How To Use An Apple Peeler

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Apple pie, Tarte Tatin, Apple Crisp and Cinnamon Baked Apple Dish, all these yummy delicious recipes have one core ingredient in them.

And that is fresh, peeled apples!

While peeling a single fruit isn’t that much of a big deal, when you are trying to make a recipe that requires apples in bulk quantities, things DON’T seem so easy anymore.

And that’s where an Apple Peeler comes to slice your apples and chore time in half!

A good, sharp peeler saves your energy, bring a nice consistency to your cooking and helps you pack your kid’s lunch box faster than before. Some gadgets even go a step further and core/slice and apples and other fruits along with removing the skin! Convenient, isn’t it?

So, whether you are planning to freeze, dehydrate or use apples for baking desserts, it’s best to buy or borrow an apple peeler to get things started on an easier note.

Want to learn how to use an apple peeler to peel, core and slice apples and other fruits?

Stay tuned and we will disclose all the secrets!

What Is Apple Peeler/Corer?

What Is Apple Peeler/Corer

An apple peeler was once known as “Apple Parer”.

During the 18th century, people used to store fruits for winter in advance. So, when the apple season (Fall) hit, they used to pick it, de-skin it, core it and cut them into small pieces to let them dry in the sun.

However, it wasn’t easy removing the skin of so many fruits at once. And that’s why, around 1840, the first “Apple Parer” appeared in England.

Today’s apple peeler is a much simpler and efficient version of the ancient ones.

It gives you perfect symmetrical slices while not cutting too much flesh out of them. The tool is designed in a way to safeguard your fingers and keeping the nutrients of the fruit intact as much as possible. what’s more, these tools are pretty easy to clean and use as well!

Once you get your hands on one of these devices, you might even be surprised how you’ve got your work done without it all your life!

Types Of Apple Peeler And Corer

Types Of Apple Peeler And Corer

When looking for an apple peeler, you will find two different types of models available in the market.

Manual Apple Peeler or hand-powered machine usually requires a person to keep turning the handle until the entire fruit has been removed. You can set this device on any surface you want with the help of its suction base.

Automatic Apple Peeler also requires a person to lock the fruit into position. However, it doesn’t need you to keep turning the handle continually. An electric motor does the job for you.

How To Use An Apple Peeler And Corer- The Steps

The automatic machine is quote straight-forward. You just put the fruit in place and press the ‘Start’ button and the machine will do the rest by itself.

The manual device is a bit more complicated and takes a little practicing to get it right. Let’s give you instruction on how to do that, shall we?

Step One: Attach It To A Stable Surface

  • Mount the machine on a stable surface.
  • If the machine comes with a strong suction base, then you can easily clamp it firmly to any countertop to make it secure.

Step Two: Choose An Apple

Now’s the fun part!

  • Choose a round, plump apple of your choice.
  • Make sure the fruit you pick doesn’t have any bruises outside. The machine would still work on it, but it will be more difficult to peel.

Step Three: Decide If You Want To Core

  • Most devices come with an adjustable coring arm. Since you are slicing apples today and want the core to come out, put the arm in “up” position.
  • Tighten the adjusting screw to hold it in that position.

Step Four: Place Your Apple On The Prongs

  • The lever on the other side of the adjustable coring arm has 3 prongs on its head. You want to put the fruit on top of it.

Step Five: Turn The Lever

  • Now it’s time for you to turn the lever so that the fruit keeps moving towards the coring circle. There’s a peeling blade that’s positioned next to the coring circle, which helps determine how much skin it’s going to remove from your fruit.
  • While turning, make sure the machine doesn’t cut too deep for you to lose some actual fruit pieces, also not so thin that you have skin on the apple.

Step Six: Remove The Apple

  • Once your apple is sliced perfectly, remove the core that’s still on the coring arm.
  • Remove the spiral-cut slices.
  • Remove the leftover peels from the machine and get the next one ready in line!

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Way To Use Apple Peeler For Potatoes?

How To Use Apple Peeler For Potatoes?

Now that you’ve made enough apple slices for making your grandma’s special pie, it’s time for learning more techniques with this machine, don’t you think?

Well, turns out, this cheeky gadget also works for other fruits and vegetables as well, if you know how to do it right!

For instance, peeling more than 5 potatoes by hand might seem like a tedious job for some. But when you peel it with a machine, the whole thing gets done under 1 minute!

So, is it the same as peeling apples?


As we all know, potatoes don’t need to have it core removed (cause, it doesn’t have one, duh!), the adjustable coring hole should be placed downwards. The rest of the steps are exactly the same, except, not it will give you a freshly peeled potatoes to make curly French-Fry instead!

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Apple Peeling Hack

Apple Peeling Hack

  • Before starting to peel, make sure you get a wide working surface as things get messy with juices!
  • While hooking the apple to the prongs, make sure you face the stem towards the prongs.
  • When you are busy turning the handle, check to see if the bottom surface is steady and keep one hand on the lower part if it’s wobbling a little.
  • While placing the fruit on the peeler, try to get the two ends of the core as straight as possible for your convenience.


An apple a day keeps the doctors away.

But what with all the pesticides and chemicals used to ripen it faster nowadays, it might even send you to the doctor just as fast! That’s why, it’s now considered a good practice to remove the skin of fruits before eating.

Now that you know how to use an apple peeler, hopefully, you won’t find the task so tedious anymore. In fact, you can even involve your kids in this fun activity and have them take turns peeling fruits to make the snack time more appealing!

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