Best Parchment Paper For Rosin

6 Best Parchment Paper For Rosin Or Baked Goodies in 2022

If you’re wondering what’s so special about rosin, you’re in the right place!

Rosin is a solid form of resin obtained from different species of a pine tree by heating. This sticky substance is used in many applications, like the manufacture of varnishes, printing inks, soaps, and sealing wax.

Apart from its wide applications, many people enjoy consuming rosin dabs due to their deliciousness and aroma. You don’t necessarily need to purchase rosin if you want to try it out, but you can safely make it at home.

It’s done by covering kief or hash with parchment paper and then pressing it using a rosin press or a hair straightener. However, you need to note that only the best parchment paper for rosin will work, or otherwise, it will burn!

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about which parchment paper to pick because we have already made a list for you! Keep reading until you find your desired one.



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Reynolds Kitchens Pop-Up Parchment Paper

5 out of 5

Katbite Heavy Duty Flat Parchment Paper

5 out of 5

SMARTAKE Parchment Paper Baking Sheets

4.5 out of 5

Hiware Parchment Paper Baking Sheets

4 out of 5

Zenlogy Unbleached Parchment Paper Squares

4.5 out of 5

Parchment Paper For Rosin Buying Guide

Parchment Paper For Rosin reviews


The first factor to consider when shopping for the best parchment paper for rosin is its size.

Pre-cut parchment paper sheets come in different sizes, like 4 x 4 inches, 8.5 x 11 inches, and 12 x 16 inches. While smaller sizes let you press small quantities of rosin, larger ones let you press larger quantities.

There are also rolls of parchment paper available that you can cut to your preferred size and use for baking or pressing rosin.


Parchment papers are typically available in different shapes- square, round, and rectangle. When you’re pressing rosin, you’ll be mainly using square-shaped parchment paper as they are easier to fold tight enough to prevent kief or hash from getting into contact with metal plates.

Round-shaped parchment paper isn’t suitable for the job because you can’t fold it easily. If you select either square or rectangular-shaped parchment paper, you’ll be able to use it for rosin as well as for baking in general. Moreover, you can cut the paper to a round shape if you need to line a round baking pan. 


Your chosen parchment paper for dabs shouldn’t give up easily, or otherwise, you’ll have a hard time pressing rosin.

Since the process requires temperatures around 220 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to choose a parchment paper that is capable of withstanding temperatures more than that. Most parchment papers have a temperature rating above 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which should be more than enough for pressing as well as baking.

It is also worth noting that the paper shouldn’t be very thin because it might tear when you fold it for covering the kief. The ideal weight of parchment paper used for the process is 35 pounds. Whichever paper you choose, make sure it is approved by FDA.


If you’re buying parchment paper sheets, you’ll need to determine how many of them you need, not only for pressing rosin but also for general purposes.

These papers come in different quantities starting from 10 sheets to as many as 500 sheets. If you’re frequently pressing rosin, it is recommended you keep more sheets in hand to save yourself from purchasing packs often. The same also applies if you’re baking as well.  

Food Safety

You’re going to be consuming fresh rosin dabs, so choosing food-grade parchment paper is essential. Typically, unbleached parchment paper is used for baking, as it doesn’t contain chemicals and is harmless to health.

parchment paper is used for baking

It is recommended you choose unbleached parchment paper coated with silicone to prevent food from sticking.

Top 6 Parchment Paper For Rosin Reviews in 2022

1. Reynolds Kitchens Pop-Up Parchment Paper

The first parchment paper for BHO in the list is by Reynolds Kitchens. If you’re also into baking, there’s no problem because this paper is suited for both purposes!

Measuring 10.7 x 13.6 inches, the parchment sheets are of the perfect size for pressing kief or hash using rosin plates. Even when you’re baking, you don’t need to cut the sheet, rather line the baking tray with it and then place the dough. The paper won’t curl nor cause food to stick on it and create a mess.

Whether you’re using parchment paper for pressing rosin or baking, you don’t have to worry about dealing with burnt parchment paper. Each of the sheets is capable of withstanding heat up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll find 30 sheets in the box, which should be enough if you aren’t pressing or baking often.

As for the box itself, it has a pop-up design that allows you to quickly pull out a sheet. You’ll appreciate the instant access to parchment sheets, especially if you are in a hurry or have one of your hands covered in dough. The box is recyclable as well, so you can always use it for storing papers instead of throwing the box away!

Not only that, but the sheets are compostable, so you don’t have to worry about them causing environmental pollution.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains 30 parchment paper sheets
  • The sheets are safe to be heated up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Pop-up box allows easy access to sheets
  • Does not cause food to stick on the surface
  • Does not curl when laying on a flat surface

2. Katbite Heavy Duty Flat Parchment Paper

If you’re looking for a larger rosin wax paper that can handle more rosin for pressing as well as food for grilling and baking, you can take a look at the Katbite parchment paper!

These parchment papers measure 12 x 16 inches, which is enough to cover more surface area. These are the largest sizes on this list. If you’re using a rosin press, you’ll also find this size to be helpful because it is long enough to let you make directional folds in order to achieve high yields.

Apart from that, you can lay the parchment paper on your air fryer or oven so that you can easily grill chicken drumsticks or bake cookies without worrying about their texture getting ruined. The sheets are coated with food-grade silicone on both sides to make them resistant to oil and heat.

Speaking of heat, the Katbite parchment paper can withstand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It also won’t tear easily as you’re folding it for covering kief because it weighs 45 gsm.  

If you’re worried about safety, you don’t have to because this parchment paper is unbleached and derived from pure wood pulp. It is also safe for the environment and you can reuse each sheet about three times.

Instead of a pop-up design, the packaging features a flip-top design that allows you to pull out a sheet and then keep it closed to prevent dust from entering. You’ll find as many as 200 sheets inside!

Highlighted Features

  • Includes 200 parchment paper sheets
  • Flip-top packaging design for easy access and storage
  • Does not tear easily
  • Large size covers more surface area
  • Can also be used in the air-fryer

3. SMARTAKE Parchment Paper Baking Sheets

Another parchment paper measuring the same size as the previous one is the SMARTAKE parchment paper.

These rosin press paper sheets also measure 12 x 16 inches, which makes them ideal for directional folding as well as baking in large oven trays. Whenever you place a sheet on a flat surface, you can rest assured it won’t curl and ruin the dough. Not only that, but also it prevents food from sticking, so you can easily pick cookies once they are baked!

The parchment paper sheets are capable of withstanding high temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This is something you should look for in the best parchment paper for rosin, whether you’re using a rosin press or a hair straightener.

It is unbleached as well, so you can safely consume rosin or baked goodies.

Inside the thin rectangular box, you’ll find as many as 200 neatly-cut parchment paper sheets. These sheets will last longer, so you don’t have to worry about them running out after a few uses. Moreover, you can reuse them if they remain in good condition after first use.

Although the box is thin, it is sturdy enough to withstand tears from opening and closing. You can easily pull out a sheet when you need it and then place the box inside the drawer.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains 200 parchment paper sheets
  • Prevents sticking of food
  • You can reuse the sheets as long as they are in good condition
  • The rosin press parchment paper sheets are easy to fold and cut
  • Sturdy packaging

4. Hiware 12" x 16" Parchment Paper Sheets

A versatile parchment paper, like this one by Hiware, is what you need for carrying out most tasks.

With these 12 x 16-inch parchment sheets, you can press rosin, grill meat in the air-fryer, bake a cake in the oven, and even steam vegetables! Each sheet prevents food from sticking for easy cleanup and also resists water. They are safe to be used for consuming rosin as they don’t contain harmful chemicals.

If you’re looking for a strong rosin parchment paper, you can consider this as the one because it weighs 45 gsm. You can easily lift food or fold the paper for covering kief without worrying about it tearing apart.

The parchment paper won’t even get burned while you’re putting it in the rosin press because it can withstand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Regardless of the high temperature, the sheets won’t curl, which makes any task easier.

The parchment paper sheets come packed neatly in a thin envelope box so that you can easily pull out and store a paper. You’ll get 200 sheets that will last a while.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains 200 parchment paper sheets
  • Can be used for pressing rosin, baking, steaming, and air-frying
  • Does not cause food to stick on the surface
  • The sheets are waterproof
  • Resists curling when exposed to high temperatures

5. Zenlogy 4x4 Square Unbleached Parchment Paper for Rosin

If you think a small-sized parchment paper will do for pressing small amounts of rosin you can take a look at the Zenlogy parchment paper squares.

These square-shaped parchment paper sheets measure only 4 x 4 inches, which is suitable for placing a small amount of rosin. Because of the small size, you can save the time and hassle of having to cut large sheets of paper.

Apart from pressing rosin, you can bake cookies or pastries by placing them on individual sheets. This allows you to save the extra paper when baking in small quantities. You don’t have to worry about safety because all the sheets are unbleached. They are also grease-proof as both sides are coated with silicone.

If you need to freeze something or want to do diamond painting, there won’t be any problem with using these sheets.

What’s more, the parchment paper sheets come in a nice storage box from where you can pull out a sheet easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Prevents food from sticking
  • Can be used for various purposes
  • The parchment paper sheets are unbleached
  • Small size reduces waste of parchment paper
  • Convenient storage box lets you pull out a sheet easily

6. Dulytek Pre-Cut Parchment Paper

A parchment paper for high heat is a must-have when it comes to pressing rosin. Luckily, the Dulytek parchment paper meets the requirements.

These parchment paper sheets measure 10 x 7 inches, which is long enough to let you cover kief or hash easily. If you don’t need too many sheets, you can go for this one because the pack contains only 50 sheets. However, if needed, you can reuse each sheet about four times to prevent waste.

Both sides of the sheets are coated with silicone, which means when you’re going to collect rosin extract, it will come off easily. The same applies when it comes to baking goods, so you don’t need to look for separate parchment sheets. Besides pressing rosin or baking, you can also use them for wrapping, freezing, and steaming food.

Like most parchment paper sheets on this list, the Dulytek parchment paper also withstands heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you won’t have trouble using it for pressing rosin. The sheets won’t even tear as you lift or fold them.

Lastly, they don’t have any negative impact on the environment because they are compostable.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains 50 parchment paper sheets
  • Withstands high temperatures
  • Prevents food from sticking
  • Does not tear easily
  • Safe for the environment

Comparison Table of Parchment Paper For Rosin


Size (inches)

Number Of Sheets

Temperature Rating


10.7 x 13.6


Up to 425°F


12 x 16


-68 to 450°F


12 x 16


Up to 450°F


12 x 16


Up to 450°F


4 x 4




10 x 7


Up to 425°F - 450°F

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do You Need Parchment Paper To Make Rosin?

Rosin is typically pressed at temperatures within 220 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to contain the rosin in its fresh state, parchment paper is used because it can withstand even higher temperatures above 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of paper is also non-sticky, so it won’t be difficult to collect the rosin from its surface.

2. How Do You Store Rosin Properly?

Once you’ve made solventless rosin, it is essential that you store it properly in order to prevent chemical reactions caused by the container’s material, heat, light, and air.

You should use an air-tight container, specifically a glass jar with an air-tight lid, and store it in a dark, cool, and dry place. Glass doesn’t react with rosin and it will keep the substance fresh for several weeks.  

3. How Do You Press Kief Into Rosin With A Hair Straightener?

Using a hair straightener is an affordable way of pressing kief into rosin. If you want to make one at home, follow these steps.

  • Cut parchment paper to a fine square size and pour kief onto it. You can press up to four grams at a time using a hair straightener.
  • Fold the parchment paper tightly around the kief to form a square. You can use tape if the fold comes loose. Cut off any excess parchment paper using a pair of scissors. Make sure that you fully cover the kief with paper.
  • Take another piece of parchment paper and use it to wrap the square. You can fold it once.
  • Plug in your hair straightener and adjust it to the lowest setting. Let it heat for about a couple of minutes.
  • Once it is heated, use one hand to hold the hair straightener and the other to hold the square parchment paper. Clamp the paper with the hot iron and keep it pressed for 10 seconds. Make sure not to burn your hands. If the exterior of the straightener gets hot, you can wear oven mitts.
  • Remove the paper from the straightener and unfold it. You’ll find that the edges of the inside parchment paper are filled with hash oil. If there’s any remaining kief, fold the paper with a new one and heat again.

4. Can You Reuse Parchment Paper For Rosin?

It is possible to reuse parchment paper for rosin as long as it isn’t wrinkled. If you use wrinkled paper, there’ll be a high chance of it tearing.

5. Is Parchment Paper Toxic?

Parchment paper is available as bleached or unbleached. Bleached parchment paper contains dioxin, a highly toxic compound known to cause several health issues, whereas unbleached parchment paper is non-toxic.

6. How Do I Make My Rosin Less Sticky?

In order to prevent rosin from getting stickier, you need to set the temperature of the heating plates below 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower temperatures will cause the rosin to have a lighter appearance while letting it release more terpenes for flavor.

Final Word

Regardless of what you use for pressing rosin, you need to ensure that the parchment paper doesn’t give up easily. It is a crucial item for the rosin-making process because it holds the freshly squeezed rosin into place.

You’ll find different brands of parchment paper, but it would be challenging to find the best parchment paper for rosin. Keeping that in mind, we’ve done our research on parchment papers and then selected the ones that are ideal for the job.

Neither of the above parchment papers will disappoint you as long as you choose the one that meets your requirements. If you’ve already found the right parchment paper here, we hope you enjoy making rosin!

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