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Top 7 Best Truffle Shaver / Slicer in 2022

Did you know truffles help kill cancer cells? These special fungi, found in calcareous soils throughout Europe, are packed with health benefits.

Well, if you’ve decided to invest in truffles, or if you’re a professional chef and your customers love truffle delicacies, it’d be a great move to secure the best truffle shaver.

This gadget makes the task of cutting truffles easy and quick and renders it possible to cut uniform slices with the thickness you want.

There are numerous truffle slicers on the market, but they’re not made equal. Some are great, but others are crap.

The review below is meant to help you avoid the crap and get a suitable truffle grater. What’s amazing about the units below is that they can be used for slicing not only truffles but numerous other foods including veggies, chocolates, tomatoes, and more.

Let’s jump in.



Editor's Rating


Truffle Slicer & Chocolate Shaver With Bag And E-Book

5 out of 5

TruffleHunter Professional Truffle Shaver

5 out of 5

Eppicotispai Stainless Steel Truffle Slicer

4.5 out of 5

Scandicrafts Chocolate Truffle Shaver

4 out of 5

Urbani Professional Truffle Slicer

4.5 out of 5

Our Top 7 Best Truffle Slicer and Shaver Picks

1. Truffle Slicer & Chocolate Shaver

Truffle Slicer & Chocolate Shaver

Truffle Slicer is a relatively new product in the market, having been created in 2016. Two friends, Rob and Vara, had been using knives to slice truffles for their meals. Realizing how clumsy it was to use a knife, they set out to create an easy-to-use tool that would do the job more efficiently. And that’s how Truffle as a brand was born.

One of its products is the Truffle Slicer & Chocolate Shaver. Obviously, a top choice in the market, the product is well rounded and it comes with great ergonomics.

If you’re looking for a unit that is easy to use, this is it. From the handle to the blade, the slicer is built with ease of operation in mind. Firstly, the size is perfect. It has a length of around 8 inches.

The blade area has a width of about 3 inches, while the handle has a width of a little over an inch. Coupled with the shape, which is designed properly to conform to the human hand, the dimensions are ideal for virtually everyone.

A quite frustrating thing about some cutlery tools is a slipping handle. It can make it hard, even unsafe to use the tool. But the Truffle Slicer is different. Its handle is built for ease of use and safety. As said, it is shaped to fit most people’s hands. What’s more, it has a non-slip surface.

Do you know what makes the best truffle shaver? Aside from ease of use, the factor of cutting efficiency is vital. This particular unit has a super sharp stainless-steel blade that cuts seamlessly and uniformly.

The blade is fitted with a knob adjuster so you can choose the thickness of the slivers. Amazingly, you can set it to cut pieces so thin that you can see through them.

Highlighted features:

  • Made of stainless steel for strength and durability.
  • A super sharp blade that cuts easily.
  • Non-slip handle for ease of use.
  • Has an adjustment knob so you can choose the thickness of slivers.
  • Comes with a cotton bag for storage.
  • Free duster for cleaning and free e-Book full of truffle recipes.

2. TruffleHunter Professional Truffle Grater

TruffleHunter Professional Truffle Grater

TruffleHunter has made quite a name for itself in the truffle cutting sector. The brand, which is based in Italy, brings you one of the most revolutionary products for slicing not only truffles but also other foods like garlic and veggies.

What comes across as the unique thing about the TruffleHunter Professional Truffle Shaver is the handle. For most other cutters, the handle is just a flat metal structure. Some brands add texture to theirs to make them non-slip, but still, nothing matches the ergonomic nature of TruffleHunter’s handle.

It is actually a piece of wood like the one on some knives.

Being long, and made from the high-quality Rosewood, the handle makes operating the slicer such an effortless task. It is non-slip and easy to hold. Even when wet, the handle is not slippery, which is extremely convenient because sometimes you’ll find yourself working with wet ingredients.

Since the handle is non-slip and easy to work with, it keeps your hands well protected from the blade. It is easy to get hurt while using other slicers, as you can slide and run your hand over the blade, but with this slicer’s handle, accidents are rare.

If you like working with elegant utensils, you'll love the design of this cutter. The stainless-steel blade combined with the Rosewood handle displays a touch of beauty and class, perfect for a gourmet. 

There’s nothing more convenient when using a cutter than being able to cut without a struggle. It minimizes the effort you have to put in and makes it possible to finish the task quickly. Thankfully, the TruffleHunter comes with a super-sharp blade.

The blade slices through the toughest ingredients as though it was slicing through butter.

Lastly, the blade is adjustable, making it possible for you to define the thickness of your shavings.

Highlighted features:

  • Rosewood handle for safety and ease of operation.
  • The handle has apertures for hanging the device.
  • A razor-sharp blade that cuts effortlessly.
  • The blade is adjustable so you can set the thickness of the shavings.
  • Made of stainless steel – strong and durable.

3. Eppicotispai Stainless Steel Truffle Cutter

Eppicotispai Stainless Steel Truffle Cutter

The Eppicotispai Stainless Steel Truffle Slicer has a name I cannot even attempt to pronounce, but it brings a lot to the table.

First and foremost, if you’re looking for a budget option, this is it. It comes at just over 10 bucks. Still, the quality is thoroughly impressive.

The blade is perhaps the most important part of any truffle cutter. With a dull or weak one, you will find it hard to complete your tasks, but with a good blade, things will be quick and easy.

The Eppicotispai’s blade is not heavy-duty, but it is adequately strong. It slices truffles and soft food items without needing you to use too much elbow grease.

Thanks to the adjustment knob, you get to select the thickness of the slices. Amazingly, you can cut paper-thin pieces.

Apart from the blade, another crucial part to look at when shopping is the handle. This cutter’s handle might not be made of Rosewood, but it is non-slip, and working with it is not problematic. The handle has a width around 1 inch and its shape conforms well to most people’s palms.

Wondering how you’ll be storing the unit? That’s a no-brainer! At the top, the handle has a small hole. You can use that to hang your slicer in the kitchen.

As a low-price unit, the cutter does not offer the quality of Truffle Slicer or TruffleHunter, but it does work. It might disappoint you if you try slicing hard foods with it, as it's not adequately heavy-duty. In contrast, the cutter works great for softer foods like garlic, tomatoes and truffles.

Highlighted features:

  • 18/10 stainless steel construction for sturdiness.
  • Blade adjustment wheel for defining slice thickness.
  • Non-slip steel handle.
  • Sharp blade for efficient cutting.
  • Affordable price.

4. Scandicrafts Chocolate Truffle Shaver

Scandicrafts Chocolate Truffle Shaver

The Scandicrafts Chocolate Truffle Shaver may not be the most aesthetically attractive unit on the block, but it certainly has a lot to offer.

Before I fill you in on the features and benefits of the product, there’s a little secret I’d like to share. When you’re looking for truffle shavers, the country of origin can be a good pointer. And tell you what? Cutters that are made in Italy are a great choice for someone looking for good quality. They’re well-constructed and they work.

Well, one of the benefits of the Scandicrafts shaver is that it is made in Italy.

Even though the manufacturer obviously didn't pay much attention to aesthetics, the product is well-made. It feels really strong and from all indications, it's a product that will last.

Can you imagine a cutter that gets covered with rust as time goes on? Not a good sign, is it? Avoid that situation by getting this shaver. The material is stainless steel from the blade to the handle. That’s great news because you will not deal with rust.

The blade is the major reason why people go for this cutter. It is razor-sharp and serrated. If you want to make some nice chocolate curls, you will find the unit very useful. You don’t even have to apply lots of effort. The blade cuts as soon as it comes into contact with the food item.

You might have heard of or even used a shaver with a blade that doesn’t have enough strength to handle the hard foods. If you want to avoid such units and get something that will handle both the soft and hard foods, this is the unit to secure.

For a fair-priced heavy-duty truffle shaver without much focus on the looks, the Scandicrafts Chocolate Truffle Shaver makes a perfect selection.

Highlighted features:

  • Made in Italy.
  • Razor-sharp serrated blade for easy chocolate curls.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction.
  • Blade adjusts from 13 mm to paper-thin.

5. Urbani Professional Truffle Slicer

Urbani Professional Truffle Slicer

For an excellent combination of elegance and function, you might want to check out the Urbani Professional Truffle Slicer. It has some of the highest ratings online and significant numbers of reviews point to it as the best truffle slicer.

When I first looked at the pictures, I thought the tool was made of plastic, only to later discover it is actually stainless steel. Once it is shipped, you will be amazed at the quality. It is without a doubt, one of the sturdiest slicers available.

The material feels solid and strong and seems a lot like something that will last.

Perhaps this quality is due to the fact that the unit is made in Italy. Remember, truffle shavers that are manufactured in Italy are normally the finest quality.

What are you looking to slice with your truffle shaver? Usually, a good unit can be used for slicing or cutting a whole range of foods from chocolates and potatoes to truffles and more. But the range of what you can handle depends on the blade’s strength.

In consideration of these issues, Urbani presents you with a tool that you can use for just about anything. Its blade is thick for strength but the edge is razor-sharp and strong. 

That way, you get to reliable slice both soft and hard foods.

Precision is made easy. Whether you prefer thick juicy shavings or ones that are feather-light, the adjustable wheel makes it happen.

And lastly, the design of the handle is great. It is non-slip and again, it has two notches at the sides where you can place your thumb and pointer for easy operation. Not forgetting the large hole at the top, which you can use to hang the gadget.

Highlighted features:

  • A thick and strong but sharp blade that cuts easily.
  • Made of stainless steel for strength and durability.
  • Adjustable wheel for thick or feather-light shavings.
  • The handle is non-slip and has two notches for easy operation.

6. Premium Truffle Slicer with Glossed Rosewood Handle

Premium Truffle Slicer with Glossed Rosewood Handle

A lot of truffle slicers come with a short handle, which is not very convenient to hold. Moreover, the handle is metallic and flat, and though often non-slip, it doesn’t make it very convenient to operate the unit.

But Truffle, one of the top brands in the truffle shaver industry, is here with products that are designed with ease of use in mind.

Their Premium Truffle Slicer with Glossed Rosewood Handle has a long 8-inch handle that gives you an adequate holding surface. It is nicely thick for an optimally comfortable grip and it feels good and firm in your hand.

I like the design options the seller offers. You can go for the brown Rosewood or the Beige one. I have to say, both are extremely stylish, an epitome of elegance and design.

Apart from the comfortable grip, the handle provides insulation, which comes in helpful especially during the cold times.

At the far end of the handle, a hole is left for easy storage. That’s what you use to hang the unit in your kitchen.

The blade of this gadget is one of the strongest and sharpest that you can find. It is also serrated so you can easily come up with chocolate curls.

Do you want to cut paper-thin slices or thick juicy slices? This cutter is designed for both functions. It comes with an adjustment wheel for that purpose. What I like about the wheel is that it is stable yet so easy to operate.

The free items that the manufacturer offers are worth mentioning. First, there’s the cotton carry bag. This is handy for both storage and transportation. Secondly, you get a free e-Book packed with truffle recipes.

Highlighted features:

  • Long Rosewood handle that makes operation a breeze.
  • The handle is non-slip – gives a firm grip.
  • Two design options – brown and beige.
  • The tool lasts – made of stainless steel.
  • Aperture on the handle for easy hanging/storage.
  • Sharp and adjustable razor.

7. Urbani Professional Oak Wood Truffle Slicer

Urbani Professional Oak Wood Truffle Slicer

The last item on this list is one of the most unique slicers I have come across. As you’ve seen in the reviews above, the products are mostly made of steel, with some having a wooden handle. But the Professional Oak Wood Truffle Slicer is almost entirely made of wood, with only the blade being made of steel.

If you love wooden utensils, this truffle grater is probably the best model you can get. Its wood is not low quality. Rather, it is a high-grade Oak material. It has a wonderful touch of elegance.

The wood is thick and so strong that you don’t have any worries about it breaking. It is, apparently, something that will last.

Now that you’re dealing with a largely wooden unit, you might wonder if there are spatters or rough areas. That is an important question, considering spatters can make operation uncomfortable or even pose the risk of injury. But tell you what?

The unit is carved out smoothly and evenly, so you never have to fret about discomfort or injury. Owing to the smoothness, you’re able to flawlessly run your food items over the blade. Yet, at the handle, the wood is adequately non-slip, so you find it easy to maintain a firm grip even when the ingredients you’re working with are wet.

Smooth and uniform cutting is what makes a great truffle shaver. In the spirit of that, the manufacturer has installed the strongest, sharpest blade on the unit. It cuts smoothly and the pieces are clean and even.

There is an adjustable screw on the blade, which, when turned, increases or decreases the cutting thickness.

Highlighted features:

  • Made of high-quality Oak wood – lightweight and durable.
  • Sharp and sturdy stainless-steel blade – reliable cutting.
  • Adjustable screw for precision slicing.
  • Beautiful design – gives a touch of elegance.

Comparission Chart of Truffle Cutter


Made of

Sharp stainless-steel blade

Adjustable blade

Truffe Shaver

Stainless Steel




Stainless steel with Rosewood handle



Eppicotispai Stainless Steel Truffle Slicer

Stainless steel



Scandicrafts Chocolate Truffle Shaver

Stainless steel



Urbani Professional Truffle Slicer

Stainless steel



Premium Truffle Slicer

Stainless steel with wooden handle



Urbani Professional Slicer




Truffle Shaver and Truffle Slicer Buying Guide For Beginners

Truffle Shaver and Truffle Slicer Buying Guide For Beginners

When getting a truffle slicer, we look to get a tool that will make it easier and quicker to chop other food items and truffles. We look for a tool that is easy to work with and something that will last.

However, though there are countless models in the market, not all give the aforementioned benefits. If you’re shopping for the best truffle shaver, the following considerations will come in helpful.


The material that the unit is made of will define a few things. It will determine the strength of the device as well as its durability.

Truffle shavers are made of three main materials – metal, plastic, and wood.

There’s no doubt that metal is preferable. It offers the highest degree of strength and durability. However, considering some metals such as iron are susceptible to rust, it’s advisable to ask what metal the gadget is made of. Stainless steel is the perfect option, as it offers great resilience not only to pressure and repeated use but also to rust.

I’d recommend that you get a stainless-steel unit whose handle is insulted with wood. You may have to pay extra, but such a handle is easier to work with but the ease of use makes the additional cost worth it.

If you’re on a tight budget, you could go for a plastic slicer, but understand it will not offer the same strength or durability as steel.

Blade sharpness

Most importantly, the blade should be made of stainless steel for cutting efficiency as well as strength and longevity.

Then, make sure the blade comes razor sharp. The last thing you want is a dull edge that makes the task of cutting a headache.

You want a strong and thick blade that can handle anything from chocolates and mushrooms to truffles and potatoes. It should be able to cut both soft and hard food items.

I see people also asking how easy it is to remove the blade for replacement. Thankfully, most of the top-rated shavers, such as the ones in the review above, come with a blade that you can replace easily. You only have to turn a few screws.

Blade adjustment

Depending on your truffle recipes, sometimes you will find yourself needing paper-thin truffle slivers, and other times, you will require thick, juicy shavings.

Without the blade adjustment feature, getting the right sliver thickness will be quite a hassle. That is why you need to go for a unit with an adjustment wheel/knob. You will use the wheel to set your preferred material thickness.

Non-slip handle

A good truffle cutter has a super sharp blade. But while the blade offers great cutting efficiency, it can also slice your fingers, ouch!

If the handle is slippery, that is risky because your fingers can slide over the blade and get sliced. But a non-slip handle will provide a firm grip and keep the risk of injury considerably low.

Speaking of the non-slip feature, a wooden handle is much better than a flat metallic one.


A truffle slicer is an incredibly useful tool. With it, you get to easily and efficiently cut truffles, vegetables, tomatoes, chocolates, potatoes, and many other food items.

But considering not all models work great or even last, you should always scrutinize the unit before purchasing it. As you’ve learned above, some of the things to look at include the material, the strength and sharpness of the blade, and the ease of use.

Again, the handle needs to be non-slip so your fingers don’t end up sliding and running over the cutting edge.

If I had to advise you to settle for one unit as the best truffle shaver, I’d recommend the TruffleHunter Professional Truffle Shaver, which comes in second in the review above. It is quality-made from stainless steel and has a sharp and sturdy blade. Moreover, its handle is insulated with Rosewood, which also provides a nice non-slip gripping surface. An excellent combination of style and functionality.

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