Cookie Decorating Tools

13 Essential Cookie Decorating Tools and Supplies You Can Buy

Who doesn't like a box of garnished cookies? Have you ever received a luxury assorted cookie box as a present and wondered how these ornate cookies are made?

Well, it's all about the artistry of the baker. Not to forget, the set of crafty utensils that make things look pleasing to the eyes is the cookie decorating tools and supplies they use.

Baking is an art; all kinds of cooking are. To make your cooking endeavor achieve extraordinary outcomes, you need the necessary implementations. We are here to talk about all the necessary apparatus, the bits, and pieces of cookie decoration to make things easier.

Cookie Decorating Tools for Beginners to Expert

You can either bake simple or be someone who likes embellished biscuits. To do that, you will need some must-have items by your side. We won't discuss the decoration process; instead, name the tools imperative to baking biscotto and their uses.

1. Mixer

mixer for cookie dough

A mixer in terms of hand beater or a table mixer is crucial for the exemplary cookies. If you prefer to work fast and efficiently, get a stand mixer. If you are ok using your hands while mixing the batters, grab a hand beater. It comes at a comparatively lower price.

The more immaculate the batter, the tastier and more attractive it will look. Therefore, having a top-notch mixer has to be your top priority.

2. Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutters

When you look at assorted boxes, you see different shapes and sizes of the biscuits, don't you? You can make such beautiful pieces, too, by using cookie cutters.

They come in a wide range of designs. No matter if you want letterings, alphabets, stars like designs, animal shapes, and much more. There are various options available crafted with stainless steel.

The usage is pretty simple. Just press the cutter on the dough, and you get the desired shape.

3. Food Colors

You don't want your biscuits to appear monotonous or dull when planning for decorative cookies. Edible food colors are the way to go. There are various brands you will find in the market to make your baked goods look vivid and striking.

You must purchase edible colors. Make sure you get hold of a good brand. There are sets of colors that can be mixed up to make variations or can be applied directly from the tubes.

Imagine the cookies being tulip red, teal green, golden yellow, and such, that too with adornments here and there. Food colors are a go-to choice for pastry chefs to make it aesthetically pleasing.

However, not everyone is a fan of artificial food coloring and might want to opt for other ways of cookie decoration. If you are one of those people, you might consider learning how to make natural food coloring. That way, you can make the colors at home from scratch!

4. Liquid Shine and Luster Dust

Luster dust adds to the visual aspects of the decoration. It makes the cookies appear exquisite. Make the cookies shine and have bold tones using liquid shine. You can get FDA-approved edible gold dust even if you want to make the crackers look royal.

5. Piping Equipment for Cookie

Piping Equipment for cookie

Talking about frosting and decoration, you need piping tools to do that. First comes the piping bagwhich holds the cream frosting. Put the icings and use the pressing technique to let the cream flow in patterns.

You don't want to miss out on piping tips. They come in ranging sizes and shapes. What they do is you get to adjust the rate of flow of the icing. Detailing the cookie frosting is all about having an ideal-shaped piping tip.

No matter how complex the designs are, you can achieve a wide array of piping tools from the market. A piping coupler is what adds to the importance of this particular tool. Coupler allows you to interchange the tips and achieve variations in your design. Having a coupler, you won't have to fill up different bags of icing.

6. Cookie Sheets

Cookie Sheets

Believe it or not, you must have a cookie pan to bake the batters without any hassle. Cookie sheets come in many sizes and will allow you to spread out the fillings in a bigger surface area to make more cookies.

Another advantage of this sheet is that it won't let the biscuits burn out from the bottom. A well-insulated cookie sheet can work wonders for you.

7. Cooling Rack

Cooling Rack

How will you handle the scorching hot cookies right out of the oven? Cooling racks are there to do the trick for you. Just get the sheet out of the oven, slide the hot cookies on the cooling rack, and let them cool down.

8. Rolling Pins for Cookie

For visually striking cookies, you first need to make the batter flat out on the surface before cutting out shapes. This can be done using rolling pins. They come with adjusting pins, and you can manage the thickness of the batter being rolled.

The size and dimension of rolling pins vary, and you need to learn to use them to make a flawless flattened batter.

9. Scoops

When working on numerous cookies together, cookie scoops come in handy to transfer the dough and mold it into circular shapes. Use a cookie scoop to dig out the dough and press it onto the cookie sheet for desired results.

Keep in mind that scoops are for circular cookie variations. Not for rectangle, triangle, or any other shapes.

10. Engraving Tool for Cookie Decorate

Engraving Tool for Cookie Decorate

Also known as a scriber, it can be used to dig out patterns and necessary designs. Like an etching tool, we are talking about sharp needle points on the front to make sure you can engrave markings on the icing.

Creaming the cookies can be a daunting task, and you might come up with bubble formation. A scriber will help pop the excessive air out. This sharp equipment is vital to your artistic expression.

You will be awed by the fact that there is an extensive collection of scribers out there, from simple plastic tops and metal pointers to expensive stones on the upper end and whatnot.

11. Mini Spatulas

Mini Spatulas for cookie

Touch-ups are super necessary if you are decorating a cookie. There are small spatulas made of silicone; they can be used to fine-tune the frosting and cover up the impairments if there are any.

It is used to put the icing on the cookie dough and to mix color variants. Having a mini spatula is inevitable if you want to make the intricate task of mixing and frosting easier.

12. Coloring Brushes

We are talking about fancy decorated cookies. So, coloring the cookies to perfection is also important, don't you think? Brushes serve painters working on canvases. Here you are, the painter and the cookies are your canvases.

Use these affordable brush sets to fine-tune the colors you need. Making drawings and outlines will be fun with a brush set at your disposal - time to channel your inner artist.

13. Coloring Markers

Once the icing is set up and hardens, you can draw or write on it. You might have seen such variations on customized cookies. Now, it has become easier for any baker to do this with edible color markers.

Designing on-set icing has never been easier. Be sure to purchase edible coloring pens and not the ones you use on whiteboards.

Now that everything is explained, it's probably time for you to get those baking tools and get to work. If you know how to decorate sugar cookies now, you can become the ultimate cookie baker today.

Is It Necessary to Use Decorating Equipment for Cookies?

Yes, if you are looking to embellish the biscuits, macaroons, sugar brownies & small cakes, etc., then decorating tools are vital. Better be safe than sorry.

Why not use the available products to make your cookies look beautiful rather than going for cheap decorations?

What Else Do You Need to Know?

As we said, this is not a write-up on how to decorate cookies; instead, it is about the available equipment to make the decorations. Let us tell you that shining cookies and making designs on them takes time and hard work.

It all starts from making the dough immaculately, cutting, frosting, coloring, decorating; everything needs to be looked after with utmost care. It's not an easy task and should not be taken lightly. Decorating cookies will need patience and skills to bring out the best.

Final Thoughts

If you are fond of decorated cookies, why not give it a try and make them yourself? Baking needs perfection and designing as well; therefore, you must use the cookie decorating tools and equipment to create wonders.

Yes, you can order from a professional baker, but why do that when you can dig out some of the creative designs by yourself. Give it a try if you are into baking cookies. Having the necessary tools we mentioned above will let you exhibit your creativity, no matter if you are a professional or a beginner.

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