8-ounces), this strainer by Yummy Kitchenware boasts a sturdy build, complemented with all the essential features.

The product is designed with a 9-inch wide colander with a 4-inch depth.

The colander has a thickened and polished edge, which is sloped downward for easy pouring. It is equipped with a ring, which is tightly sealed underneath its frame. This feature prevents any block of food getting stuck between the net and the sealer ring, making cleaning the strainer as easy as breathing.

The product uses precisely weaved, extra fine mesh in dual layers to offer you a perfect filtration. Thus, you can strain or rinse the smallest food bits like quinoa or peas without worry.

The strainer uses anti-rust rivets to attach both the handle and the hanging hook (which also multi-functions as a holder) for enhanced structural strength. It has one of the widest hanger hooks in the market.

The handle is sloped inward with a smaller storage hook curved at its top end. So, the strainer offers you a dual-way hanging system. It uses the large hanger hook and the long handle to provide superior balance.

Championed as one of the finest mesh strainer models in the market, it offers protection against corrosion, rust, and scratches due to an all stainless steel build. The riveted attachments on both ends of the colander ensure that neither the hook nor the handle will break or bend due to excessive loads.

Users have found great success by using the strainer for all types of filtration tasks, such as draining cheese and yogurt, washing vegetable greens, etc. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The dishwasher safe strainer offers a wide hanger hook, secured by rivets.
  • The handle is sloped to manage heavy impacts without breaking or bending.
  • An all stainless steel build offers protection against corrosion and scratches.
  • A dual-layered, extra fine mesh net is precisely weaved to offer perfect filtration.
  • It’s made with 2 hooking options and uses rivets for all attachment points.

5. U.S. Kitchen Supply, Over The Sink Fine Mesh Strainer Basket SS-B175

The SS-B175 is a unique, basket style mesh strainer with dual adjustable handles. It is constructed from high-strength stainless steel.

The colander has multiple uses. Due to the innovative design of the handle and stable base, you can balance it over as well as inside the sink or simply use it as a show-basket for fresh fruits and vegetables. The colander is 9-inch wide and 4-inch deep. Its length excluding the handle is 13-inch and it provides a holding capacity of 5.6-liter.

It has a thickened and wide top-edge with a metal finish. It also features a non-slip base and strategic triple-wire support. The wire structure is bent at the base at four corners, which functions as little feet to provide better support when the strainer is in a sitting position.

The colander is designed with a single layer, rust-resistant mesh net. It’s set in a rectangular-concave position, with precisely weaved tiny gaps to provide you top-quality sieving, sifting, straining, and rinsing.

The handle uses a tube system that allows you to expand and collapse it. The strainer is 21-inches long when the handle is fully expanded and 14-inches long with the handle completely retracted. It’s equipped with a comfortable rubber grip on both sides which blocks the transfer of heat and provides a comfortable user experience.

The dishwasher safe strainer can also be cleaned manually using soap, lukewarm water, and a cleaning brush. Users loved how easily it can disintegrate lumpy liquid and the wide basket area.

Highlighted Features:

  • The wide, rectangular colander is strengthened by external wire support.
  • With a base-foot on each corner, the strainer can provide superior balance.
  • The adjustable handle allows versatile and hands-free use to let you multitask.
  • The strainer can also be used as a show-basket for fresh fruits and veggies.
  • The handle is rubber padded on both ends to increase user comfort.

6. U.S. Kitchen Supply, Mesh Net Strainer Basket SS-B340

Designed in a traditional pot style, the SS-B340 always comes up whenever there’s a discussiom about which model is the best fine mesh strainer in the market.

The basket is 8.25-inches wide and 4.75-inch deep, which provides you a large area to work with. The depth lets you pile big amounts of food with comfort. The colander has a thickened and mirror polished edge. It can easily hold up to 2.8-liters of weight.

It’s further supported by a wire structure at the base. The structure equips the basket with 3 balance-feet, making the base anti-slip and easy to settle down anywhere you want. Made entirely from industrial-grade stainless steel, the colander also has a sealer installed at its top to prevent small chunks of food getting stuck between the internal rim and the mesh.

The mesh net is produced from a stainless steel sheet. Thus, it protects against corrosion and rust. It’s laid out in a single layer, using a concave position.

This product uses two pot style, large holders on both sides.  The holders are parallel to each other, wide enough to move around the strainer comfortably, similar in size, and thickened to slow down the transfer of high temperature.

The innovative handle design allows you variety and ease of use. You can use the product to strain cooked pasta, wash raw vegetables, etc. You can also place it on a cooking pot to steam vegetables or deep fry various food items.

Due to the simple yet effective architecture, the dishwasher safe strainer can also be quickly cleaned by hand.

Highlighted Features:

  • The double holders function both as handles and hanging hooks.
  • 3 base-feet equipped basket is easy to balance on slippery and uneven surfaces.
  • High width and depth of the basket let you process large piles of foods easily.
  • Made from a thinned metal sheet, the mesh net is anti-rust and heat tolerant.
  • Due to a unique shape, you can easily use the strainer over standard sized pots.

7. Culina, Nylon Mesh Strainer (set of 3) SYNCHKG041691

Culina takes a brave approach by rejecting the standard stainless steel construction and choosing nylon to create a more flexible yet equally strong strainer.

This decision drastically takes down the weight of each strainer, averaging them at only 0.352-Ounces. The small mesh strainer has a 4-inch diameter. You can use it for usual daily tasks that require perfect filtration, such as straining green tea leaves, filtering crushed cocoa beans, etc.

The middle one has a 5.5-inch diameter and the largest one has a 7-inch diameter. The 7-inch strainer also has a depth of 9.45-inches, which will allow you to process large portions of food components. Thus, the product provides you a wholesome arrangement of strainers to fulfill every possible filtration task needed in a home kitchen.   

The mesh net is also constructed with nylon to provide you an odorless usage. Since each net is made using a non-reactive blend of nylon, it won’t retain the flavor of a previously processed food element. So, you’ll have fresh filtration for every use.

Each colander has a thickened, reinforced edge for increased structural integrity. They are also equipped with two hanging hooks at the opposite edge of the handle. Unlike the usual close looped hanger hooks, these remain open-ended with an extended body. Thus, it’s able to provide a steadier balance.

The handle is connected seamlessly to the colander. Each handle also provides a small, close-loop hanging hole at its rear end, offering you multiple choices in terms of storage.

Highlighted Feature:

  • The strainers are made from nylon to be more flexible than steel strainers.
  • Being made from non-reactive nylon, the mesh net offers an odorless usage.
  • Each strainer has 2 open-ended hooks to provide superior balance and support.
  • Due to a full nylon construction, the strainers are lighter than metal strainers.
  • The 3 strainers feature gradually increasing dimensions to meet all your needs.

8. Winco, Single Fine Mesh Strainer MS3A-8S

The MS3A-8S has managed to provide you all the necessary features using minimalistic design.

It weighs only 1.6-ounces. The colander is 8-inches wide and 3.45-inches deep. So, you can rinse, strain, or sift big piles of fruits, vegetables, cooked pasta, etc. without the worry of an overload.

It’s equipped with two bunny-ear shaped hanging hooks, set opposite the handle. Each hanger hook is approximately 1-inch in length, which allows for a comfortable dimension to facilitate easy hanging.

The bunny hooks have a unique curved design for improved balance and attachment. It starts with a flat line then ends in a u-shaped curve. Thus, they can effectively latch on to walls despite intruding turbulences like rushes of wind or an unintentional push.

The mesh net is produced from an ultra-refined stainless steel sheet. Thus, it won’t rust or corrode in the long run and will be able to tolerate high amounts of heat. It’s laid out in a single layer, set in a concave position. It’s capable of providing perfect filtration as each gap is precisely manufactured to be only 0.041-inches wide.

The handle is a modern take on the standard u-shaped, close loop handle. However, the 6.3-inch long handle breaks the stereotype by ending in a V-shape. It connects to the colander through welding and uses an external steel tube at the attachment point for extra strength. A rectangular block of wood is set inside the handle which provides the comfort of use and blocks heat transfer.

Highlighted Features:

  • The handle uses a wooden grip to stop heat transfer for protecting your hands.
  • Made with 0.041-inch wide gaps, the net offers an errorless filtration system.
  • A steel tube, set at the handle-colander joint, enhances attachment strength.
  • The colander/basket has 2 bunny-ear shaped hook for balance and easy storage.
  • Hanging hooks are ergonomic to provide effective latching on any surface.

9. Yummy Kitchenware, Quinoa Strainer

This is an upgraded version of the previously mentioned 647358391970 model by the same manufacturer. So naturally, it has a lot of similar functionalities. But there are a few separating factors that made us consider this as one of the best mesh strainer models available today.

The 8-ounce strainer has a 7.25-inch long handle, made from stainless steel. It uses a rivet-linked attachment with two screws for connecting to the strainer-basket. The rivets are thickened for durability and offer protection against rust and corrosion.   

The top half of the handle is significantly thicker. This is a reinforcement technique that allows the handle to manage heavy loads without breaking or getting bent. It has a smooth rubber padding to save your hands from burns caused by heat transfer. At its top end, Yummy Kitchenware also provides a small hanger hook.

The basket has a wide diameter of 9-inches. It has a depth of 4.5-inches. It’s also equipped with an extended and reinforced edge, which is mirror polished to give the strainer an attractive look. It has a tightly installed internal sealer at its top, which works to prevent food from getting stuck between the mesh net and the rim. As a result, cleaning the strainer becomes a lot easier.

Disregarding the typical tiny hanging hooks, this strainer uses a broad and rivet supported hanger hook (set opposite to the handle). It also functions as a secondary handle.

The product uses a double-layered mesh net to offer you the most precise rinsing, sifting, sieving, and straining experience. The mesh net is accurate enough to only allow the passing of pure liquid while saving the smallest food bits like quinoa or peas.

Highlighted Features:

  • The rivets are thickened for durability and provide protection from rust.
  • With a flexible rubber grip, the handle is safer and comfortable to use.
  • The 9-inch wide colander allows easy processing of large piles of ingredients.
  • The wide hook functions as a secondary handle to offer balance & ease of use.
  • A tight internal sealer blocks food getting stuck between the mesh net and rim.

10. Helen’s Asian Kitchen, Spider Strainer 97119

If you thought all strainers look the same with little variations here and there, get ready to have your mind changed.

This 5.6-Ounce strainer shows the spirit of innovation in almost every aspect of its design. Despite being a small mesh strainer, the 97119 provides you ultimate infrastructural strength through an all-stainless-steel build.

It has a 7-inch wide colander. So, you can use it on large-sized pans pots and with ease. The top-edge is reinforced through thickening. It’s further supported by 2 circular wire structures, one in the middle and one at the base.

The mesh net is designed in a shallow-style, using a unique spider-web pattern. Thus, it’s able to lessen splash, which allows a clean operation and can save you from injuries while dealing with hot materials. The net gets divided into individually rolled wire strains, which attaches to the rim through an overlapping bind for reinforcement.

The handle’s top part is equipped with a hollow metal tube and a rubberized grip. The tube blocks the transmission of heat. The grip is comprised of 5 elevated lines. It offers added protection and comfort. This part is designed with a shade that’s neither dull nor too glossy and has a round hanging hole with a thickened edge at the top end.

The lower part of the handle strategically bends just before attaching to the colander. This enhances the handle’s ability to manage heavy impacts. It’s also stain and corrosion-resistant.

However, the strainer does react with the ingredients to provide a slight metallic taste to them. This is a great feature for those who are fond of Japanese and Chinese style cooking.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for Japanese & Chinese style cuisine, it adds a slightly metallic taste.
  • The strainer soaks up extra juice and oil to help cooking deep-fried food items.
  • Using an odor-removal feature, it offers non-contaminated filtration.
  • The mesh net is designed using a unique spider-web style hexagonal pattern.
  • The handle is equipped with a variety of user-friendly features.

11. Homestia, Silver Fine Mesh Cocktail Strainer 8541911355

If you are looking for a strainer that’ll take your mixing game to a whole new level, the 8541911355 cocktail strainer is the perfect product.

The product weighs only 0.32-Ounces. It’s made from 304-grade stainless steel, which contains 8-percent nickel and 18-percent chromium to provide a durable strainer.

The colander is 3.3-inches wide and 1.5-inches deep. It’s designed in a cone shape but with a little twist. The cone-shaped slope progresses about 1.45-inch deep into the colander and ends with a leveled circular ground instead of a typical sharp tip.

It has a round and reinforced multilayered edge, which is sloped inward for easily pouring chunky drinks. It’s perfectly designed to sift crushed ice and get a smooth, cold drink on a moment’s notice.

It’s also equipped with a sufficiently wide hanging hook, which is thickened to increase the overall strength of the tool.  The hook lets you store the strainer onto any hooking point conveniently and works as a balancing assistant for the handle. Thus, you can set it to self-sift a particular drink and focus on other chores.

The handle embodies a close-loop, u-shaped design. It’s thickened for reinforcement purposes and bent downwards towards the attachment point to achieve more load-bearing capacity.

The dishwasher compatible strainer is protected against corrosion, rust, bending, and breaking due to a full stainless steel build and ergonomic choices throughout the design.

Users have reported a high level of satisfaction in using the strainer for transferring pulpy, seedy, and chunky drinks into a smooth cocktail through a smooth process of sifting.

Highlighted Features:

  • The strainer is made entirely from 304-grade stainless steel.
  • Being both sturdy and flexible, the mesh net can sift pulpy or seedy drinks easily.
  • Perfect choice to do quick yet perfect sifting required in a professional bar.
  • Despite being lightweight, it’s able to manage heavy loads without getting bent.
  • The leveled circular base is specially manufactured to sift and drain cocktails.

12. Juvale, Strainer Basket 8541963277

Juvale takes an extremely simplified designing approach with this product while keeping the focus strictly on creating a durable and functioning strainer.

The 6.4-ounce strainer offers a 10.3-inch wide and 4-inch deep basket. It has a thickened frame. It’s also equipped with an internal and extended border, placed a bit down from the frame.

The base of the basket is also reinforced through thickening the surface and elevated downwards. This makes the strainer slip-resistant and allows it to provide a powerful balance to the entire structure.

The basket uses a triple cross-wiring for improved structural strength. The wiring structure is placed through 6 drilled holes and ergonomically bends near every hole (both at the frame and the base). It uses a bend-and-lock system to finally tie up at the frame, providing a foolproof support system needed to produce a truly lasting product. It also allows the strainer to retain its shape through daily rough use and heavy impacts.

The mesh net is produced from punched metal (a micro-perforated stainless steel sheet). Thus, the precisely woven net can provide errorless filtration for a variety of ingredients. It doesn’t matter how small the ingredients are, as the strainer’s design only allows pure liquid to pass through.

The strainer is built to resist quality degrading issues like rust, corrosion, and discoloration. The huge dimension of the strainer makes it a perfect choice to drain big portions of cooked pasta for a party or rinse a large pile of rice for a family dinner.

Highlighted Features:

  • The strainer uses a triple cross-wiring for improved structural strength.
  • The mesh net is produced from punched metal to provide error-free filtration.
  • It’s equipped with features to resist quality degrading issues like discoloration.
  • The strainer’s large dimension allows it to easily manage huge portions of food.
  • The slip-resistant base provides superior balance to the entire structure.



Hanger Hook

Mesh layer

Cuisinart, CTG-00-3MS

Set of 3



Bellemain, TRTAZ11A

Set of 3



IPOW, IP01115

Set of 3



Yummy Kitchenware, 647358391970

Single Piece



U.S. Kitchen Supply, SS-B175

Single Piece



U.S. Kitchen Supply, SS-B340

Single Piece



Culina, SYNCHKG041691

Set of 3



Winco, MS3A-8S

Single Piece



Yummy Kitchenware, Quinoa Strainer

Single Piece



Helen’s Asian Kitchen, 97119

Single Piece



Homestia, 8541911355

Single Piece



Juvale, 8541963277

Single Piece



Mesh Strainer Buying Guide

1. Blocking Heat Transfer

If you are straining hot foods using a metal strainer, there’s a good chance that the heat will travel through the handle, leading to serious injuries like getting your hands burnt or blistered.

Thus, there are a few factors in terms of the handle you should look into, for your wellbeing:

A. Buy A Long Handle: If you increase the length of a handle, the heat takes more time to travel through it and fails to reach the top end.

B. Look For A Non-Conductive Grip: Look for a handle with a non-conductive grip. For example, the Winco, MS3A-8S uses a woodblock as a grip. Or, Helen’s Asian Kitchen, 97012 uses a handle manufactured entirely out of bamboo stocks.

C. Kill Two Birds With One Stone: The most popular choice, however, is a rubber gripped handle. Because apart from blocking the transmission of heat, it also provides more comfort than a wooden or bamboo grip.

D. Purchase A Handle With A Hollow Tube: Another efficient way to prevent transmission of high temperature is through using a hollow tube at the upper-half part of the handle.

2. Multiple Storage And Usage Options

We recommend purchasing a mesh strainer that is designed with multiple storage options and can serve a variety of purposes.

A. Multiple Storage: To buy a strainer with multiple storage options, look for hooks on both ends. For example, the Nylon Mesh Strainer by Culina provides two hanging hooks attached to the colander and an extra hook at the top end of the handle.

B. Multiple Usage: To buy a strainer with multiple usage options, look for mesh strainers with wide hanging hooks that can function as a holder or secondary handle.

You can also opt for a strainer with an adjustable handle and resting feet. This way, you can collapse the handle and use the strainer as a show-basket, decorated with fresh fruits and veggies.

3. Hands-Free Use

If you want to buy a strainer equipped with hands-free use, generally speaking, you’ll find two options on the market-

A. Adjustable Handle: A strainer with adjustable handles (e.g. the SS-B175 by U.S. Kitchen Supply) allows you to expand the handles on both sides. So, you can use this feature to balance the strainer over a pot or sink.

Thus, your hands will remain free to accomplish other tasks while the strainer performs the designated task by itself.

B. Combination Of Hanger Hooks And Handle: Or, you may choose to buy a strainer that provides multiple hanging hooks and a long handle that are designed to multitask as a support system. So, you can use these features to balance the strainer over a pot or sink and focus on other tasks.

4. Precision Engineered Mesh Net

To achieve proper filtration, you must purchase a strainer that’s equipped with a precisely engineered mesh net. To determine the quality of a net look for these factors:

  • The net should be double layered to provide a more refined filtration.
  • The net should be produced from a micro-perforated stainless steel sheet. This way, it’ll have strong and small gaps, allowing only pure liquid to pass through.
  • It should have an ergonomic pattern (e.g. twill-weave, spider web, crisscross, etc.) to make cleaning and filtration easier.

5. Colander/Strainer-Basket Features

In terms of choosing the perfect colander/strainer-basket, look for these features:

A. Variety Of Diameters: We recommend purchasing a strainer set which will provide you strainer-baskets with gradually increasing diameters. It’ll let you execute all types of filtration and allow access to a wide range of food amounts to work with.

B. Structural Integrity: Buy a colander with-

  • Reinforced frame,
  • Non-slip base,
  • Full stainless steel build with wire support.

This way, the basket won’t fall prey to corrosion, rust, and discoloration.

Also, ensure that the basket is made from food-grade material.

6. Strength Of Attachment

To ensure that the strainer is properly attached and will remain so, look for:

  • Anti-rust, high-strength rivets at the attachment points.
  • Professional-grade welding and reinforcement at the connection points.
  • Ergonomically bent wire structure and strengthening tubes to ensure a secure and durable attachment.

7. Easy Cleanup

Look for these qualities to buy an easy-to-wash strainer:

  • Compatibility with both dishwasher and manual cleaning.
  • Properly sealed rim to prevent food bits from getting stuck between the net and the rim.
  • A minimal design, which eliminates complex structures and hard-to-reach corners to assist with regular and swift cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Do I Know A Strainer Is Durable?

Answer: Several factors can give you an idea about the strainer’s longevity, such as-

  • A full 304-grade stainless steel build
  • External support provided by a triple-cross wire structure
  • Resistant features to avoid rust, corrosion, discoloration, breaking, and bending
  • Reinforcement at critical points of the structure (e.g. handle-to-frame attachment point, hanging hook-to-frame attachment point, etc.)
  • Review from previous users
  • The reputation of the company

2. Why Would I Need A Strainer?

Answer: You may think a proper strainer is not integral to a smooth cooking experience. However, that idea will change if you start using one.

It can make performing certain culinary tasks very easy and clean. Tasks that otherwise would be difficult to execute without creating a mess in your kitchen area.

3. How Wide Should The Basket Be?

Answer: That entirely depends on your preference. The width, or to be more precise “diameter”, of a basket can range anywhere from 3 to 9-inches.

If you are looking for a strainer to simply drain tea leaves or sift iced drinks, then a 3 to 4-inch diameter basket will be perfect.

On the other hand, if you are planning to drain cooked pasta or noodles for a party, a 7 to 9-inch diameter strainer would get the job done smoothly and quickly.

4. How Do I Process Hot Food Using A Strainer?

Answer: This is a common concern among many users of this product.

However, there’s no reason to get worried. Simply choose a long handle with a non-conductive grip which will prevent the heat from reaching your palm. This will allow you to drain just-cooked pasta or rice with comfort and safety.

5. Should I Purchase A Set Or An individual Strainer?

Answer: That depends on which purpose you’re going to use the strainer for.

If you want to use the tool for a specific purpose only, such as, sifting drinks and draining green tea leaves, then an individual strainer would serve you well.

However, if you want to use the strainer for a variety of kitchen tasks using small to large portions of food, then a strainer set containing strainers with different dimensions would serve you well.

6. Do Strainers Contain Odor?

Answer: They might. Thus, if you want a contamination-free filtration every time, choose a strainer that’s equipped with an auto odor removal feature.

However, some users prefer their strainers to emanate a certain flavor (e.g. The 97119 by Helen’s Asian Kitchen which diffuses a metallic taste for adding authenticity to Chinese and Japanese style cooking.

Final Words

The ability to choose the right mesh strainer can speed up your workflow and make the entire activity of cooking a lot more fun.

There are many types of strainers with different features. We discussed them in this guide.

So, to find the best mesh strainer, all you need is a quick read-through and hopefully you’ll be one step closer to a more pleasant cooking experience. is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.

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