Baking Sheet vs. Cookie Sheet

Cookie Sheet vs. Baking Sheet – Head To Head Comparison

When you're a professional baker, you always know that every little detail counts in the world of baking. A simple mistake can ruin all your efforts to bake your masterpiece. That's why there are hundreds of baking tools on the marketplace with many similar traits.

Baking and cookie sheets are two widely used pans with many striking similarities. However, they are different in many aspects, and you need to take part in the baking sheet vs cookie sheet discussion for baking all your dishes with perfection.

In this article, we will go through some crucial factors that will be differentiate baking and cookie sheets so that you can ultimately decide which one to pick for the right purposes. So, without further ado, let's jump right in.

What Is a Baking Sheet?

What Is a Baking Sheet

From restaurants to home kitchens, you are likely to find a baking sheet here and there somewhere. So, what purpose does it serve? Well, it's in the name already. Baking!

You would find slightly raised rims on the edges in a baking sheet. It means the fringes of a baking pan are pointed upwards to offer you better control.

The inch-high slant on edge gives it the upper hand for you to maneuver the pan easily. It also helps the food stay in place rather than slipping out of the pan. In the marketplace, you can find around three to five variants in baking sheet size.

Advantages of Using A Baking Sheet

The biggest advantage of baking sheets is their versatility. Yes, they are mostly used for baking, but you can surely do some other types of cooking with these handy pans.

Because of their raised rims around the edges, baking sheets can easily prevent the juice, sauce, oil, and other liquids from spreading all over the place. This means less mess and more cooking advantages.

Apart from baking, you can use the baking sheets to broil steaks, roast vegetables, and chicken. Baking sheets or pans do well with your other accessories like cooling shelves and roasting racks. Another big advantage of baking sheets is their availability. You can buy them in any convenient size and material you want.

For example, there are relatively small jelly roll baking pans for making perfect jam rolls. These pans have a dimension of 15 x 10 x 1 inches, and they are easy to move from the oven to dining. Baking pans also come in full and half sizes to meet every chef's needs.

The full sheet pan measures around 26 x 18 inches, and it's ideal for commercial uses in big restaurants and bakeries. On the other hand, half-sheet pans are common for household uses with a measurement of 18 x 13 inches.

Finally, the rims of a baking sheet are extremely helpful to move the sheet from one place to other. If you're a newbie baker, it will be a great help to pull your freshly baked cookies out of the oven.

Disadvantages of Using a Baking Sheet

While the rimmed edges are very helpful for moving food, they can limit the movement of your spatula. Also, the rims might block the hot air from reaching the sides of the food item.

The major problem with baking sheets is the material they are made of. If the baking pan is made of metal, it can react with the acidic elements of your food. So, it's recommended to use parchment paper to avoid such hassles.

What Is a Cookie Sheet?

What Is a Cookie Sheet

In simple words, a cookie sheet is just like a flat pan used solely for making cookies. The sheets are completely flat out without any raised edges. Using a spatula on a cookie sheet is super easy due to the no-rim design. Also, it's easier for a baker to toss the cookies without any hurdles. 

While some cookie sheets are as plain as they can get, some of them come with extra layers for better insulation on the surface. An insulated cookie pan ensures there is no bottom burnout on the cookies.

Advantages of Using a Cookie Sheet

As you already know, cookie sheets are distinct because of the lack of any raised edge. Although the rims are beneficial in many ways, they also have some disadvantages. Not having any rim makes it easier to use a spatula to move your cookies.

Hot air can reach all sides of your cookies with cookie sheets, ensuring that they are thoroughly baked and have the same crispiness along the surface. Hence, these sheets are extremely valuable bakeware if you need to bake cookies every day.

As you will notice from the appearance, the cookie sheets have a flatter and thinner surface in comparison to baking sheets. This allows the cookies to maintain their shapes and lets the heat distribute evenly throughout the sheet making every cookie equally delicious.

It also means that you can't use a dented or faulty sheet for baking as it might leave some uncooked spots. Usually, cookie sheets come in different materials, sizes, and designs. You can go for a non-stick cookie sheet to easily detach your food from the sheet.

Non-stick sheets are also very efficient in distributing heat properly. If you want to save some bucks, you can buy a metal cookie sheet. On the other hand, insulated cookie sheets will prevent your thin cookies from burning.

Disadvantages of Using a Cookie Sheet

The main disadvantage of a cookie sheet is that its uses are limited to only baking cookies. You can't roast or broil anything on the sheets as they don't have any rims to hold the liquids. Also, you might have a hard time carrying the sheets from place to place as they often lack raised edges.

Baking Sheet vs Cookie Sheet: What Are the Actual Differences?

Difference between Baking Sheet and Cookie Sheet

Now it's time to closely compare the two types of bakeware and find out what purposes they can serve. Let's have a look at the differences between the cookie sheet and the baking sheet.

Shape and Design

The key difference between the two sheets lies in their design and shape. Cookie sheets have a long, flat shape, and a very smooth metal surface.

Most cookie sheets feature a raised lip on one side so that you can slide your hot goodies effortlessly into the plate. In comparison to baking pans, cooking sheets usually have a wider surface as the depth of the sheets is lesser.

Baking sheets have a deeper inner surface that allows them to hold all kinds of liquid. The sheets are recognized by their four raised rims and thick metal surface. However, the rims might harm the shape of your delicate cookies while transferring them to a plate.


Mostly, both the sheets are used for baking purposes only. You can use the baking sheets for making cookies, pastries, meringues, biscuits, and bread. Due to their rimmed design, they are also suitable for broiling roasting meat and vegetables.

While baking sheets can serve you multiple purposes, cookie sheets aren't much functional that way. Of course, they are excellent for making all kinds of cookies. You can use them for baking doughnuts, sheet cakes, and biscuits as well.


There isn't much difference between the cookie and baking sheet when it comes to material. Both of them are mainly made of metals like aluminum and stainless steel. Some of them might have a non-stick or insulated coating.

However, it's the thickness where the two baking tools differ. Baking pans are made of high-grade, heavy-duty, and thick metal to make them stiff and durable.

Cookie sheets are comparatively thinner with a flat surface so that the heat can easily reach the cookie doughs and bake them quickly. Most cookie sheets are made of aluminum to prevent discoloration and scuffs.

Which One Should You Pick?

There is no definitive answer to this question because it all comes down to your preferences and the type of food you're baking. As we have already discussed, the contrasting aspects of each item and what they are used for, picking one according to your requirements should be simple for you.

For cooking foods that might include liquid, get a baking sheet. Grab a cookie sheet to make delicious, evenly cooked, deep brown cookies.

Final Words

So, that was our take on the cookie sheet vs. baking sheet discussion. You must know your priorities before picking one, as the tiniest differences can make significant changes in the overall taste of your food.

Choose one per your needs and use the sheets with precaution to prepare some mouth-watering foods every day. is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.