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Best Pan For Dosa 2022 : Top 9 Dosa Tawa Model Revealed!

If you love Indian food, there is no way you haven’t heard of dosa. These crepes with a crispy exterior and yummy filling have taken the food industry by storm.

There are many variations of the dosa; some are soft, some are crispy, some are spicy and some are healthy. But the one thing that all these variants have in common is the way they are made.

No matter what kind of batter you use to make dosa, you need the right pan for it to come out perfect.

Without the best pan for dosa, you cannot achieve that crispy outside with a chewy inside. So if you’re planning on cooking up some dosas at home, you need to first buy the right appliance.

Selecting the right tawa or pan for this culinary task, might not be as easy as it sounds. This is where we step in to help you find the right tool.



Editor's Rating


Seasoned Cast Iron by Lodge

5 out of 5

Futura Nonstick Tava or Griddle

5 out of 5

Round Cast Iron Pizza Pan

4.5 out of 5

Chef's Classic Nonstick Anodized

4 out of 5

Cast Iron Pizza Crepe Dosa

4.5 out of 5

What Is A Tawa Or Tava?

What Is A Tawa Or Tava

Tawas look quite similar to a wok or a cooking pan. The unit is a commonly used tool in Indian cooking. Although these are mostly spotted across Asia, you might also see them in Caribbean or Balkans culture.

A classic dosa tawa is made using heavy cast iron. With proper maintenance, a tawa can last you ages.

There are more modern options available nowadays that are made with stainless steel or copper. But they are not as durable as the black cast iron ones.

The product is made in a variety of sizes. It can go from as small as 10 inches to as large as 30 inches in size.

You can use the appliance for cooking vegetables, meat, stir fry, dosa, or even for making bread.

Tawas can be used in an inverted position as well. Many people still make flatbreads on the inverted side of a tawa in villages in Asia.

Anything that needs to be cooked in a high even heat can be made on a tawa.

Our Top 9 Best Dosa Pan Reviews For The Money

1. Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Pan for Dosa Making

The first product that we have on our quest to find the best pan for dosa is this one from Lodge.

Lodge has been making high-quality pans for years now. So when you buy a pan from them, quality is surely assured.

We put this product on top of our list mainly because it comes pre-seasoned. So there is no need for you to smoke out oil in your house with this foundry seasoned unit.

Products that are pre-seasoned and non-stick are very easy to work with. Beginners who are just getting into the world of cooking can learn a lot with this tool.

No matter what kind of cooking surface you have, the product will work on it. You can even take this pan with you when traveling. The unit works on outdoor grills, campfires, and normal portable stoves as well.

Because the tawa is safe for use in the oven, you can use the tool for more than just making dosas. Roast meat, vegetables, or cook your morning eggs all in this one pan!

A wide 10.5-inch cooking surface gives you plenty of space to move your food around. Made with top-quality cast iron, the product will last you years.

Highlighted Features:

  • A versatile pan that can be used for stir fry, sauté, and baking
  • Wide 10.5-inch cooking space
  • Unit is safe to put in the oven
  • Comes pre foundry seasoned
  • High quality cast iron construction

2. Hawkins/Futura Nonstick Dosa Tava/Griddle

Aluminum is a great choice of material when it comes to buying a dosa pan. But the one concern that people have about the material is rust.

Made with anodized aluminum, the Hawkins griddle has no possibility of rusting. While you get the benefit of aluminum being lightweight, you can avoid the chances of corrosion.

Products that have a thicker construction such as this one are ideal for dosa. As a thicker construction induces even heating, there is no overheating and no chance of your food burning on the model.

To keep things on the safer side, the handle on the product comes with a stay-cool feature. Therefore, the handle can be touched with bare hands without getting burnt. 

Thanks to the non-stick feature of the tawa, you can cook healthier meals. No need to drench your food in oil.

A 13-inch diameter allows you to move the dosa batter around freely. You can get make bigger dosas with more filling! Flat surface as such in the product works better when making Indian flatbread, crepes, and chapatis. 

Weighing just about 3 pounds, the model is not a hassle to move around with. These lightweight units are also safer to store in hanging positions. The combination of all these versatile features makes this the best tawa for dosa to many.

Highlighted Features:

  • Anodized aluminum construction that does not rust
  • Heat safe handles with burn protection
  • Wide 13 inch diameter for bigger dosas
  • Item weight is just about 3 lbs; easy to move
  • Thick design for even heating

3. Cuisinel Cast Iron Dosa Tawa

A cast-iron dosa pan is better than aluminum or stainless steel alternatives if you are a professional cook. With the right seasoning, dosas made on cast iron pans can prove a lot better.

This product is the best dosa pan for even heat distribution. The thickness of the unit is at that sweet spot where it’s neither too hefty nor too thin. So although the pan is heated fast, it won’t burn your food.

Thanks to the controlled heat distribution, your homemade dosas taste as crispy as the ones you eat in restaurants.

Another thing that is great about Cuisinel cast iron pizza pan is that it can be used on open flames, bbq grills, and normal home stoves. Such versatile cookware is great to have at hand.

Handles on both sides of the product make carrying the pan easier. Because the cooking surface is not fully flat, you can also use the unit as a pizza dish or for stir fry.

You can add more seasoning to the model if needed, but the thing does come pre-seasoned. The non-stick capability on the unit increases with each use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Slightly curved tawa that can also be used as pizza dish
  • Durable cast iron build
  • Handles were added on both sides of the unit
  • Over, open flame and bbq grill safe cookware
  • Factory seasoned for ease of use
  • The non-stick feature increases with the use

4. Cuisinart 623-24

Having this small dosa pan in your kitchen can be useful for a lot of reasons. Firstly, it is lightweight and easier to store.

Secondly, the tawa can be used for making single portioned dosas, crepes, or frying eggs, a versatile appliance with multiple uses!

Just because the model is constructed of aluminum does not mean that the tawa is weak. The aluminum used for making the product is nonporous and anodized. No need to worry about water damage with this Tawa.

An added long stainless steel handle makes it easier for you to carry the unit from one place to the other. These handles also stay cool to touch when cooking.

People who love to cook healthy will find the product very useful. There is a quantanium interior surface with reinforced titanium, so you don't need much oil to keep your food and pan separate.

Slightly elevated rims on the side keep all the juices from spilling. While the flat cooking surface is still there, the tapered rims help keep your kitchen clean.

One of the main things we like about aluminum-constructed pans is how easy they are to clean. The Cuisinart pan can be cleaned with regular dish soap. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Quantanium added interior for easier non-stick cooking
  • Long stainless steel stay-cool handles
  • Smaller 10-inch personal-sized dosa tawa
  • Nonporous and anodized aluminum construction
  • Easy clean up with dish soap and warm water
  • Slightly elevated rim to prevent spilling

5. Victoria Cast Iron Pan

A reason why people sometimes avoid getting cast iron skillets or pans is that they need to be seasoned. Thankfully, this model comes pre-seasoned for you so you don't have to go through all that hassle.

Using high-quality and fresh flaxseed oil, this unit has been seasoned at several high temperatures. The oil that the manufacturers used is 100% non-GMO and safe for you. Use of flaxseed oil helps bring out a natural flavor in the pan.

Flaxseed oil seasoning increases the capability of the pan getting a natural non-stick layer with every use.

Loop handle designs make using the Victoria cast iron pan easier. You get more control over the tawa and can move it around on the stove. So with this product at hand, you won’t need to use any extra utensils to spread your dosa.

A large dosa pan as such can be useful if you have many people to feed. The ability to make large dosas at one go will save your time.

Because this is a large 15-inch pan and is made of cast iron, you can use the cookware for making pizzas, lasagnas, cookies, and a lot of other foods.

The versatile tool can be used in an oven, on a grill or stovetop for cooking any kind of meal.

Highlighted Features:

  • 15 inch cast iron cooking surface
  • Loop handle for ease of use
  • Pre-seasoned using flaxseed oil
  • Maintains even heat distribution throughout the entire cooking time
  • 6-inch wide handle

6. Vinod MT30 Nonstick Flat Multi Tawa

Looking for a non-stick pan to cook your dosas on? The Vinod MT30 might just be what you need.

This model is not like any other typical non-stick skillet or pan. It has an additional three non-stick coats. So when we say that you really don’t need any oil on the cookware, we mean it.

A ceramic dosa pan as such has compatibility with induction stoves and most other heat sources.

Virgin aluminum construction gives you faster heating. The dosa pan for the induction stove is Swiss quality. Even with regular use, you won’t see any scratches on the surface.

Keeping such units clean is also easier. A soft washing cloth and some dish soap are all you need to get the stuck food off of the surface.

Although you should never use any sharp steel tools on pans that have a non-stick coating, the model has an abrasion-resistant coating just to be safe.

The abrasion-resistant feature keeps your pan looking brand new for a long time. Hence, you can get by using metal spoons on the tawa without causing any serious damage.

The 4 mm base thickness increases the longevity of the product besides adding an even heating system.

Highlighted Features:

  • Abrasion-resistant coating added
  • Three coats of non-stick layer
  • Can be used with a metal spoon
  • 4-mm thickness at the base for durability
  • Induction stove compatibility

7. ESLITE LIFE 9.5 Inch Crepe Pan

Now, this is a unique product. Made with stainless steel material, the tawa has a granite coating on top.

Such a coating is great for people who want to avoid oily food. There is no need to add oil to your tawa to flip your chapatis or dosa in one piece.

A granite coating also gives you ease of cleaning. Any wet sponge with some mild dishwashing soap is capable of cleaning this cookware.

Because food rarely sticks to the surface of this unit, there is not much to clean in the first place. However, do keep in mind that the unit is not dishwasher-friendly.

The Bakelite handle does not get hot no matter how long you cook. If you touch the handle by mistake, there is no possibility of your hand burning.

Being approximately 2 lbs. in weight, the product can be shifted from the countertop to the oven or other places without having to break a sweat.

The surface of the tawa is as smooth as it gets. You can rest assured that your dosas will be coming out crispy when using this pan.

Highlighted Features:

  • Smooth tawa surface for crispy dosas
  • Food does not stick to the surface
  • Safe heat-protected Bakelite handle
  • Sturdy stainless steel material with granite coating
  • Easy cleaning with a wet sponge

8. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dosa Making Pan

When asked, ‘what is the secret to scrumptiously light and crispy dosas?', most vendors will say, high heat. High heat does give you that professional-grade crisp, but it has to be controlled so that the food does not burn.

If you are a pro at cooking, then you will love this model. The cast-iron pan is wildly popular for holding on to heat. So it gets hot easily and also stays hot for a long time. Therefore your dosas turn out great every time.

As mentioned earlier, Lodge makes great skillets and frying pans. So even with this model, durability is a given. Buy one of these pans and it will last you years.

Large handles have been added on both sides of the pan. With that, you get better control and grip on the tawa.

When it comes to seasoning, the makers sell it pre-seasoned with vegetable oil. There is no extra unwanted flavor that lingers on your cooking.

Highlighted Features:

  • Safe grip handle for better control over tawa
  • Vegetable oil seasoning for no unwanted flavor addition
  • Heats up quick and hold on to heat
  • Flat surface for better spreading of dosa batter

9. De Buyer - Mineral B Crepe & Tortilla Pan

Worried about your stainless steel pans getting oxidized? With this tava there is no need for fear of oxidation.

A special beeswax finish protects the pan from rusting. Moreover, the coating does not affect your food. Now you can use your stainless steel pans for years just like cast iron ones.

To keep things safer, the model is also PFOA and PTFE free. There are no toxic chemicals in this pan!

Engineered in France, the unit has been made by keeping professional cooks in mind. The handle on the unit has no heat protection but is long and lean. Since the handle can be grabbed easily, it’s faster to sauté and move things around on the surface.

Carbon steel pans need some help in the lubricating department. You will have to add some sort of oil to the pan before you start cooking or the dosa will stick. You could also try seasoning the pan for a more long-lasting non-stick effect.

Highlighted Features:

  • PFOA and PTFE free design
  • Engineered in France for professional-grade cooking
  • Easy-grip and long handles for better pan movement
  • Beeswax finish to prevent oxidizing
  • Can be put in a 400-degree oven

Top 9 Dosa Tawa Comparison Chart



Handle Type




Cast Iron

Cast Iron with no protection

10.5 inch

4.50 lbs


Anodized Aluminum

Heat Safe Handle

13.5 inch

3.04 lbs


Cast iron

Cast iron handles with no safety

13.5 inch

7.30 lbs


Hard-anodized aluminum

Stainless steel stay-cool handles

10 inch

1 lb


Cast iron

Cast iron

15 inch

11.58 lbs

Vinod MT30

Virgin aluminum

Triple-riveted Bakelite Handle

12 inch

2 lbs


Stainless steel

Bakelite heat resistant handle

9.5 inch

2.14 lbs

Lodge Pre-Seasoned

Cast iron

No safety added cast iron handle

14 inch

9.55 lbs

de Buyer

Stainless steel

Stainless steel handle

12 inch

4.18 pounds

What To Look Before Buying a Dosa Pan?

Pan For Dosa Reviews


Pans nowadays are made with many different kinds of materials. Some of the most common tawa materials are

1. Cast Iron:

A cast iron dosa pan is the way to go if you are looking for durability. It’s sturdy and strong. With even heat distribution, units made with this material will never give you a dosa that is not perfect.

But the durability comes with the cost of increased weight. Moving a cast iron tawa in the kitchen from one place to another can be troublesome. Also washing, seasoning, and maintaining the pan can be quite time-consuming.

With all cons considered, the material is still considered the best dosa pan material because of its ability to give you perfectly crispy dosas every time.

2. Stainless Steel:

Pans made of stainless steel are not so durable. They are one of the modern versions that were made to tackle the issue of heavy weight in cast iron ones.

It’s a good buy if you make dosas once in a while. However, there is a high possibility that you will have to replace a stainless steel tawa every 8 months. But besides that, they are easier to maintain.

3. Aluminum:

This material is a great conductor of heat. An aluminum pan helps make good quality dosas thanks to even heating.

Nonetheless, when you put anything acidic on an aluminum pan, there is a great possibility of corrosion.

Anodized aluminum, on the other hand, is usually taken through an electrolyte bathing process. Electric current is run through the metal so the material does not rust easily.

The main reason why people invest in aluminum or anodized aluminum is that the material is very lightweight and easy to work with.


In earlier days, dosas were made on a non-stick pan. A cloth soaked in oil would be run across the Tawa so that the exterior of the dosa comes out crispy.

The process, however, resulted in the top layer of the pan coming off. This would result in multiple health risks for the human digestive system.

That is why today people prefer buying nonstick pans. A nonstick pan also allows you to make healthier versions of food because you don't need much oil.

We suggest getting a non-stick pan if you want healthy options with restaurant-quality crispiness.

Thickness And Diameter

Pans that are bought for at-home use come in a lot of different sizes.

For making dosa, you need a large pan. You have to spread the batter around a bit on the pan. Doing so with limited space might be a hassle.

Therefore, a larger size, when it comes to dosa making, is a much better option.

But make sure you keep the size of your stove in mind when purchasing. A pan too large might not be compatible with your home stove.

Products that are too thick will take a longer time to heat up. But tawas that are too thin will overheat and burn your dosa.

Health Measures

If you're buying a non-stick pan, check if the product is PFOA-free. This was a commonly used chemical on non-stick coatings. Later on, studies brought its disadvantages to light.

Long exposure to PFOA can bring health complications including cancer. Although high heat volatilizes PFOA, you shouldn’t take any risk and opt for safer choices when the concern is your health. 

Safe Handles

When cooking, there is a high possibility that you might touch the handles of the tawa with your bare hands. This is common when you’re in a hurry.

Cooking appliances that have heat-resistant handles are always the better option. If your chosen pan doesn’t have that, at least make sure the handle is long.

Lean handle makes grabbing and moving the pan easy. Just make sure the handle can carry the weight of the pan.

Common Questions and Answers: 

1. What Kind Of Tawa Is Ideal For Making Dosa?

Answer: The most ideal tawa to get for making dosa is a non-stick one with a medium thickness. Non-stick means your dosa won’t stick to the pan, causing a mess. It also means that you’ll need less oil for your cooking.

The medium thickness will ensure that the pan gets hot quickly but does not overheat and burn your food.

2. How To Take Care Of A Cast-Iron Pan?

Answer: The safest way to clean a cast-iron pan is by soaking it in hot water overnight. Then, the morning after you can use a mixture of water and kosher or coarse salt to remove any food that is stuck on the pan.

Avoid using harsh dish soaps, detergent, or steel wool on your cast iron cookware.

3. Why Does My Dosa Keep On Breaking?

Answer: Not to worry, your dosa is not breaking because of a faulty pan. Dosas are more prone to cracking if the batter is too watery. Get the rice flour and spice to water ratio correct and you should end up with perfectly intact, round dosas.

4. How To Make Dosa On A Pan That Is Not Non-Stick?

Answer: Although this is a difficult task, it is not impossible.

You can still cook on a pan that is non-stick by using an ample amount of oil. Season your pan beforehand to prevent the food from overcooking.

The method is useful when you don’t have access to a non-stick Tawa.

5. Is A Granite Pan Good For Making Dosa?

Answer: A granite or ceramic dosa pan can be quite useful when making dosas. Because they are quite non-stick in nature, flipping and folding the dosas are much easier on such tawas.

6. Which Dosa Is Healthy?

Answer: Any dosa that has the flour ingredient swapped for something healthier will be better for you. Some people use oat flour or coconut flour instead of rice or all-purpose flour in their dosas.

A dosa made with just rice and lentil is called a sada dosa and is considered a healthy alternative.

Final Word

Making a good quality dosa requires a good quality cooking appliance. There is no point in wasting so much time making and fermenting the batter if you don’t have the right appliance for your dosa.

The chances of getting a flawless outcome without the best pan for dosa are quite impossible.

In this article, we’ve included a variety of sizes and material options in our tawa list. Hopefully, you’ll find just the right one for you.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a brand new tawa and start flipping perfect dosas at home!

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