Baking Tools List

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The art of baking presents itself differently to everyone.

For some people baking is hard. Even harder than general cooking. While others find it really simple and an easy thing to do.

Do you know what might set these two experiences apart?

A well-thought baking tools list that includes everything you need to make life a lot easier!

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, there’s no better way to up your skills than jumping in with the right equipment.

From mixing ingredients to decorating pretty cakes, you need artistic skills as well as the right appliances to enjoy your journey as a baker.

Ready to bake food that warms the kitchen as well as the hearts of the people you love?

Take a pen and paper as today we are planning to give you a clean list that will guide you from the noob stage all the way to the professionals!

Essential Baking Tools List for 2021

There are many stages of baking. Depending on your skill and level of expertise, we have sorted out 2 different types of toolsets: Basic and Professional baking tools.

Basic Baking Tools

The “Basic” section has different types of tools and appliances that will help organize your kitchen, bake faster and give you impressive dishes at the end!

Mixing Tools

1. Spatula


What It Is?

A spatula is a baking tool that features a very narrow blade. The blade is also flat and quite flexible so that you can bend it to your wish without any problem.

Why Do You Need It?

A spatula is a necessary tool that comes in handy while scraping the last bit of batter out of the pan. You can fold ingredients together and scrape all the nooks and corners out of any container with the help of this tool.

Between silicone and rubber spatulas, we recommend using the silicone ones as they can withstand high heat better.

2. Whisk


What It Is?

A whisk is a mixing tool that helps combine several ingredients together properly. Depending on your need and preference, you can choose to use Balloon Whisk, French Whisk, Ball Whisk, Coil Whisk, Flat Whisk, Dough Whisk, etc.

Why Do You Need It?

The most common use of a whisk is to whip egg whites and make foam. You can also use it to whip cream, meringue, dry ingredients, etc. Whisks help you cook in 2 different ways: By combining ingredients together or adding air into a mixture.

3. Hand/Stand Mixer


What It Is?

A hand/stand mixer is an electronic device that comes with a set of beaters. The beaters rotate at a 360-Degree angle and help mix everything in a bowl that contains your desired ingredients.

Why Do You Need It?

Stand/hand mixer is used for mixing, kneading or whipping different types of items together. A hand mixer is very useful tool for making cookie dough. As it’s motor-driven, the device is heavy-duty and can perform really well to quicken up your cooking process.

Decorating Tools

1. Piping Bags


What It Is?

A piping bag is a small cone-shaped or triangle-shaped bag that can contain dough, batter, cream, etc. The bag is usually made from paper, plastic, or cloth materials.

Why Do You Need It?

A piping bag is used for decorating cakes, cookies, pies, and other pastry-related items. Once the bag is filled with ingredients, you need to twist it so that the ingredient inside it is forced to come out and produce a decorative pattern on your cake or pies.

2. Nozzles


What It Is?

Piping nozzles are also used for cake decorating purposes. The nozzles are usually made of stainless steel and come in different shapes that aim to give your cake a pretty look with different patterns and designs.

Why Do You Need It?

The nozzles are usually attached with the piping bags and are used to create fun decorations on cakes and pastries.

Depending on your preference you can choose to use Drop Flower nozzle, Grass nozzle, Leaf nozzle, Star nozzle, Rose nozzle, Ruffle nozzle, Round nozzle, etc.

3. Icing Smoother


What It Is?

Icing smoother is a baking tool to give a professional finish on cakes. The smoother may have different types of edges on the sides to help decorate your cake more easily.

Why Do You Need It?

It’s hard to decorate the side and the top of the cake without smoothening out the surface first. Icing smoother helps by shaping and smoothening different sides of the cake and gives you a professional finish in the end.

Related Decorating Tools:

Pans And Sheets

1. Cake Tin

What It Is?

A cake tin is a container in which you can bake cakes. The tin is usually made of metal and round, rectangular, or square in shape.

Why Do You Need It?

Cake tins come in different sizes. Depending on your preference, you can use the tin to make casseroles, no-bake desserts, and even layered party dips!

Before using this container for baking, you need to grease the pan with a melted butter or cooking spray.

2. Sheet Pan

What It Is?

A sheet pan is a flat rectangular tray that’s used in the oven. The pan comes with a large baking surface and raised rim for your convenience.

Why Do You Need It?

Sheet pans are versatile items that can be used for different purposes. You can use it for baking bread rolls, cookies, sheet cakes, pizzas, pastries, etc. The pan is usually available in full sheet, half sheet, and quarter sheet pan sizes.

3. Loaf Pan

What It Is?

A loaf pan is also a baking pan that’s rectangular in shape and comes with deep sides. The pan is made of metal and treated with a nonstick coating so that baked bread doesn’t stick to the bottom of it.

Why Do You Need It?

A loaf pan is used to shape bread while it rises in the oven. The shape of the pan makes it convenient for you to slice pieces after they are baked. You can use this pan to bake various types of bread including challah, brioche, sandwich bread, and raisin bread.

Forming And Proportioning

1. Rolling Pin

What It Is?

A rolling pin is a cylindrical-shaped tool. there are 2 kinds of rolling pins available: Rollers and Rods. Roller pins come with smaller handles with a fat cylindrical shape in between while rods are thinner in comparison.

Why Do You Need It?

A rolling pin is used for shaping and flattening the dough. It’s typically used to make food items like bread, cookies, pastries, etc. With the help of a rolling pin, you can press the dough more evenly and uniformly.

2. Measuring Cups

What It Is?

Measuring cups refer to containers that have measurement markings in them. The cups may be made of glass, plastic or metal material.

Why Do You Need It?

Measuring cups are usually used to measure the volume of liquid or other ingredients. Depending on your requirement, you may use dry measuring cups or wet measuring cups. The standard sizes for the dry cups are 1 cup, ½ cup, 1/3 cup, and ¼ cup. The liquid cups include 1 cup, 2 cup,s and 4 cups.

Professional Baking Tools

Once you are done passing the beginner stage, you may require a few additional tools to level up your game. Below are some of the tools you can consider having in your kitchen:

Moulds And Ramekins

1. Cupcake/Muffin Pan

What It Is?

A cupcake pan is a mold for several connecting cups that are used to make muffins or cupcakes.

Why Do You Need It?

Using such a cupcake/muffin tray/brownie pan, you can bake multiple cakes in a compact space at the same time. The standard tray can hold 6, 8, 11, 24, and 35 numbers of cups per tray. Along with desserts, you can bake savory items (e.g. egg cups) in them too.

2. Ramekin

What It Is?

Ramekin refers to a small dish that’s used for baking a small quantity of food and serving individual portions in it. Ramekins are usually made of ceramic, plastic, glass, or stainless steel material.

Why Do You Need It?

Ramekins are used for preparing a variety of dishes including French Onion Soup, Crème Brulee, Molten Chocolate Cake, Cheese or Egg dishes, Lasagna, Ice-Cream, Souffle, etc. As ramekins can withstand high temperatures, you can put them inside an oven to make delicious dishes.

3. Mousse Ring

What It Is?

A mousse ring is one type of kitchen utensil that is used to provide an airy texture to the dish you are preparing. The ring is circular in shape and is made of stainless steel or aluminum.

Why Do You Need It?

Mousse ring is used to make different types of dessert items including cake, pastry, torte, rosti potatoes, sweet/savory mousse, etc. The rings usually vary from 2-inch to 12-inch in diameter and 1-inch to 4-inch in height.


1. Parchment Paper

What It Is?

Parchment paper is also known as bakery release paper, baking paper, liner, etc. It’s a cellulose-based paper that has nonstick properties.

Why Do You Need It?

Parchment paper is used to line cake tins and baking sheets so that the cakes/cookies can be removed easily. You can also use it to wrap savory items before baking them in the oven. Some people prefer covering the countertop with parchment so that it’s easier to clean up afterward.

2. Cling Film

What It Is?

Cling film is a transparent film that can adhere to different surfaces including itself. It’s also referred to as plastic wrap, saran wrap, cling wrap, etc.

Why Do You Need It?

Cling film is used to seal food items in a box/container so that the food inside it remains fresh for a longer period of time. The cling film extends the shelf-life of food by protecting it from physical, chemical, and biological damages.

Pastry Utensils

1. Sieve

What It Is?

A sieve is a device for screening and separating wanted elements from unwanted ones. Typically, sieves are made from net, metal, or mesh material.

Why Do You Need It?

In baking, a sieve is used for separating or purifying different ingredients. It’s also used for breaking up clumps in dry ingredients (e.g. flour) as well as separating solids from the liquid.

2. Flour Scoop

What It Is?

A flour scoop is a tool for transferring dry ingredients. The scoop is typically made of plastic or aluminum and is easy to clean.

Why Do You Need It?

While scooping flour or sugar from the bag, it often becomes messy and time-consuming to complete the process. In this case, a flour scoop comes in handy as it’s designed in a way to make it easier for you to scoop and transfer flour from one place to the other.

3. Kitchen Grater

What It Is?

The kitchen grater is often referred to as a kitchen shredder. The tool comes with different sizes of grating slots which allow you to prepare food more easily.

Why Do You Need It?

A kitchen grater is an important tool for the bakers as it allows them to shred/grate ingredients into fine pieces. You can use this grater for shredding potato, cheese, lemon, orange peel, carrot, and other soft foods.

4. Blow Torch

What It Is?

A blow torch is a device that can produce a hot flame on a surface. The direct heat from this device allows you to present your dishes in a more professional way.

Why Do You Need It?

Blowtorches are used for caramelizing sugar on top of crème Brulee. However, you can use this tool in a lot of other ways including searing fishes, skinning peppers and tomatoes, toasting marshmallows, giving a browning effect on the mac and cheese, etc.

More Accessories That You Can Use for Your Braking Journey

Final Words

There you go!

An entire list that’s made of baker’s essential items to make you professional from the get-go. Bake a little or a lot, we hope this baking tools list comes in handy from time to time and guarantees you an easier time in the kitchen!

Don’t worry, if your kitchen doesn’t have even half of the things that we listed. It’s not necessary to purchase all the items to start your baking journey.

However, once you start collecting these tools one by one, you will be able to notice the difference and gain more confidence in your baking skill at the same time.

Up Next: 6 easy ways to bake cookies without parchment paper.

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