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Best Lettuce Keeper : Recommended Storage Container For 2022

Imagine you are at the dinner table and served with a whole roasted chicken and salads. You start eating and suddenly discover that the lettuce is soggy.

You might hide the feeling for the sake of formality but can never accept soggy lettuce on your salad. Also, you will find various lettuce keepers, but not every lettuce keeper will get the job done perfectly.

With different products available on the market, it is often tiring and time-consuming to choose the best lettuce keeper by comparing their features.

Get rid of that hassle with our list where we have gone through every little detail to give you a complete idea of these products. Take a closer look at the buying guide too and make the decision wisely.



Editor's Rating


Prep Solutions by Progressive International

5 out of 5

WalterDrake Lettuce KeeperTM

5 out of 5

Rubbermaid 1920479 17.3Cup Produce Container

4.5 out of 5

Ambergron Produce Saver

Ambergron Produce Saver for Fruit Vegetable

4 out of 5

Crisper Food Storage Container

Sistema Klip It Food Storage Container

4.5 out of 5

Our Top 8 Best Lettuce Keeper Reviews of 2022

After an incise research, we have picked these products and have been examined thoroughly for the competency to be on this list.

Get amazed by how versatile and unique they are in terms of build quality and features.

1. Progressive Lettuce Keeper

Progressive Lettuce Keeper Produce Storage Container

Progressive lettuce keeper has reduced the hassle of meal preparation and increased the fresh-lifespan of lettuce and other fresh vegetables and fruits.

It comes in handy, especially when you are handling a big kitchen. But even if you are not, this produce storage container is still one of the most convenient solutions.

To keep lettuce and other fresh fruits and vegetable as they are for a longer period, simply wash and store inside the container.

You will get the storage guide on the front side of the container for easy handling. Keeping things organized helps while preparing meals for either your family or business.

This container comes with a divider that helps store different fruits or vegetables in one container simultaneously. The divider snaps into place easily and makes room for your fresh lettuce and other produce.

It has an adjustable air vent to control the airflow inside the container and a water reservoir so that your fresh produces doesn't run out of moisture at any given moment.

As the container also works as a colander besides its primary task, you won't need an extra colander to wash and rinse your fruits and veggies. This saves some more space in the kitchen and the hassle of handling different utensils.

What a great combination of aesthetics and functionality to give you the best kitchen experience possible.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built with food-grade material and an ideal storage solution for lettuce and other fresh produces.
  • Perfect for storing different fruits and veggies at the same time with the built-in divider.
  • Adjustable air vent and water reservoir ensure the perfect moisture on the produce and keep them fresh.
  • Large storage capacity and dishwasher safe.

2. WalterDrake Lettuce Storer

WalterDrake Lettuce KeeperTM

This dome-shaped lettuce keeper from WalterDrake is very effective in keeping your veggies fresh for a longer period by assuring a perfectly moist environment for the produce.

As these vegetables and fresh fruits contain a lot of water, it is crucial to retain the humidity to keep those fresh for days.

Made of durable plastic, this container can store lettuce and other fresh fruits and vegetables without any plastic's adverse effect. Thanks to the container's food-grade plastic, that makes this a reliable storage container.

But a veggie storage container won't be perfect if it acts like storing veggies in a plastic where fruits and vegetables drain water gradually, and your produces get wilted easily.

You get a built-in reservoir here where the drippings are stored to keep your produces fresh and crisp.

The container's build quality is pretty good for such plastic storage, and handling this in the kitchen is a breeze.

Once the lid is sealed, there is no worry of the vegetable getting in touch with other ingredients in your crowded kitchen.

Considering different aspects of this storage container, it can just be one of the best lettuce keepers you will find. But if you are looking for something too big, this might not be the right choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of food-grade plastic that is durable and has no adverse effect on the produces.
  • Keeps your fresh fruits and vegetables as is for days by providing a perfectly moist environment.
  • Has a water reservoir to store the drained water from the produces to save them from wilting.
  • Very easy to handle and safe to store.

3. Rubbermaid 1920479 17.3Cup Produce Container

Rubbermaid 1920479 17.3Cup Produce Container

This rectangular-shaped, plastic made storage container for lettuce, and other produce provides a lot of storage, 17.3 cups to be exact. So, everything is meant to be fresh for an extended period, whether lettuce or any other produce.

FreshWorks storage container uses an elevated base to keep vegetables away from the moisture and safe for a longer period.

This ensures you don't have wilted lettuce or other veggies when you open the fridge. A great deal to have in your kitchen for reducing the waste of vegetables and fruits.

They call FreshVent technology to allow the proper amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass through the container. This makes an ideal environment for fruits and vegetables.

The lid filter is beneficial to keep the air flowing, and there is no hassle of changing it over and over again.

You will find different sizes of the container according to your preference or requirements. If you need to store small fruits or veggies, smaller sized containers will serve your purpose.

But if you are looking for something big like cauliflowers and broccoli to keep fresh, you can have that size too. A lot of convenient options to choose from.

The plastic's quality to make this container is visible in its appearance, and it is safe to denote this storage as the top-notch quality lettuce keeper in terms of storage, usability, functionality, and a lot more.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provides ample storage for any type of produces and keeps fresh all the way.
  • It creates an ideal environment for produce with the help of FreshVent technology.
  • Has an elevated base to save produces from wilting.
  • Comes in different sizes and shapes to fit your requirements.

4. Ambergron Produce Saver for Fruit Vegetable

Ambergron Produce Saver for Fruit Vegetable

Easily slide all your fresh fruits and veggies inside the fridge with the help of an Ambergron produce saver, as it fits easily in any space due to its uniform rectangular shape, makes the container a great storage medium to use in any size of the kitchen.

And the great thing is this container comes in three sizes, one of which is extra large. The capacity of this container is 5.7 liters and perfect for storing large lettuce and other vegetables.

The other two containers are smaller and contain 1.7 liters to fit smaller fruits and vegetables perfectly.

This gives an edge over other produce keepers containing single storage that often seem not to fit every size of fruits and vegetables.

If you are preparing a meal for many people, this progressive lettuce keeper can help prepare the veggies beforehand. Save them freshly for the final part.

But be careful while washing this salad store as it isn't dishwasher safe. So, wash it manually with soapy water.

This container's build quality is great, so there will be less chance of breaking it unconsciously. But still, we suggest you handle the container with care.

Made with BPA-free and durable, clear plastic allows you to check the container's amount inside the container even without taking it out of the fridge.

This is overall the best lettuce storage container we have tested to date, and you can never go wrong with this item from Ambergron.

Highlighted Features:

  • One large and two small containers to fit all your needs.
  • Store lettuce or any other produce to make your meal preparation easier.
  • Clear containers are great to check the remaining amount and the condition of the produces inside the container.
  • Made of BPA-free plastic, so safe for storing food but don't run it into the dishwasher.

5. Sistema Klip It Collection Lettuce Lettuce Storage Container

Sistema Klip It Collection Lettuce Crisper Food Storage Container

Unless you want your fresh vegetables to spoil too quickly, store them in Sistema Klip It lettuce storage container to keep them fresh and crisp for longer.

With a solid build and ample room for the produces, Klip It provides the perfect environment to keep lettuce and other fruit and vegetables fresh.

This storage container is large with a capacity to hold 14.75 cups that are perfect for a good number of fruits or vegetables and easily fit large vegetables.

The container's cylindrical shape helps store compactly whether inside or outside the fridge and saves a lot of space in your kitchen.

It comes with a lid that snaps into place and can be locked by clips to keep produces sealed to last longer. As the container is made of food-grade plastic, produce doesn't contain any harmful elements from the container.

Being dishwasher safe, cleaning the container is a bridge. Be careful to put it in the top rack. It is also microwave safe if you want to use it in cases. But don't lock the lid while using it inside a microwave oven.

There will be no question about the container's sustainability and definitely credible of being on the list for obvious reasons.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of high-quality, food-grade plastic that is BPA free to save produces from plastic poisoning.
  • Locking clips and inner seal creates a separate ideal environment for the produces to last the freshness longer.
  • Large in size and can easily accommodate different sizes of fruits and vegetables.
  • Takes the least possible space when storing, so very convenient for smaller kitchens.

6. LUXEAR Vegetable Fruit Produce Container to Keep Lettuce Fresh

LUXEAR Vegetable Fruit Produce Storage Containers

Well, this thing is so beautiful and gorgeous that you can not only use this yourself but also gift it to others to make their hassle in the kitchen a lot less.

This comes in a set of different size options to choose from. You can go with either 2 containers or 3 containers pack.

Due to the air vents on the top and bottom of the container, it lets the right amount of air go in and out to ensure a sustainable and suitable moist environment for the produces.

With its classified storage design, you can adjust the partition to make your custom storage size for different fruits and vegetables.

It also comes with one or two separate small containers to keep smaller fruits like berries fresh. You can store them in the main container too.

With small holes at the bottom, this storage container can perform a double role as a colander to wash produces without needing a separate colander to save space and time.

The clear plastic build of this container elevates the aesthetics to the next level. But it is not only the aesthetics that make this the best container to keep lettuce fresh.

A filter tray is placed at the bottom of the container to drain out extra moisture to save them from rotting or wilting.

This way, you can be sure of getting fresh produce whenever you pull out the container from the fridge and start meal preparation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-layers of separation to store different produces at the same time.
  • Easily adjustable design is convenient and fits all your needs.
  • Aerating the produces through the vents helps keep them fresh for longer.
  • Can be used as a colander or a serving bowl too, when necessary.

7. Rubbermaid Produce Keeper

Rubbermaid Produce Saver Food Storage Container

Another great container to keep lettuce fresh from Rubbermaid is large enough to store bigger products at ease. With no funky design, it is compact and useful to keep produce fresh and crisp longer.

The innovative, crisp tray at the bottom of the container helps keep the produces away from the moisture to save them from rotting quickly. So, easily store your fresh fruits and veggies and use them without any spoilage even after days.

The container's vents are called FreshVent by the manufacturer that regulates the airflow inside the container to make the ideal environment for produces.

It is convenient for storing lettuce or other produce inside or outside the fridge or freezer as the container is freezer safe.

Moreover, it is also dishwasher and microwave safe, meaning you can use it anywhere without damaging the container.

Everything from the container to the lid is made of food-grade plastic and is BPA free to ensure the produce's safest environment.

Highlighted Features:

  • Free from those fuzzy functionalities that limit the storage space inside the container and accommodate a large amount of produce.
  • FreshVent allows enough air to circulate through the container to keep produce safe from rotting and fresh like before.
  • Crisp Tray at the bottom of the container ensures produce stays away from the moisture.
  • Can be used inside the dishwasher and microwave oven.



This tiny lettuce keeper from Vegan Life is not so appealing at first sight as the container isn't made of clear plastic rather a colored container.

But the real magic happens when you put lettuce on the spikes inside the container that keeps moisture away to keep lettuce fresh longer.

The lid space can be used to stack another container on it while you store them inside, freeze, or outside, which saves a lot of space.

Meal preparation becomes easier with the best salad keeper as you can prepare the produce before you jump into the bigger deals.

There is nothing much to say about this storage container, but it does the job for what it is built. It keeps lettuce fresh by wicking the moisture away and providing safe storage for other fruits and vegetables.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of BPA-free plastic to be safe for any produces you store, including lettuce.
  • Spikes inside the containers helps produce stay away from moisture to last longer.
  • No rotten or wilted, or soggy produce from the next time you use this storage container.
  • Lightweight and smaller in size so can be stacked up anywhere easily to save space.

Comparison Table of Top 8 Lettuce Container and Keeper 

Product Name

Dimension (Inches)


Dishwasher Safe

Prep Solutions by Progressive Lettuce Keeper

12.5 X 7.5 X 6.25

4.4 Liter


WalterDrake Lettuce KeeperTM

12.2 X 9.02 X 6.1



Rubbermaid 1920479

9.4 X 7.3 X 6.3

4.1 Liter


Ambergron Produce Saver

8.27 X 14.57 X 6.69

5.7 Liter and 1.7 Liter


Sistema Klip It Collection

8.7 X 8.7 X 6.9

3.5 Liter


Lettuce Keeper Buying Guide

Lettuce Keeper Buying Guide

Those who are just starting their journey to the kitchen might face difficulties choosing right lettuce keeper to save their fresh produce from spoilage.

But finding the right storage container to keep fruits and vegetables isn't that easy. Here are a few crucial factors that you need to consider while buying a lettuce container.

Container With Vents

The top and bottom vents of lettuce containers are essential to regulate the airflow through the container to leave the produce as-is for days.

So, whenever you buy a lettuce storage container, look for something with enough vents to let the air in and out.


The size of the salad storer is crucial as you might want to store large produce sometimes. It shouldn't take a lot of space inside your fridge or in the kitchen if you are using a small fridge or kitchen.

Some models come in different sizes so that you can choose the perfect size according to your preference. Medium-sized containers are the best in our perspective.


Having an adjustable partition inside the lettuce keeper can be useful when you want to store different products simultaneously.

It also allows you to adjust the compartments' size depending on what produce you are going to store.

Go for something that provides adjustable dividers to make room for any produces you need to store.

Water Reservoir

Having a water reservoir at the bottom of the container is a great plus as it helps the produce drain the excess water and stay away from the moisture. This way, you get fresh and crisp lettuce and other fruits and vegetables.

Food-grade Plastic

The container should always be made of high-quality plastic that is BPA-free; otherwise, your produce can be affected by the plastic container. There's no point in poisoning the produce instead of keeping them safe inside the container.

Dishwasher And Microwave Safe

Cleaning the lettuce containers might consume more time, so go for something that is dishwasher safe to clean them easily. Microwave-safe containers can be used for other purposes too.

Tips To Keep Lettuce Fresh For a Long Time

Tips To Keep Lettuce Fresh For a Long Time

Here are a few pro tips that will help you keep your lettuce fresh for a longer period.

  • Cut the stem of the lettuce and separate the leaves to save them from rotting.
  • Check for any bad leaves that might spoil others and remove them from the stack.
  • Wash the leaves thoroughly as they can contain E.Coli.
  • Rinse and dry the leaves properly before storing them.
  • You can use a salad spinner or paper towel to dry the lettuce leaves.
  • Be careful not to bruise the leaves while you rinse or dry them.
  • Store the leaves inside a progressive lettuce container to keep them fresh for the longest time.
  • Check every day for any bad leaves and remove them if necessary to save the remaining leaves from rotting and wilting.

People Also Asked

How to keep lettuce fresh in the fridge?

If you are storing the lettuce with the head, make sure to wrap the lettuce in a damp paper towel and store it inside a lettuce container to keep it fresh.

You can also separate the leaves from the head and store them inside a container after washing.

How long does lettuce stay fresh?

Depending on the lettuce and the method of storing, lettuce can stay fresh for 7 to 10 days. Storing the full lettuce head generally extends the span a bit.

What is the best lettuce keeper?

As everyone has their personal choices, you can check on our list of the best keepers to find the right container that meets your needs.

How to identify bad lettuce?

You can easily identify bad lettuce by the discoloration of the lettuce and the change in the texture. Instead of the crispness, the lettuce will become moist and soggy. You can also get a rotten smell from the lettuce.


Reading the best lettuce keeper reviews isn't enough to keep your lettuce fresh, but it can enlighten you about the factors that you might never know.

As you are aware now, choosing the right lettuce keeper and following the proper storage method will be a lot easier, which was our intention.

Let your lettuce and other produce stay fresh for longer than usual from the next time, and don't settle with soggy or wilted greens in your salad. Keep the moisture away from your produces and present a meal that tastes not only good but also looks incredible.

What can be better than a lot of healthy and fresh green lettuce on your plate beside a royal feast!

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