How to Cook Store-Bought Crab Cakes

How to Cook Store-Bought Crab Cakes? [ Easy Guide ]

Crab cakes are a very popular variety of fish cakes. The fact that the two very different factors of texture, namely the crispiness and tenderness, can co-exist together in the tit-bit seems to attract a foodies and whole lot of general people alike.

It’s not unusual to find reports of failure from people who tried to bring about the same texture and flavor in the store-bought crab cakes after returning from dinner at a fancy restaurant.

So we're about to show you how to cook store-bought crab cakes to taste the same as your favorite restaurant, if not better.

The first step is ensuring we have all the right ingredients and utensils before getting started.

Necessary Ingredients and Utensils For Cooking Store-Bought Crab Cakes

  • Convectional oven for baking
  • Pan/skillet for sautéing
  • Heavy-bottomed saucepan or a deep fryer
  • A digital thermometer
  • Extra virgin olive oil or canola oil
  • Parchment papers
  • Store-bought crab cakes of your choice

Depending on your procedure of preparation, you’ll need only a few selected items.

The preferable way to cook the cakes is the one mentioned on the package it came out of. So it’s best to prepare accordingly.

But due to various reasons often your pack of store-bought crab cakes doesn’t come with enough instructions about the method, and we are aware of that. Don’t worry because we got your back.

Here are some of the best ways to get the most out of your favorite delicacies:

How to Cook Store Bought Crab Cakes: Methods That Works

Here, we’ll introduce you to the top methods that you can use for bake store bought crab cakes.

1. Baking

baking crab cakes

Step 1: Preheat the oven to 350° F.

Step 2: Cover the baking tray with parchment papers. Brush it with butter or extra virgin olive oil and place the crab cakes on it.

Step 3: Gently brush the cakes with olive oil as well to enhance the texture when cooked.

Step 4: If your crab cakes are frozen, cook them for 20-25 minutes. But if they are already thawed, don’t let them stay in the oven for more than 12-14 minutes.

Step 5: Now, if you have a convection oven, then reduce the overall in-oven time to 10 minutes for frozen cakes and 7 minutes for thawed ones.

Step 6: Make sure to turn them over once when they are halfway done. If you are not a big fan of spadework or if you are concerned about your calorie intake, then baking is your go-to.

2. Pan Frying

pan frying crab cakes

Step 1: Take a frying pan/skillet and add 2 tbsp of olive oil or canola oil.

Step 2: Set the heat to a low medium flame and wait for the oil to warm up.

Step 3: For frozen crab cakes, cook both sides for 8 minutes each. And for thawed crab cakes, reduce the time to 5 minutes on either side.

Step 4: Sauté the crab cakes carefully without breaking as they might burn by sticking to the bottom of the pan.

Step 5: Prioritize more on cooking each side until they are golden brown and less on the predetermined time limit.

Step 6: Once the cakes are cooked golden brown evenly, plate them on a paper towel to drain and soak the excess oil.

Remember that a completely defrosted crab cake will not take as long as a frozen one to reach our required internal temperature.

3. Deep Frying

deep frying crab cakes

Step 1: Pour about an inch of olive oil into the saucepan or deep-fryer and heat it until it reaches (300-350) °F.

Step 2: Carefully add the crab cakes individually into the hot oil.

Step 3: For frozen cakes, cook them for about 3-4 minutes on either side for a total of not more than 6-7 minutes.  

Step 4: Use an oil strainer to carefully pick up the crab cakes from the deep fryer or pan and place them on a paper towel to drain excess oil.

Step 5: You may need to further press the crab cakes gently with another dry paper towel to remove any extra oil because deep-frying incorporates more amount of oil than any other method.

If your coast is clear off of a diet plan to follow and you are looking for the fastest procedure to get your crab cakes ready, then deep-frying is your savior.

Since most seafood cake producers supply pre-cooked packages of crab cakes, so we recommend you to always heat it to an internal temperature of at least 170° F before consumption. Here are some more efficient tips to ace that crisp and tender combination.

Tips for Best Taste 

  • Use frozen cakes during sautéing or deep frying to retain the shape. But keep in mind that it’s going to take you significantly more effort to cook frozen ones uniformly.
  • You may thaw your crab cakes by refrigerating or by microwaving for a minute.
  • While working with thawed products, remove it from the refrigerator at least 15-20 minutes before setting it in hot oil.
  • If your crab cakes are thick and slightly larger than the regular palm-size, consider using it as a patty for your burger/sandwich.
  • Serve with tomatoes, lettuce, and a variation of sauces, dressings, salts or spices for flavor.

Lastly, you can easily find the answer to whether you should fry your crab cakes frozen or thawed by experimenting as the ingredients and proportions will always vary from brand to brand.

Precautions While Cooking It

  • Wear mittens while operating the oven.
  • Stand clear from the oil during frying and expect vigorous bursts of oil to scatter randomly when you place the crab cakes in it.

Cook up the Perfect Store-Bought Crab Cakes Today!

Cook up the Perfect Store-Bought Crab Cakes

If you are not able to nail the perfect consistency in the first try, then don’t be disheartened. Even if it seems intimidating, cooking the perfect store-bought crab cake requires little effort and technique, so you will be able to master it very easily.

And if you have read through all the instructions of our “how to cook store-bought crab cakes” guide, then it’s time for you to try it out and surprise yourself.

Next time someone says that store-bought crab cakes aren’t as gourmet as the restaurant ones, confidently take on the challenge and whip up your culinary skills to show them how amiss they are. So the only thing that stands between you and delicious crab cakes is a trip to the store and a quickly cook.

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