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Best Grocery Panniers : Top 10 Picks for 2022

Amidst a tremendously hectic schedule and extremely busy day at work, one thing that keeps coming back to your mind is grocery shopping.

Well, it’s one important task that every individual and homemakers have to do. Now comes the million dollar question which I am sure has crossed your mind as well.

Individuals who have a vehicle can drop all the products in their car. But what about the people who go to the farmer’s market or grocery store on a cycle?

Well, let me answer that question for you. Grocery panniers stand out as the best option. Trust me, it’s super convenient. If you are thinking “Will it even fit the cycle I use”,

Yes it will. It’s because the size, mounting-method, shape, durability, shape, and design might vary. I have spent plenty of time researching the best grocery panniers and have reviewed and listed some of them in this article.



Editor's Rating


BV Bike Bags Bicycle Panniers with Adjustable Hooks

5 out of 5

Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak Clip-On Pannier

5 out of 5

Ortlieb Back-Roller City Rear Pannier

4.5 out of 5

Gonex Upgrade Bicycle Waterproof Panniers

4 out of 5

Bushwhacker Omaha Bicycle Grocery Pannier

4.5 out of 5

Best Panniers For Groceries in 2022

1. BV Bike Bags Bicycle Panniers with Adjustable Hooks

BV Bike Bags Bicycle Panniers with Adjustable Hooks

BV is a well-known brand in the industry. I know this because I have owned several of their products. The company creates innovative equipment for touring, recreational, and commuting cyclists (Like me).

These products are over the top as they will provide you some extra style, convenience, and comfort at the same time. Their Bike Bags Bicycle Panniers can be used for everyday use.

What’s more? 

You can also use the bike bags when commuting to school or the office with no issues.

The bikes have huge compartments in which you can store all kinds of products, such as grocery items, books, bottles, and outfits. You will come zipper on each planner where you can store items, such as mobile phones, snacks, and wallets.

The angled pocket design of the bag will ensure that you have plenty of space when pedaling. There are four white shelf straps located on the joined middle section of the bag for delivering extra security.

The feature that gained plenty of spotlights is the detachable and adjustable hooks, which are located on each of the panniers. The hook is on the backside. It will help in securing the lower part to provide much better stability.

Features of the product:

  • Comes with a hand-carrying strap.
  • You can ride safely during nighttime.
  • Has a rigid black panel.
  • Made from 1000D Cordura and 600D Polyester.

2. Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak Clip-On Pannier

Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak Clip-On Pannier

The next on the list is the Bicycle Clip-on Bag from Ibera. The company believes that cycling should be a part of the lives of every individual. For such reasons, they create world-class bike bags for individuals to have a comfortable cycling experience.

Their Bicycle Bag Clip-on Bag is one-of-a-kind. Thanks to its clip-on feature, it will release the bag within 3-seconds. Do you know what this means?

No straps are required. Due to its smart release system, it makes it the best grocery pannier among the rest.

Also, the bag stands out to be pretty stylish and captivating. It also has multiple compartments, such as large big pockets and top zippered pockets. It also carries elastic bands that help in holding the flyway buckle straps.

In return, it will deliver a streamlined appearance. The installation process is pretty easy as you do not require any extra knowledge for it. Its 3-point connection system will have a firm hold on your bike, which will prevent the bag from falling off.

You can use the bag for all your activities, such as grocery shopping and taking it to your workplace. The interiors of the bag are pretty spacious and will hold all kinds of things without any issue.

Features of the product:

  • Weight around 14LBS.
  • Comes with an all-weather cover.
  • Ideal for pool parties, hiking, camping, touring, etc.
  • Equipped with a PAKRAK lever lock mechanism.

3. Ortlieb Back-Roller City Rear Pannier

 Ortlieb Back-Roller City Rear Pannier

To be very honest, I never heard of the Ortlieb company until I came across its products. I had no idea that they provide the top-quality Back-Roller Rear Pannier, and I was blown away by the features it has in store.

The bag gives out a sophisticated and luxurious appearance and comes with a roll-top closure. It also has a QL1 mounting system, which is pretty easy to use. This indicates that installing this rear pannier will not be that difficult.

I have voted this bag to be the best pannier bag among the rest because it’s big enough to fit vegetables, fruits, juice cans or even big size of turkey cotainer and various other things.

You can also take the bag with you when you are going hiking or touring and get to store all your supplies in it.

I can assure you that you have no problem using this bag, and the wear and tear will be pretty low.

Another thing about this rear pannier is that, if you have a 15-inch laptop, you can easily fit that in. You can also store your hiking boots or extra pair of clothing in it during your travels.

Features of the product:

  • Comes in a PVC-coated polyester fabric.
  • Has QL hooks and lower sliding hook with Allen Key No.3.
  • Pretty much durable.
  • Equipped with a Lateral 3M Scotchlite Reflector.

4. Gonex Upgrade Bicycle Waterproof Panniers

Gonex Upgrade Bicycle Waterproof Panniers

Gonex is a well-known brand in the market. The company carries a decent reputation for their bicycle panniers and various other products. Their Upgrade Bicycle Pannier stands out as one of the best bags for groceries and for outdoor adventures. 

You might be thinking, “What’s so good about this bag? It’s normal like the other panniers”, Well no, not at all. It’s because this bag has a lot more to offer than you think.

Firstly, the entire bag is made from high-strength PVC, which makes it completely dustproof, waterproof, long-lasting, and wear-resistant.

It comes with a triangular hooking system, along with two solid and movable buckles. The bag also carries a 360Degree rotatable bracket and gets to adjust and fix the bag in an appropriate position. The bag is functional and spacious.

No matter how you wish to use these bicycle panniers, it’s guaranteed that they will protect all the things present inside.

Whether you are going shopping at the farmer’s market or going camping with friends, this bicycle bag will keep all your things safe. It comes with multiple compartments and comes with removable shoulder straps.

Features of the product:

  • Comes with night reflective stripes for safe riding.
  • Durable handles provide another way to carry the bag.
  • Weighs around 2.6LBS.
  • Available in yellow-black color.
  • Carries a 27L Large Capacity.

5. Bushwhacker Omaha Bicycle Grocery Pannier

Bushwhacker Omaha Bicycle Grocery Pannier

The products and items from Bushwhacker have never failed to impress me. Their Omaha Bicycle Grocery Pannier looks simple but stands out as an ideal option for a quick trip to the market. It comes with two bags of the same design and size.

The bags are individual, and you have to mount them separately. Each of the bags is pretty big and comes with Length-14cm x Width-9cm x Height-11.5cm. If you are a heavy shopper (Like myself), the bag is ideal for you.

The entire bicycle bag is made from high-quality and durable material, which will prevent unwanted wear and tear from taking place. The installation process is straightforward.

If you are having issues when installing it, you can use the user manual that you will get with the pannier. It comes with a three-point mounting system that will hold the bag securely and firmly.

Once your work gets done, you can easily detach it from your bicycle and use it when you need it again.

You can fold the bag after using it and store it anywhere in your home. This will help you save plenty of space. Oh! I almost forgot the bags are meant for the rear part of your bicycle.

Features of the product:

  • They are easy to handle.
  • Comes in two spacious grocery bags.
  • Equipped with a bike frame, S Hook, and a bungee.
  • Weighs around 4.85LBS.

6. ROCKBROS Bike Panniers for Bicycle

ROCKBROS Bike Panniers for Bicycle

When the topic is about the best bike bags for groceries, you will find them at ROCKBROS. The company is a genuine cycling equipment brand and provides products and items for cyclists.

I did go through their website, and all their items are world-class. Among all their products, the Bike Panniers for Bicycle is what caught my attention. Not only the bag looks good and delivers an outstanding service when you use it.

The bags are large enough to store all your cycling essentials and come with reflective straps on both sides for a safe and secure ride. Apart from that, the bag carries a shoulder strap to make your hiking and camping experience a lot easier.

You will encounter 4-velcro straps that will mount the pannier to the rear part of your bike. So, the chances of it falling will be much lower. The bag also contains two dividers located inside as it will help you subdivide it according to your needs.

To provide protection from climatic conditions, it comes with an extra rain cover. There is also a water bottle holder on the sides and has an elastic cord that will secure the water bottle.

Features of the product:

  • Tail Light hanger strap.
  • Weighs around 893gms.
  • Made from Dacron fabric.
  • Comes with a multi-purpose design.

7. Banjo Brother Market Panniers

Banjo Brother Market Panniers

The bicycle grocery panniers from Banjo Brothers will impress you. They provide the best pannier for groceries, and many individuals were pretty satisfied with their products.

Among all the other panniers, the company’s Market Panniers is a bit bigger and comes with a capacity of 1500 cubic meters. The entire pannier will last longer, and all the tear and wear locations have been reinforced with ballistic panels.

Additionally, the pannier also boats a heavy-duty HDPE frame, which you will find at the bottom and back as it will prevent it from sagging.

You can easily mount the pannier onto your bicycle, and when the job's done, you can easily detach it and store it somewhere safe. When you have to carry all the goods inside your home, the shoulder strap and long handles will enable you to do so.

This Market Pannier also comes with a cinch-down flap that will keep away all the dirt and dust from entering the insides of the bag. No matter what things you place in them, I can assure you that they will not fall out of.

Features of the product:

  • You can store small items, such as keys and cash.
  • Comes with an easy on/off mounting system.
  • Stands out as a great bag for commuting and errands.
  • Has a zipper inside.

8. Ibera Bike Pannier Bag

Ibera Bike Pannier Bag

This is another bicycle bag from the reputed and well-known company Ibera. The company provides some of the best pannier bags for cyclists. This particular bag comes with a clip-on feature, and it’s 100% waterproof.

The entire design of the bag is pretty well-made and will resist all types of weather conditions. This will help in keeping all your things or belongings secure and safe from the harsh weather.

The Bike Pannier PAKRAK Bag is constructed with waterproof materials, which are 600D polyester and 500D tarpaulin. It also comes with ultrasonically fixed stitching.

The bag has two big coating partitions along with two zippered water-resistant pouches. The elastic bands of this bag hold onto the flyway buckle straps. Due to its water-resistant feature, it stands out as one of the top notch Grocery Pannieramong the rest.

Ibera bike pannier comes with a massive capacity of 15L, which will hold all your products and items. The best thing about the bag is that you can use it in two ways, either singularly or in a set.

You can use the bicycle bag for all carriers, and if you want the best results, opt for the Ibera carrier.

Features of the product:

  • Has a 3-point connection system.
  • Equipped with a Handy-carry trim.
  • Comes with a reflective strap.
  • Has a PAKRAK lock mechanism.
  • Can carry up to 22LBS of weight.

9. Hikenture Bike Bag Bicycle Panniers

Hikenture Bike Bag Bicycle Panniers

Hikenture is a creative and new brand, which is founded by a group of cycling and outdoor enthusiasts. The company is new to the industry, but it's gaining plenty of recognition for its high-quality bike bags.

The most unique thing about this company is that they collect feedback from their customers and then design a bicycle pannier. The entire bag is completely waterproof and is created to carry all types of items and products.

The best thing about this Bike Bag is that you can use it for all your regular activities, and carries a universal mounting system. You can easily travel from one place to another without worrying.

Since it's packed with water-resistant property, it makes it much easier for you to clean it. When you don’t require the bag, you can detach it from the bike, fold it and keep it somewhere safe. The bag is also resistant to wear and tear and will last for a long time.

Also, the bag has a phenomenal capacity. What I am trying to say is that it will store almost anything.

Things like gloves, laptops, repair kits, smartphones, keys, shoes, water bottles, and even a helmet will fit perfectly within this particular bag.

Features of the product:

  • The fabric is pretty durable.
  • Will provide long-lasting performance.
  • Has a 3-mounting system.
  • It will not fall off.
  • Comes with a brand warranty.

10. BlueDorado Bicycle Canvas Panniers

BlueDorado Bicycle Canvas Panniers

I got to know about BlueDorado through a well-wisher, and the pannier bags this company provides are ideal for all cycling enthusiasts. The company’s Bicycle Canvas Panniers is one-of-a-kind, and it is by far the best pannier bag I ever came across.

The functions and features of this bag of exceptional quality, and the company double-check all their items before making them available to the public.

Bicycle Canvas Panniers come with a large compartment. The bag has two side pockets that have a 12.6 distance between them. It delivers a 35L large capacity and will carry all your products and items like storage container to groceries, books, laptops, and snacks.

The bag weighs around 1.3LBS and gives out a clean and elegant appearance. It’s made from premium-quality water-resistant material. The bag is also resistant to tears and scratches.

No matter what you put inside, they will not stick out or fall off that easily. The installation process is simple because it comes with a simple mounting system.

You can take the bag for fishing, hunting, BBQ parties, road trips, picnics, boating, and field trips. And, of course, it will do wonders when it comes to grocery shopping.

Features of the product:

  • It comes with a quick release and clip-on.
  • Comes with two black ropes.
  • Will not wobble.
  • It's pretty functional, professional, and stylish.

Things You Must Look into When Buying Grocery Panniers

Buying Guide Grocery Panniers

Bicycle panniers are ideal for people like you, who travel to grocery stores and markets on the bike. They come in handy because you can carry all your things in them and bring them back safely without dropping them anywhere.

So, there are questions, such as “Which is the best pannier for me?”, “Will work with my bike?”, and “Can it take the load?” might pop up in your head.

That is why, in this section, I have listed some of the key factors that will lead you towards the Best Grocery Panniers that will make your grocery shopping a lot easier. Check out the information below.


Durability stands out as one of the most crucial factors that you must consider when buying a grocery pannier. You need to check the materials that are used for creating it and whether or not it’s sturdy enough to hold all your products.

Make sure to do some research on the pannier bag and look at the product review section. When the bag you purchase comes with a durable construction, it lasts for a long time and will not carry any sign of sagging. This will prevent you from purchasing another grocery pannier and save your money.

The Ease of Unloading/Loading Groceries

When you have the perfect grocery pannier, you need to make sure that you can unload and load all the items.

There are around 10 grocery panniers that I have listed in this article, and you will find that the majority of them have a basket top design. 

If you think this particular design is a mistake, you are wrong. The design makes it easier for you to load all your items at the store and unload them once you reach home.

Just keep a check that the grocery pannier you choose does not take much time when it comes to loading and unloading.

Mounting System

The next thing you need to check is the mounting mechanism of the pannier. The mounting system will help in attaching the pannier to your bike. Even though all grocery panniers come with a mounting system, that doesn't make all of the functions the same.

I went through a situation where I thought the mounting system was, and guess what? The entire pannier fell in the middle of the road. If you don’t want to experience the situation that I did, it will be much better for you to learn more about the mounting mechanism.


Once you have checked and confirmed everything, don’t forget to check the money you will spend on the pannier. Just like all other products, bike shopping bags also come at different prices.

Judging from the recommendations that I have provided in this article I can confidently say that a good-quality grocery pannier will cost you around $30 to $70 and a maximum of $100.

When you set up a budget that falls under this particular range, it will be much easier for you to get the bag you want on your budget.


When it comes to grocery panniers, the size does matter. There is no specific capacity of a pannier. The size that fits you perfectly will depend heavily on the volumes of the products or items you wish to carry.

I guess you do have a clear picture of the type of pannier you need right? So, all you need to do is make good use of that picture, and you get an idea about the size that fits you.

As per my experience, I will suggest you go for a pannier that has a much larger capacity. It will help in ensuring that you will not lack space when it comes to carrying all your products.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

1. Will I get one or two bags together?

Well, it depends on you how many you want. The majority of the grocery pannier bags come in a set of two. But there are several brands out there where they provide the option of one bag as well.

But take my suggestion, go for two bags. Why? It will balance your bike perfectly when you load them equally. Otherwise, you can always go for one.

2. What are some of the best brands for grocery panniers?

Apart from those brands, which I have mentioned in this article, there are many other brands you can check out.

Some of them are M-Wave, Green Guru, Blackburn, Inertia, and Diamondback. Make sure to go to each of their grocery panniers before investing in one.

3. Will it work if I placed a basket right on top of the rack?

Oh yes, definitely. It will work even if you place a basket on top of the rack. The only thing you need to do is hook the clips that are located on the top area of the pannier bag with the rack under the basket.

If you do so, it will work without any issues. Just make sure that you can unhook and hook the pannier bag.

4. What type of material are they made of?

Different pannier bags are made from different materials. Some bags are made from polyester, nylon, tarpaulin, and Cordura.

These materials will keep the bag safe from harsh weather conditions, scratches, and wear and tear. Even though there are many other materials out there, these are best among the rest.

5. Where will I get these bags?

When you're looking for the best panniers for groceries, you will find them available within online shopping platforms, such as Amazon, Alibaba, and many more.

There are many physical shops out there that sell these bags, but the price might be a bit more expensive. That is why I will suggest you purchase the bags from the online platform.

Final Words

Grocery panniers have become pretty popular these days, thanks to their unique features and functions. These bags are not just heavy shoppers but also stand out for individuals who enjoy tour activities. 

In this article, you will gain plenty of information on some of the best grocery panniers through which you can opt for the one that matches your requirements and your budget. 

I have shared all the essential information you must know, which you will not get anywhere else. You will get an excellent idea about the things or factors you need to check before you go for your pannier bag shopping.

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