Bread Cloche vs. Dutch Oven

Bread Cloche vs. Dutch Oven: Which Is Best for Baking

Bread is something that you can fill your tummy up with pretty easily, regardless of the taste and texture. However, the difference between an amazing piece of bread and okay bread is pretty significant. And nailing that “amazing” factor is not that easy!

Apart from just getting the ingredients right, you will need to get the correct cooking utensils to cook delicious meals. And when it comes to choosing the right utensil, bread cloche vs dutch oven thoughts are pretty common. These two cookwares are the go-to options for many looking to bake.

Now, the question that stands is which one of them should be your go-to pick. That is what we plan to unravel in this guide!

Bread Cloche for Baking and Beyond

What Is Bread Cloche

Before we get into the head-to-head comparison, we want to ensure that you have a fair idea regarding both the cookwares. And we will start with bread cloche. It features ceramic construction, and its name tells you all you need to know about the utensil.

Cloche, which means Bell in French, tells you that the bread you will be baking is in this utensil. Why does it Bell in the name? Well, the bread will come out having the shape of a bell!

Nonetheless, there are two different parts of the cookware. One of them is the baking stone at the bottom, and the other is the domed lid. They play an essential role in making the bread achieve the bell shape.

Advantages of Bread Cloche

There are a couple of advantages that you will enjoy if you plan to use the bread cloche for baking. They are:

Crispy Bread with Tender Interior

The bread loaf that will come out of the cloche will feature a crispy exterior and a tender interior. And the science behind it is the shape of the utensil. While inside the oven, the lid covering the kneaded bread traps the steam inside the container.

That said, the heat of the steam will make the bread rise and cook. And as the bread will not depend on the exterior heat only, the inside of the bread will be reasonably tender.

Temperature Consistency

Thanks to the steam, the temperature inside the bread cloche will remain the same throughout the entire cooking process. The hot or cold areas of the oven will not harm the internal temperature, eventually producing a moist texture on the interior of the bread.

Easy to Clean

Another thing that makes the bread cloche stand out is the ease of maintenance. There will be no need to go through any extra hassles. Just rinsing with water will do the trick.

What Is a Dutch Oven?

What Is a Dutch Oven

Let us now move to the second star of the show, which is the dutch oven. Unlike other cookwares, the dutch oven is a large multi-cooker pot. And like the bread cloche, the dutch oven comes in two different pieces. The first part is the deep pot itself, while the other is the tightly fixed lid.

On that note, the dutch ovens will rely on two different materials. Each high-end option is made of high-grade ceramic and cast iron. The cast iron is a great conductor of heat, while the ceramic material will ensure that the food gets the highest overall taste.

Advantages of Dutch Oven

You will be signing up to get loads of benefits if you plan to use the dutch oven. And among them, the most significant advantages that you will enjoy are:


The dutch ovens are not just for bread. You can even use them to prepare all kinds of food. Furthermore, different cooking methods, such as deep-frying, braising, roasting, baking, stewing, and others will be a breeze for you with the dutch oven. It is a pretty much an all-in-one pot.

Keeps the Taste up to the Mark

The dutch oven maintains the right temperature by trapping the heat within the container. And in this case, the tight lid at the top plays a pretty significant role. Eventually, you will end up with a tender and succulent meat or moist bread if you can keep the ingredients right.

Maintains the Temperature for a Prolonged Time

For the cast iron construction, the pot will be capable of retaining the heat for a prolonged amount of time. That will ensure your food staying warm for a long time. This trait will especially come in handy in the winter and while camping.

Key Differences Between Dutch Oven and Bread Cloche

Difference between Bread Cloche and Dutch Oven

Even though both cookwares do the same thing: heats up and cooks the food inside, some things make one stand out from the other.


First and foremost, both of them have different roots. The bread cloche is French. On the other hand, the name of the dutch oven can tell you all that you need to know regarding the origin. Yes, it comes from the Netherlands.


Both of the cookwares are great for baking bread. However, there is one that can make more than just a delicious piece of loaf. Yes, we are talking about the dutch oven. With the dutch oven, you can carry out simmering, roasting, frying, braising, boiling, baking, steaming, and plenty of other cooking methods.

On the other hand, the bread cloche will have limited options. You can undoubtedly utilize your creative mind and make deep dish peach pie, roasted chicken, and other dishes with the bread cloche.

Ease of Use

The bread cloche will take the lead in the maintenance process. It is pretty easy to clean. You will not need to go through any hassles to keep it clean. There is some ceramic present inside the dutch oven, but most of the non-high-end ones will only be of cast iron.

If you have not handled cast iron cookwares before, they are not easy to clean. Comparatively, you will need to put a good amount of effort and time into the cast iron dutch oven if you want to keep it pristine for an extended time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bread cloche only for baking bread?

Not really! The bread cloches are not only for baking. Instead, if you get a little bit creative with your cooking methods, you can make many different dishes.

How long do cast iron dutch ovens last?

Cast iron material is reasonably high in quality, and they can resist wearing reasonably well. In other words, they can withstand a high load without showing any issues.

Are bread cloches dishwasher safe?

Usually, bread cloches will be of ceramic. And that ceramic is dishwasher safe. Considering that, you can wash your bread cloche inside the dishwasher without worrying too much.

Final Words

When it comes to bread cloche vs. dutch oven, the things that set them apart are the origin, the versatility, and the ease of use. However, if you plan to do more than just baking with the cookware, we recommend getting the dutch oven over the bread cloche.

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