7 Ways To Keep Your Cookies Crisp

Some people like crunchy cookies. While others like the softer chocolate chip cookies. You can be of either kind. We have had requests flooding over for instructions to maintain the crispness of the cookies.

Today it's about highlighting the 7 ways to keep your cookies crisp. After all, who doesn't like some fresh crusty crackers?

First and foremost, it's all about balancing the ingredients, mix, and the procedure of making cookies.

You can either make cookies soft or crunchy, depending on you. If you fall back somehow to maintain the flakiness of the biscuits, then don't worry, there are ways to keep the freshness alive. 

How To Keep Cookies Crisp 

Moving on, let's elaborate on the basic ways to keep your cookies crisp. We will point out 7 different ways you can achieve excellent results.

1. Always Let the Cookies Cool Down Before Storage

It is going to be a downer if you store the cookies straight up from the hot sheet. You must know that hot cookies will eventually cool off. If you trap them before all the hot air escapes, the cooked goods will likely release moisture and dampen inside the jar.

This is why it's best to keep them open and evaporate when you pick them from the oven. If the cookies are made crispy, they won't be softer any time soon. Sochill out and give it a rest before storing them. 

Resting for 10-15 mins won't harm the baked items. It will catapult the flavors and texture altogether.

2. Say No to Plastic Bags

Keeping biscuits in plastic bags won't add nor keep the basic shape. It will degrade over time. The first reason is that it's not air-tight. Bags are a temporary solution, but not for people looking to keep all the biscottis fresh and crispy for a longer period.

3. Air-Tight Glass Containers Are the Best

If your target is to achieve what the topic hints at, then you better purchase a sturdy glass container. Solid structures are best to store crispy items. Keep in mind you cannot just get any cheap container; it has to have an air locking property so that no air can escape.

Preventing oxidation and rancidity is the main target, so an air-tight jar suits best. Glass is a wiser option than plastic. The solid framing won't deform and always hold its shape. Avoid ceramic jars, as the air sealing capability is not up to the mark.

4. Make Crunchy Biscuits from the Get-Go

As we talked about already, it's vital to make crisp cookies to make sure you can keep them in fresh condition. If the crackers are made soft from the beginning, you won't be able to take them back.

5. Re-Heating the Cookie Can Help

Don't be frustrated if the outcome is not what you desired. There could be minor errors leading to this.

You can always re-do the cookies, but if it is slightly softer than what you wished for, you can turn things around. How? Simply put the cookies back in the oven and heat them for 5 to 10 mins at 300 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

6. Freeze the Cookies

It is wise to freeze cookies to retain the crunchiness. That being said, it depends on your tastebud. Not everyone likes cold cookies, that's for sure. But, it is a trick to keep out moisture and hold the form and texture.

It is important to know that cookies that are rolled and pinned will retain a better crunch than scooped (drop cookies). For example, drop cookies will lose their solidity when out of the freezer and rest for too long. Rolled cookies won't tamper much even if you take time to devour them.

7. Keep Cookie Variants Separately

What we mean to say is to keep soft cookies away from crispy ones. Simply because when stored together, the soft cookies tend to moisten and will also deform the nearby cookies. We advise you to store crispy cookies separately from the soft crackers.

Are These Solutions Temporary? Or Does It Work for a Longer Time?

Over time cookies will deteriorate in terms of their crispness. The procedures mentioned above are ideal solutions to keep cookies fresh for a longer period, but you cannot expect them to stay crispy forever.

Depending on what type of cookie you make will determine whether it can hold firmness. Make rolled cookies and go for a recipe that states crispy. Drop cookies can be flaky too, but in general, they don't hold the rigidity for too long.

What Have We Learned So Far?

Start your baking journey with crispy cookies in mind. Follow elaborate and precise instructions and make sure you have the necessary ingredients. Ingredients and mixing procedure is crucial to get hold of crispy cookies.

Once done baking, never store it right away. Let it rest and cool.

Get an air-sealed container. Better if it's made of glass, to hold the structure. Plastics tend to lose their shape with time and pressure.

The freezing and healing process works well in different circumstances. Heat if the cookies come out of the oven. Freeze the cookies for holding the crispiness when stored, if you like cold biscuits.

Always store the soft and crispy cookies separately.

Final Words

Don't get perplexed too easily if you don't end up with crunchy edges. It's better to start from scratch and know how to make crispy cookies.

Most people ask about how to keep the cookies in a pristine state. To ensure you achieve novelty biscuits time after time, we have come up with the 7 ways to keep your cookies crisp, which you can follow to retain the briskness.

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