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Best Piping Bags 2022 : Excellent for Cookie/Cake Decorating

Don't you just hate it when the piping tips do not want to cooperate with you while designing a unique cake?  Have you found yourself wanting more control over the flow? As a team of professional bakers, we know how annoying these issues feel.

But the thing is, we have gone a long way from that phase. Now, we can adequately portray the design on our heads on the cake. So, what is the secret? The best piping bag! It allowed us to create masterful cake decorations without putting that much effort into it.

However, you do not need to be a cake boss to get one of them. All you need to know is the options that are worthy of getting. And you will find precise information regarding those in this article. So, stick till the very end!

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Editor's Rating


RICCLE Disposable Piping Bags

5 out of 5

Thickened Disposable Pastry Bag

5 out of 5

Piping Bag for Cake Decorating

4.5 out of 5

yueton Cream Pastry Bag

4 out of 5

Wilton 12-Inch Icing Pastry Bags

4.5 out of 5

Piping Bags Buying Guide

Piping Bag Reviews

Before we go ahead and describe all about the best piping bags that your money can buy, we would like to go through the things we considered while choosing them. Having an idea regarding the essential features, you would have the ability to scrutinize the options correctly. That said, let us dive right into it, shall we?

Type of Bags

Generally, there are two types of pasty bags available. One will be reusable, while the other will be disposable. The disposables are easy to work with as you can just throw them out after you are done working with them. However, that would also mean that you need to keep a lot of them in your arsenal.

That said, if you opt for the reusable ones, ensure that they are easy to clean. Dishwasher safe would be our picks. Those will not require you to go through the hassle of manual cleaning.

Quality of the Bags

Most of the units will be made of plastic. However, there will be some that are of silicone or other material. No matter what the material is, you need to ensure that the material is high-quality. Ensuring that the material is thick is also vital because the bags will burst and split pretty quickly without that.

The Type of Material

Food grade is a must for anything that will touch foods. And the same case is applicable for the piping bags too. If it is not food grade, the material might infuse toxins and weird taste to the icing. So, before you purchase a set, ensure that the material is food-safe, does not have any toxins, and is safe for the environment.

Included Goodies

For most of the cases, the sets will not only include the bags. Instead, they will bundle with tips. In that case, you need to ensure that the tips are of high-quality material. Consider whether they have the flow design you want or not. If these criteria are not met, you might have to purchase tips separately.

Additionally, do consider if the set comes with coupler and bag ties or not. Those will make it easier for you to handle the bags full of icing. The coupler will even ensure a proper fit of the tips. Also, make sure that the included things are reusable and are easy to clean.

Our Selected Top 10 Best Piping Bag Reviews in 2022

Baking piping bags are not a new thing. It has been around for an extended amount of time. And over time, they got improved, and some hold the ability to make the decorating tasks feel less like a chore. Now, you might be wondering which one are we actually referring to here, right? Well, they are as follows:

1. RICCLE 100 Anti Burst Pastry Bags

The demand for the best disposable piping bags is relatively high in the market. But the thing is, not all of the piping sets come with them. However, after doing loads of digging, we did manage to find one, which is this set from Riccle.

This icing piping set comes with 100 piping bags. That means you will get your hands on something that would be worthy of at least two months of supply. But the quantity is not the only thing the brand was going for. They focused heavily on the quality too.

Instead of opting for traditional materials, the brand has utilized durable food-grade plastic. That makes the offerings achieve a heavy-duty piping bag trait. These piping bags for cookie decorating or cake decorating are exceptionally durable.

On that note, the heavy-duty nature makes it a perfect pick for the piping bag for beginners. The flexibility is just right, and it will be easier to use these for a wide range of decorations. And the best part is that you can use these with and without a tip or coupler.

Talking of options, you will have a choice regarding the size. It comes in both 12 inches and 16 inches lengths. Also, you will get a firm grip out of both, thanks to the smooth exterior. And the interior is smooth as well. That will offer more control over the flow.

Highlighted Features

  • Exceptionally durable
  • Offers a strong grip
  • Has a smooth interior and exterior
  • Disposable
  • Works with and without tips

2. YOTIPP 100pcs/set

While there are many icing piping set out there, not all of them will utilize an anti-slip texture. But, if you are looking for a set that does integrate such a trait, you should consider this offering.

Once you get your hands on this cake piping set, you will notice that it has a textured surface on the exterior. This textured surface is not there just to make the pipes feel nice on your hands. The texture makes the units achieve an anti-slip trait. And that would eventually offer more grip.

You will not even have to worry about the durability. These utilize a solid and sturdy material. The material makes the offerings achieve the ability to handle a lot of pressure. In other words, there will be a lower chance of leaking, and the design you will make with these will be flawless.

But is the material safe? No doubt about it! The brand has opted for food-grade plastic. So, there will be no issues regarding the taste of the icings. Also, as these are disposable, you can just throw the bags after using them.

There are options regarding the lengths too. You can get any of the 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, or the 18 inches option. Among all, the 18 inches utilize extra-thick plastic, which makes it capable of handling a good volume of icing.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a textured surface on the exterior
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Utilizes food-grade plastic
  • Comes in four size options
  • Disposable

3. MuYwa Decorating Supplies Kit

Getting piping bags and piping tips for cupcakes or muffin or cakes separately can be a hassle. Well, MuYwa knew that exactly well. That is why they are offering a set that comes with both of the important tools.

So, inside the package, you will find six different icing tips. All of them are made of stainless steel and have a different design on end. The variable design will allow you to adopt different styles of icing on your baked foods. And it will be possible to easily create a unique decoration using them.

That said, the set is a great pick for the best reusable piping bags. Why? The package comes with a reusable silicone piping bag. You will even find a reusable plastic coupler inside the set. Both the bag and the coupler are of high-quality material and have a higher level of durability.

Even though the bag and the coupler are reusable, you will not have to worry about cleaning them up. It is dishwasher safe, and disassembling the tool will not be an issue either.

Lastly, as the bag is made of TPU, it will not infuse any toxins or chemical taste into the icing. The flexible nature of the bag, along with the anti-slip property, will also make it easier to handle.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with six stainless steel tips
  • Includes a reusable plastic coupler
  • Bundles with a reusable silicone bag
  • Bag is of food-grade TPU
  • Flexible and easy to handle

4. Yueton Pack of 100

Disposable bags are great. They eliminate the hassle of cleaning up and allow you to quickly be done with the bags after using them. However, not all offer you the ability to trim them and fit your preferred nozzles. That is not the case for this set.

As mentioned, you can easily trip these bags and fit your preferred nozzles on end. You will not have to go through loads of them and waste perfectly good bags just to fit the tips properly. However, it does not mean that you can not use these without nozzles. They work great with and without one.

These are great piping bags for royal icing too. Wondering why? The bags are transparent and have a higher flexibility rate. Thanks to that, handling them around when they are packed with icing will not be an issue. You will not have to train yourself for hours.

The texture of the exterior is just right. It will offer you higher overall control. The same goes for the inside, which will let you get total control over the flow. You will not notice it squirting, nor will you struggle to get the icing out of the tip.

Furthermore, as the materials are food-safe and do not have any toxins, you will not have to worry about the bags ruining the taste of the icing. Also, the package comes with 100 of these bags. So, one set would cover you for months.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be trimmed easily
  • Fits most of the tips
  • Flexible and transparent
  • Offers good control
  • Food-grade and totally safe

5. Wilton Pastry Bags

While the 100 count sets might sound like a good investment, you might not really require that many bags. Instead, what you might want to opt for is something that comes in a set of 50 or 24. Well, in that case, this pack would be perfect for you!

Firstly, you will have two options regarding the quantity. The first option would come with 24 bags, while the other will come with 50. And the good part about both is that they will be 12 inches in length. So, you can stuff a good amount of icing on each of them.

But that is not all! The bags are easy to trim, and it will be possible to fit tips and other baking tools with them without facing any issues. In fact, you can fit tips of different sizes and styles without facing any limitations.

That said, the quality of the plastic is excellent. The material is strong and flexible at the same time. While the sturdiness will make the bags highly durable, the flexibility will let you handle them effortlessly.

They even have a great texture on both the inside and outside. As a result, the flow will be smooth. You will also find the bags not slipping from your hands while carrying out the decorating tasks.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in 24-count and 50-count options
  • 12 inches in size
  • Easily accommodates tips of different size
  • Texture is good for both inside and outside
  • Durable and less likely to leak

6. Weetiee Pastry Bag

Slippery icing bags are not that easy to handle. Not only do they make it hard to carry out the designs properly, but they also make it hard to control the flow. However, you will not have to worry about that if you get this offering from Weetiee.

Like we mentioned, the exterior of these bags will have a textured surface. That will offer a secure grip and allow you to take complete control over the tips' flow and placement. So, each design you will make will be perfect and have the right amount of icing.

On that note, this package is getting you the best piping bags and tips simultaneously. It bundles with eight tips of different shapes and sizes. Due to the coming in different designs, it will be easier to create designs on your baking products.

There will be no need to worry about securing the top and the tips because the package will also come with three bag ties and one coupler. Those will enable you to securely install the tip and ensure that the icing does not get out from the other end.

Moreover, the plastic is food-grade and reasonably thick. The thickness plays a vital role in terms of durability and leak-proofing. Also, each of the bags has a sufficiently large capacity

Highlighted Features

  • Features a textured surface
  • Comes with eight tips
  • Package includes three bag ties
  • Bundles with  a reusable coupler
  • Extra thick and highly durable

7. ilauke 100 Pack

Large capacity and a higher level of leak-proofness is something that most brands fail to deliver at the same time. But the good news is that ilauke is not one of them. Want to know more about this package? Read through the complete review.

Let us start by talking about the thickness of the bags. The brand has opted for food-grade plastic that is comparatively thicker than traditional materials. That means it will be capable of withstanding a significant amount of pressure, and you will not have to worry about bursting or splits.

When it comes to the capacity, the bags are 18 inches in length. That means it will be possible to make these accommodate a large amount of icing in them. The package will come with bag ties, which will help you secure the icing inside the bag.

The higher capacity will also play an important role when handling a large number of cakes or a large-sized cake. You will not have to refill it that frequently, which will make your workflow smooth.

Other than that, the bags are compatible with any tips and coupler. In other words, if you already have tips and a coupler available, you will not have to go out and get the ones that are strictly compatible with the bags.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of high-quality food-grade plastic
  • Comes with four reusable bag ties
  • Can contain a large amount of icing inside
  • Compatible with any tips and coupler
  • Ships in a pack of 100

8. TUICARE Pastry Bag Piping Bag

Want to get your hands on a piping set that is in the affordable range? Worried that you might get average quality piping bags if you opt for a budget-friendly set? You need to take a look at this set that is from TUICARE.

Even though the set resides at an affordable price point, the material and quality of the included things tell a different story.  The disposable bags are of high-quality LDPE plastic. It contains no toxins and is 100 percent safe for direct food contact. In fact, this plastic is safe for the environment as well.

Alongside that bags, you will receive six stainless steel tips. Each has a different design, which will let you employ different icing designs on the cakes. Also, fitting them up will not be an issue because the package bundles with two couplers.

There are two options when it comes to size. Depending on your need, you can choose the 12 inches or 16 inches option. And both of them will be reasonably thick and will be less likely to leak.

Just because the bags utilize thick plastic, it does not mean that you will have a hard time squeezing them. The material is reasonably flexible and will allow you to get the right flow of icing throughout the tip.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes at an affordable price point
  • Made of high-quality LDPE plastic
  • Toxin-free and safe for the environment
  • Available in two sizes
  • Thick and leak-resistant

9. Baker's Dozen Heavy Duty Disposable Bags

Highly adaptable and piping bags that are easy to use are something that all cake bakers want. But there are only a few brands that can offer bags such as that. Baker's Dozen is one of those few.

So, what does this the bags has to offer? Firstly, they are of high-quality plastic. The heavy-duty nature of the material makes them highly resistant to leaks, bursts, and splits. So, you can work with a large amount of icing without having to worry about making a mess on the table.

Although the material is reasonably sturdy, there will be no need to put excessive pressure just to make the icing flow through the tip. The bags are highly flexible and adaptable.

Talking of tips, this package will ship with six stainless steel tips. The build quality of those tips is up to mark. Thanks to different designs, it will be easier to make unique decorations too.

But the tips are not the only thing that is included along with the bags. You will even find a coupler along with two rubber bag ties. Those will make handling the icing bags an effortless task.

Highlighted Features

  • Bags are resistant to leaks, bursts, and splits
  • Highly flexible and easy to use
  • Bundles with six stainless steel tips
  • Each of the included tips has a different design
  • Comes with a coupler and two bag ties

10. Norpro 8 Piece Set

We are going to conclude our list with an offering that is from Norpro. If you were looking for a set that comes with lining on the inside, this one is it!

The package that you will receive will have eight pieces of decorating bags. Each of them will have a lining on the inside. But what will the lining offer? Well, it will let the icing flow smoothly. As a result, your designs will be consistent, and they will not look like something done by an unprofessional baker,

To enhance the overall grip, these bags will come with a cloth. That will get rid of the bags slipping from your hands out of the equation. You can effortlessly get a firm grip and work on the designs.

That is not all! The package will also bundle with six metal decorating tips. Each one of them has a different size of tips and a different flow design. If you combine all of them in your baking products, you will be sure to end up with something unique.

It even comes with a coupler, which will make it easier to install the tips on the end. And finally, all of the included things will have an excellent build quality and higher durability. So, you can expect to get extended use out of them.

Highlighted Features

  • Bags have a lining on the inside
  • Bundles with gripping clothes
  • Includes six stainless steel tips
  • Each of the steel tips has a different flow design and rate
  • Comes with a reusable coupler

Comparison Chart of Piping Bags


Bag Count


Bundles With

RICCLE 100 Anti Burst Pastry Bags




YOTIPP 100pcs/set




MuYwa Decorating Supplies Kit



Coupler and Tips

yueton Pack of 100




Wilton Pastry Bags




Weetiee Pastry Bag



Bag Ties, Tips, and Coupler

ilauke 100 Pack



Tips, Bag Ties, and Coupler

TUICARE Pastry Bag Piping Bag



Tips and Coupler

Baker's Dozen Heavy Duty Disposable Bags



Bag Ties, Coupler, and Tips

Norpro 8 Piece Set



Tips and Gripping Clothes

Tips to Using Piping Bags

Tips to Using Piping Bags

Using the piping bags is not as hard as many think them to be. Do not believe us? Try using them by keeping these tips in your mind:

Prepare the Tip Before Filling the Bag up with Icing

You should prepare the tip before filling up the bag with icing. That tip will act like a hole through which the air can escape as you are filling the inside up with icing. And that would make the filling process much easier.

Use a Rubber Bag Tie

Ties are not really necessary to design cakes using bags. However, with ties, you will be getting a complete seal on the top end. And that would allow the icing to flow evenly through the tip.

Opt for a Coupler

Another thing that is not completely essential for baking bags is the coupler. Yes, you can just cut and install the tip before filling the bag. But with a coupler, you can seamlessly change to different tips without needing to get a separate bag for each tip.

Fold the Bag Before Putting the Icing Inside

If you fold the bags at least to the halfway point, it will ensure that the edge is clear, and you will not make a mess while trying to fill the bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I reuse disposable piping bags?

You can, but you should not. These are not really meant to be cleaned and reused. Hence the name is disposable. Instead, throw them out after using.

2. Do I need multiple tips for designing the icing of the cakes?

It is not necessary to get a set of different tips for designing cakes. However, if you have a range of additional tips, making unique designs on your cake will be easier.

3. Is a couple absolutely necessary?

Not really! If you plan to stick with one tip on each of the bags while you are designing the icing, there will be no need for a coupler.

4. Are stainless steel tips safe?

The stainless steel tips that are from designing icing are completely safe. They would be made of food-grade material and be toxin-free.

5. Is silicone bags better than plastic ones?

Most of the silicone bags will be reusable. So, if you think about cost-effectiveness, they are better than the disposable plastic options.

Final Words

Our main goal here was to make it easier for you to choose the best piping bag. And we assure you that each of the offerings we have gone through is nothing but that. So, instead of going through a never-ending battle between the available options, get one of them without any hesitations!

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