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Best Pizza Stone for Traeger in 2022 | Top 10 Picks

Pizza is delicious.

No doubt in that!

Problem is the monotony. After having it thousands of times (just kidding), it does get boring.

What if you could reinvent it?

Being the lazy person I am, I decided to give it a twist by making it on my Traeger grill rather than the oven. The difference it made was gigantic.

All you need to do the same is buy a pizza stone that works with your traeger grill. Therefore, below is the list of ten best pizza stones for Traeger, along with a buying guide.



Editor's Rating


Unicook Heavy Duty Cordierite Pizza Stone

5 out of 5

Cast Elegance Thermarite Baking Stone

5 out of 5

Pizza Stone for Grill by Hans Grill

4.5 out of 5

Heritage Large Pizza Stone

4 out of 5

Weber 8836 BBQ Pizza Stone

4.5 out of 5

Pizza Stone for Traeger Buying Guide

Pizza Stone for Traeger

Before I share the ten pizza stones you can use on your Traeger grill, it is time to understand how to compare them and choose the best option among them.


You cannot make a pizza bigger than the stone. That is why the size of the stone matters a lot.

If you make pizza only for personal use, an 11-inch stone will do. However, if you make pizza for your entire family or get-togethers, getting a larger stone (like 15 inches) is a good idea.


The pizza stone can be made from aluminum, steel, natural stone, ceramic, and so on. These are good materials to go with.

A lot depends on the aesthetics and what you're trying to achieve from the pizza stone. Certain pizza lovers like a thin crust that provides a crisp crust and heats quickly.

Some others require the traditional stone, which gives them an authentic feel. While all these materials are good enough, you have to decide on your personal preference and after that choose one.


Yes, a pizza stone is available in many other shapes than the round one! That is why you have to first decide whether you prefer a round-shaped pizza stone (the traditional one) or more unique shapes like rectangular or square.

You have to determine which one you can handle better and, after that, take a call.


If you have made the pizza hundreds of times before, you will know how to handle the stone. However, for many others, handles are a must. If the stone consists of handles or protruding shapes that you can hold, it becomes effortless to use the stone. That is why you have to always look at the handling features of the stone before taking a call.

Another lesser-known feature is the base of the pizza stone. If it consists of feet or non-slip texture, that is a positive.

Cooking Appliance Compatibility

I know, I'm speaking about pizza stones for Traeger grill. However, wouldn't it be nice if the same stone could be used on other cooking appliances?

Numerous stones can work with a grill, oven, and other appliances. While this feature is not necessary, having a pizza stone can make things easier for you. It is another thing to consider while comparing the pizza stones.

Top 10 Best Pizza Stone for Traeger Reviews in 2022

Without any delay, let me now share the top ten options when it comes to pizza stones for the Traeger grill.

1. Unicook Heavy Duty Cordierite Pizza Stone

With temperature resistance as high as 1450°F, this pizza stone is undoubtedly suitable for your Traeger. High-temperature resistance is the reason it is on top of my list.

Apart from that, Cordierite construction means that durability is excellent. This material does not produce any odor. That is why, even if you're cooking at higher temperatures, you won't have to worry about any foul smell.

If you dig deeper into the properties of this material, you will realize that it can distribute the heat evenly. It also efficiently conducts the heat, which means that the loss is negligible. Due to the same, whether you're cooking frozen pizza or a fresh one, it will help you out.

If you like crispy crust pizza, this is the stone to go with. You cannot see in the images that it consists of small micropores. The goal of these micropores is to absorb any excess moisture from the pizza dough. That is why; you will not get a soggy pizza.

The dimensions are 14.9" x 11.8" x 0.6", making it easy to cook pizzas for personal use. To handle the pizza stone easily, you need to look at its weight as well. It weighs 6.6 lbs. That is why; it is not excessively bulky either. It means that you do not need any special training to use this pizza stone.

In terms of accessories, you get a dough scraper. It will easily scrape off the leftover pieces from the stone. That way, you won't have to spend a lot of effort cleaning the stone after use.

While I'm speaking about the pizza stone, which you can use for Traeger, this one is versatile. You cannot only use it on your Traeger grill but also in the oven. Versatility ensures that you will not have to deal with multiple pizza stones when you get this one.

Easy cleaning using baking soda ensures that maintenance will not be a problem. The sturdy and versatile construction of this pizza stone is why it is on my list.

Highlighted Features

  • Extremely versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient to use
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Can handle very high temperature

2. Cast Elegance Durable Thermal Shock Resistant Pizza & Baking Stone

Do you prefer a round pizza stone?

If so, this one is a great option. The general perception is that the pizza stone needs to be round because the most common shape of the pizza is also round. That is why this stone is easy to handle.

The stone merely being round is not good enough. You have to look at the diameter as well. Only then will you understand what size pizzas you can cook on it. This one has a diameter of 14 inches. That is why; it is suitable for cooking relatively large pizzas.

The best thing of all, thickness is just 5/8 inches. That is why; there is no loss of heat. Despite this thickness, the durability is excellent.

The reason for durability is the thermarite. This material has excellent thermal conduction ability. Apart from that, it can handle high temperatures. That is why, irrespective of the temperature of your grill, you will be able to use this pizza stone easily.

This material is entirely odorless. It is food-safe. That way, you won't have to worry about any contamination of your pizza.

To make it easy to use this pizza stone, you get a scraper along with a recipe book. That way, whether you're looking for newer things to make or accessories to clean the pizza stone easily, you get both of those.

In addition to the grill, you can also use it in ovens. That makes it versatile. When you're looking for a pizza stone with excellent heat conduction in a round shape, this one meets your requirements.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • 14 inch round shape
  • Excellent heat conduction
  • Completely food safe
  • Includes accessories

3. Pizza Stone For Pizzas use in Oven by Hans Grill

The dimensions of the pizza stone also impact the grill you use. If it is too big, you might not be able to use the pizza stone in certain grills. However, this one measures 14.9" x 11.8". You can easily use it over the Traeger.

The stoneware design of the pizza stone ensures that it will absorb moisture from the dough. That is why; getting a crispy crust is possible.

In terms of compatibility, you can use it over Traeger, barbecue, and oven. That is why; you will be able to make your pizza over any heat source.

While I have already highlighted the dimensions above, it is essential to look at the thickness. The thickness is 1.5 cm. The consistency is just right to ensure faster conduction of heat. Apart from that, it will not lead to loss of heat either. That is why, once you start cooking pizzas on this stone, you will be able to see the results quickly.

Most pizza stones come with accessories. This one also includes accessories in the form of a wooden paddle. It allows you to pick the pizza from the stone quite easily.

This pizza stone's versatility and easy-to-use shape make it a worthy buy.

Highlighted Features

  • Rectangular shape
  • Stoneware construction
  • Excellent compatibility with most cooking appliances
  • Includes accessories
  • Quick heat conduction

4. Heritage Ceramic Baking Stone

Not everyone is happy with the 10-inch pizza. Many of us prefer a larger pizza to share with our family and friends. If you too think so, this 15-inch pizza stone can help you out.

If you're wondering about the construction quality, it consists of ceramic material. Ceramic is another great conductor of heat. That is why; you will be able to heat the pizzas quite quickly.

The time required for cooking is almost half. While when you're making a single pizza, it will not make much of a difference. However, when you're cooking for a get-together or a party, quick preheating can come to your rescue. You will notice the faster conduction of heat during preheating itself.

A lesser-known feature of this stone is that it consists of tapered edges. That is why picking up the pizza or directly serving from the stone is easy.

Ceramic construction also offers you another advantage. It makes the stone burn and grease-resistant, which is easy to clean.

Unlike some other pizza stones, you can use a soap and water mixture to clean this one. So, at the end of the cooking session, you will get a sparkling clean pizza stone.

Apart from ceramic, it also has a heat-resistant coating. That protects it from high temperatures. It especially comes in handy when using it on your Traeger.

You get a pizza cutter that ensures that slicing the pizzas for serving will be easy. The Cutter is so efficient that it is good enough for the deep dish pizzas.

The ceramic surface and the coating are also nonstick in design. That certainly reduces your work when you need to serve the pizza.

Thus, this pizza stone will not disappoint you when looking for convenience.

Highlighted Features

  • Large size of 15 inches
  • Ceramic construction with a protective coating
  • Tapered edges for easy serving
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes a pizza cutter

5. Weber 8836 Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone

When you're looking for a pizza stone for the Traeger grill, you will come across numerous pizza stones. The problem is that handling them is not an easy task. Keep in mind that you will be keeping it on the grill, and therefore you need an easier way to pick it up.

If you have experienced such handling problems before, you know that it is not easy. Fortunately, this pizza stone can help you with that.

Apart from the numerous other features, it comes with a carry rack. That is why, when you want to pick it up from the grill or when you want to use it for serving, you can do so quite easily.

In addition to the above feature, it is suitable for making bigger pizzas. With a diameter of 16.7 inches, it is easy for you to make larger pizzas.

The material is Cordierite stone. The advantage of the stone is that it can absorb moisture and last for years together. It means you will get crisp pizza without looking for a replacement anytime soon.

Another reason it is such a good choice is that it fits into the barbecue system quite easily. That is why, whichever type of cooking appliance you're using it on, it will work pretty well. To clean it, you have to just hand wash it.

The easy to handle design certainly makes it a good pizza stone.

Highlighted Features

  • Large size at 16.7-inch diameter
  • Excellent durability
  • Comes with a carry rack
  • Easy to maintain
  • Moisture absorbing design

6. SOLIDO Rectangular Pizza Stone for Traeger

Whether you're looking for the pizza stone for a grill, barbecue, or oven, this one will meet all those requirements. The larger surface area means that it is also suitable for bigger pizzas. At the same time, it will fit into any standard-sized oven, and that is why there is no need to worry about compatibility.

Cordierite construction provides it with durability. You need not worry about extremely high temperatures.

If you look at the underside, it consists of feet. That is why; keeping it in a balanced fashion on any surface is easy. The feet also provide a grip that ensures stability once you keep it on the surface.

In addition to the feet at the four corners, there is a spiral design at the center. That further provides it with the grip needed on any surface.

Whether you're looking to make frozen pizza or a fresh one, it works with both. The exact dimensions are 14" x 16" with a thickness of 0.75 inches. The dimensions are such that it is easy to handle.

Apart from durability, Cordierite material is another advantage. It spreads the heat pretty fast. The heat loss is also minimal. Due to the same, cooking pizza on it will be easy.

A pizza stone is designed to withstand temperatures up to 2000°F. That is why, whichever cooking appliance you're using it on, it can handle that pretty well.

The excellent grip and high-temperature handling capacity make it one of the best pizza stone for Traeger grill.

Highlighted Features

  • Large surface area with the dimensions of 14" x 16"
  • Non-slip design
  • Can handle very high temperature
  • Works with almost any cooking appliance

7. Pizzacraft Cordierite 15'' Pizza Stone

I prefer this pizza stone because of its natural construction. Cordierite construction offers durability. This material is also known for its capability to absorb moisture. Both these factors come in handy when baking pizza.

Moreover, the design is such that you can use it in a brick-lined oven or on the grill. The choice is yours.

It can help you make frozen pizza as well as a fresh one. Apart from pizza, it can help you bake cookies, bread, and so on.

With no additional seasoning or conditioning required, it is very easy for you to use it on your Traeger grill.

A size of 15 inches allows you to make bigger pizzas as well. The square shape certainly makes it aesthetically pleasing.

It is thermally shock resistant, which ensures that high temperatures aren't going to be a problem.

Before cleaning, you have to just let it cool down. After that, you can rinse it with normal water, which will allow you to clean it easily. If you're looking for a bigger pizza stone, this one won't disappoint you.

Highlighted Features

  • Thermally shock resistant
  • Can work with any cooking appliance
  • Excellent durability
  • Absorbs moisture

8. Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone

While searching for a pizza stone, I found that most are manufactured using the same technique and processes. That is why; the durability which you get from them is similar. However, this one is a bit different.

Firstly, it is made in France. Since it uses all-natural materials, you can ensure that it is safe for cooking food. It also uses a proprietary frame technology during the manufacturing process. Construction quality is not going to be a problem due to the same.

If you're wondering what those natural materials are, it predominantly consists of ceramic. The dimensions of 14.5 inches make it suitable for bigger pizzas.

You can use it on the Traeger grill and in the oven. Whether you have a wooden grill oven, charcoal one, or a gas one, it can work on all of them. The temperature which it can handle is up to 900°F. With such high-temperature handling capacity, irrespective of whether you're using it on the grill or in the oven, it can work pretty well.

Ceramic construction means that it is scratch-resistant. If you observe the images, you will realize that this stone consists of handles on the side. You can simply pick the stone, let it cool a bit, and use it for serving after that.

Apart from ceramic material, it consists of glazing on top as well. That is why, when cutting the pizza, you will not end up damaging the ceramic surface.

Another feature which I liked is that it is dishwasher safe. Whether you want to hand wash it or use a dishwasher after use is up to you. However, using the dishwasher can save you a lot of time.

All-natural construction and proprietary manufacturing technique make it a good buy.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty construction due to the proprietary manufacturing technique
  • Glazed surface
  • Can handle temperatures up to 900°F
  • Convenient usage due to the side handles

9. THERMICHEF Square Pizza Steel Plate for Oven

While searching for pizza ovens, you will find that very few of them provide you with size options. However, this one does. The size variant I'm speaking about now measures 14" x 14". The other size variants include 14" x 20" and 16" x 16". That is why; you can choose the size and the shape you prefer.

The pizza stone is made from steel material. Steel is a conductor of heat, and that is why the stone will heat up pretty fast, and heat loss will be minimal.

Apart from that, steel is well known for its durability as well. That is why, whether you're using it on the grill or oven, wear and tear is negligible.

With ample options available, it is really up to you to decide which variant will be the best for you. The thickness of just 3/16 inches ensures that handling it isn't going to be a problem. In case you're buying it for heavy-duty use, there is another variant available with a thickness of 3/8 inches.

Faster cooking time due to the steel construction means that it can work to your advantage when you're cooking for a get-together or in a commercial kitchen.

During the manufacturing process, CNC laser cutting is used. That is why the construction is flawless, and therefore handling is easy.

Thus, if you're looking for a pizza stone to help you save time, this is the one to go with.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in numerous size and thickness variants
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Precise construction process used
  • Faster cooking time

10. PIT BOSS 70137 Baking Stone

The last option is a 15-inch pizza stone. It is suitable for the oven as well as barbecue.

Wooden construction ensures that you get the authentic wood flavor in your pizza. Even heat spread means that the entire pizza crust will cook evenly. Apart from that, it increases the durability of this stone.

Handles on either side allow you to use this pizza stone easily.

Thus, if you're looking for a simplistic pizza stone for your Traeger, consider this one.

Highlighted Features

  • Large –15" in size
  • Wooden construction
  • Excellent durability
  • Even spreading of heat

Comparison Table of Traeger Pizza Stone

Product Name




Unicook Pizza Stone


14.9" x 11.8"

Dough scraper

Cast Elegance Theramite Baking Stone


14" Diameter (round)


Hans Grill Baking Plate


14.9" x 11.8"

Wooden paddle

Heritage Pizza Stone




Weber 8836



Carry rack

Solido Baking Stone


14”x 16”


Pizzacraft Square Stone


15" (square)


Emile Henry Flame Pizza Stone


14.5" diameter (round)




Multiple size options


PIT BOSS 70137


15" (square)


How to Clean My Pizza Stone After Using It on the Traeger?

After choosing the pizza stone, you would want to know how to clean it. Fortunately, the procedure is pretty simple.

Step One: Let It Cool Down

If you attempt to clean the pizza stone when it is hot, you will end up singeing yourself, even with the gloves on. A better approach is to let it cool down.

Step Two: Use a Scraper

You have to use the scraper to scrape off the residue or the pieces of pizza crust leftover.

Step Three: Use the Right Solution

Not all pizza stones require you to use soap and water. Some require you to use baking soda and water, whereas others might require you to rinse it underwater. You have to refer to the manual and use the right cleaning solution.

Step Four: Let It Dry

Before storing it away, it is good to let the pizza oven dry.

That's it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are pizza stones only round?

No, pizza stones are also available in rectangular and square shapes.

2. Can you use the same pizza stone on different types of appliances?

Not all can be used on different cooking appliances, but many can be.

3. Is it difficult to clean a pizza stone?

No, cleaning the pizza stone hardly requires 15 to 20 minutes. The bulk of the time goes into letting it cool down.

4. Do pizza stones work?

Yes, pizza stones work because they absorb the excess moisture, distribute the heat evenly and provide you with a perfectly cooked crust.

5. How long do pizza stones for Traeger last?

You can expect a pizza stone to last for ten years or even longer easily.

Final Words

Rejuvenating the taste of your favorite delicacy (pizza) has never been easier. Whether friends are coming to your place or you are making pizza for your family, one of these stones can lift the pizza game for you.

With this list of the top ten best pizza stone for Traeger grills, you can focus on your guests, drinks, and the party rather than researching pizza stones. Since only the best pizza stones have made it to this list, there is no need to ponder over hundreds of options. is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.