How To Use Whipped Cream Dispenser

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A Triple Mocha Frappuccino with a dollop of freshly whipped cream on top.

Ah! Happiness is found in every sip of that frothy drink!

Sounds familiar?

Well, once you know the secret behind making this delicious topping from Starbucks, you mightn’t want to run to the nearest store so fast the next time.

Instead of hand-whisking the cream till the arms start to go numb, most coffee shops including Starbucks use a whipped cream dispenser to get that perfect scoop of deliciousness!

Not only this tool helps yield 2X the whipped cream that a hand-whipped method produces, but it also gives the fluffiest blob of cream you wouldn’t get otherwise!

Ready to take your whipping game to the next level and have fun with your new kitchen tool?

Let’s learn how to use a whipped cream dispenser the right way and get that stiff peak that holds for several hours without losing its shape for a bit!

What Is A Whipped Cream Dispenser?

A whipped cream dispenser is also known as “Siphon” and “Canister”.

It’s basically a hand-held kitchen tool that helps mix several ingredients together to give it a soft, pillowy texture.

This tool is made of several different components.

First, there’s the bottle that holds the meringue inside. It’s usually made of aluminum or stainless steel and the size ranges from ¼ liter to 1 liter in general.

The head of the bottle consists of a head valve and gasket. The gasket seals the bottle in an air-tight way and the valves come with a small entrance hole through which the pressurized foams dispense.

Then comes the tips which come in straight or tulip-sized. Its task is fairly simple! It helps you dispense the beautiful foamy meringue on top of your favorite dessert!

Oh! One more thing is left to introduce.

And that is the whipped cream charger!

Let’s give you a brief about that before serving a big bowl of fresh whipped cream on the table!

What Are Whipped Cream Chargers Used For?

What Are Whipped Cream Chargers Used For?

Once you put the required ingredients inside the bottle, place the charger into the holder, give it a good shake, and press, a foamy material comes out of the dispenser.

So, how does it happen?

Well, the whipping charger works as a whipping agent here.

The charger is basically a steel cartridge that has Nitrous Oxide gas inside it. When the ingredients inside get stirred with nitrous oxide gas, it creates a lot of tiny bubbles and gives it a whipped texture that you love so much.

How To Use Whipped Cream Canister?

How To Use Whipped Cream Canister

While you can use an electric beater or the old-fashioned hand whisking method, a canister will always ensure a better-quality cream for you!

Without any further ado, let’s give you a step-by-step guideline to use this tool. Before you begin, make sure you have the dispenser and ingredients ready in front of you.

Step 1: Clean The Components Properly

  • Clean the bottle, gas cartridge, piping tip, screws thoroughly with cold water.
  • Towel dry them properly before going to the next step.

Step 2: Insert Your Desired Piping Tip

  • Unscrew the lid of the canister and set it aside.
  • Insert your favorite pick (straight or tulip-shaped tip) on top of the dispenser.
  • Make sure the tip is connected properly with the head valve.
  • Also, check to see if the gasket is placed on the bottom part of the head properly.

Step 3: Add The Ingredients

  • Pour your 1 pint of meringue or your desired liquid into the bottle.
  • You can also add sugar or any kind of other flavorings at this point to make the mixture more flavorful.
  • Make sure the total mixture doesn’t cross the max fill line.

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Step 4: Put The Whipping Charger In Place

  • Secure the head tightly to the bottle.
  • Put the charger into the holder and screw it on the head of the canister. Make sure the smaller end is facing upwards while doing this.
  • Twist gently until the gas gets released. You will hear a subtle “hiss” sound while it happens.

Step 5: Give It A Good Shake

  • Once you hear the sound, you can either keep the charger in place or set it aside.
  • Give the dispenser a good shake. Turn it upside-down or do whatever you can to get the ingredients all stirred up!
  • This action helps the nitrous oxide get mixed up with the meringue properly.

Step 6: Serve And Enjoy!

Step 7: Don’t Forget To Clean Up!

  • All done? Now that the canister is empty, press the bottle over a sink to discharge any remaining pressure inside it.
  • Take out the charger and the top of the bottle.
  • Take a small brush and clean any leftover residue that might remain inside the nozzle.

How To Fix Whipped Cream Dispenser?

How To Fix Whipped Cream Dispenser

There are two common issues that a canister may trouble you with. Instead of running to a nearby store to fix it, you can try our methods first to save your time and effort!

1. The Top Part Of The Dispenser Is Stuck

Solution: It’s a pretty common issue that happens when the thread on the top of the canister gets all twisted up.

To solve this problem, try running the top of the canister under lukewarm water. The heat from the water will help loosen up the head and make it easier for you to open the top the next time you try.

2. The Whipper Has Stopped Yielding Cream

Solution: Well, my friend, it seems like your canister nozzle has got clogged!

Don’t worry, there’s nothing that a good shake can’t fix!

Shake the bottle a few times to dislodge the small particles and then try again. If it still doesn’t work, run it under warm water for a couple of minutes and try again.

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Bonus: Whipped Cream Dispenser Recipes You Must Try!

Besides making the old-fashioned fluffy creams, you can use this siphon to make some unique recipes that you haven’t thought of before doing!

Fried onion rings is one of the classic recipes that everyone loves to eat. However, making the Deep-Fried Batter isn’t an easy thing to do! A canister helps you achieve that light consistency that we all look forward to achieving.

You can even make a rich and super-smooth Mashed Potato in a siphon!

All you have to do is to mix melted butter, boiled potatoes, and cream on a stove and put it inside the canister. Then shake the whipper gently and voila! Hot, warm mashed potato is all ready for you to eat!

The viral trend that’s been going around TikTok and Instagram, Dalgona Coffee, can also be made using this dispenser.

In fact, you will have a much easier time mixing it in a canister than by hand which might take up to 15 minutes! Not to mention, the picture comes out looking pretty amazing when you put that creamy light frothy coffee foam on top!

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Tips And Caution

By now, we hope you got this whipping thing nailed down!

In case you face some difficulties, we want to warn you about some little things that might come in handy sometimes.

  • While cleaning, do NOT scrub the gasket small gaskets on the head as that might cause serious damage.
  • Before doing anything else, make sure the leftover gas is released from the bottle. You can wrap up the nozzle with a towel and then press the liver if the spout seems clogged for some reason.
  • As the canister consists of many sensitive parts, make sure you don’t use any abrasive materials like stainless-steel cleaner or harsh chemicals to clean the parts.
  • If your cream doesn’t come out as cold as you would like it to be, keep the charger in the fridge and then try again.
  • Do NOT shake the bottle too much as this might thicken the cream too much. Just give 4-5 shakes before pressing the liver.


A whipped dispenser is a versatile tool that can be used in making freshly whipped meringue, airy foams, soft and smooth batters, and even a summer salad dressing.

Once you know how to use a whipped cream dispenser in the right way, you will get to try all of these amazing recipes and enjoy topping them on your favorite pie or cupcake!

So, what are you waiting for?

Be your own barista and start whipping like a pro to let the world know your secret skill!

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