Best Shower Curtain For Clawfoot Tub

Best Shower Curtain For Clawfoot Tub in 2022 : Top 10 Picks

A clawfoot bathtub is a classic addition that takes your bathroom interior to another level. The luxurious look, solid build with antique detailing and the “old world” vibe altogether makes this bathtub a nice place to relax and unwind!

Have you added such a vintage-styled tub recently?

We have one very important thing to remind you of then!

Whereas modern tubs come built-in with the bathroom, clawfoot tubs are freestanding and can be installed just about anywhere inside the washroom (even right in the middle!).

So, if you install a curtain that’s made for regular bathtubs, the curtain/liner is either going to be too small/too narrow for your clawfoot tub.  

You will need a good-fitting, heavy-duty curtain that can fully surround the tub and prevent water from splashing all over the bathroom floor.

Since you've gone to the trouble of installing such a luxurious tub, use only the best shower curtain for clawfoot tub to maintain the decorative value.



Editor's Rating


N&Y HOME Waterproof Fabric Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

5 out of 5

Waffle Weave Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

5 out of 5

Mrs Awesome Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

4.5 out of 5

Dainty Home Smart Shower Curtain

4 out of 5

Riyidecor Flower Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

4.5 out of 5

Benefits Of Using Curtain For Clawfoot Tub

Create Different Looks

Curtains come in different colors, textures and patterns. And what’s appealing is that they are pretty inexpensive!

Whenever you get bored with the same old shower curtain as yours, just buy a different one that can change the whole outlook instantly. For instance, if your washroom is a bit small in size, you can opt for a neutral/light-colored curtain to make your space feel a bit bigger.

Prevent Water Splashes

One of the main purposes of a shower curtain is to keep water splashes from flooding the bathroom floor.

While taking a shower in the tub, it’s only natural that water will get splashed from different sides. However, if you don’t use a curtain, your morning shower will turn into a nightmare as you will need to spend a lot of time mopping the bathroom tiles! The excess water will damage your floor and lower ceiling as well.

Therefore, it's important to install the curtain in a suitable spot from preventing water splashes.


For people who have little kids at home, a shower curtain is a much suitable option than a glass door.

You can easily push the curtain to one side and help bathe your little ones. You can also ask your toddler to stand outside the curtain if he/she feels scared while still maintaining privacy.

The glass door, on the other hand, isn't kid-friendly and will require you to keep it open in case your kid comes running and gets bumped with the door accidentally.  

Offers Privacy

Curtain offers a private and cozy atmosphere while you shower.

Suppose, you have some guests coming over to visit your home. In that case, you can close the curtain if you want to hide the tub from plain view.

And if you don’t mind showing off the fine porcelain tub of yours, there’s always the option to leave it a bit open for everyone to admire the glamorous view.

Easy Installation And Maintenance

Shower curtains are pretty easy to install and can be done without any assistance. Glass doors, on the other hand, require professionals to install properly

Another disadvantage of having a glass door is that it requires regular maintenance and care in order to look good. You have to use a glass cleaning solution almost every other day to keep it in good condition.

Curtains don’t require much attention to stay in good shape. And when it gets dirty, you can just throw it into the washing machine and it will come out clean as a brand-new one!

Top 10 Best Shower Curtain For Clawfoot Tub

1. N&Y HOME Waterproof Fabric Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

Having washrooms in a place where air doesn’t get the chance to circulate is a big mistake. Use a plastic drape in this type of place and you will be surprised how it grows molds so fast!

For places like this, N&Y HOME presents a waterproof curtain that's made of premium-grade polyester material.

One of the most significant qualities of the material of this drape is that it's 100% waterproof and dries very quickly. The non-toxic, odorless wrap around shower curtain is a good choice for heavy-use environments.

Measuring 180-inch in width and 70-inch in length, the drape is large enough to wrap around a standard clawfoot bathtub. The drape is good enough to use by itself and it doesn’t require a liner.

The bottom hem of the curtain is sewn with a magnet at the bottom on both corners to prevent it from getting blown.

No matter how good your drape is, you need to wash them on regular basis to maintain good hygiene and N&Y HOME is no exception!

However, you will have an easier time cleaning this drape, as it’s machine washable and gets rinsed and dried quickly.

To keep the fabric firmly in its place, the curtain’s top header comes with 32 metal grommets that are durable and rust-resistant.

Highlighted Features: 

  • Premium polyester fabric is breathable and 100% waterproof.
  • Fast-dry technology helps prevent any mold growth.
  • Solid white color of the fabric makes your space feel bigger.
  • You can wash and dry this fabric in your washing machine to save time.

2. Waffle Weave Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

Tired of fitting 2/3 curtains for your single bathtub?

Well, the battle is about to end as the Waffle Weave Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain from Barossa Design is about to win your heart over!

Made of 230gsm heavy fabric, the drape doesn't get blown over when there's a wind coming from the window. This extra wide shower curtain for clawfoot tub measures about 180-inch in width and 70-inch in height.

The polyester material that makes this drape is expertly chosen and tested by the professionals before entering the market.

You like white. You love being minimalist. Yet something extra wouldn’t be bad either!

For people like you, Barossa Design comes with a woven waffle texture that has beautiful diamond patterns on top. The fabric is water-repellent and is designed in a way that water glides off it and gets dried easily.  

Compare to other drapes on the market, this one is a bit thicker and hangs straight because of the weight.

The drape is easy to clean and machine washable. To get the best service out of this, the manufacturer recommends washing it in cold water and gentle cycle settings.

Highlighted Features

  • 230gsm heavy fabric of this drape helps hang it straight.
  • Soft waffle texture with diamond pattern makes this drape unique.
  • With no chemical coating on top, the fabric is eco-friendly and safe to use.
  • Metal grommets installed on the top are rust-resistant.

3. Mrs Awesome Claw Tub Shower Curtain

Looking for a simple clawfoot tub shower curtain that has a plain design with no extra bling?

Mrs Awesome Shower Curtain is the way to go for you then!

Made of clear PEVA, this drape is as simple as shower screens can get. The clean PEVA is of premium quality that’s nontoxic, PVC-free and safe for human health.

To protect your privacy, there is a liner inside the clear curtain that’s easy to install and hang.

Hopping in the tub when you start taking a bath, does your curtain blow inward and seem to cling to your body?

Not a good thing to feel in a wet body, huh?

To save you from situations like this, Mrs Awesome Curtain comes with 32 magnets that are attached to the bottom to prevent it from blowing in the shower.

To keep the drape in place, there are some metal grommets on top that keep the curtain in place and help extend their lifespan.

Since it's made of PEVA material, it's not recommended to put this drape into the washing machine. Don't worry! You don't have to go to any extreme lengths to clean it either!

Simple wipe it off with a damp cloth from time to time and make sure you shake the water off it once you are done showering.

Highlighted Features:

  • Free from BPA and PVC, this product is safe to use.
  • Classic plain pattern of the curtain gives your bathroom a fresh look.
  • With magnets attached on the bottom, it doesn’t get blown inward.
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • Metal grommets on top help extend the lifespan of the drape.

4. Dainty Home Smart Design Complete 2 in 1 Claw Foot Bathtub Shower Curtain

Dainty Home Smart Design Complete 2 in 1 Waffle Weave Hotel Spa Style Fabric Shower Curtain

For people who hate assembling things, Dainty Home Store presents a claw foot bathtub shower curtain that can be installed within seconds!

The shower drape features a gorgeous waffle woven honeycomb texture in a pique white color combination.

To provide you with good transparency and privacy at the same time, Dainty has included a liner along with the curtain. The liner can be installed or dissembled in a few seconds with its smart snap on/off settings.

Does your bathroom lack a window and make your space look smaller than it already is?

As the top portion of the Dainty drape is see-through, even the smallest amount of light can brighten up your bathroom!  

The liner inside can easily be unbuttoned and tossed into the washing machine to get cleaned up automatically.

You can also wash the polyester fabric along with it. However, we recommend limiting the time you wash the curtain to maintain its beauty.

If you are looking for clawfoot tub shower curtain solutions to ensure your tub remains clean, then Dainty curtain is a good option as it resists mold/mildew and dries quickly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easily washable in the machine with cold water as needed.
  • Being style-friendly, it matches with any décor and interior.
  • With snap on/off feature, the liner is easily removable from the drape.
  • Moisture-proof, bacteria-proof and mildew-proof drape keeps your tub clean.

5. Riyidecor Flower Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

Riyidecor Flower Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

Have you bored you already?

Is white not your color then?

Well, well, well! Looks like it’s time we introduce you to something that’s super cute, fun and makes you smile every time you walk into your shower!

Meet Riyidecor Flower Shower Curtain that comes in a floral pattern with spring flowers printed all over its surface.

The bright and vivid color of this wrap around shower curtain will make you want to sing in happiness!

Made of polyester fabric, Riyidecor drape is waterproof and dries easily. Compared to other materials, the fabric of this product is easier to wash as it can tolerate both warm and cold water.

And of course! You can use the washing machine to clean this fabric instead of handwashing and save your time and energy.

There’s something extra-special about this particular drape. Can you guess what it is?

While it’s a really nice shower curtain, we have found out another great use for it!

As the fabric is extra-wide, made of thick material and waterproof, you can use it as an outdoor sun blocking curtain if you want. The only difference you will find is that these curtains will cost you way less than a true outdoor drape!

Highlighted Features:

  • Bright and floral pattern of this drape makes it unique.
  • Extra-wide size allows you to wrap your tub all the way around.
  • You can use it as an outdoor sun-blocking curtain.
  • Made of polyester, it’s waterproof and dries quickly.

6. YISURE Shower Curtain Set for Clawfoot Tub

YISURE Shower Curtain Set

Did you know PVC curtains release toxic chemicals into the air that are harmful to human health?

However, they are so easy to clean it's tempting to buy one for the bathroom just for the extra convenience!

YISURE has come up with a brilliant middle ground that works and acts like plastic, yet isn't harmful to our environment either!

Introducing YISURE curtain set, the best shower curtain for clawfoot tub that's made of premium quality PEVA material. PEVA is free from toxic elements as well as safe to use in your household.

It’s not easy finding the right clawfoot tub shower curtain size for any washroom. However, with 180-inch in width and 80-inch in height, YISURE is large enough to fit all the way around inside of any standard clawfoot tub.

To ensure a hassle-free shower experience, the drape features a waterproof surface that doesn’t even require you to towel-dry it after a bath!

Heavy-duty PEVA fabric combined with rust-resistant metal magnets helps keep the curtain hanging in tip-top condition.

As it’s made of PEVA material, we recommend not tossing it in the machine for cleaning purposes.

Since it gets dried really quickly, simply wipe off the surface with a damp cloth once in a while and leave it to dry naturally.

Highlighted Features:

  • Being an eco-friendly fabric, PEVA material is a safer option to use.
  • Heavy-duty magnets prevent the drape from floating around in the air.
  • Translucent curtain allows the light to come through the fabric.
  • Brass eyelets that are provided with the drape are rust-resistant.

7. Riyidecor Vintage Damask Around Shower Curtain

Riyidecor Vintage Damask Around Shower Curtain

Expressions have no boundaries!

If you want to express creativity and add personal touches to your interior, take a look at the Riyidecor Vintage Damask Shower Curtain for inspiration!

Featuring a gorgeous ornamental flower pattern, Riyidecor gives your bathroom a classy and intimate look with its simple and retro design.

The 180x70-inch drape is a nice fit for clawfoot tubs as it wraps all the way around the bathtub. Weighing 1.15-pound, the shower drape is light and easy enough to install by yourself.

One of the most environmentally damaging elements is PVC plastic. As the material isn't bio-degradable, shower curtains that are made of this material aren't ideal for household use.

To help protect the environment and eliminate serious health effects, Riyidecor has made this drape with eco-friendly PEVA material.

This material is mildew-resistant and 100% waterproof, therefore you don’t need to purchase a separate liner for this model.   

Don’t have time for maintenance?

No worries! The floral drape doesn’t require any special treatment to stay in good shape!

Once it looks a bit dirty, just toss it into the washing machine and wash the curtain in cold water with low tumble dry settings to keep it clean.

Highlighted Features:

  • Floral pattern of this drape gives your washroom a classy and retro look.
  • Made of eco-friendly PEVA material, it degrades into the soil over time.
  • You can clean it in the machine with cold water and tumble dry settings.
  • The package includes a set of 32 hooks for installation.

8. Riyidecor Shower Curtain for Freestanding Tub

Riyidecor Clawfoot Tub Chevron Shower Curtain

While purchasing a shower curtain for freestanding tub, you will find a lot of options that have a stiff plastic-like texture to them.

If you aren’t a fan of that texture and want something soft instead, the Riyidecor Chevron Shower Curtain can be a good selection for you.

Did you know a shower curtain can contain more germs than even your toilet seat if you don’t clean it regularly?

That's why it's recommended to keep it squeaky clean all the time!

With that in mind, Riyidecor Chevron model is made of polyester fabric that’s easy to clean and therefore, can be kept in top condition most of the time.

The plain white drape with subtle pattern gives your washroom just the right amount of personal touch that’s needed to feel intimate!

Apart from its classic color and pattern combination, the Chevron drape is a good choice because of its polyester material that doesn’t fade or deteriorate over time.

The fabric is mold-resistant and anti-bacteria. Compared to other materials, polyester is more durable and resistant to wind and water.

You can throw this drape into the machine when it’s time to clean as it’s washing machine compatible.

However, we strongly recommend not bleaching the fabric as the chemical might react with the material and degrade the fabric.

Highlighted Features:

  • To help install the drape, the package comes with 32 free metal hooks.
  • Waterproof polyester fabric anti-bacteria and mildew-resistant.
  • With a 180x70-inch size, the curtain can wrap your tub all the way around.
  • You can toss this drape into the washer for cleaning purposes.

9. Ambesonne Antique Shower Curtain

Ambesonne Antique Shower Curtain

The brand Ambesonne is always trying to manufacture products that are unique, yet within a reasonable budget so that everyone can afford them.

The Ambesonne Antique Shower Curtain is one of their innovation that’s made of premium-grade material, lightweight and easy to hang.

To fabricate this drape, the manufacturer has used reinforced stitching (otherwise known as overlock stitch) so that it lasts for a long time.

Liner or no liner?

When you purchase Ambesonne Curtain, there’s absolutely no need for extra liners as the drape itself is water repellent and keeps it straight while hanging.

Made of high-quality Turkish fabric, the material of the curtain is non-toxic and environment-friendly.

Compared to other drapes on the market, Ambesonne is easier to wash and maintain. The texture isn’t stiff or hard like others, rather it’s quite soft and cool. To maintain the texture over time, you can consider using a fabric softener when you take it down for cleaning purposes.

Speaking of the cleaning process, this particular claw tub shower curtain dries quickly and easily washable in a washing machine!

Just remember to use cold water during the wash and later dry the fabric at a low temperature to get the maximum benefit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Overlock stitching technique makes this drape long-lasting and durable.
  • Being made of polyester, it’s easy to clean and dry this fabric.
  • As the material is water-repellent, your tub remains clean during use.
  • Color of the fabric remains intact even after machine washing.

10. Riyidecor Extra Wide Shower Curtain for Clawfoot Tub

 Riyidecor Extra Wide Spring Flower Shower Curtain

Another curtain featuring a spring flower pattern from Riyidecor is here!

This time the size is a bit different. For people who want shower curtains for clawfoot tubs to be a little shorter than the largest one, this 108x72-inch size would be perfect for you.

Made of ethylene-vinyl acetate material, the drape gives your shower a unique look with a burst of bright colors. The fabric of the curtain is waterproof to ensure it remains dry when around your tub.

How would you like to clean your curtain? Manually or in a washing machine?

Apparently, you can do both with Riyidecor Extra Wide Curtain!

However, if you do decide to wash it in the machine, make sure the water is cold during the wash. For drying purposes, use the low tumble dry settings in your washing machine.

Regardless of usage frequency, Riyidecor curtain comes with a promise of a long lifespan. The drape is odorless and eco-friendly.

If not as a shower curtain, you can use this drape as a dust cover, tapestry, kitchen curtain, table cloth or door curtain. The beautiful floral pattern will also make a great backdrop for photography if you are interested!

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of polyester material, the drape is easy to clean and maintain.
  • You can clean the curtain in a washing machine with cold water.
  • Unique flower pattern helps give your bathroom a new and cheerful look.
  • You can use this drape as a dust cover, tapestry, table cloth etc.

Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Comparison Table





Washing-Machine Compatibility



Solid White

Polyester & Polyester Blend


Barossa Design


Waffle-Checkered White

Polyester & Polyester Blend

Yes(Cold Water, Gentle Cycle, Tumble Dry)

Mrs Awesome




Not Recommended(Use Damp Cloth Instead).

Dainty Home Store


Pique White





Spring Flower Floral Pattern

Polyester & Polyester Blend

Yes(Cold Water, Low Tumble Dry).





Not Recommend(Rinse The Foam And Let It Dry).

Riyidecor Vintage


White-colored Fancy Floral Print


Yes (Cold Water, Low Tumble Dry).

Riyidecor Chevron


White Chevron


Yes(Cold and Warm Water).



Ivory White



Riyidecor Extra Wide


Spring Flower

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Yes(Cold Water, Tumble Dry).

Shower Curtain For Clawfoot Tub  Buying Guide

Shower Curtain For Clawfoot Tub  Buying Guide


Before purchasing a curtain, you need to determine the size of your bathing tub first.

There are different sizes of shower curtains available that ranges between 36 x 72 to 180 x 70 inches in terms of width and length. Depending on your clawfoot tub’s size, you need to find a curtain that covers all the corners and edges to keep water from splashing on the floor.


For some people shower curtains only need to be functional.

Others prefer decorative screens instead!

Depending on your preference, you can go for polyester or plastic drapes that are durable, waterproof and don't get wrinkled easily.

Or if you are someone who prefers screens made of fabric, make sure it has liner protection underneath it.

You can also opt for a vinyl drape, as this material is very easy to clean and doesn’t encourage mold/mildew growth by any means.

Machine Washable

Want to remain relaxed, stress-free and get your shower drape cleaned as well?

Then a machine-friendly curtain is the ideal option for you!

Shower curtains get dirty from time to time. As they are pretty wide in size, it might be difficult and time-consuming if you try to wash them by hand.

For this reason, it's a good idea to check if the drape you are going to buy is machine compatible beforehand.

Color Pattern And Color

Picking the best shower curtain for clawfoot tub is quite easy when you know what combination works for your interior.

Have a small washroom?

Get a white/neutral colored drape and create the illusion of making space seem bigger than it originally is!

If you are planning to give your bath a minimalist look, a solid colored shower drape will suit you more.

For people who love creating a bold impression, forget all that's said and go for bright colored combinations that match your inner spirit!

How To Install Shower Curtain For Clawfoot Tub?

Things You Will Need

1. Drape Rings/Hooks.

2. Liner(Optional).

3. Shower Rod.


Shower Rod Installation

If you don’t already have a shower rod in place already, you need to install that first.

  • Measure the area you need to drill on to install the rod.
  • Line up the clawfoot tub shower curtain rod with a wall stud. You can use a stud finder for this purpose.
  • Finish installing the rod in place and move on to installing the curtain around the rod.

Curtain Installation

  • If your curtain has a liner, stick the drape hooks through the liner holes. Make sure all the hooks are properly inserted.
  • Pick up the curtain and insert the ringer hook at the top of the drape.
  • Continue inserting hooks until all the hooks are filled.
  • Pull one of the rings apart and insert it onto the shower rod in a way that the liner is facing your tub.
  • Keep snapping the rings until all the hooks are on the rod and installed properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is A Shower Curtain liner?

Ans: Liner is a sheet that helps keep your bathroom dry by keeping the water inside the tub.

The liner goes inside the tub and prevents mildew from growing. The curtain goes outside the liner and increases its decorative value.

However, most of the curtains can be used without a liner in case you don’t prefer liners.

Q2. How Far From Floor Should Curtain Hang?

Ans: You should leave some space on the floor for cleaning purposes. The ideal length should be 0.5-inch above the floor for the clawfoot tub curtain.

This way you can mop under the drape while the curtain will create an illusion of touching the ground at the same time.

Q3. What Size Shower Curtain Should Be Used For Clawfoot Tub?

Ans: It depends on your preference and the measurement of your tub. Typically speaking, a 180x70-inch drape is good enough to cover a clawfoot tub all the way around and prevent water splashing. However, if your tub is placed in one corner, you can go for smaller sizes as well.

Q4. How Do You Measure A Shower Curtain For A Clawfoot Tub?

Ans: Take a measuring tape to determine the length of the tub from inside and a little underneath the lip. Repeat the same thing for measuring the width.

Write down the dimension in a paper and match it with the product’s specification to get a good fit.

Final Word

If you own a classic clawfoot tub with all its vintage glory, don’t settle for an ill-fitting, narrow curtain that’s suitable for an ordinary bathtub.

Instead, look for an alternative that's worthy of your gorgeous tub and makes you want to spend more time in the shower!

The best shower curtain for clawfoot tub should have the perfect balance of being aesthetic and good for day-to-day use.

Get the right accessories for installing the curtain and have fun setting up a place where you can enjoy bathing with a splash of essential oil and scented candles!

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