Best Thin Waffle Maker

Best Thin Waffle Makers : Top 11 Model Reviewed for 2022

Anything you name that has “waffles” with it makes a scrumptious breakfast on a Sunday morning!

As much as we all LOVE this crispy delight, the mere thought of waiting in a long queue at a food store often makes us decide on a second option.

And before you even think of heating up a frozen waffle for breakfast, let us ask, “Do you like eating cardboard in the morning?”

If the answer is no, you probably wouldn’t like that frozen treat either! 

To enjoy delicious waffles with dripping maple syrup or real honey on top, you need a waffle maker of your own.

The best thin waffle maker will give you the lightest and crispiest waffles that can be enjoyed with fresh fruits, butter, yogurt, honey or other healthy alternatives!   

Care to get some freshly-baked waffles with your favorite whipped cream on the breakfast menu?

Let us show some options you need to check out first!



Editor's Rating


Cuisinart WMR-CA

5 out of 5

Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian Waffle Maker

5 out of 5

Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker

4.5 out of 5

Euro Cuisine WM520 Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

4 out of 5

All-Clad WD700162 Stainless Steel Waffle Maker

4.5 out of 5

Best Thin Waffle Maker : Traditional, American, Non-Belgian

1. Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

When you have a large family where everyone has different choices, that's where the Cuisinart WMR-CA model comes in handy.

Featuring 5 settings of control to bake waffle in different shades (light to deep golden brown), the WMR-CA is a total steal for people who want customization!

This is the best waffle maker under $50 which gives you the freedom to customize your waffle and comes under budget at the same time.

Don’t have the time to watch over the whole baking process?

Cuisinart is built with busy people on the mind!

The red and green indicator light of the unit lets you know when the machine is ready to bake and the waffle is ready to be eaten accordingly.

The round-shaped cook plates of this traditional waffle maker are nonstick and easy to clean. The lid has a moderate weight which keeps the cover down when the waffle rises.

Not everyone is blessed with a big kitchen countertop.

For compact storage, the waffle iron is designed to stand on end. The special latching feature of the machine allows it to stay closed even when you store it like that.

The brushed stainless steel cover of the machine makes it look modern enough to match any kitchen interior.

Highlighted Features:

  • Weighted lid helps keep the unit shut when the waffles rise.
  • Indicator light lets you know when the machine is preheated/ready to serve.
  • Rubber feet under the device allows it to keep it firm on the table.
  • Brushed stainless-steel appearance helps blend in with any interior.

2. Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian Waffle Maker

Fluffy or crispy waffles, which one is your favorite?

Apparently, Oster CKSTWF2000 can do both!

With an adjustable temperature control option, Oster lets you enjoy a light and fluffy or crispy and crunchy waffles according to your preference.  

For light and fluffy waffles, select the less heat option and increase the temperature if you like the crispy texture. The 8-inch round baking plate creates a waffle that can be broken into four triangle-shaped quarters.

Featuring a stainless-steel housing, this classic waffle iron has a sleek and sophisticated design.

To let you know the exact time when the unit is ready to bake and ready to serve, red and green lights are there to indicate. Weighing 3-2/7 pounds, the iron comes in a compact size to fit into small spaces.

Oster CKSTWF2000 can be a great housewarming gift even for elderly people.

The waffle maker comes with a large stay-cool handle that doesn’t get got while baking, therefore, you can comfortably open/close the lid whenever you want.

In case you pour an excess amount of batter into the machine, there’s a wide drip rim that can catch the overflow and make cleaning up a breeze!

Highlighted Features:

  • Sleek and sophisticated design helps make it blend in with the modern interior.
  • 8-inch round shaped iron makes creates four triangle-shaped quarter.
  • A wide drip rim helps catch any excess overflow.
  • Adjustable temperature control helps create both fluffy and crispy waffles.
  • Nonstick cool-touch handle makes it easy to use.

3. Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker

From basic to gourmet, you can enjoy your weekend with tasty and hot waffles when you have a waffle iron like Hamilton Beach to help you out!

Measuring 13-inch in width, 11.5-inch in depth and 3-inch in height, this classic square waffle maker creates a standard waffle that can be broken into 4 pieces afterward.

The individual waffle pieces fit nicely in a toaster oven, so you can freeze and reheat them later in a toaster if you want!

Featuring a nonstick grid, the Hamilton Beach model is pretty easy to clean. Having said that, if your batter contains too much sugar, then the waffles might stick a bit.

For that reason, we recommend using a nonstick cooking spray before pouring the waffle batter into the device.

Worried about the small space in your kitchen and wondering whether the waffle iron can fit in?

Keeping this issue in mind, Hamilton Beach is designed in a way that it can fit easily into a cupboard/pantry without taking up much space! You can also store it in an upright position so that it takes the least amount of space possible.

Highlighted Features:

  • Power on and preheat light indicates when the machine is ready to work.
  • Compact design and shape make it easy to store anywhere.
  • Nonstick grid helps make your cleaning task easier.
  • Classy and elegant build gives this unit an attractive look.

4. Euro Cuisine WM520 Classic Heart Shape Waffle Maker

Want to enjoy your lazy Sunday brunch with something special?

Meet Euro Cuisine, a beautiful Italian-inspired non Belgian waffle maker that makes 5 heart-shaped delicious waffles in one go!

If you combine all of the heart-shaped waffles together, the whole thing measures around 8-inch in width.

The most significant characteristic of this iron machine is that its plates come with nonstick ceramic coating and are completely free of PTFE and PFOA.

As it contains no Teflon, it’s the best thin waffle maker for your family that doesn’t pose any risk to human health.

Hate getting a stuck waffle out of the machine?

The waffles come out perfect even if you use no oil onto the plates of this American style waffle maker! However, we still recommend brushing a little amount of oil for the ideal result.

Euro Cuisine WM520 is designed to style beautifully with modern kitchen décor. The built-in power and ready indicator help you know when the device is preheated and ready to serve.

To give you total control over the cooking process, Euro Cuisine has added an adjustable setting option that helps bake different shaded waffles to suit your preference.

Highlighted Features:

  • PTFE- and PFOA-free iron plates are environmental-friendly.
  • Adjustable temperature control helps bake your favorite waffle.
  • Beautiful heart-shaped waffle design is pretty unique and Italian-inspired.
  • Shiny chrome exterior is long-lasting and durable.

5. All-Clad WD700162 Stainless Steel Classic Round Waffle Maker

Making tasty waffles at home is just a touch away when you have something as amazing as the All-Clad WD700162 Stainless Steel Classic Round Waffle Maker! The round-shaped has 4 easy-cut sections and deep pockets that can hold delicious toppings.

Measuring 6.5-inch in diameter, the device is built with stainless steel with a die-cast finish. The highly polished exterior features a riveted steel handle that’s comfortable to hold.

The non Belgian waffle iron has a compact size and a locking latch that makes it possible to stand vertically for saving more space.

Light golden or a deep golden-brown, which shade of waffle is your favorite?

All-Clad serves as many as 7 different browning options with its control panel!

Each waffle will have a thickness of 1/2 inches and a crisp exterior once they are baked. The nonstick cooking surface of the unit ensures the food bits don’t get stuck on the plate and is easy to clean without much effort.

Love having a fluffy inside even when the outside of the waffle is crisp?

With a built-in steam release system, the All-clad unit provides a delicately crisp and soft on the inside waffle that’s baked to perfection.

To let you know when the machine is properly preheated and done baking, the system gives an audible beep sound.

Highlighted Features:

  • Die-cast steel handle stays cool even while baking several pieces.
  • Seven different browning levels allow you to choose your favorite texture.
  • Audible beep sound lets you know when the machine is ready.
  • Lock-lid keeps it tightly closed when placed in an upright position.

6. Breville BWM520XL No-Mess Waffle Maker

Waffle making is easy.

Simply pour the batter into the waffle iron, wait for a few minutes and get ready to be served with delicious waffles!

As easy as this may sound to many, things turn out quite differently when you are in a hurry. One of the most common mistakes while making waffles is overpouring the batter to the point it creates a mess around the machine!

To solve that issue, Breville BWM520XL comes with a wrap-around moat that’s always ready to catch any extra drip that might overflow.

As every drop of run-off batter gets caught and baked into delicious waffle bites, there’s more food for everyone to enjoy!

Another problem that occurs during baking is that people often find it difficult to lift off the waffles as they sometimes get stuck on the iron plates. Considering waffle batter contains a lot of sugar, it’s totally understandable.

To combat this situation, Breville has designed a nonstick PFOA-free surface that prevents waffles from sticking.

With 7 darkness settings, you can customize color from light to dark in this regular waffle maker.

The die-cast plates of the unit transfer heat evenly around the waffles and bake them in a short amount of time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Power and a "ready" indicator light help you cook conveniently.
  • Secured lock lid keeps the unit closed when in storage.
  • Adjustable control settings allow you to customize waffle color.
  • Wide wrap-around moat catches any run-off batter.
  • PFOA-free nonstick plates are a safer option for your family.

7. Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron Thin

Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron Thin

Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron is a delight for anyone who is in love with crisp and thin waffles. While other classic waffle makers come with some sort of coating, Palmer comes with bare aluminum plates that have no sticking issues whatsoever.

The unit is pretty solid in terms of construction. Designed with a stainless-steel cover and heavy aluminum casting, the cooking area is quite durable and long-lasting.

The machine features a built-in automated thermostat to help you cook conveniently.

If you want something extra out of a regular waffle iron, then we have good news for you guys!

Along with making crisp waffles, the Palmer unit is also great at making delicious galettes as well! The thickness will be close to ideal and it would take way less time than it would take on a stove.

Weighing 6 pounds, the iron machine can be set on the kitchen countertop. With a 3-leg stand under the unit, it eliminates all sort of wobbly movement on the countertop.

Being more efficient than most other professional ones, this is the best American waffle maker if you are looking for something within a reasonable price tag.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built with cast aluminum alloy, the iron device is durable and long-lasting.
  • You can make galettes alongside waffles in this device.
  • The 3-leg structure of the unit eliminates any chance of countertop wobble.
  • As it heats up pretty fast, you can bake in a short amount of time.

8. Carbon's Golden Malted Gourmet Waffle Baker

Carbon's Golden Malted Gourmet Waffle Baker

If you are looking for a small grid waffle iron that can make fluffy waffles on command, then the Carbon’s Golden Malted Gourmet Waffle Baker is the one for you!

Featuring a superior nonstick grid that gets heated up pretty fast, Carbon’s waffle iron can bake perfect waffles each and every time.

The grid is made of premium-quality materials to prevent the sticking of waffles. With 1000 wattages, this machine is powerful enough to bake according to your preference.

Don’t have much space on your cabinet or countertop?

With a sleek design and quality build, Carbon’s comes in a compact size and shape that can fit into small spaces!

The shiny exterior of the device looks good in any modern kitchen and the heavy-duty aluminum top lasts for a long time.

Timing matters a lot in the waffle baking process. If the machine isn't hot enough and you pour the batter before time, chances are, the waffles aren't going to turn out in the right way.

Being the best traditional waffle maker, Carbon’s solves this issue with a green light that tells you the device is hot enough for you to pour the batter in it.

And when the food is done baking, a special “Golden-Tone” alert informs you that the waffles are ready to be served!

Highlighted Features:

  • With 7 settings browning control, you can customize the color of your food.
  • Golden Tone alert lets you know when the food is ready to serve.
  • You can store this compact device in any small space.
  • Nonstick grids make it easy to bake waffles that don’t stick.

9. Chef’sChoice 840 WafflePro

Chef’sChoice 840 WafflePro

Introducing Chef’sChoice 840 WafflePro model, another heart-shaped waffle maker that comes to steal everyone’s thunder!

The non Belgian waffle iron creates 5 heart-shaped waffles in less than 90 seconds. With a unique quad baking system of the model, you can choose to select the flavor, texture and color of the waffles according to your preference.

While serving hot waffles on the plate, have you noticed some pieces end up a bit thicker than the others sometimes?

That’s definitely not something wanted especially if you have toddlers who will end up fighting for the fatter ones!

Keeping that in mind, WafflePro comes with a floating top baking plate that helps distribute the batter in all places equally so that it becomes a uniform waffle.

When the waffles are all evenly cooked, the “Waffle Ready” beeper beeps and lets you know it’s time to eat.

Sticky waffles are every cook’s worst nightmare as it takes forever to clean those clingy bits and pieces.

Thanks to the nonstick coating on top, this small hole waffle maker helps create perfect waffles that don’t stick even after multiple uses.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built-in cord storage of the unit helps store it in even compact space.
  • Floating top baking plate ensures even baking experience.
  • An overflow channel catches the excess batter and make small waffle bites.
  • You can make customized waffles in less than 90 seconds.

10. Chef's Choice 8520000 Nonstick Waffle Maker

Eating breakfast with your loved one is a great experience that nobody should miss!

But when your waffle maker can only make one waffle at a time, is there any option left?

That’s when the Chef’s Choice 8520000 Classic wafflePro comes to the rescue! The waffle iron comes with a promise to make 2 waffles in under 2 minutes! Thanks to the double waffle mold of this square waffle maker, both waffles would be done at the same time.

The Classic WafflePro waffle iron gets heated up pretty quickly and delivers your munch faster than you can crunch! Coupled with a non-sticky and easy-to-release coating, the unit is easy to clean up with minimal effort and time.

Featuring a heating indicator light and adjustable controls, this waffle iron with small squares makes sure it distributes the heat evenly all over its surface.

The floating hinge on top ensures both waffles have uniform thickness and turn out perfect after finished with the baking process.

When it comes to interior décor, hanging cords of the electric appliances can be a real eyesore.

With that in mind, Classic WafflePro comes with built-in cord storage. You can keep this compact waffle maker in small spaces as there would be no extra cord hanging around.

Highlighted Features:

  • Two molds of this unit are available for making double waffles at a time.
  • Intuitive design for consistent thickness on every waffle.
  • Compact and efficient design for efficient storage purposes.
  • Multi-level baking controls with light indicator lets you use it conveniently.

Comparison Table For Thin Waffle Maker




Item Weight

Extra Features

Cuisinart WMR-CA




Indicator Light.

Oster CKSTWF2000




Nonstick cool-touch handles.

Hamilton Beach

Black, Stainless-Steel



Nonstick Grids.

Euro Cuisine




Eco-Friendly Plates.


Stainless Steel



6 Different Browning Selection.





Thermal Pro Heating.


Stainless steel



Heats Quickly.





Nonstick Waffle Grids.

Chef’sChoice WafflePro




Instant Temperature Recovery.

Chef's Choice 8520000




Dual Waffle Capacity.

Thin Waffle Maker Buying Guide

Browning Settings

Golden or brown? Which one would you prefer?

The best thin waffle maker should have the right functions to meet your every need!

Modern waffle makers come with temperature control which allows you to prepare waffles according to your preference.

The darkness settings of the machine give you the option to customize waffle colors and help everyone in your family to enjoy different colored/textured waffles.

Ease Of Cleaning

You may have chosen a device with a really cool shape to make it look shiny and bright on your countertop. Or perhaps a simple one with traditional settings has managed to impress you the most!

No matter what type you chose, the waffle device is still going to have cervices, gaps and holes in places that get filled up with batter and crumbs. Therefore, we strongly recommend purchasing waffle makers that are easy to clean.

Devices with removable plates can be washed separately in the dishwasher or under runny water. For fixed models, you should check to see if you can reach all the corners with a cloth/paper towel.    

Build Quality

The material of plates and grids matter a lot in terms of baking delicious waffles!

There are different types of variants available including stainless steel, aluminum, cast-iron, nonstick types, etc.

Cast-iron devices can distribute heat pretty well once it’s heated up properly and they can maintain temperature for a long time. However, it takes a long time to preheat cast-iron units.

Aluminum is a lightweight material that heats up quickly and is energy-efficient. If you purchase an aluminum waffle maker, you should be careful not to scrape its surface as it’s not scratch-proof.

One of the most popular materials used for making these waffle makers is steel. Steel devices are really durable and easy to clean. However, they take a longer time to get heated up.

For people who prefer nonstick coating, there's less hassle as nonstick devices are low-maintenance and create perfect waffles every time. just make sure you don't put the plates into the dishwasher while cleaning as that might ruin the nonstick coating on top of its surface.

Technological Features

Things have changed a lot in recent times to make life easier for everyone. Nowadays, you don't need to stand in front of the food to see if it's cooked to perfection anymore!

To ease your daily life, a lot of models offer temperature and timer options to let you know when the food is ready.

Light on/off, LED screen and ready alert allows you to operate this device even at dark and inform you when the waffle is preheated and ready to cook!

Belgian Waffle vs Regular Waffle: Difference Between Them

Regular Waffle vs Belgian Waffle


Thickness is the most significant matter between a Belgian and regular waffle!

Compared to the regular (some call it American as well) ones, Belgian waffles are much thicker. Typically, a Belgian waffle measures around 7-8 inches in thickness whereas the regular ones are ½ to 5/8 inches in thickness.


Belgian waffles come with a crispy outside and deep grid pockets that have depth in them. The crunchiness of Belgian waffles is nicely combined with a softer interior.

Regular waffles, on the other hand, aren't that crunchy. However, the inside of the waffles is much denser and richer in flavor than the Belgian ones.


Belgian waffle requires egg white/yeast in its recipe. Regular waffles, on the other hand, have a denser batter that relies on baking soda the most. The baking soda helps give the regular batter a slight lift.

We aren’t saying, Belgian ones don’t require baking soda at all! However, the amount of baking soda is significantly lower than the regular ones as it’s more focused on egg white.

Size And Shape

Authentic Belgian waffles are bigger in size compared to the regular ones. As a result, they require waffle machines with bigger grid patterns to get the iconic deep pocket patterns. Belgian waffles are mostly round in shape.

Regular waffles, on the other hand, are smaller in size and can be made with the standard waffle machines available in the market. These waffles usually come in square shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Thin Waffle Different Than The Normal Ones?

Ans: Actually, they are the same kind!

If you live in the United States (Or any other English-speaking country), then the regular waffles are just thin ones. Oher name for a thin waffle is American-style waffle. You need a non Belgian waffle maker to make thin waffles.

Q2. How To Clean A Waffle Maker?

Ans: Unplug the appliance and let it cool completely. Remove all the bits and pieces and wipe off the plates with a clean paper towel. If the plates are removable, soak them in warm water and mild dish soap, then wash thoroughly. For the exterior, use a damp cloth to clean properly.

Q3. How Does A Waffle Maker Know When The Waffle Is Done?

Ans: Depending on what model you use, the device gives you some sort of signal to let you know when the waffle is prepared. Typically, when you can no longer see any steam escaping from the iron, that’s when you know it’s done.

Q4. How Do You Keep Waffles From Sticking To The Waffle Maker?

Ans: To keep waffles from sticking to the machine or getting burnt, you can use a spray-on oil onto the device before making waffles. Also, before pouring the batter, make sure your iron is preheated properly to the desired temperature.

Final Words

Freshly-baked homemade waffles are a classic option for a weekend breakfast. And when you have a waffle iron to help you out, you can enjoy this delicious treat EVERYDAY since it takes less than 5 minutes to whip up the whole thing!

Ordering waffles at a restaurant doesn’t give you many options to customize whereas a waffle iron lets you choose the texture and crispiness to suit your style.

The best thin waffle maker can create a restaurant-quality waffle at home while saving your precious time in the rush hour of the morning as well!

Hopefully, our article has given enough insight to choose a model of your own that comes under budget and suits your preference. Enjoy your waffles with fresh and healthy toppings and keep waiting for our next update!

Till then, happy waffling everyone!

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