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Resort Attire Guide For Understanding Resort Dress Code

We all have come across the term 'resort attire' whenever we looked to book a resort online. Sometimes, we may have to go to a certain resort for a family wedding or a family vacation, honeymoon, or a lone getaway.

I have certainly come across terms like resort wear, resort casual, elegant casual, and not being a fashion expert myself, I was in need of a guide to help understand the topic.

If you read the article further, you'll have a basic understanding of what to wear or what not to wear in your resort vacation.

Resort Attire

First and foremost, what we need to know is what the term 'resort attire' really means. It is basically a dress code explaining what is appropriate to wear at the chosen resort at any given time, a guide on what to pack for your vacation in the resort.

The dress code acts as a guide, telling you what to wear during the day time, when you may be sitting with a book at the poolside, enjoying a drink or the evening, or going to a dinner party. For example, it would not be wise to wear shorts to a dinner party.

We usually like to pack according to the weather of the place we are going to. That may be suitable for sightseeing, but for relaxing within the resort grounds, those clothes may not be appropriate. The attire will vary from place to place.

Usually, the more upscale the establishment is, the more formal and stylish the dress code is likely to be. This term is broken into different other terms such as resort casuals, resort evening wear, elegant casual, formal resort attire, etc. We will be taking a look at these terms as we go further down.

Resort Casual

This is mainly an instruction for the day time. Imagine what you would wear to brunch on a Sunday morning. You can wear those casual clothes for this attire.

Choose a swimsuit if you are near a beach or at the poolside. Remember to take coverups as it is considered inappropriate to roam the halls in a swimsuit. A sundress is also a fine choice if you are in the tropics. A light-colored dress of breathable material is ideal.

You can also go with shirts or casual tops paired with shorts, jeans, or capris. As for footwear, you can go with sandals, flip flops, or sneakers. Men should go with polo shirts, paired up with tailored shorts made of cotton or linen or other comfortable material.

Avoid wearing joggers or tracksuits or such sporty shorts, t-shirts, as they are considered too informal.

Resort Evening Wear

For this part of the night, you have to go with something less casual as it usually involves going to the dinner or to a night show. Men should go with a nice long-sleeved shirt or a polo shirt or any collared shirt, for that matter, paired up with a nice pair of jeans or trousers.

Choose toe covering shoes and socks for your footwear. You can add a jacket or a thin sweater if you need to. This gives a more elegant and stylish look. Keep in mind to avoid t-shirts, any collarless shirt, shorts, and sandals as these are highly informal for such events.

As for women, they should go in a less casual and more formal dress, which could be a nice top or blouse with a pair of jeans or an elegant skirt. Go with sandals with straps and with some form of heels.

Finally, don't forget to add on a bit of gold or silver jewelry to add elegance to your look.

Elegant Casual

This term opts for slightly more formal wear than resort evening wear. For this dress code, you should absolutely steer clear off of any sandals, shorts, and collarless shirts or any other informal wear that you may have.

Men can wear long-sleeved shirts with a pair of trousers. You can go with a tie and a jacket if you want to. And you can also wear a jacket without a tie and can add a pocket square to look more stylish.

For shoes, it is safe to go with a shoe covering whole feet, such as those from Derby or Oxford. Women can choose from an array of blouses to pair with a skirt or a nice and elegant dress. For footwear, go with dressier shoes or dress sandals.

Formal Resort Attire

This dress code comes in when we have to attend a wedding party on a beach. Think of when you go to a dinner party in a five-star restaurant and pair it up with a resort environment.

What comes to mind for women is a colorful, elegant, formal dress, preferably full length, matched with a nice pair of heels or dress sandals.

You can also go with a stylish pantsuit, or an elegant looking blouse with a skirt is almost in all places, appropriate. For men, the usual formal wear is a nice suit. However, a nice collared shirt with light colors along with a dinner jacket and dress shoes will also do the trick.


Where ever we are, in our own city or elsewhere in a vacation, relaxing, we never want to feel out of place.

We never want to attract unwanted attention or stares from strangers by wearing inappropriate clothes for an event. This will make anyone feel awkward and ruin their holiday spirits.

The article attempted to guide you through a dress code that is essential to your holiday mood and should tell you what you should take with you for your next stay in a resort and come back from your vacation with excellent photos and memories.

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