How Ocean Can Make Us Calmer And More Creative?

How Ocean Can Make Us Calmer And More Creative?

The sound of a rolling ocean wave is one of the most mysterious calls of nature that I have heard.

An adventurist, for instance, takes the roaring sound as an invitation to ride the waves, jump/dive under them or simply enjoy the thrill while they keep crashing in front of him.

Whereas an artist takes this call to get busy capturing the beauty of splashing waves, a silhouette of two lovers enjoying the sunset or the shimmering sunlight that’s gleaming everywhere on his canvas.

It’s the same wave, yet when it crashes, every people hears it differently!

Ever wondered why?

The main hero of this whole drama, the ocean, has a special connection to the human mind. It brings out the feel-good vibe, helps you unwind and creates an escape route from the reality even if it’s just for a little while.

Want to know more about how ocean can make us calmer and more creative?

Let’s get you introduced to the “Blue Mind Theory” first before revealing all the secrets!

The Famous “Blue Mind Theory”

The Famous “Blue Mind Theory”

Wallace J. Nicholas, a marine biologist and author of a 2014 book “Blue Mind”, believes that we all have a special connection to the color blue!

It seems a bit odd, doesn’t it?

Why would a specific color draw our attention so much? And that too, “blue” in particular?

Turns out, here, the blue color symbolizes the source of water.

It means, when we spend time our vacation on the beach or take a stroll at the lakeside on a lazy afternoon, we look for a sense of calm and clarity from these water sources.

The blue color actually represents the soothing effect of nature on the human mind. From playing with the sand at the shore to listening to the seagulls screaming your ears off, everything about the ocean reminds us of long-awaited vacation and happy memories!

And that’s the reason probably why Nichols so rightfully said that we have a blue mind. A mind that feels at home when it’s near, in, on or under any water resources!

Why Is The Sound Of Water Soothing?

Why Is The Sound Of Water Soothing?

Come to think of it, it’s a very good question!

Let’s give you a simple example first.

Have you ever wondered why the best ideas always seem to strike your mind when you are taking a shower?

Well, the relaxing, solitary environment in your shower allows the brain to wander freely. It forces you to be more open to new ideas and be more confident.

And that confidence boost helps you think about life from a different perspective! It also gives that ‘Eureka’ moment you have been hoping to get all day long!

The same thing happens when you go near the ocean.

The soothing sound of the waves crashing on the shore creates the perfect ambiance to relax, sit back and enjoy the serenity it provides. The natural white noise of water flowing blocks out all other sounds, calm your nerves and rejuvenate your soul at the same time!

How The Calming Effects Of Water Is Good For Creativity?

How The Calming Effects Of Water Is Good For Creativity?

So, what do water and creativity have in common? Or is it just the mere fact that a calm mind thinks better and has the ability to perceive the world from a different angle?

Well, here are 5 different ways an ocean can rewire your brain for creativity:

1. Being Near Water Stimulates Your Senses

Being Near Water Stimulates Your Senses

Walking barefoot on sand feels better than a fancy foot rub, doesn’t it?

Well, there’s a reason behind it!

While taking a stroll on a sandy beach, the dead skin under your feet gets exfoliated. Also, the motion of your movement activates lymphatic circulation and makes your feet feel like they are getting pampered every time you take a step.

Once you get rid of those suffocating shoes and feel the warmth of hot sand hugging your feet, your mind automatically enters into a Zen-like state. It grounds your body to mother-nature and allows you to connect to a higher level where creativity can enter.

2. The Ocean Teaches Us To Never Give Up

The Ocean Teaches Us To Never Give Up

The ocean teaches us how to be more like itself.

The powerful waves keep crashing on the shore in a repeated manner. Yet when they blend in with the beach, they look so calm as if the waves have fallen weak and aren’t going to make it the next time.

But guess what?

The rolling waves come right back with their fullest strength like nothing ever happened!

Hence the ocean teaches us to never give up on our hopes and dreams no matter how impossible it seems at times!

Even the small pebbles on the shore have some unique purposes that no other elements have. Similarly, each individual on this planet has some gifts and talents that they need to share to build a positive life momentum.

3. It Activates Your Imagination

It Activates Your Imagination

The ocean has a calming effect on your brain, which helps you tap into your imagination fairly easily.

When you turn off your cellphone and let yourself enjoy the relaxed environment around you, the prefrontal cortex of your brain automatically quiets down.

And that’s when your imagination kicks in!

Since your brain is not dwindling on any particular subject, it becomes interested in exploring new ideas and planning. It also helps you see things from a different perspective, understand deep meanings of life and connect the dots that you wouldn’t be able to do at some other time.

Hey, who knows?

Maybe, you would even be able to shake off that writer’s block sooner if you spent more time by the seaside!  

4. Being In Water De-Stresses You

Being In Water De-Stresses You

According to the Global Healing Center, the color “Blue” creates a tranquil and peaceful ambient and helps you manage your stress in a better way!

Being near water sources gives your brain the much-needed break it had been longing for. Just the sound of water flowing around you de-stresses your entire mind and allows you to indulge with nature and be away from the crowd.

While your mind is healing itself, at the same time it starts to take in the stunning beauty of the ocean and awaken your emotional perspective. That’s probably the reason why so many poets, writers, singers and artists find inspiration while spending time at the beach.

5. It Makes You Mindful And Focused Than Ever Before!

It Makes You Mindful And Focused Than Ever Before!

Looking out at the vast ocean and smelling the salty ocean breeze stimulates your brain wave’s frequency and puts you into a mild meditative state.

Want to stay in this zone for a bit longer?

Well, then you have to stop checking your Facebook feed every 20 minutes!

The best way to practice staying focused on your work is to close your eyes and concentrate only on the ocean waves crashing on the shore. Those roaring sounds along with splashing and the warmth of the sun makes you aware of your senses. As a result, a more productive ‘Monday’ comes out!

Advantages Of Living Near Water Bodies

Did you know living by the sea means you are more likely to exercise than anywhere else?

Yep! You can probably guess why!

Apart from helping you manage weight, the seaside environment has some great benefits as well.

As you get a chance to breathe in the fresh air and soak up vitamin D every morning, the immune system in your body gets all boosted up. Exposure to water sources is also known to help sleep better at night and clear your mind of any unwanted thoughts or distractions.


Being surrounded by the big, blue blanket of ocean, we feel comfortable, safe and at home.

Waves of water splashing on your feet and melting away before anyone can even touch makes you feel connected with nature in a spiritual way. This meditative state makes you forget your painful memories, stress, daily burden and everything else!

Now that you know how ocean can make us calmer and more creative, hopefully, you will plan to leave the city life soon! A cozy home by the water helps to freshen your mind and boost your immune system as well.

But what if you don’t have the opportunity to live by the coast?

Then you could always book a short trip to the seaside and come back to your work with a full-on energetic mind afterward!

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