Best Butcher Paper for Smoking

Best Butcher Paper for Smoking in 2022 | Top 8 Picks

Are you a skilled smoker who loves new hacks, techniques, and accessories to make that meat worth all the trouble? It is time to invest in the best butcher paper for smoking.

This article will tell you why it is more popular than foil papers and how to utilize it. Let me give you some pointers if this is your first time hearing about it.

A butcher paper, or peach paper, is one kind of kraft paper that is generally food-grade. Therefore you can wrap meat cuts and seafood items from the butcher’s counter.

This is the same thick paper you may have seen pitmasters use to wrap large meat pieces during smoking.

Let us see how it is advantageous to us all.



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Bryco Butcher Paper Roll

5 out of 5

YRYM HT Kraft Butcher Wrapping Paper

5 out of 5

Meat Hugger BBQ Paper Roll

4.5 out of 5

Reynolds Butcher Paper for Meat

4 out of 5

Bryco Kitchens Butcher Paper Roll

4.5 out of 5

Advantage of Using Butcher Paper

Advantage of Using Butcher Paper

Butcher papers are like magical paper that is made from virgin pine pulp. I am always on the ninth cloud ever since I began investing in this simple BBQ accessory.

The positive features of this paper are abundant – here is a quick overview:

  • It is always FDA-approved and food-grade.
  • The high-end elasticity prevents tearing even when exposed to moisture.
  • Butcher paper is porous; it allows smoke inside.
  • It is thicker and absorbs moisture better than parchment papers.
  • The paper offers heat resistance.
  • You can achieve smoke-flavored juicy meat.
  • The exterior will have a crusty appearance due to better breathability.
  • It is ideal to use at the last stage of slow smoking.
  • The butchers paper for smoking prevents the meat stall phase (it is when the internal temp. of a large meat piece remains unchanged).
  • You can use it to wrap brine meat and leave it in the refrigerator.
  • Butcher papers are very trendy for serving BBQ meals in restaurants.
  • The paper is a good choice for wrapping leftovers and giving them to guests. 
  • It is an excellent choice to maintain internal heat.
  • You can rest assured of over-steaming.
  • Also, it does not cost much.

Our Proposed Top 8 Best Butcher Paper for Smoking Reviews in 2022

Each product is made from trustworthy virgin pulp. While they all have a similar feature, each delivers unique quality according to smoking and grilling.

1. Bryco Peach Wrapping Paper for Smoking Meat

There is no doubt regarding the quality here. It is the best butcher paper for smoking that is multi-functional with a better experience.

It has solid strength you will come to love during hours of low and slow smoking activity. Such duration does not affect the paper. You will not see any leakage or breakage throughout the operation.

Most importantly, the paper is 100% food-grade, a crucial feature lacking in many paper types. It is uncoated so that no toxic leech alters the meat flavor.

And you will achieve the perfect brisket without any harmful contaminants in your system. Moreover, the nonstick paper design ensures unwrapping the cooked meat without creating a mess during serving.

While the paper is available in different sizes, I thought the 18 inches by 175 feet has the prolific superiority for various uses. Do you work with butcher papers often? Then this size has the best advantage.

Did I mention how effective the paper is in retaining the crispness and preventing the fearful stall phase? So grab this opportunity to obtain the perfect butcher paper approved by the FDA!

Highlighted Features:

  • Suitable for wrapping, smoking, cooking, freezing
  • Easy to remove; nonstick surface
  • Large size with thick density (18 Inches x 175 Feet)
  • Uncoated, unbleached, and unwaxed
  • Heat resistant
  • Excellent absorption quality without tearing

2. YRYM HT Kraft Butcher Paper Roll

Do you seek multipurpose smoker paper that assures top quality without a doubt? The YRYM HT might have something up in its sleeve to keep you content during the next BBQ night.

You will find the paper length in a thick cardboard roll, which comprises a hemp rope roll. This will allow you to quickly gift wrap various items the night before Christmas!

It is highly durable, strong, and thick to work as a table liner, packaging, and storing food products.

Although the basis weight is 40lb. with excellent thickness, the paper is slightly thinner than the pink butcher paper.

However, it does not change the meat cuts when preserving in the fridge. There will be no blood or juice leakage; I can tell you that much.

The users have found the paper surprisingly remarkable during smoking. It hardly retains any moisture, providing the desired taste of your favorite smoked meat.

Simply slice the cooked pieces and see how well the soft meat with a crusty exterior looks. It is also an ideal choice for restaurant owners.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% food-grade
  • Multipurpose use (liners, runners, wraps, storing, mats, etc.)
  • Brown color has an aesthetic appeal when serving food
  • All-natural, Uncoated, unbleached, and unwaxed
  • Large size with 40lb. basis weight (18 Inches x 176 Feet)
  • Excellent breathability when smoking

3. Meat Hugger Butcher BBQ Paper Roll for Smoking Beef

The Meat Hugger makes the seamless pink butcher paper for smoking that I have encountered so far. If you want to enhance meat flavor by going all-natural, what better way than the FDA-compliant butcher paper?

No matter how you wrap the meat for smoking, the physical integrity remains intact. It is nonstick when used for BBQ as well. The juicy runs will not tear the paper at all.

Plus, the rustic appearance elevates the mood when used for serving the meat. In a way, you achieve both the smoky flavor and eye-catching presentation at the same time.

However, does the paper truly deliver toughness as promised? Yes, the 18 inches by 225 feet butcher paper offers super permeability. The heat, as a result, eliminates the stall phase – a nightmare for all the outdoor chefs.

You can enjoy the perfectly soft meat with a crispy bark exterior only possible with the quality paper that helps escape the moisture.

Highlighted Features:

  • One of the leading in the industry (18 Inches x 225 Feet)
  • Safe to use when in contact with food
  • Perfect for smoking and Texas-style BBQ
  • Unyielding physical integrity even when wet
  • Resistant to tear from runny juice, blood, grease, etc.
  • Heat resilient up to 400OF degrees

4. Reynolds Kitchens Butcher Paper

While reviewing this butcher paper for smoking brisket, I could not believe my eyes at the reasonable price tag. Obviously, doubts cloud the judgment.

Thankfully, nothing of that sort seemed to occur here with the users. They have plainly stated how incredible the paper quality was for smoking meat, especially briskets.

During the last stage, low and slow smoking means dealing with grease and juice. Does that make the wrapped meat soggy?

When you use Reynolds Kitchens butcher papers, you can feel the confidence seeping into the wrap, leaving a crusty façade with perfectly measured soft meat inside.

It is possible due to the highly breathable paper quality with 40lb. density. You can leave the wrapped meat inside the smoker without worrying about moisture getting trapped.

While the smoke enhances the flavor, it ensures the heat remains constant to deliver fully cooked meat. It also lets the moisture escape easily during the process.

This product comes in a dispenser package containing a slide cutter. Hence, there is no more fuss about scissor cuts and alignments!

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes in a dispenser box (18 Inches x 150 Feet)
  • Heat resistant up to 300OF degrees
  • Certified by Sustainable Forestry Initiative
  • FDA approved; unbleached and unwaxed
  • Includes a slide cutter
  • Suitable for prep, wrap, serve, craft projects, etc.

5. Bryco Uncoated Kraft Paper Roll

The made-in-the-USA butcher paper by Bryco Good has once again struck the luck with certainty. It has never let me down; it surely has not disappointed the customers who have used the product.

This Kraft paper roll is unique from the virgin pulp, which results in high-performing, top-notch butcher smoking paper for meat.

It has the same quality as the first Bryco Good product I have listed. The only difference is the packaging order.

This unit comes in a dispenser box that consists of a cutter. While the cutter sounds pleasing to the aluminum foil users, it makes the thick paper cutting cumbersome without the slider.

Still, I am here to talk about the paper quality, not how you cut it. The anti-rip interior offers strength when wet. Not all butcher papers have this particular feature.

Also, the paper is nonstick despite the unbleached or unwaxed design. You can wrap that brisket or rib with double layers and see the outcome after cooking fully.

The breathability level is superb while maintaining the smoky flavor. I suggest opting for this unit when grilling for your friends and family. They will never forget the wonderfully tender meat that has not lost its crusty exterior.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% food-grade; large roll size (18 Inch x 175 Feet)
  • Allows evaporation to exit via paper pores
  • Tear off at any length using the cutter
  • Unbleached, unwaxed, and uncoated for natural flavor
  • Heavy-duty strength; anti-rip quality
  • The dispenser box is reusable

6. Butcher Paper Roll by Meat Hugger

There is just something about Meat Hugger and its butcher paper collection. They are the staple accessory to every griller out there.

Even during your first time smoking a brisket, this paper quality will capture the smoke flavor. You will not have to try too hard to be a pro.

The paper grade is equally high performing as the previous Meat Hugger product. It is the reason many grill masters have begun to smoke the perfect kind of meat cuts – tender on the inside, crunchy on the outside.

You can also expect the temperature to remain high within the wrapped food. It is highly recommended for those who hate the meat stall phase.

Furthermore, the paper fibers deliver impressive strength that prevents tearing even when soaked with meat juices. The entire roll of paper is unwaxed to avoid affecting the original flavor.

Unlike the previous product by the same brand, this one incorporates a dispenser box with a cutter.

It is an incredibly convenient butcher paper at a more excellent value – get it while it lasts!

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% food-grade
  • The dispenser box includes a cutter (17.25 Inches x 175 Feet)
  • Unwaxed, unbleached, and uncoated; all-natural
  • Tough build; capable of resisting heat
  • Retains flavor while letting the juice run
  • Creates crispy bark exterior; mess-free

7. Oren International Kraft Butcher Paper Roll

The white smoking butcher paper rolls are more common than you think. Most of us do not pay attention to the details at BBQ restaurants, so we miss this out.

However, they are another trendy and practical tray liner or table runner at gatherings. The large 24 inches by 400 feet roll comes with end caps if you wish to attach it to a dispenser.

Now let us get to the point. Is it any different? Of course, the color is white, but what else? The white butcher papers offer the same 40lb. Thick strength as pink or brown ones.

Therefore, do not, for a minute, think it is any less in performance. The quality of the unwaxed and uncoated allows it to use for versatile purposes.

This paper can be the solution to the perfect grilling party in the backyard. Simply cut the right amount to lay on tables, trays, and plates.

Needless to say, smoke the mouthwatering briskets by wrapping them in Oren butcher paper. Trust me; the aftermath will be the talk of the season each year!

Highlighted Features:

  • Large size (24 Inches x 400 Feet)
  • 40lb. density; made to withstand grease/juices
  • Multipurpose use
  • Unwaxed and uncoated
  • Ideal for smoking meat and seafood
  • Safe for food contact

8. Expert Grill Butcher Paper Roll

Expert Grill Butcher Paper Roll

There is nothing much to share here except how excellent this product is. It is one of the most budget-friendly butcher paper rolls in a dispenser box.

You can use the cutter edge to tear the paper as long as possible. The product is highly suitable for serving, preparing, and smoking meats. Its 40lb. density ensures tear-free strength even when soaked in grease/oil or meat juices.

It is the perfect paper type that you rest the cooked meat on before slicing and serving. My only disappointment lies in width. It is only 100 feet per box.

However, what matters is how the paper pores let in moderate smoke to attain that smoky taste. The uncoated, natural interior provides impressive tenderness to the cooked meat while offering crusty bark outside.

I say, go for this practical product that will make your smoking experience heavenly!

Highlighted Features:

  • Superior breathability
  • The roll is smaller (22 Inches x 100 Feet)
  • Includes a cutting edge to the dispenser box
  • Intended for smokers at 300F degrees or less
  • FDA compliant
  • Retains the delicious smoky flavor; keeps exterior crispy

Comparison Table Of Butcher Paper for Smoking





Paper Type

Bryco Goods

18 Inches x 175 Feet





18 Inches x 176 Feet




Meat Hugger

18 Inches x 225 Feet





18 Inches x 150 Feet




Bryco Goods

18 Inches x 175 Feet




Meat Hugger

17.25 Inches x 175 Feet




Oren International

24 Inches x 400 Feet




Expert Grill

22 Inches x 100 Feet

Not Specified



Butcher Paper for Smoking Buying Guide

Butcher Paper for Smoking

What is there to know about buying a roll of craft paper? My immature mind in the past thought the same and regretted it on various occasions.

It would be best not to face similar embarrassment, so here are some things you can learn about.

Check the Quality

It is crucial for the best butcher paper for smoking to be of superior quality. Otherwise, you are just wrapping that precious meat in a cheap-grade paper that will cause toxicity seepage inside.

Heat transforms the composition of any material, including paper. So when you wrap the meat in butcher paper to keep on the grill, you blindly trust the paper.

Therefore, always look into the package's specifications and details that describe the paper type and what it contains.

Is It Certified?

Never wrap around your brisket/pork/beef unless the paper is food-grade. There is a reason why such papers exist instead of using any random one.

Some are coated or waxed, which is harmful to food items on the grill. The meat can easily absorb toxic chemicals, and you will not even be aware of it.

Hence, look into the recognizable yet influential official certification/approvals such as the FDA.

Moisture Resistance

The quality of butcher paper smoking meat has to be like no other paper. What happens when you wrap the beef with regular ones? They are easily affected by moisture.

When moisture contacts these papers, the meat becomes soft and soggy inside, we both know how grilling and smoking handle food juices, oil, and water exposure.

Can butcher paper withstand all these elements? The strength must overshadow moisture, so it does not hamper the entire smoking process. Additionally, the paper must allow the meat to have crispy bark while unaffected by moistness.

Low-quality butcher papers are thin and tear when dampened due to moisture. So pick the paper wisely.

Heat Resistance

It is substantially linked to moisture – both are terrible partners that spoil your good smoked meat in a matter of minutes.

Imagine throwing a BBQ party where you are the host who makes the best-smoked beef. One thing you have overlooked is the paper quality before wrapping it at the last stage of the smoking process.

You can only unwrap the meat when serving, and can you believe the awkwardness you might feel at that moment?

A way to avoid this mishap is to buy quality butcher paper after research. The paper remains in the smoker for some time. Hence invest in a breathable and robust product before the heat. 


When moisture, heat, and smoke work together, the vital feature of the butcher paper is its strength. Or else you can face a torn-up and holed paper when smoking.

We do not want such a lack of enthusiasm when trying something savory.

Original Flavor Maintenance 

Did you know there is flavored butcher paper in markets as well? Technically, the manufacturer does not literally offer these papers in various flavors like fruity or floral.

I can already smell the atrocious tanginess that should not be there, disgusting!

This is about the chemically waxed papers I am talking about. While coated or waxed papers are more durable, they are unhealthy when smoking meat.

You can taste the altered flavor when using these butcher papers, which might or might not be toxic.

Why live in this uncertainty when you can obtain all-natural ones? So get them and be free of contaminants!    

Coated or Uncoated?

Still, some wish to purchase coated butcher paper for other purposes. Remember that I have mentioned they are more long-lasting.

My only request is not to utilize them when in the smoker/grill. The coated film is receptive to flame.

The finest option is unwaxed, unbleached, uncoated butcher paper that preserves the original taste while maintaining the moisture like a pro. 


This issue occurs when the paper is thin and of low grade. Do you want to deal with peeling the paper of the meat – raw or cooked?

Cooked meat has juices and oil, while raw contains blood/fluid. Both can be a nuisance when absorbed by thin papers. When wrapped, the long-term smoking, grilling, and refrigeration conform the paper to the meat shape, leading to stickiness.

You can quickly get out of that situation by investing in heavy-duty, thick papers.

Basis Weight

I do not mean the overall weight of the entire paper roll. This factor indicates the paper density in the mass term of a ream.

The ream means the sheet count of 500 in uniformed dimensions. To form it simply, how thick and heavy is a single piece of paper?

We measure this density in pounds (# or lb.). Most butcher papers have the ideal 40lb., preventing burnt holes and tears due to wetness. 

Versatile Usability

What else can butcher papers be used for? These are also one kind of kraft paper, did you know that? So, you can utilize them as table liners outdoors during a BBQ party.

You can even let the children draw on the butcher paper or use it as a reminder/list on the wall. Just ensure you write on the external surface as the uncoated internal section is difficult to write on.

Besides, if you can wrap meat, why not presents!

Types of Butcher Papers

Types of Butcher Papers

What exactly is that peach paper? Is it the same as the pink butcher paper? Then how is the brown one different?

When too many paper types begin to clog your brain with imaginary smoke, do you think you should give up?

How about you read this section and be and gain knowledge regarding the matter in a minute?


Many opt for this color to mask the raw meat juice or blood. It is robust and causes no leakage. At the same time, the paper offers excellent breathability to prevent meat sogginess when smoking.

Peach Treated

This paper incorporates a sizing agent for meat preservation during refrigeration storage. It allows little oxygen into the meat to retain meat redness and freshness.


Often used as a sandwich or sub wrapper, it is suitable for covering tabletops during other activities too (arts and crafts). This uncoated paper is also ideal for smoking meat; that prevents moisture trap.


The gardenia papers complement unique colors (it is how you identify them) to wrap the poultry or raw fish items. It is high-performing, a top-notch paper resilient against oil/juice leakage. The paper is absorbent to prevent meat sogginess.


It is a preferred paper used for most meat types to keep in butcher cases. The paper can lock the meat juice inside, which inhibits color loss. There are many color-type found in steak papers.

Butcher Paper vs. Foil Paper: Which One Is Good for Smoking Meat?

Butcher Paper vs. Foil Paper

You shall be the one to decide between the two that deliver the epitome of smoking meat. Of course, I will provide you with all the facts you can debate.

Shall we begin?


The time – as in duration has a vast difference between the aluminum foil and butcher paper for smoking meat.

First, can you answer this question, which paper has better breathability? If your mind selects butcher paper automatically, you are correct.

So, it is only sensible to learn that paper that offers greater permeability has the advantage here. As an outcome, the smoked meat will be done faster when wrapped in butcher paper than in aluminum foil.

It also reduces the stall phase during smoking by distributing heat equally.


Now that you know what breathable butcher papers are, you can rely on them for quick meals or smoking.

Then what about the aluminum foil? This paper has a reflective layer all around, preventing heat that gets in from escaping again. While the cooking progresses uninterruptedly, it also locks the moisture.

You can forget about the crisp exterior of the meat when cooking on foil paper. 


This is where you will see, or rather taste, the change. Suppose you have two large beef pieces – one wrapped in aluminum foil and the other in butcher paper.

The low and slow smoking process now begins from the final stage. Next, unwrap the meats when done and look at the changes.

I bet you can see the droplets of moisture clinging to the foil paper, making the meat super soft inside and out.  

Now check the beef on butcher paper; it should absorb all the oil and juices. It indicates you can consume a healthy meal without feeling greasy.

Also, notice how the exterior has the exquisite bark of crispness while providing soft meat inside. Plus, there is no stickiness to the paper that may be present in foil paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to buy butcher paper for smoking?

In the superstores, you can find it in the charcoal or aluminum foil/parchment paper section. Many grocery stores in the area sell them too. Let us not forget about the online purchase either! Even many Kraft accessory shops keep them.

2. What temperature range causes butcher paper to ignite?

The paper does not ignite in flame unless placed directly before the fire. The safest temperature is up to 400OF degrees. Going beyond it can rupture the paper and ruin the meat taste. It will ignite then as well.

3. Is there any difference between brown and pink butcher paper?

There is only one distinction between the two. The pink butcher paper has better permeability to allow smoky flavored meat with a crusty exterior.

4. Can you use parchment paper for smoking?

I highly advise against it as the paper is thin and has silicone treatment. It will retain moisture when smoking. Parchment papers are better suited as cookie sheets, lining on pizza stones, etc.

5. Should I wrap the ribs in butcher or foil paper?

Better for you wrap it in butcher paper to attain that flavorful taste with a bit of crunch on the outside.

Final Words

Finding the best butcher paper for smoking means spending a little time getting to know various paper types.

Trust me when I say this – it makes all the difference for a grill master!

My careful selection of these eight products is to help you through the decision-making process. Many wonder whether it really is necessary.

Yes, every household must have at least one roll of butcher paper for occasional use. Maybe a present birthday needs wrapping, or a meat cut requires delivering.

Even packaging certain items before sending them out to art and crafts projects, butcher papers have numerous uses. Take advantage of them!

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